Friday, December 16, 2022


Late entry, song of the year.

 As we hurtle into the holidays (I refuse to say “Christmas” because I’m a godless snowflake whoops oh no I said it by mistake WAAAHHH MUH PRONOUNS) I’m dishing out one (1) free installment of Roy Edroso Breaks It Down – a mere bag-o-shells about that ridic Burton Swaim essay in the Wall Street Journal on how liberals are oppressing conservatives – yes, that old paranoid wheeze, but Swaim’s angle is they’re oppressing rightwing guys like him by being in charge of everything everywhere. No, he doesn’t mean they run bodies of actual political power like the Supreme Court, the House of Representatives, the Senate (most of the time despite having less voter support), and most state legislatures – that’s still conservative territory – but liberals have cultural power, because he sees them on TV, in the movies, everywhere he looks all the time -- as when the average conservative “attends a concert by the local symphony orchestra and has to listen to a four-minute lecture about systemic racism or climate change before the music starts” – why, it’s like Russia, and not the good Putin kind either! Anyway, free funsies, you’re welcome.

I expect they're throwing up shit like this because normal people are fleeing the Republicans like they were plague carriers (which they are, actually!). The New York Post, Rupert Murdoch's prime poison diffuser stateside, just unleashed on Trump's NFT scam in an editorial -- and on Trump himself: "Fool us once, shame on you," they close; "Fool us 1,438 times, and it may finally be too much." They don't say anything else about the 1,438 times -- which is presumably a conservative estimate that does not include the thousands of times Murdoch has gone to bat for the old bastard, from his early John Barron days to approximately yesterday. As House Dems line Tubby up for charges, you're going see more of his old friends bailing out on him, and I just pray that he acts true to form and takes them down with him. 

And speaking of which -- oh, alright, I’ve been trying to avoid the subject because who needs more of it, but this morning I did have something about Elmo and since it’s me and I’m special you may find it rewarding, so that one’s free too!  It’s not so much about the runaway train of recent events with which Elmo mesmerizes the Twitter people – like throwing non-suck-up reporters off the platform for nothing but not sucking up – as it is about the gestalt, the meaning of Elmo.

But on that subject I mainly want to say that, out of all the recent commentary, it’s hilarious to see Elmo's Twitter Files cat’s-paw Bari Weiss trying to have it both ways – promoting the Elmo-promoted propaganda that shutting down hate speech accounts pre-Elmo was “gaslighting” while admitting that Elmo is now basically running Twitter as a giant vanity project and almost admitting (at least insofar as her grift allows) that it’s not exactly the “free speech” project he – and Weiss – have been promoting it as. Like the old Gore Vidal joke had it: Every attribute of a dog, except loyalty.

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