Friday, August 19, 2022


Church was like this, I might go.

•   I got through the entire week without dropping a single free Roy Edroso Breaks It Down episode – that’s how committed I am to driving you chiselers into the paid-subscription corral. (Sign up now it’s cheeeeeeap.) But since you alicublog readers are the O.G. late-night real people, I have unlocked my latest fantasia – The Mar-a-Lago Raid as The Alamo, as the Duke might have imagined it. (Of course you have to remember he’d be 115 years old and hella senile.) Feast your eyes! 

•  I also want to share with you my logical atrocity of the week. Surprisingly it has nothing to do with Mar-a-Lago, directly; it’s about Liz Cheney. I have no brief for her – she sucks, and while her standing up to Tubby on this one particular thing (i.e. trying to destroy democracy) shows admirable grit it doesn’t excuse a lifetime of rightwing malfeasance. But the conservatives who are excited that she lost her primary because she displeased The Boss are even worse, and include a lot of what I am accustomed to call Just the Tip Trumpers – rightwingers who used to find Trump de trop but now defend his every thuggish act. This definitely includes Byron York, late of National Review and now at the Washington Examiner, who offers the worst equivalence between Cheney and Trump I’ve seen: 

There have been dozens of headlines in recent months suggesting that radical supporters of former President Donald Trump hope to start a new civil war in the United States…

Now a new voice is talking about civil war, or more accurately, Civil War. In her concession speech Tuesday night, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), soundly defeated in a GOP primary, invoked Civil War imagery to describe her determination to "do whatever it takes to ensure that Donald Trump is never again anywhere near the Oval Office." Cheney's words were filled with martial imagery and indirect comparisons of today's atmosphere to the 1861-1865 war that claimed as many as 750,000 American lives…

In any event, Cheney's speech shows that Trump supporters are not the only ones engaging in dreams of civil war.

See, Trump may have incited his goons to insurrection, and since his joint was raided may have stepped up his rhetoric to the point where Republican candidates can comfortably call for the murder of federal officers – but he’s not the only one inciting civil war: Liz Cheney used martial imagery, and also vowed to keep The Boss out of office, which when you think about it is like slavery -- except, you know, ha ha [pushes in nose] so even worse. 

As has been made abundantly clear, even putatively housebroken conservatives are full-bore MAGA shitheads. In fact even the anti-Trump ones are monsters (I'm still waiting to see whether Jen Rubin's conversion is sincere). And the ones who are Trumper on the Downlow are probably the worst of all.

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