Friday, August 12, 2022


Pointers, Toussaint. Band is

The Roy Edroso Breaks It Down freebie for the week (yes, only one -- subscribe, ya tightwads, it's cheeeeap) concerns the raid on Mar-a-Lago, and is I think the only one getting at the nub -- that holding Tubby to account with the rightfully employed instruments of the law is not only the right thing to do, but will also have a positive and indeed healthful effect on our politics. Read, note my historical allusion, discuss, disseminate! Then try a free trial subscription, plenty more where that came from.

Of course, many of our top pundits think it's too dangerous to do a law-and-order on this career criminal because we might make his yahoos mad. The most shamefully high-placed of these nudniks is David Brooks, who cites a bunch of right-wingers and Republican consultants to the effect that this is Bad News for The Democrats:

In a normal society, when politicians get investigated or charged, it hurts them politically. But that no longer applies to the G.O.P. The judicial system may be colliding with the political system in an unprecedented way.

So the obvious answer, to Brooks, is for the rule of law to make way for mob rule:

I presume in those circumstances Trump would be arrested and imprisoned. I also presume we would see widespread political violence from incensed Trump voters who would conclude that the Regime has stolen the country. In my view, this is the most likely path to a complete democratic breakdown...

America absolutely needs to punish those who commit crimes. On the other hand, America absolutely needs to make sure that Trump does not get another term as president. What do we do if the former makes the latter more likely? 

Jesus, what a pussy. I guess he thinks now that Pence should have agreed to accept the bogus electors in January 2021 -- then maybe we could have avoided the riot on the 6th.

Brooks says DOJ has "unintentionally improved Trump’s re-election chances" and "unintentionally made life harder for Trump’s potential primary challengers and motivated his base," which is like saying the Allies unintentional got a lot of their soldiers killed on D-Day. Some things you do because you have to -- you know, Bobo, like your maid cleaning your toilet. (No, I'm not expecting him to understand.) 

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