Thursday, January 27, 2022


Justice Breyer’s retirement from the Supreme Court reminds conservatives that Biden had pledged to nominate a black woman, and the results are as expected. From the libertarian* (*conservative with crippling social anxieties) Ilya Shapiro:

Screenshotted here, because Shapiro's careerism coach told him to delete it.  Others among the brethren are also going for the reverse-racism angle (“I mean, what kind of qualification is that, being a Black woman?” -- Maria Bartiromo).  But then there's Tucker Carlson laughing that Biden should nominate “George Floyd’s sister,” and Half-Pint Shapiro suggesting Cardi B -- straight-up old-school T-bone-steaks-and-Cadillacs stuff, and plenty more where it came from.

There are all kinds of hypocrisy involved here -- for example, as noted by Melissa Murray, Amy Coney Barrett, no one’s idea of a legal genius, was transparently pushed to the Court by conservative brain-trusters so there’d be a female on board when they banned abortion. Not to mention the Republican stunt casting of Clarence Thomas.

But hypocrisy is always a bit subtle at least, since of its nature it involves some masking to achieve its effect; their racism is full-blown, out and proud. What we now see is what they are, in fact what they always were, but in their Trump degeneracy they have no need to conceal it. 

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