Monday, January 24, 2022


GG's wrongness factor has officially gone off the charts. Next he's gonna tell us that a hot dog is a sandwich. 

UPDATE. Here's how StupidSonofaBitch-gate should have gone down. It's not too late! As for GG and that lot, commenter redoubtagain makes an excellent point: I don't recall them saying anything when Trump threw Jorge Ramos out of a press conference

UPDATE. Also, it's instructive to see what kind of people would rather listen to a weed-and-'roid-addled dumbass than to "On The Beach" or "Live Rust": Who-Moved-My-Cheeseballs and ragequeens. I'm very much a chacun à son goût guy and if someone prefers noise to lovely melodies I'm all for it, but this kind of willful perversity challenges my equanimity.  

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