Friday, September 21, 2018


Some of you may have heard that I have been accused of a terrible, violent crime, but rest assured I have an explanation: there is a fellow in Silver Spring named Mort Silverman who looks a little like me, especially with the light behind him. The criminal complaint says the attack took place at a party in Cleveland Park, which is Metro-accessible from Silver Spring, and that the assailant was wearing a Blair Tropicool® Guayabera Shirt, tan slacks, and brown loafers with no socks, all items of clothing to which Mort Silverman had access via local shops or the internet. So please keep this in mind when you hear this accusation, or other similar accusations, made against me. If needed, I have testimonials to the effect that this website (and my newsletter! Cheap subscriptions available!) could not be run as well by other people as it has been by me, available upon request.

What do you mean, it'll never work? Republican functionary Ed Whelan apparently thought it would and, the evidence suggests, so did what passes for a brain trust among Brett Kavanaugh supporters in and around the White House.

I'm not a subscriber to the "these are not very bright guys and things got out of hand" theory of Trump, though this insane tactic makes it more attractive. I still think the strategy is just to brass it out and let male supremacy carry the day. Their confidence that it will do so is such that they aren't trying to convince any undecideds, among Senators or among voters; the former are in the bag and the latter, well, unless voter suppression does the trick the GOP is looking at major losses no matter what they do.

So this doppelganger nonsense is not meant to win support for the nomination; it's probably just wingnut posturing to show each other how loyal and hardcore they are -- hey! Remember that time Ed told people some other guy did the raping? It may have the added effect of injecting more conspiracy bugs into the damaged brains of their base voters, keeping them enraged and baffled and committed to the cause, but I doubt that would be intentional -- more like a reflex, since crazy psyops are kind of baked into Trumpublicanism and anytime they do anything there will be a certain amount of malicious mischief. (I am also open to the idea that Trump enjoys the idea of humiliating his flunkies by making them do something horrible like this.)

Bottom line, Kavanaugh's in, Roe's fucked, and sometime between now and November 2020 Trump will either bomb Canada or get Kim Jong-un to go on TV and debase himself before America in pidgin English in exchange for whatever's still left in the U.S. Treasury, and hope it works out for him. Who knows how far the conspiracy bugs will have spread by then.

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