Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Ace of Spades, October 24, 2006:
Remember how Republicans deliberately refused to answer exit polls in 2004, just to give Democrats the belief they had won the election, so that their hearts would be crushed when real numbers began coming in? 
Are you dirty, vicious, spirteful little vindictive bastards doing it again? 
I love you guys. 
The only way to permanently defeat an opponent is to either kill him or so demoralize him he defines himself as defeated, permanently, and cannot even imagine the state of being victorious. Leave him humilated and heartbroken so he cannot muster the will to further oppose you. 
Well, we're not technically allowed to kill liberals (although I think Rosie O'Donnell was just saying the Patriot Act allows us to do just that, I can't find a citation at the moment). 
So that leaves us with that faggy defeat-them-in-their-minds thing. 
Ace of Spades, today:
Knowing that you're going to lose, and that therefore there are no nagging pragmatic reasons to compromise yourself, is very freeing. 
I think the important thing is to begin planning ahead, and planning on what we'd like the conservative movement to look like during the Hillary Rodham presidency. 
Do we want to be the party of openness to ideas, and a tolerant party, or do we want to be the mirror image of the Social Justice Warriors, with a litany of angry dogmas and lengthy Public Shaming Lists?
Now, in case you were thinking Mr. Spades had evolved spiritually over the past ten years, have a look at my Ace of Spades archives -- the listings only go back to 2011, but you'll still find examples of him referring to his honorable opposition as, for example, "Stupid and Inarticulate...low-thinkers" who "favor the brutish, the primate-like, the animal-level sorts of 'persuasions' of group hooting and feces-throwing," and "nonviolent, peaceful leftist Concern-Fag." He also refers to Obama as "President Made a Poopie," and don't get him started on women (i.e., whores)!

In other words, Spades is the same brutish asshole he's always been, but he's rattled by the Trump uprising so he can't beat his chest with any conviction. Thus the new name of the game is Come Let Us Reason Together. "The party of openness to ideas"! Aside from "give Ace a sinecure in the Party" I can't even guess. (I do love "mirror image of the Social Justice Warriors," though I think he's using the wrong verb tense.)

He'll be back on the car roof with his face painted blue soon, but let us savor the moment.

UPDATE. After bitching because Trump isn't hard enough on Muslims, Ace of Spades acknowledges responses to his earlier outreach and engages in useful dialogue:
Comments Will Be Closed for the Rest of the Day 
If I feel like posting at all. 
Good day. 
We're going to go through the latest convulsion of toxic assholes and just start banning. 
That's right -- just like Charles Johnson. 
And when the assholes evade the bans, we'll just shut down comments. 
The Internet Outrage Brigades -- the Social Justice Warriors of the thuggish right -- are no longer welcome here. Period.
Sheesh, what a drama queen.

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