Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Remember last month when, at Reason (the flagship of the Eternal Libertarian Moment), Robby Soave told us "Political Correctness Caused College Students to Cheer for Trump," and then --way far down in the article, where only the hardiest spelunkers would find it -- revealed that the cheering kids were not ordinary collegians gone spontaneous Trumper but "conservative and libertarian students affiliated with the campus's Young Americans for Liberty chapter" attending a rally for men's rights nut Milo Yiannopoulos?

Yesterday Soave did an easy layup on the latest stupid campus PC thing, Trump-chalked-on-the-sidewalk at Emory U*, with the subhed "It's enough to make you root for Trump. Well, almost." He closed with this:
It's enough to make you want to grab a piece of chalk and scrawl "Trump 2016" on an Emory sidewalk, huh? No wonder so many non-liberal students are cheering for Trump—not because they like him, but because he represents glorious resistance to the noxious political correctness and censorship that has come to define the modern college experience.
The "so many non-liberal students are cheering for Trump" line is linked to Soave's "Political Correctness Caused College Students to Cheer for Trump" story.

You may ask: Why's Soave acting as if young MRAs cheering for Trump is a meaningful anomaly? I would expect the little shits to like Il Douche -- he's everything they want to be when they grow up. Come to think of it, why would anyone find it strange that a libertarian like Soave could "root... well, almost"  for Trump? As I've said before, libertarians are just conservatives with social anxieties. If Soave decided not to eat his Gary Johnson spinach, and instead voted for Trump just to stick it to those SJW bitches, who'd be shocked? Well, Ole Perfesser Instapundit would at least pretend to be, for The Cause:
Congratulations, Emory Screaming Campus Garbage Babies. If you can make Reason writers think about voting for Trump, you’ll probably swing the election for him.
alicublog commenters mostly seem to think Trump will win the GOP nomination (I'm still bearish) and that most of the conservative #NeverTrump types will run to kiss his ass when he does. I don't know about that, but I expect Soave's fellow libertarians would quickly find the silver lining. After all, none of the regular candidates are going to give them the policies they claim to want, but Trump at least will be an asshole to women and minorities, and I'm sure for a lot of these guys that's at least as important.

UPDATE. Comments are glorious. Among the best, from Ted the slacker: "You'd think if The Donald was such a student favorite, there'd be a 'Trump University students for Trump' movement. I wonder why there isn't."

Also, whetstone asks, "There's been endless analysis of what Trump's coalition is, but what if it is: assholes? Can we get some social scientists on this?" I always assumed so, and that it's not much discussed because the overlap with Republicans is nearly total.

Plus, many commenters wonder how I think Trump can be stopped. Convention skullduggery, of course! Though I wouldn't put assassination past them.

*UPDATE 2, 3/28: I should have known that Emory story was bullshit. I wonder whether Reason will correct... aw, who am I kidding.

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