Thursday, October 09, 2014


This Jeffrey Lord conniption at The American Spectator is inspired by that Bill Maher/Ben Affleck controversy. Most of it is grrroot, I hates me a mooslim, but are you ready for the really crazy bit? All right, Igor: Release... the bats!
And what were those freedom riders and other civil rights leaders of the day asking for? They demanded what we now call “boots on the ground.” Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy responded to various crises in places like Little Rock, Arkansas, and Oxford, Mississippi, by sending in those boots — the National Guard. Various segregation hot beds targeted by civil rights protesters were flooded with federal marshals. When dogs and fire hoses were loosed on peaceful demonstrators in Birmingham, Alabama, or a church was bombed killing four little girls, or when the Bloody Sunday at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, occurred — with demonstrators being beaten to a pulp in full view of the cameras — the demand from Americans for action rose even higher. When three civil rights workers were yanked from their cars, murdered and their bodies stuffed in an earthen dam? When a Detroit housewife named Viola Liuzzo was shot to death as she drove a black fellow-civil rights worker to their next stop? As with the reaction today to the videotaped beheadings of American journalists, American public opinion angrily rallied for action.
Record scratch -- cross ya neck! No, you didn't hallucinate it -- Lord just compared the American civil rights movement to our latest skirmish in the War on Whatchamacallit.
What is the difference between all those Klan lynchings and the horrendous murders of “non-believers” in Islam committed by jihadists? One group committed its crimes in the name of racial superiority, and the other today commits its savage acts in the name of religious superiority.
Also, one was right here in the fucking United States and the other is in the Mesopotamian wreckage of our last few idiotic Middle East safaris. Nonetheless Lord insists they're the same thing, to be fought the same way, and brings all his rhetorical skills to the argument, e.g.:
Can you imagine the outcry if the authorities then or today — classified or re-classified the murder of Emmett Till as simply a case of “domestic violence”?
Which is pretty funny, considering that Lord is also the author of the classic AmSpec article, "TRAYVON, SHARPTON, AND HOMOPHOBIA: Did anti-gay prejudice lead Trayvon Martin to attack George Zimmerman?"

Still, I suppose we should be grateful that Lord is pretending to support civil rights, as he does from time to time, if only as a subterfuge; vice pays to virtue and all that.


  1. Always amusing when the wingnutzi try to claim fellowship with Martin Luther King.

    I checked the great gazoogle to see what else they had to say and...

    Martin Luther King Limbaugh

  2. coozledad2:20 PM

    What is the difference between all those Klan lynchings and the horrendous murders of “non-believers” in Islam committed by jihadists?

    The National Review hasn't sold ad space to the jihadists.

  3. gocart mozart2:25 PM

    In the interests of bipartisanship, I fully support the enactment and strict enforcement of the Syrian/Iraqi Civil Rights Act of 2014. Now that that issue is resolved, what's next on the agenda?

  4. I'll admit, I'm surprised to see Lord finally agreeing that terrorism should be treated primarily as a law-enforcement matter. Better late than never, Jeffy!

  5. Fuck him twice. 1st because MLK was adamantly opposed to the Vietnam War and 2nd because where was this shithead when the people of Ferguson were having their civil rights stamped into the ground? Calling for someone to send in the National Guard, expounding on how large African-American kids are scary and should be shot if they go outside without a minder, having a wank while listening to Another One Bites the Dust?

  6. Now that that issue is resolved, what's next on the agenda?The Supreme Court striking down Section 4 of the Syrian/Iraqi Civil Rights Act of 2014, to shrieks of ecstasy from conservatives like Lord.

  7. Not the Muslim ones, anyway.

  8. Thanks for linking to that. I miss Doghouse very much.

  9. As we now know the Police are pretty uncomfortable when large AFrican American kids stay in their houses since they just teargassed the fuck out of one teenager because he was living while black in a white foster family's house.

  10. They saw a family portrait in the house in which all the members were white, so they instantly concluded that he 'didn't belong there'.

  11. Megalon3:40 PM

    "What is the difference between all those Klan lynchings and the
    horrendous murders of “non-believers” in Islam committed by jihadists?"

    Not much. Thanks for noticing. I'm glad you agree that the Confederate stars and bars should be as reviled as the black flag of jihad.

  12. DocAmazing3:52 PM

    Mesopotamia Goddamn?

  13. Forget Ebola, ISIS, Iranian nukes and global warming. Forget, too, widening political partisanship, inert Congress, the growing wealth gap, environmental rape and outsourcing jobs. Forget all that shit completely.

    Because the number one threat facing America today is stupidity. Stupid fucks spouting stupid fucking shit and fucking stupid fucks that lap it all up. When historians look back on the demise of the United States of America they're all going to come to the same conclusion as to the cause. Stupidity.

    And that's just sad.

  14. BigHank533:58 PM was right here in the fucking United States and the other is in the Mesopotamian wreckage...

    Oh please. Both of them were right there on Mr. Lord's TV. Where he gets all of his information.

  15. I like how you briskly move the business of the state along, sir. Well done.

  16. smut clyde4:23 PM

    Sadly, it turns out (and I have the tooth scars on my forehead to prove it) that you cannot headbutt sense into fools.

  17. There you go - we just re-define beheading as a "peculiar institution" and "Islamic state's rights" and leave it at that.

    Can't be determining other people's cultures for them, after all.

  18. Well, they're both guys, and one's nominally human...

    ...sorry, I got nothing.

  19. Can you imagine the outcry if the authorities then or today — classified
    or re-classified the murder of Emmett Till as simply a case of
    “domestic violence”?

    Oh, that's FUCKING RICH from a group of people who've opposed hate crimes legislation on the grounds that "murder or assault are crimes no matter why they're committed".

  20. I would point out to Lord that the use of National Guard was a reaction to Americans violating federal law, essentially committing subversion by refusing to implement a Presidential directive, and the other is a military intervention in a country with sovereign borders, but that would be taking this bullshit seriously instead of acknowledging it for the "HURR HURR LIBTARDS I GOT YOU NOW" foofaraw it is.

  21. When did who classify the beheadings of journalists as domestic violence? I missed that.

  22. Ray Rice didn't behead Janna, only knock her out, so argle bargle something something.

    Haven't you been paying attention?

  23. And they're both presently brain-dead.

  24. One's getting the impression that certain people would be more than happy if certain other people weren't around anymore, if you catch my drift.

  25. gocart mozart5:28 PM

    Of course, there is a sharia exemption because Hobby Lobby.

  26. ADHDJ5:51 PM

    These Sumerian trees bear strange fruit

  27. Jayson Alan Grigsby5:51 PM

    Boy I hope they felt that, even if only as a twitch between the eyes.

  28. Matt Jones5:58 PM

    So I take it Mr. Lord's solution to ISIS is "leave it to the states, they'll sort it out"? Perhaps a class that people visiting the region can take to "learn how not to be uppity" so they don't get beheaded?

    Because those are the solutions his fellow-travelers insisted were sufficient when racist terrorists were running the South...

  29. Just don't back-talk those nice ISIS men, do whatever they ask and they'll stop cutting off heads with all due diligence.

  30. Can't have government violating people's long-standing sacred beliefs, after all.

  31. ken_lov6:24 PM

    Mr Lord suh, if they'd had drones and laser-guided bombs back in the day, there would have been no NEED to call out the National Guard suh. We could of blown that Wallace asshole all the way to the gates of Hell with one little push of a button in Langley. And wouldn't America have been better for it.

  32. My bad. In hindsight it's obvious Rice is a Muslim, but why doesn't Dr. Ben Carson know about this?

  33. petesh7:17 PM

    Wait, he has the nerve to cite the murder of Emmett Till? Whose murderers were acquitted despite the evidence? Whose jurors were quietly instructed by the Sheriff-elect not to bring the not-guilty verdict too quickly (so they had a Coke first)? Reclassified as "domestic violence" my ass, the fucking community conspired to reclassify it as just what the boy (he was 14 and only just) deserved. It ain't even funny.

  34. Socialist Cubone7:43 PM

    Don't worry, I'm sure McCain will educate Lord on how Emmitt Till was a sex predator who totally had it coming.

  35. redoubtagain7:46 PM

    How could anyone forget George Al-Wallace and his famous stand in the madrasa door?

  36. "I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of
    tyranny, and I say beheading now, beheading tomorrow, beheading

  37. Spaghetti Lee8:13 PM

    Anyone associated with the American Speculum trying to claim common cause with Emmitt Till is already so hilarious it circles around to tragic and then back to hilarious. But I can't discern a solid argument for war in Syria other than "because America (meaning: me) wants to and it would feel good". Could someone older than me remind me just how recently it was that liberals were considered to be the flighty bleeding-hearts who jumped into every humanitarian cause without considering the implications or costs?

  38. M. Krebs8:26 PM

    I recently watched the Robert Drew documentary
    Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment
    about the confrontation between the Kennedy White House and George Wallace. It really displayed Wallace for the little Napolean he was, all 5'2" of him.

  39. I suppose you have to say this about Lord - he doesn't keep you sitting around, waiting for putrid mangoes:

    The unmentionable in this case is the question as to whether Trayvon
    Martin thought that he was about to be sexually assaulted by George
    Zimmerman, whom Trayvon may have perceived to be gay. Did this cause
    Martin to attack Zimmerman? That is exactly what Trayvon’s friend and
    the prosecution star witness Rachel Jeantel stunningly suggested the other night to CNN’s Piers Morgan.

    Second damn paragraph. That's efficiency.

  40. if only gamal nasser had invaded...

  41. Derelict10:52 PM

    I invite the Alicurati to image, even if for just a moment or two, what the reaction would be if Obama sent the National Guard into Ferguson. I'm pretty sure Lord and the rest of the NR crew would not be applauding those boots on that ground.

  42. Derelict10:58 PM

    That was just this morning. But last week, we were all bleeding-heart pacifists. Check in tomorrow when we go back to being terrorist supporters. (If you're having trouble keeping up, see your dentist to have your fillings retuned to the proper frequency.)

  43. whetstone11:29 PM

    I dunno, would it really have been that bad if, say, the Swedes drone-bombed Bull Connor and invaded Mississippi? GOTCHA, LIEBERALS.

  44. And what were those freedom riders and other civil rights leaders of the
    day asking for? They demanded what we now call “boots on the ground.”

    No, they demanded boots off their necks.

  45. Ellis_Weiner12:34 AM

    So we're supposed to send drones against the St. Louis police? Hm. Tempting...

  46. GregMc12:38 AM

    Something something Charlton Heston and Mitt Romney marched with King something.

  47. Nonetheless Lord insists they're the same thing, to be fought the same
    way, and brings all his rhetorical skills to the argument, e.g.:

    I can't believe he's proposing non-violent protest.

  48. sigyn1:33 AM

    And that's such a lovely message to impress on a foster kid, too.

  49. davdoodles1:37 AM

    Yes, let’s demonstrate how truly sorry we are for our ‘sins’ by arguing that something we did which isn't first degree murder is, and then claiming that ‘many women should be prosecuted for it’, but not us (because cough-we’re-soccer-moms-cough apparently).

    …while cha-ching-ing a paycheck for writing it.

  50. I like to imagine the conversations that take place at American Expectorator HQ when someone assembles an article that acknowledges the real history of African-American's in the U.S. and (the really shocking part) pretends to give half a fuck. 4 ex:

    Editor: Lord, get in here!
    Lord: Sir?
    Editor: What the Hell's this, Lord? Not only do you have a bunch lies about how those people were treated when they rioted for more welfare and Cadillacs, but it looks like you support Big Government's invasion of southern states to support the darkies!

    Lord: But it's just to show the brethren that we should send troops to fight the sand -
    Editor: I don't give a crap. Lemme ask you something Lord, are you a commie?
    Lord: No sir!
    Editor: Hate America, do you?
    Lord: No sir, I was uh, pleasuring myself while looking at bald eagles, the Statue of Liberty and WTC I when you called me sir.
    Editor: Hmmph. Do you feel any weird, stirrings when you look at black women?
    Lord: Eeew!
    Editor: Oh. Well. All right. Wait! That eagle, was it crying?
    Lord: Yes, oh yes sir, a big fat tear on its beak. And WTC I was in flames!
    Editor: Huh. Then how the hell do you explain this? You'll make people think that we think it is wrong to string up the young bucks when they dare to come within 10 miles of our women.

    Lord: Uh. Well. It will ... it will piss off the liberals, sir.
    Editor: Hmmm. Piss off the liberals you say?
    Lord: Oh, yes sir. They'll be hopping mad!

    Editor: Oh. All right. Now get out of here. I have to rewrite this entire story because Legal says an article discussing the benefits of child prostitution could get the damn cops in here. Oh and Lord.
    Lord: Yes sir?
    Editor: The Statue of Liberty is French, you know. I'll be watching you Lord.
    Lord: [Exeunt, pursued by a glare]

  51. White authority is so bumfuzzled over this sort of thing. It used to be that the color of one's skin was enough to tell the bad guys from the good guys, but now they have to stop and think about the situation for a few seconds. That's tough when you are an under-educated, over-worked, authoritarian bully boy for institutional racism and corporate overlords.

    Just ask Henry Louis Gates--and he wasn't even living with a white family.

  52. As Devo said, "we are in the midst of World War III. The atom bomb is not the problem; it is the human mind, or lack thereof, on this planet".

  53. Helmut Monotreme8:55 AM

    And with that image in mind may I present the Dukes of Al-Hazard? Two hardworking country bedu who work for their uncle's slightly illegal moonshine operation, making deliveries in their classic muscle car with a crescent on the roof, which would be named either the General Saladin or the Caliph Suleiman the Magnificent? Naturally they would be opposed by the local bigwig and infidel, Boss Hogg and his pet stooges in the local paramilitary police including Colonel Rashid P. Coltrane.

  54. Helmut Monotreme9:04 AM

    Can it be story time? I would love to hear the tale.

  55. Never mind long-standing; the ones they've adopted since 2009 are sacrosanct.

  56. I'm sorry, but this plot outline overcomes my willing suspension of disbelief. Suleiman the Magnificent wasn't a caliph.

  57. I'd modify it slightly to willful stupidity. Humanity has always had a dumbness problem, but to have such a massive apparatus dedicated to the cultivation and encouragement of stupidity purely for short-term political gain? Plenty of the guys calling the shots for conservatives are smart enough to know better; they just don't give a fuck.

  58. the use of National Guard was a reaction to Americans violating federal
    law, essentially committing subversion by refusing to implement a
    Presidential directiveYeah, but that hits a little too uncomfortably close to home, so let's cast it in terms of a foreign invasion of sovereign territory instead.

  59. And wouldn't America have been better for it.Make it William Tecumseh Sherman who has the laser-guided bombs, and you've got a deal.

  60. ... Okay, I concede the point.

  61. I would gladly share a lunch counter with this comment anytime.

  62. Helmut Monotreme9:36 AM

    What if it were the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent?

  63. You magnificent bastard, I was trying to come up with that very idea but I've not seen enough Dukes (Imams?) of Hazzard.

    One caveat - it'd have to be a black ISIS flag on top of the car.

  64. Helmut Monotreme11:15 AM

    I'd considered that, but there is a slight parallel with the flag of the defeated Ottoman Empire, and the defeated confederacy, plus the fundamentalist killjoys of ISIS seem unlikely to be involved in moonshine unlike the allegedly more sophisticated and cosmopolitan version of Islam practiced in the Ottoman Empire.

  65. BigHank5311:54 AM

    Alcohol?! Who on earth would they be selling the stuff to in Mesopotamia? Khat, or better yet, raw opium.

  66. BigHank5311:55 AM

    Sufficiently advanced stupidity is indistinguishable from malice.


  68. Make it so, Number One!

  69. the defeated confederacy

    I take it you don't live in the South. ;)

  70. Who on earth would they be selling the stuff to in Mesopotamia?Turks? Apostates? Dhimmis? (Thanks to the current Islamist government's crackdown on alchohol, Turkey actually has a non-negligible amount of bootlegging going on right now.)

    Also: (1) the word comes from al-ḡūl in the first place; and (2) crescent moon? Moonshine? Connect the dots!

  71. Very good point.

  72. JennOfArk12:57 PM

    There's a reason why they won't let you be a police if you score too high on an IQ test.

  73. cleter1:40 PM

    Mitt Romney was in France busily not being drafted--er, spreading the word of quasi-Jesus to the godless French.

  74. Austin Loomis9:21 PM

    A thought I've had on occasion, but never remembered to articulate in public.