Thursday, October 09, 2014


Remember Kevin D. Williamson calling for women who have abortions to be executed by hanging? We can now top it. (Who says the spirit of competition is dead in America?)

Ladies and gentlemen, at American Thinker, Laura McCall:
National Review Online roving correspondent Kevin Williamson recently tweeted an uncomfortable opinion about the status of post-abortive women. He feels they should be prosecuted for first-degree murder. His recommended instrument of justice is a bit archaic for our times, but I will leave that aside for now. 
I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Williamson, even though I do not possess any formal education in ex post facto law, retributive justice, or even the organization and gradation of moral theories.

I agree because I had an abortion. That’s all I need to know.
Don't worry, she doesn't go into any of those agonized self-inspections one expects from abortion journalism -- in fact, she rather abruptly switches roles, from penitent to prosecutor:
Mr. Williamson is picking up the pro-life argument exactly where it keeps stalling out: at the place that occupies the next logical step in the sequence... If there are no societal consequences for such heinous behavior, what are we saying about the nature and gravity of the crime? About ourselves?
I would answer, "what it says about the nature and gravity of the crime is, it's not a crime; and about ourselves, good for us." YMMV.
The fact is, abortion is first-degree murder and many women should be prosecuted for it. Of course, as with any judicial process, there will always be extenuating circumstances and exceptions.
Come on, Laura, don't go wobbly on us now!
The people who can most effectively make this argument are women like me. We have a problem, though. The denial that helped us maintain an equilibrium following our crime also put us in a place we should not be. Many of us stayed there. We went on to marry and start families, and now they must be protected. We ingrained ourselves into the fabric of normal, everyday life, with its relationships, responsibilities and institutions. We constantly battle and weigh our aching desire to expose to others where we really belong. But who will listen? Who will adjudicate?
I will! Cut the sob-story, sister! I've seen your kind before. The killers all come cryin' to me, "Spare me, Your Honor, I got a wife and family!" But in the eyes of The (Ridiculous Fake) Law, you're still a lousy abortion-murderess, and you're gonna get what's comin' to ya. But you're right, hanging's archaic, so we'll give you lethal injection; and if it hurts more than it's supposed to, just remember: it's a market solution!

If this one fetuscide isn't enough to get her on the gurney, there are some other local crimes the DA might like her for:
Meanwhile, dichotomy abounds. This past summer, a gentleman in my neighboring community changed his morning day-care routine; he accidentally left his infant son in a sweltering car for hours, and the child died. The father was prosecuted. An acquaintance of a coworker sits in our local prison for having shaken his infant following a sleepless night of colic and crying. The child died of a cerebral hemorrhage. Dad is a married man in a professional career who has no prior criminal record or history of substance abuse.
Two suspicious deaths in the same jurisdiction, and no one looked at the self-abortionist in their midst? Reopen the files, I say. If we're going to kill people for having abortions, we might as go whole hog and profile them, too.

UPDATE. From McCall's comments section:


  1. Jesus Christ--the guy who was prosecuted for accidentally killing his kid should be treated the same as the guy who shook his baby to death? And everyone else who had an abortion should be executed? I'm...well, obviously not speechless but pretty close to gibbering with horror.

  2. As Kang and Kodos say:

  3. JennOfArk9:39 AM

    I suggested to Kevin that his preferred form of execution wasn't grisly enough to be a deterrent to would-be baby killers; if he would get behind beheading it would not only do the job of dispatching the sinners while striking the fear of God into the hearts of those who might otherwise follow their lead, but would also align him more clearly with his Middle Eastern brethren.

  4. tinheart9:40 AM

    Clearly, there needs to be a judicial standard to apply to these baby killers. Mitigating circumstances such as being white, or conservative, or wealthy, or ostentatiously religious, or just being a big ol' slut shamer should be taken into consideration.

  5. witlesschum9:41 AM

    Judge Roy Edroso, only law west of the Hudson, makes the only ruling he can in the case: not guilty by reason of inanity.

  6. randomworker9:54 AM

    The American Stinker is really despicable these days.
    In her description of the two crimes the men committed, the words she uses lead me to the conclusion that she doesn't think they were crimes at all...just bad luck. "Gentleman...changed his routine...accidentally..." And the other: "following a sleepless night of colic and crying..." Poor dear, he was at the end of his rope and he went to jail!
    The real criminals here are the sluts, not the gentlemen. Maybe she should volunteer herself for the next ISIS beheading.

  7. Halloween_Jack10:01 AM

    I'm assuming that one of the reasons why Laura is cool about this is that she'd be immune from prosecution because of the prohibition against ex post facto laws. I also note BoDeen's allowing for "mercy" above; it reminds me of how much conservatives love charity, because it gives power to the charity-giver (and especially makes room for the reification of their own prejudices in deciding who to serve, e.g. Catholic Charities refusing to let same-sex couples adopt from them). Presumably, the "murderesses" would be sentenced to hard labor if they showed up in court in sackcloth and ashes, beating their breasts and crying, "Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa" and swearing that they'll take vows in religious orders, vote hard-right Republican for life, and forgive (but not admonish) the MRA-types in their lives. These people aren't just evil, they're medieval.

  8. witlesschum10:02 AM

    Yeah, that was jarring, even hidden inside that crazyhoard. We mostly as a society think there's a big difference between making a terrible mistake and committing a willful act of shaking a baby to death, but all of a sudden he's a married professional man with no history of abuse, who are we to judge?

    My main way of making sense of conservatives is always to remember that they love hierarchy more than anything and will exalt it above damn near anything, so I'm probably guilty of seeing that explanation in places where it's not as strong, but this is a pretty good one. McCall sees women getting abortions (even herself!) as stepping above their rung, whereas the guy who shook his kid to death deserves to be treated with respect and understanding due to his status.

  9. Ellis_Weiner10:08 AM

    ...and ten lashes with a wet noodle for "dichotomy abounds."

  10. Except, no matter how many times you read the criminal code or how many drugs you take before doing so, getting an abortion is not murder of any degree.

    So it is really easy to write articles like this, secure in the knowledge that no one is going to arrest you. (Not that she meant for anyone to arrest her, she's got a family. Those other sluts tho'...)

  11. Ellis_Weiner10:25 AM

    "These people aren't just evil, they're medieval."

    If you think I'm, appropriating this, you have another think coming.

    Meanwhile, I had a Deep Thought: Maybe there's a connection between the wingnut's *political* orientation--deference to hierarchy, per witlesschum, above--which is to say, deference to an abstract arrangement of titles...and moralism, which is emotional deference to an abstract system of rights and wrongs. In both cases, the individual relies on an external framework of rules and values (and, in real life, feels virtuous for doing so).

    They may be evil and medieval, but they're also, emotionally and existentially, repressed adolescents. They're teenagers, beset with feelings and fears and desires, but lacking any insight into themselves and the origins of their inner life. They live in a constant state of hypocrisy, because they cede authority to systems that cannot be always followed. And when, like McCall, they fall off the purity wagon, they cry about Christian charity or the Prodigal Son or I-have-a-family-now, declare a mulligan, and resume oppressing others. ANYTHING to avoid true self-knowledge.

  12. There's actually a long history of men receiving lighter convictions or sentences than women when they kill a child. It's brought to you by troglodytes like McCall who believe a woman who would kill her child (even through negligence) lacks proper maternal instincts and is therefore an unnatural monster. Guys however, well, you gotta give them some slack because their natural urges are more the fuck and kill kind. We should be glad when they don't EAT the dead baby.

  13. Megalon10:31 AM

    Didn't you read the part about a "sleepless night of colic and crying"? The kid was clearly asking for it!

  14. As a white professional with no history of substance abuse but a habit of being over-tired, I am pleased to hear that I will be absolved of all criminal activities in the conservative utopia. At last I can corner the market in orange juice futures without interference!

  15. mortimer200010:39 AM

    Who will adjudicate? Why create deep dissecting wounds in our children and extended family members if there is no court to convict and no prison to house us? And after living a lie for so long, reclining in our comfort and anonymity, do we really possess the courage and selflessness to pack our bags and advocate for arrest?

    Move to El Salvador. They don't yet execute women for terminating a pregnancy (sorry, Kevin), but you can get 40 years for even a miscarriage if you don't have a good lawyer. There ya go. Problem solved. Pack your bags you Fifth Column feticider you.

  16. redoubtagain10:49 AM

    If we believe that abortion is indeed murder, there had better be some consequences that follow.

    OK, then how about buying a box of tampons as conspiracy to commit murder? Because that's where you're going.

    As to the gentleman who left his child in a hot car "accidentally" the local (and ambitious) district attorney is seeking the death penalty before the trial's even started. (We have a lot of ambitious district attorneys here.)

  17. mortimer200010:55 AM

    One commenter there equates someone who shoots a woman and causes the death of her unborn child to a woman having an abortion, yet how come only the shooter is prosecuted for murder? As they do with sexual assault, they simply can't grasp the concept of consent, personal freedom of action, or, you know, women. Maybe what we need is a new Female Personhood Amendment (you'd think the 19th would have covered it but sadly, no.)

  18. Its truly horrifying and, speaking as the parent of two former babies, accidents really do happen and people really do make mistakes. But poor, black, teenage, parents are routinely arrested and imprisoned or lose their children for child endangerment. Nice, besuited, upper class, white professionals shouldn't be immune from prosecution. At this point every middle class parent has been warned about shaken baby syndrome and knows what to do if they are getting too tired and upset to deal with a crying/colicky baby.

  19. I think its interesting that she really tries to have it both ways "I was a sinner once but now I see the light"( which is a kind of holy traveller's tale of life in distant climes) and also be a strict constructionist and demand that people like her be executed. I guess its not really surprising--the right wing loves its conversion narratives and its turncoats. They love red diaper babies who attack the liberal left/commies and they are throwing money at any ex-gay or ex-muslim they can find or manufacture. An ex abortionist who claims to believe that she herself is a murderess at this very minute is nothing new.

  20. Shit, why not let him walk? It will save the cost of a trial just to get a not guilty verdict.

  21. I was just trying to fit it into a song:

    This is the dawning of the age of the Spurious
    The age of the Spurious

    Duplicity and Rage Astounding
    Dichotomy (oh me) abounding
    No more 'bortions or decisions
    Golden living dreams of visions
    Mystic crystal revelation
    And the minds true desperation

  22. Megalon11:06 AM

    "Poor dear, he was at the end of his rope and he went to jail!"

    It's not like he did anything serious like have an abortion or something! Cut the man some slack!

  23. That is one weird story, redoubtagain. The prosecutor clearly doesn't think the "good daddy and leader" of the household simply accidentally left his child in the car. Its a perfect storm of prosecutorial ambition and naughty sexting while child dies.

  24. do you want to know who should be hanged and killed?

    anyone wearing a jacket on teevee in 2014 with those joan crawford shoulder pads. GEEZ LOUISE SISTER

  25. BigHank5311:28 AM

    Well, she has seen the error of her ways, and is now married and the mother of an actual living child, unlike one of those people.

    It's what every bigot, racist, theocrat, and wannabe aristocrat always wants: one set of rules for us, and another for those people.

  26. I've always held the metaphor of biology--"conservatives" are mollucs, with no internal moral skeleton. They are absolutely dependent on an external ethical framework in order to exist (they fear). They not only completely depend on this structure, they genuinely feel revulsion, confusion, and anxiety at the sight of humans walking around without any visible means of support. The concept of a stronger society through strong individuals is alien and threatening to them. People, they believe, not only cannot have internal moral structure, they shouldn't; the idea is an abomination to them.

  27. Well, yeah…the colicky baby should have been grateful enough at not being aborted the year before and shut the fuck up!!

    I mean, it's not like the overworked professional couple had any choice to have a kid at an inopportune time in their lives, or anything.

  28. BigHank5311:38 AM

    Uh, if she's thinking of the same case of car-baked toddler that I am, the father had researched child deaths in overheated vehicles in the weeks before his son met that exact fate. Clear your search history, kids, if you want to get away with first-degree murder.

    It could very well be a different case, with a halfwit DA, though: it's an accident that can happen very easily.

  29. We'll, I'm glad it's finally "out there", as Cokie Roberts would say. For years they have danced around the issue of punishment for women who are plainly guilty of pre-meditaded murder. They were merely victims and the doctors were the villains.

  30. BigHank5311:44 AM going to mean another night with all the lights on. Kill it with fire.

  31. mortimer200011:54 AM

    Turns out the mother also Googled the same thing. Could be an innocent coincidence, but this whole story is bizarre.

  32. If vile murderess and loathsome first-degree felon Laura McCall truly lived by the courage of her convictions she would be surrendering herself at the police station right about now and asking to be prosecuted. She'd cooperate with her prosecutors and ask for the harshest penalties, turning the story into a national firestorm to bring attention the issue and heap the appropriate amount of shame upon her prior to her execution.

    As it is, she's probably enjoying an endless salad and bread at Olive Garden and dishing about the Kardashians. Is there no justice?!?

  33. witlesschum11:56 AM

    It hardly seems like it would matter to McCall, one way or the other. So long as it's not an abortion, she's there to understand.

    Perhaps she'll make a career out of things like, "Well, yes Pol Pot may have killed a few million people, but he never had an abortion. We can't know what it was like to try to rule Cambodia!"

  34. gocart mozart12:06 PM

    Which is why they are so strongly against gay marriage. They are afraid that when it becomes legal, they might be tempted to try it.

  35. M. Krebs12:07 PM

    It's almost as if he's going for the David Byrne big-suit look.

  36. witlesschum12:09 PM

    Great point.

    Many have noted, there's no bigger misandrists than social conservatives. They talk about me in public like I can't really be expected to refrain from rape and murder sprees, much less do the dishes or think straight if I've recently seen a feminine body part. Where they get super weird is that they profess to believe all this and then try to rig society on my behalf and make sure I can be heavily armed at all times.

    Something's smells off there and it's not because conservatives are right that I can't really be house-trained.

  37. gocart mozart12:09 PM

    "I do not possess any formal education in ex post facto law,"

    I do, ex post facto laws are unconstitutional.

  38. She can always self-execute.

    C'mon, lady, show the courage of your convictions. Since when does conversion absolve you of your crime? Your preciously stupid hero, Lil' Georgie Dubs, gleefully pulled the proverbial trigger on some woman who converted in prison, did a happy dance 'til he had to change pants.

    Seriously, I want to know the religion that absolves you of your crimes by converting - tell you what, when I see Mr. Preacherman to confess he's gonna do some learnin'. So tell me Laura - who is they? Mormons? Wisconsin Reformed Evangelical Lutheran Synod Orthodox Council of 1857? Branch Davidians? Pony up, goddammit!

    Seriously, you non-cognitive shitwaffle! Prove your bullshit. Put on a copy of 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap' if you need inspiration or a good 4/4 beat. Have Lil' K Willy do it if you have to, he has bloodlust and potty training issues Freud could write a textbook about before retiring to do something normal like creating recipes for Maalox.

    *Checks at Think Progress for the tragic news*
    Okay, clearly you need incentive. I got a dollar. Anyone else wanna chip in?

  39. M. Krebs12:16 PM

    Obligatory at this point:

  40. Helmut Monotreme12:22 PM

    I think the confession - conversion - redemption story arc she has plotted out with her in the lead role, is mighty offensive. She gets to escape the consequences of "premeditated abortion/murder" because she repented and got married and had children. Does she extend the same mercy to other women? How long do they have to repent, marry, and bear children? How many children do they need to have before they are pardoned? Should conversion to fundamentalist Christianity, marriage and parenthood be a get-out-of-jail-free card for all crimes or just murder?

  41. He's got the stop making sense thing down.

  42. The sexting is irrelevant, but if it can be proven forensically that he did do Internet search/s about how long it takes for a child to die in a hot car before it took place, that would be more damning then if he sent 100 sextings when the child was in the car.

  43. There you go again.

    Trying to cheat hard-working government employees out of their jerbs with your Randian 'just do it yourself' mantra!

  44. Almost makes me want to shave mine.

  45. Clearing the search record won't do it, you also need to use a computer that is connected to another ISP as well.

    There was a case in St. Louis where a woman's murderer downloaded a map, printed it out and sent it to the cops in order to taunt them by showing where the body of his victim was located on the map.

    This was before Google Maps was the behemoth it is today, more than a decade ago.

    The forensic cops were able to identify the site the map came from, and we're able to trace a download of the specific map the killer sent to a computer in St. Louis which was owned by the killer.

  46. I mean, it's not like the overworked professional couple had any choice
    to have a kid at an inopportune time in their lives, or anything.Obviously not, when the only remaining affordable and abortion-free option is the rhythm method.

  47. Should conversion to fundamentalist Christianity ... be a get-out-of-jail-free card for all crimes or just murder?Given the shrieking they do about how having to follow religiously-neutral laws is an attack on Christianity, I'm gonna go with "all crimes." And based on Hobby Lobby, they've apparently got SCOTUS in their corner.

  48. I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Williamson, even though I do not possess
    any formal education in ex post facto law, retributive justice, or even
    the organization and gradation of moral theories.Therefore ... your opinion on this subject is that of a wholly ignorant dumbshit? Yeah, that's a shocker.

  49. whetstone12:53 PM

    If there are no societal consequences for such heinous behavior, what
    are we saying about the nature and gravity of the crime?

    That it's not one?


    That you're hypocrites?

    create deep dissecting wounds in our children and extended family
    members if there is no court to convict and no prison to house us?

    Because you like to punish other people for your sins?

    after living a lie for so long, reclining in our comfort and anonymity,
    do we really possess the courage and selflessness to pack our bags and
    advocate for arrest?

    I dunno; I've never called the police and asked them to arrest me for something I did years ago that's not illegal. I really don't like being laughed at, so yes, it would take a degree of courage.

  50. Relativicus12:53 PM

    Ms. McCall, ADA McCoy informs me there is no statute of limitations. And history tells me, we're still tracking down and convicting former Nazis. If you think you're going to avoid the gallows thanks to your alleged good deeds since your heinous crime, you've got another think coming.

  51. BigHank531:06 PM

    Oh, I am well aware of the existence of routers, servers, and timestamps, as well as the ease of reconstructing one's footsteps on the web. And if this clod had thought to research security before embarking on his little murder project he'd have had a better chance of getting away with it.

  52. BigHank531:10 PM

    Something tells me that in her Perfect New World, affluent whiteness will be an even more effective defense than it is now.

  53. BG, watery tart1:26 PM

    Dear Laura, feel free to commit yourself to the loony bin of your choice.

  54. QuickStriker1:28 PM

    Or just pull out a revolver and blow. Nothing prevents her from self-selecting the punishment she feels she deserves.

  55. If baby-shaking dad were a moocher or a pot smoker, she'd be singing a different tune.

  56. M. Krebs1:39 PM

    Also, slimy and improved by a squirt of lemon juice.

  57. Right wing fundies love that shit- look at Newt, or Mark Sandford, or any number of "family values" conservatives who can't keep it in their pants. As long as these guys hate on queers or jezebels, any of their sins can be wiped away.

  58. Jesus-riding-sidesaddle-on-a-dinosaur wouldn't approve.

  59. LookWhosInTheFreezer2:11 PM

    I'd like to create a lengthy list of begats with this comment.

  60. Halloween_Jack2:22 PM

    They may be evil and medieval, but they're also, emotionally and existentially, repressed adolescents.

    Kevin Williamson's picture below certainly suggests someone who, although going gray, hasn't quite yet learned to dress and groom himself very well.

  61. QuickStriker2:29 PM

    She doesn't feel guilty at all, I would imagine, because she knows it's all feed for fools.

  62. It was on an episode of Forensic Files, the reality-based predecessor of the current forensic-based crime dramas. The Kruger-Dunninger effect is present in many such cases, aside from the inability to see the trail of breadcrumbs they leave behind for investigators to use against them.

  63. I mean, really: "I don't know anything about the legal or moral issues involved, but I'm all for it because I have a personal anecdote and a pre-written excuse." At a site called American Thinker.

  64. ahunt3:10 PM

    Well, it appears that the folks commenting at AT are on board with making ALL miscarriage a matter for criminal investigation.

  65. susanoftexas3:25 PM

    We constantly battle and weigh our aching desire to expose to others where we really belong. But who will listen? Who will adjudicate? Why create deep dissecting wounds in our children and extended family members if there is no court to convict and no prison to house us? And after living a lie for so long, reclining in our comfort and anonymity, do we really possess the courage and selflessness to pack our bags and advocate for arrest?

    So after her religion installed anguished guilt in her it left her with no way to deal with those emotions. They are afraid for anybody to know what they did and they know they are safe from arrest so they simply live with the guilt.

    Since she has already shed her anonymity and advocated for her own arrest, It’s evident that this complex issue must be addressed if we are to move the dialogue and battle to the next level. McCall must not just turn herself in, she must tell all conservative women who have had an abortion to turn themselves in. They all must be murdered by the state, as should their doctors, nurses, abortion clinic employees, and husbands or other family members who allowed abortions.
    Then we must execute anyone who has ever killed a pregnant woman, including the Pentagon and those in the White House who killed women in war. And where there are post-abortive women there are also pre-abortive women, so unmarried pregnant women must be jailed until their child is born.
    Since abortion is legal, however, we will have to be satisfied with forcing post-abortive women, starting with McCall, to wear a scarlet (for blood) A (for Abortion) affixed to all her clothing. If she can't die for Jesus she at least can suffer for Him.

  66. Remember, folks - party of small unintrusive government.

  67. But, remember - to these folks, torture is not a crime.

  68. ahunt3:56 PM

    This is what is so frustrating...none of the commenters are willing to carry their own premises through to the rational conclusions. I'm trying, but it is as if the thought process shut in "this far and no further."

  69. DocAmazing3:59 PM

    I have an acquaintance who was a plain-vanilla criminal who found Jeebus about the same time the law found him. He's trying to leverage Jeebus into a reduced sentence. He may succeed.
    Unfortunately, there's all-too-large a contingent for whom conversion to fundamentalist Christianity does work as a get-out-of-jail-free card.

  70. DocAmazing4:02 PM

    Let the dumb shine in.

  71. His recommended instrument of justice is a bit archaic for our times

    So is basing public policy off the laws of 1st Century Palestine, but I don't see that bothering you.

  72. Ellen Smith4:24 PM

    One of the basic tenets of fundamentalist/evangelistic christianity is the ability to wash away all sins just be believing. One does not need to do good deeds or follow any moral laws; all one has to do is believe in Jeebus and you're good to go.

  73. smut clyde4:29 PM

    Committed for inanity and crimes against the soul.

  74. runsinbackground5:03 PM

    Yeah, I'm not sure what she she thought she was going to accomplish by arguing for criminalizing receiving (rather than giving) an abortion from that particular standpoint. Was she expecting to be taken to task for failing to commit suicide? Is that what she means by "a place we should not be" and why she refers to having a marriage and family that must be protected? She thinks that she ought to have done the honorable thing when she had the chance, but instead she went and encumbered herself with further obligations in the world of the living that prevent her from atoning for her crime as is meet? That kind of rather classical cri de coeur doesn't fit very well with claiming extenuating circumstances for yourself.

  75. Oh that's just fucking precious.

    What do they say when the infant hadn't received any vaccines? Contact vaccine damage from other babies?

  76. OK, now it makes a sick sort of sense.

    AAPS also gave us "ZOMG ILLEGAL ERMIGRANT KIDS WITH BUBONIC PLAGUE WILL KILL US ALL!!" and other sober medical commentary. I bet they encourage parents to make sure their children's vaccinations are up to date. Just in case Junior has a little accident. Wink Wink.

  77. She's arguing that it is currently a crime, to wit:

    The fact is, abortion is first-degree murder and many women should be prosecuted for it.

    These are the same shitbirds who believe that being startled by a brown-skinned person justifies shooting them dead, so it isn't really surprising they think the law is whatever they say it is, nothing less, nothing more.

  78. Ahhh…the 2016 GOP race.

  79. He probably thinks Reagan is still in the White House, too.

  80. PersonaAuGratin6:27 PM

    There's a Mr. Beeks for you on line 3....

  81. ken_lov6:39 PM

    "dichotomy abounds ..."

    So well put, love. But is it true dichotomy, or the false dichotomy that underpins tedious conservative political whining?

  82. TGuerrant7:01 PM

    They invariably inform everyone that God has forgiven them (ergo, so must everyone else now.) Me, I want to see a certified transcript first.

  83. TGuerrant7:05 PM

    Gosh, it's swell Rand could qualify for membership without having to start his own group this time!

  84. Lancelot Link7:16 PM

    With apologies to both Wonkette and Mike Godwin, do you know who else treated abortion as a capital offense?

  85. TGuerrant7:18 PM

    Does Bristol have an opening in her touring company or something? It reads like McCall thinks this is her Now I'm a Celebrity turning point.

  86. I guess it depends on how you define fringe. The larger medical community wouldn't touch it with a 50' hypodermic. But I guess it impresses the sort of people who are against flouride.

  87. smut clyde7:48 PM

    I say we make a Plush version and send one to BigHank53. Who's with me on Kickstarter?

  88. smut clyde7:51 PM

    I also note BoDeen's allowing for "mercy" above
    BoDeen comes across as a clever Poe.

  89. Julia Grey7:54 PM

    There's a rule in torts law (with a fancy latin name and everything) that says something like, "you have to take your victim as you find him."

    In other words, just because the plaintiff was a particularly fragile specimen of humanity does not get you off the hook if you injure him. If he was a hemophiliac and that's why he bled to death when you only punched him in the nose (which might not have been more than simple assault under criminal law), you're still fully responsible for the wrongful death.

    So if a parent claims "vaccine damage," they SHOULD be putting their head on the block. They made him fragile and then they picked him up out of bed, so....

  90. smut clyde7:59 PM

    Let me get my dichotome and examine it.

  91. YNWA405159:01 PM

    "Crime makes you stupid"-- Det. Frank Pembleton

  92. Summon the period police and menses monitors! Let them stand guard in every aisle where tampons and pads are sold ... Or better yet, require women to report to centralized bleed stations so that we may be certain that no one is sneakily releasing a zygote during her monthly cycle!

  93. When the loon's in the Senate n' House,
    And evangelists close all the bars.
    Then nukes will fry the planet,
    And Kochs head to the stars!

  94. (In keeping with the evangimollusk theme)

    The time has come the walrus said;
    Now both ways we shall swing.
    So put on chaps and pasties;
    And rainbow striped g-strings.

  95. Tehanu10:19 PM

    Well, some might say that eating at Olive Garden is its own punishment, but probably the only "justice" this bimbo will ever receive will be at the Pearly Gates, when she's turned away from Heaven not for "murder" but for fuckheadedness.

  96. bekabot11:07 PM

    It's the dichotomy which shows up in the musings of smart people and it goes like this: "It's a shame anybody ever conceives a baby they don't feel they can raise, but it's better to be able to abort a kid pre-partum than to have to have the tyke only to find that you need to rid yourself of him under sketchy circumstances later. It's, like, more civilized."

    There's a certain amount of two-facedness implicit in that formulation but since brains and self-awareness usually go hand-in-hand the smart people who come up with it are usually clued into their mild hypocrisy, unlike dumb people such as Williamson and McCall, who not only are deaf to blaring hypocrisy as evidenced in themselves (I don't know how many kids Williamson has, for example, but I bet it's less than ten) but who can summon up the gall to complain about it when it shows up in less-obtuse mortals. (A superpower smart alecs rarely share.)

  97. realinterrobang12:26 AM

    A relative of mine was murdered, and the perp stole her credit card, went to a local drugstore chain and bought $500 worth of stuff, and then used his own points card. I'm not sure that isn't backwards...

  98. realinterrobang12:28 AM

    Give the kid a soother covered in honey and something strongly alcoholic?

    I actually don't know what people are supposed to do in this situation, but I don't have kids.

  99. realinterrobang12:36 AM

    So who's going to go over there and name-drop Nicolai Ceausescu? You know, that Communist guy.

  100. smut clyde1:02 AM

    Now I want the Chia Pet version.

  101. DocAmazing1:12 AM

    Hold the honey--risk of botulin spores. Otherwise a time-honored treatment.

    (Look up "elixir" and then see how many children's medicines fit that description.)

  102. Another Kiwi1:21 AM

    I've never seen anyone advocate for their own execution before. It is very surprising but is something that should be encouraged amongst the brethren. Oh wait she's gone for the "My living children will be sad' Let's give them an anonymous vote, eh.
    Seriously, this Williamson and McCall give sociopaths a bad name.

  103. davdoodles1:47 AM

    Yes, let’s demonstrate how truly sorry we are for our ‘sins’ by arguing that something we did which isn't first degree murder is, and then claiming that ‘many women should be prosecuted for it’, but not us (because cough-we’re-soccer-moms-cough apparently).

    …while cha-ching-ing a paycheck for writing it....

  104. Right, DocAmazing beat me to it. Honey is out until they are over 1 year old. If the baby's cries are 1) not a symptom of illness, 2) you've fed the baby, changed the baby, soothed the baby, and 3) you are at the end of your tether you are supposed to put the baby down in the crib or bassinet and walk away to calm yourself, call a friend or relative, hire a babysitter for an hour, and do whatever you need to do to return to the struggle rested and restored. It can be easier said than done in the middle of the night when no one else is available to spell you. I also think that people who are very goal oriented and focused can have a hard time grasping that they can't make the baby do anything. You have to be either very laissez faire and relaxed, or have a lot of parenting time under your belt, before you can just kind of go with the flow and realize that its not personal, the baby can't help it, and that you can't really hurry the process along. My daughter screamed once, solidly, at the top of her lungs, for three hours. Gas, I think. So the parent who does the baby care the least--the nice businessman who has just walked in from a business meeting--is often not well equipped to deal with a creature so illogical and so resistant to command.

  105. Yeah...what's your point? Someone other than the writer of the essay would suffer? I think you aren't getting the entire concept here.

  106. Ah! One of the greatest cartoon jokes ever.

  107. Christ, men don't get 30 years for murdering their wives in El Salvador, or beating their children to death--I'm going to bet.

  108. She is packing her bags and advocating for the arrest of other people Its very courageous.

  109. Just as big as the finger they are going to insert into your vajayjay.

  110. Not mine, unless something's seriously changed recently.


    Yeah, the garden hose is still there.

  111. Pope Zebbidie XIII7:56 AM

    The Louvre won't visit itself y'know.

  112. digitusmedius9:52 AM

    Every gravid uterus will become a potential crime scene. Therefore, every pregnant woman must register with the appropriate authorities and be monitored until the birth of the potential victim. THIS IS THE LAW.
    (with hat tip to Margaret Atwood)

  113. tigrismus10:37 AM

    Just glue some steel wool together and you're halfway there.

  114. Mooser1:27 PM

    By admitting she had an abortion, she encouraged thousands more women to have an abortion. And she even gave them an excuse! ('Well, I may have offed this kid, but his Dad was a jerk, and someday I'll marry a nice man and have a real family')
    And gave them permission to hypocritize over it, too.
    Good work, from a pro-abortion standpoint:

  115. I really thought the purpose of her throwing in her current children and husband was as much to say "I deserve death but they would be collateral damage so...please?" But of course its not like other women don't have people in their lives who would be "collateral damage" if the law was imprisoning or executing them for choosing abortions--the assumption that those other women don't have other children, loved ones, parents, husbands, duties, social value is just astounding.

    I also wonder why she jumped to execution for abortion--I mean aside from the fact that she's commenting on the asshole who suggested it in the first place.. We don't execute many murderers in this country by this time--lots of states forbid it. So why not argue (if you want to make the argument that abortion of a fetus is equivalent to murder) that those women should be tried and imprisoned, or tried and fined? Is that too real --like she realizes that if you drop the hyperbole people might take you up on it and she could end up being the next Sarah Jane Olsen/Kathleen Soliah?

  116. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person8:10 PM

    As Atrios has noted frequently over the years, the "pro-life" movement as a whole is really about male control of females' sex lives (and I would add, control of the "means of production", so to speak), and that, since the abortion itself was only something to screech about, their hearts really weren't in it, as far as "well, if it's fucking murder, let's execute somebody then" goes. Individuals in and around the movement may feel differently, but for the leadership, charging women who have abortions with murder would just complicate things, and I have no doubt they'd just as soon the Laura McCalls out there would just STFU, and not rock the boat. Someone mentioned ex post facto law below, and I wonder. Even though it's unlikely, should the killing of a fetus be considered a murder, would EPF apply? I mean, for it to be murder, the fetus would have to be declared a Person, and it seems to me--as a non-lawyer, of course--that if a fetus is a person "today", then they were all Persons "yesterday", right? I mean, since we don't have the Godly powers necessary to change their status, but merely the ability to finally notice it, wouldn't it have to have been that way for all time? And there ain't no statute of limitations on the Big M.
    "Ignorance of the law is no excuse", hmm? Wouldn't that go double for "God's Laws"? But like I said, this is a kettle of rotten fish the Pro-Life Patriarchist muckity-mucks won't want to spill on the livingroom rug...

  117. kfreed1:12 PM

    And you all thought you recognized fiction: