Sunday, May 05, 2013


...about Jason Collins being gay and rightbloggers being unable to appreciate it. Sad for them, really. I mean, in a hilarious way.

I couldn't really work it in, but I also got a kick out of the whole Niall Ferguson thing, especially when Jonah Goldberg came waddling in to explain why Keynes' homosexuality was, too, valid grounds for discounting his economics:
So Keynes believed that Puritan values inclined people to embrace an economic theory (capitalism), but the Ferguson episode teaches us that it is now beyond outrageous to suggest that Keynes’s rejection of Puritan values inclined him to embrace a slightly different economic theory (Keynesianism)? Got it.
If you wonder where Goldberg gets the idea that gayness is synonymous with "rejection of Puritan values," go look at his recent farts on the subject; gays used to be society-wreckers who "wanted to smash the bourgeois prisons of monogamy, capitalistic enterprise and patriotic values and bask in the warm sun of bohemian 'free love,'" Goldberg has written, but in the 21st Century "the sweeping embrace of bourgeois lifestyles by the gay community has been stunning." Thus in Goldberg's mind Keynes was like some guy at the Anvil doing amyl and fucking a boatload of guys. And how can you take someone like that seriously?

And Goldberg thinks that Ferguson's apology is the result of a Soviet show-trial instead of a genuine reaction to shame -- which makes sense, since shame is something Goldberg's work and signature on same prove he's incapable of feeling.


  1. hellslittlestangel10:14 PM

    Wow, not being a sports fan, I hadn't realized the level of whinging going on over this. I hope Hillary Clinton picks a gay running mate -- it'll kill these nasty little shits.

  2. redoubt10:36 PM

    Dude helped his mother run a wiretap operation on a White House intern, in order to bring down a President they all hated. Not only doesn't he feel shame, he doesn't even see himself in the mirror.

  3. Tudor Jennings10:45 PM

    "in Goldberg's mind Keynes was like some guy at the Anvil doing amyl and fucking a boatload of guys."


  4. Tudor Jennings10:47 PM

    But then she'll lose all those Mississippi electoral votes...

    oh, wait....

  5. From Debbie Schlussel: "Apparently, in today's day and age, it's a laudable achievement to
    publicly proclaim that you are having sex with someone of the same
    gender". Uh, yes. Yes it is. Especially when your'e the first to openly do so. And especially in a "macho" sport. So what is your problem Debbie? Oh, not enough bombing of muslims. Well, that is your standard answer, sorry, should hav e guessed. Now, what one has to do with the other? That malfunction is in your head alone.

  6. Halloween_Jack10:52 PM

    So what is your problem Debbie?

    She wouldn't understand that question, and everyone else is, by definition, a little too short on time to tackle it. Sincerely, she's passed beyond the event horizon where simply chronicling her sins, never mind commenting on them, would take one until the heat death of the universe.

  7. Halloween_Jack10:53 PM

    Keynes was like some guy at the Anvil doing amyl and fucking a boatload of guys

    economist slashfic aw yiss

  8. DocAmazing10:54 PM

    As to Ferguson's motives in apologizing: while it's possible shame played a role, I suspect that simply wanting to keep his job(s) is paramount.

  9. Halloween_Jack11:00 PM

    Also, re: Niall Ferguson, I don't think that his apology, such as it is, is a "genuine reaction to shame" so much as it is a recognition that he won't do well by being too open about being the blithering jackhole that he's always been. There's more than one kind of closet.

  10. Tudor Jennings11:08 PM

    or The Rapture/Zombie Apocalypse whichever comes first.

    Don't know about you, but I'm all for equal-opportunities when it comes to the end of times. :P

  11. Tudor Jennings11:09 PM

    You have to remember that the biggest shame for these right-wingers is being unemployed.
    They might even end up accepting government cheese or something :(

  12. Man, I can't wait for the heat death. It's only a week away. My holiday in Alanya, Turkey, I mean.

  13. AGoodQuestion11:13 PM

    Did Niall Ferguson just apologize for saying something idiotic? If he keeps that up, the apology process may take the rest of his life. (Fingers crossed.)

  14. That's one way to achieve immortality.

  15. AGoodQuestion11:29 PM

    Hey Schlussel, if you want to shoehorn Ellen Degeneres AND purported Israel-haters into the Jason Collins news cycle, you're going to need some top notch lube.

  16. Halloween_Jack11:32 PM

    Oh, shush. I just googled it and the images show beaches with water in a shade of blue that I've only seen on iMacs ten years or more ago.

  17. Another Kiwi11:38 PM

    Wow Ben Shapiro is all guns blazing isn't he? "Why do you hate, Americans, Piers?" He is gonna cry soon because no one will play on his stupid website except nutjobs and then you'll be sorry.

  18. AGoodQuestion12:00 AM

    She got 99 problems, but the capacity for embarrassment ain't one.

  19. Although I try and avoid cable news, I saw a bit of FoxNews this past week, and I'm at a bit of a loss as to how there could be a "fair and balanced" aspect to Jason Collins being gay.

    I mean what's the conservative angle on that? That he's NOT gay?

    Furthermore, there is STILL cable news that puts up a front of being fair and balanced?

    Regardless, they sure make being gay look a lot more edgy than it actually is. It almost makes me WISH I was a part of such an exclusive and hip club.

  20. hellslittlestangel12:30 AM

    Was it David Broder who longed for the good old days -- the 80s, I think -- when everyone was bisexual?

  21. mrstilton1:12 AM

    Timothy Whiteman: "Unlike the four Americans killed in the al-Qaeda attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Obama took time out of his busy schedule to place a telephone call Collins..."

    If those four dead Americans weren't such enormous homophobes, they too would have phoned Collins.

  22. Malignant Bouffant1:17 AM

    Both sides did it.

  23. montag22:12 AM

    The Breitbots have always attracted nothing but nutjobs.

    But, they kinda miss Breitbart shouting inanities and insanities at the top of his lungs. By comparison, Pollak and Shapiro sound squeaky and wimpy. Small, not BIG, which kinda puts off the blustery NRA Goering admirers.

    Virgin Ben will get to feel like a real victim soon enough, when the billionaire backers' money dries up.

  24. I love how Jonah challenges the account of Ferguson's remarks and accepts his apology in the same paragraph. "It didn't happen that way! But if it did, so what!" It reminds me slightly of Ford's pardon of Nixon, except on a much smaller scale, and with more farting.

  25. Remember, this is a woman who freaked out when Disney depicted Tinkerbell wearing pants, on the grounds that it wasn't feminine enough, and it was surely done to appease Muslims. (Poe's Law, etc.)

  26. I mean what's the conservative angle on that? That he's NOT gay?

    Just think. Fox News could have Marcus Bachmann as a guest! (Or Ted Haggard. Or Larry Craig. Or...)

  27. montag23:07 AM

    Let's get Whiteman to diagram that sentence for us. That would be fun.

    Even if I think I understand what Whiteman is trying, unsuccessfully, to say, it still doesn't make any sense. How, exactly, would Obama call dead people to show his respect? On his super-secret black VoodooPhone? Does the NSA have an eavesdropping capability now that extends to the afterlife? (Now, there's an SNL skit in the making. And if it doesn't include Jerry Falwell, it should.)

  28. AngryWarthogBreath3:43 AM

    My Keynes/Hayek hatesex epic, where they both have wings and live on the Enterprise during the Battle of Endor, can only get more hits as a result of this "conversation".

  29. AngryWarthogBreath3:50 AM

    "If we call anyone who sees homosexuality as a sin a 'bigot,' then the conversation shuts down immediately... If we can label a moral belief 'bigoted,' then we no longer need to pay serious attention to it."

    ...Yes. That's about it. You might not be bigots, but your anti-homosexual beliefs are bigoted, and in a perfect world, I wouldn't have to pay any serious attention to you. In much the same way as when someone says "we must ban shipping, because the world is flat and people might fall off", or "bring back slavery, because black people don't have souls", the accepted response is "that's stupid, and the fact that you believe it strongly suggests that you are stupid".

    I'm all for multiple points of view. But the moment you say "homosexuality is a sin, so we have to loudly castigate it whenever it's mentioned in public", I think the conversation can go on just fine without your input. You may speak at the Stupid Table. It's just past the Kiddy Table. You'll know it when you see Bryan Fisher grimy drawing male symbols in his mashed potatoes.

  30. AngryWarthogBreath3:54 AM

    Apparently Israel is, indeed, very, very good on gay rights. They get a high point for that. (I nearly said "gold star for Israel", but dear GOD that would have been appalling, and I'm slapping myself for even accidentally thinking it.) Also health care, women in the military, they're pretty good on religious freedoms, there's a lot of things I like about Israel, their foreign policy just isn't one of them.

    But this also makes me think, can't we jujitsu double-throw her on that one?

    SCHLUSSEL: If the Left loves gays so much they should love Israel, but they don't, because they hate Jews and don't want to kill enough Muslims.
    NORBIZNESS: Well, sure, let's adopt Israel's policies on gays and gay rights right away.
    SCHLUSSEL: (Twilight Zone horror moment)

  31. Another Kiwi4:09 AM

    I would like to go on stroll through the Tanhauser Gate with this comment.

  32. smut clyde5:55 AM

    More a case of FMLAO.

  33. smut clyde5:58 AM

    "the sweeping embrace of bourgeois lifestyles by the gay community has been stunning."

    This is something of a recurring theme in the Goldberg corpus. "These people are not behaving in the way my stereotype predicts! What hypocrites they are!"

  34. Bizarro Mike7:22 AM

    Especially given that his "off-the-cuff" remark was something he also published in a book 20 years ago. But really, Ferguson may not want to self-declare as a jackass, but anyone reading what he's written can scarcely make any other conclusion. See, for instance,

  35. Bizarro Mike7:24 AM

    Jesus Christ, Montag. It's called a Ouija board. You learn about them in faith-based science class.

  36. Tudor Jennings7:40 AM

    I love you too, honey bun


  37. reallyaimai7:45 AM

    Can anyone explain to me why disqus and the entire comment thread does not appear on my macbookair but only on my iPhone? My fingers and eyes can't take only posting on alicublog from my teeny iPhone.

  38. smut clyde7:49 AM

    The rapid apology did create a mental image of Ferguson's face seizing up as he remembered that he had been a silly silly boy not just at the speaking event, but several times already in print; followed quickly by the scribbling of a gracious apology, in the hope of stamping out the fire before the same memories occurred to anyone else.
    Can't help wondering what similar put-downs and evidence of Ferguson's non-prejudiced nature would emerge from a thorough search of his oeuvre, not just the Keynes-centred search that has so far occurred.

  39. smut clyde7:51 AM

    It's all photoshopped. Also the beaches will be full of Uk tourists drinking Watney's Red Barrel.

  40. reallyaimai7:51 AM

    Schumpeter is Keynes from bizarro world? Or maybe I mean evil Spock? One is het with a mad future orientation while the other is gay and all Presentism represent y'all. One has a devilish beard in the form of a russky ballerina and the other...oh, fuck it.

  41. reallyaimai7:53 AM

    They do it on both sides. Def. of sodomy.

  42. redoubt7:55 AM

    "Unfortunately, because of the deconstructionist and revolutionary characteristics of the right, we never will. They will always seek to destroy. Destroying African-American agency has been a utopian Confederate objective from George Fitzhugh to John C. Calhoun and Alexander Stephens to modern Southern Republicans. They will never relent. And Rebellion is their weapon..."

  43. William Burns8:03 AM

    Israel's better than other Middle Eastern states on gay rights. However, that's a pretty low bar. It's not as good as a lot of other countries that have SSM. That's not coming any time soon to Israel, which doesn't even have civil marriage for straights. To adopt Israeli policies on gays would actually be a step backward for the US at this point. If you really want to horrify right-wingers, suggest adopting "Israeli-style sharia courts."

  44. Doghouse Riley8:07 AM

    Ah, the Wholly Unrelated Dependent Clause.

    I like to think of it as the Rosetta Stone of grammatical illiteracy, because the reader typically is asked to supply the meaning the author couldn't quite spit out and share the emotional disturbance beneath all the sputtering.

  45. Goldberg excuses Ferguson by saying he was merely "trafficking in an old theory that was perfectly within the bounds of intellectual discourse not very long ago." I don't know what timeline Goldberg is looking at, but ad hominem has been regarded as a fallacy in respectable intellectual circles for well over 2000 years.

  46. AngryWarthogBreath8:37 AM

    Oddly enough, "oh, fuck it" is a phrase frequently used in The Real Meaning Of The Boom And Bust Cycle, but with rather different intonation.

  47. Kurzleg8:40 AM

    And Goldberg thinks that Ferguson's apology is the result of a Soviet show-trial instead of a genuine reaction to shame -- which makes sense, since shame is something Goldberg's work and signature on same prove he's incapable of feeling.

    This paragraph describes virtually the entire current conservative movement. I'm sure that their collective inability to feel shame about anything they do or say is liberating, but it also renders them completely unaware of how mean-spirited and, well, crazy they look and sound to regular people. It also unwittingly leads them to indulge in some of the worst excesses of the left from by-gone days, specifically the tendency to go all post-moderny on and rationalize every. single. thing. And so we get birthers, false-flag and Benghazi conspiracy theorists and so forth. Nothing gets taken at face value, not even an abject apology about statements that anyone with any sense of decency wouldn't bother defending.

  48. DrTimmy9:05 AM

    Wait a second. Ann Althouse is accusing someone of having a lackluster career?

  49. reallyaimai9:12 AM

    It's not so much that it reflects homophobic beliefs, to me, as that its a shitty and easily debunked line if argumentation. The very fact that Jonah thinks it makes sense would seem to indicate that it is in a par with "my hair is a bird/therefore your argument is invalid. " the problem ferguson has going forward is that far from being an off the cuff, just an answer to the questions kind of moment is that Keynes being a gag is clearly central to his point. No gay bashing, no economic argument against Keynes.

  50. mortimer9:14 AM

    I had to stop reading at Goldberg's 4th sentence:

    In a nigh-upon hysterical and terribly written item, Tom Kostigen of Financial Advisor says...

    It's bad enough that this pneumatic idiot fancies himself a philosopher, historian, political scientist, and anything but a mollusk spawned by nepotism and wingnuttery, but the idea that Jonah fucking Goldberg feels empowered to criticize someone else for being a bad writer is just too much. Goldberg's gibbering is the textbook definition of pontificate; he expresses his opinions as if they are valuable simply by dint of his having them. That there is a corner of the universe -- or a cruise ship -- where actual humans pay attention to this turd is but one of the reasons to refute the existence of God.

  51. reallyaimai9:16 AM

    You have to be a skilled, Hitches style Oxford debate veteran to pull off that kind of bullying attack. Watching the virgin Ben do it must have been like watching a chihuahua make little darting jabs at an indifferent elephant just before he gets squished.

  52. reallyaimai9:18 AM

    And to avoid cruise ships.

  53. Indeed, the worst thing about Ferguson's remark was that it's just a stupid thing to say. As Stephen Walt pointed out on Twitter:
    Re NFerguson's stupid rmks: Keynes had no children, Osama bin Laden had 24. Should we conclude OBL cared more about the future?

  54. To Schlussel, everything's about Israel.

  55. I'm perfectly willing to listen to the arguments of bigots, especially on subjects unrelated to their bigotry. But when they say stupid bigoted shit, my side of the "conversation" is to call them on it.

  56. reallyaimai9:55 AM

    So, with Talleyrand we might say" worse than a crime: a blunder."

  57. tigrismus9:57 AM

    What a dishonest little shit. Nobody who calls homosexuality a sin wants a real conversation, they want to dictate the terms. Pretending their "moral belief" is God's Will is pretending they don't have to pay serious attention to anything else.

  58. Anonymous10:04 AM

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  59. Kurzleg10:15 AM

    May have to do with your cache on the Macbookair. I've had to clear my Chrome history in order to get them to appear. You may have to do the same with Safari or whatever browser you're using on the Macbookair.

  60. Kurzleg10:22 AM

    Someone who feels he has a strong argument doesn't resort to criticism of writing quality in order to make the point. This is but another symptom of the "shame" problem that conservatives have. They've internalized the "ends justify means" approach so thoroughly that their argumentation "technique" amounts to an "everything-but-the-kitchen-sink" style of argumentation. Why Jonah left out Kostigen's suspect choices at the conference buffet table is anyone's guess.

  61. Keynes and Hayek in: The Really Long Run

    Digging Holes and Filling Them

    Stimulate Now, Pay Later

    Inflation, Deflation

    Bending the Curve

    Contrary to the Austrian View, It Doesn't Necessarily Matter Whether Multipliers are Greater Than One, Only That They're Greater Than Zero.

  62. Tudor Jennings10:44 AM

    Well I for one am glad that somebody on this board is still willing to listen to me :P

  63. in respectable intellectual circles

    I think I've found the problem.


    You know, if you remove this Glenn Reynolds quote from its heh-indeedy context of annoy-the-libruls, he's actually right. It *is* a comment on the ways we treat heteronormativity across the genders that Jason Collins coming out is a big deal and, say, Megan Rapinoe self-identifying as a lesbian is not. (Which is not to say either shouldn't be important.)

    Of course, Reynolds is entirely uninterested in having a conversation about misogyny, so it doesn't really matter.

  65. The Dark Avenger10:55 AM

    Ferguson is "shit in a silk sock", isn't he?

  66. And Goldberg thinks that Ferguson's apology is the result of a Soviet show-trial

    Yeah, I'm sure his endowed chair at Harvard** is in grave peril. Not to mention his sinecure at the Hoover Institution.

    I mean, really, the fact that he's a willfully innumerate peddler of unrinsed hog-tripe dressed up in doctoral regalia hasn't keep him from being showered with academic laurels. What's the latest in a long line of being an absolute shit of a human being supposed to carry as consequences? Being married to a preening self-righteous female version of Sam Harris, only without any intellectual honesty?

    **Sweet Jeebus, I long for the day when force of habit is no longer a sufficient reason to treat Harvard as a top-notch university.

  67. No, Jonah, you don't get it, and you never will.

  68. mrstilton11:29 AM

    I would like to do things with this comment that would cause Bryan Fisher to dash off a scared and angry fundraising letter.

  69. Kurzleg11:29 AM

    Well, when your someone who reduces gays and lesbians to some sort of "radicals," then it would stun you.

    And to the extent that in the past gays and lesbians engaged in lots of anonymous sex, would it occur to Goldberg that this was the result of the way that society stigmatized and punished homosexuality and made monogamy quite difficult? And would it occur to him that the "sweeping embrace of bourgeois lifestyles" that stuns him reflect what gays and lesbians have wanted to be all along, which is to just be regular people?

  70. BigHank5311:43 AM

    Much like the old joke about the hunter and the bear, Ms. Schlussel isn't coming for the Muslims.

  71. BigHank5311:47 AM

    Mr. Goldberg certainly knows gay people. He may even know some that are out of the closet. However, his living depends on his ability to feign outrage over the most quotidian items, and even the briefest examination will show that Mr. Goldberg never forgets which side of his salary is buttered.

  72. BigHank5311:53 AM

    ....after six minutes in the men's washroom with the door locked.

  73. sharculese11:57 AM

    Glenn Reynolds is totally interested in having a conversation about misogyny, so long as the conclusion is that it's awesome.

  74. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard12:28 PM

    I couldn't really work it in, but I also got a kick out of the whole Niall Ferguson thing, especially when Jonah Goldberg came waddling in to explain why Keynes' homosexuality was, too, valid grounds for discounting his economics

    I can't wait for Doughbob's take on Alan Turing.

  75. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard12:33 PM

    I had to stop reading at Goldberg's 4th sentence:

    I'm glad the laptop survived it's impact with the wall.

  76. Clearly, OBL cared deeply about the future.

  77. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard12:35 PM

    Why Jonah left out Kostigen's suspect choices at the conference buffet table is anyone's guess

    "Ewwww... what's that green stuff he's eating?"

  78. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard12:44 PM

    "If we call anyone who sees homosexuality as a sin a 'bigot,' then the conversation shuts down immediately... If we can label a moral belief 'bigoted,' then we no longer need to pay serious attention to it."

    What is Jonah's opinion regarding the Islamic belief that pork consumption is a sin? No need to answer that!

  79. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard12:52 PM

    What's amused me about the Collins response is how many conservatives seem personally offended, like they still have no-gays-allowed safe spaces in their heads and it's Collins' fault for taking sports off the list.

    Paradoxically, these no-gays-allowed safe spaces are all occupied by sweaty, grunting making contact with each others' bodies. Obviously, the right-wing nutters have never seen this.

  80. Kurzleg12:52 PM

    Somewhat OT, but Megan Rapinoe totally rocks the soccer pitch! She was a joy to watch in last summer's Olympics. Here's an interesting article about her playing France:

  81. Origami_Isopod12:56 PM

    Nah. When it's them, it's perfectly fine. See also: Ayn Rand.

  82. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard12:59 PM

    Not everything, sometimes she writes about the scary, or merely annoying, Negroes with whom she crosses paths.

  83. alexander von humbug1:12 PM

    Shouldn't that be "bleedin' Watney's Red Barrel"?

  84. And Paul Ryan. And apparently Craig T. Nelson.

  85. Yeah, but they're probably all anti-semites, if not out-and-out Muslims. Just look at Obama!

  86. KatWillow2:23 PM

    "Women can't be gay because they don't have 'little soldiers'".

  87. I rise to the challenge of your Turing test and I'm going to say the first comment is by the REAL Big Bad Bald Bastard.

    The second is by an overclocked Pentium chip running Bartleby's Quotations software on Linux out of a lab at MIT.

  88. Oddly enough, I don't think I've ever stumbled onto english tourists in my visits to Alanya. The majority are either from Scandinavia like me or russians who seem to go there in the off-season. It's a total tourist city, with a lot of the tackiness that entails., but it's a charming tackiness. Like Miami would be if it had a soul.

  89. Matt Thompson3:59 PM

    You brave little soldier.

  90. Davis4:10 PM

    Kostigen's article wasn't hysterical, either.

  91. smut clyde4:18 PM

    Female athletes have always been called dykes whatever their personal tastes, so I can see that it is not such a big deal.


    Nice try, trex-bot, but all actual humans know that the MIT software license is incompatible with Linux's GNU Public License.

  93. satch4:28 PM

    "So Keynes believed that Puritan values inclined people to embrace an economic theory (capitalism), but the Ferguson episode teaches us that it is now beyond outrageous to suggest that Keynes’s rejection of Puritan values inclined him to embrace a slightly different economic theory (Keynesianism)? Got it."

    Note to Jonah:

    "Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God" was not an economic manifesto, it was wingnut wank material from Litterotica.

  94. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard4:46 PM

    I guess the little man in the boat would be considered a sailor.

  95. "Does not...compute! Trex-bot...incapable of err-or! fzzzt! pop! Does not compute, does not comp - "whirrr! bang!


    [systems slowly reboot] "...Ex-ter-mee-nate! Ex-ter-MEE-NATE!"

  96. BigHank535:09 PM

    You'd be astonished at how many people think shouting "Ahoy, matey!" at one is a dealbreaker, though. I oversharing again?

  97. I'm swiping that one fer sure.

  98. The Dark Avenger5:26 PM

    That was Napoleon's description, I'm sure it sounds a little more elegant in the original French.

  99. reallyaimai5:43 PM

    But you have to admit Kostigans post was a little light in the loafers.

  100. AGoodQuestion6:18 PM

    Jonah's own religion actually agrees on that point, but he does seem to have tripped over a loophole.

  101. montag26:48 PM

    It's that brand of logic that makes Doughy perfect for the NRO. The converse makes equal sense. "If we can label a bigoted belief moral, then we no longer need to pay serious attention to it."

    But, then, as with logic, understanding the differences between individual and collective agency in a secular society is not der Pantload's strong suit.

  102. montag26:49 PM

    That loophole would be a bag of fried pork skins, I take it.

  103. smut clyde6:54 PM

    Possibly you moved too fast with your offer to provide the coxswain.

  104. smut clyde6:58 PM

    And to the extent that in the past gays and lesbians engaged in lots of anonymous sex

    Some did, some didn't; there is a certain amount of selection bias. It is like looking at the statistics for drug arrests and deducing that white-skinned people do not use marijuana or cocaine.

  105. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard7:05 PM

    Damn, I thought he was raised Episcopalian, like his horrid mother.

  106. montag27:12 PM

    Jonah: "Hey, wasn't that written by the same guy that did 'Athens County?'"

    But, then, I'm also betting that Doughy thinks "Calvin and Hobbes" was done by John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes.

  107. montag27:28 PM

    "Breitbart's chihuahua."

    The essence of Ben captured. Since chihuahuas seem to have been bred to turn food into high-pitched screeching and dogshit, it fits.

  108. montag27:39 PM

    One can almost see the spittle flying in Cook's little diatribe.

    I'll bet he wasn't saying anything like that when Little Boots was running "the state."

  109. montag27:47 PM

    As if there weren't enough already, Jonah provides yet one more. (And, IIRC, isn't "Jonah" a disparaging epithet applied to a sailor who is considered bad luck by his peers, going back to when the first Jonah got fed to the whale?)

  110. Tudor Jennings8:05 PM

    Awww so sweet of you to keep telling me!


  111. Kurzleg9:44 PM

    No disagreement from me, hence the "to the extent" qualifier.

  112. tigrismus11:39 PM

    Also too JESUS.

  113. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard11:58 PM

    Jesus was gay?!?!?

  114. DocAmazing12:18 AM

    I always thought that it might be significant that he called Simon "the Rock".

  115. DocAmazing12:21 AM

    "Stroke! Stroke!"

  116. Spaghetti Lee12:33 AM

    I think it's more likely that he thinks Thomas Hobbes was actually a tiger in disguise.

  117. smut clyde1:34 AM

    Dunno. When someone's argument and style are both execrable, I am likely to ridicule the latter rather than pretend that the former deserves a result. See Mrstilton's comment earlier by way of precedent.

    Let's face it, poking the borax at some gormless nimrod's malapropisms and glaring infelicities of grammar is more fun, which is what I am here for. The main point is that this involves actually *showing* the intellectual squalor that one is ridiculing, instead of simply asserting that someone else's report is "nigh-upon* hysterical and terribly written".
    * I think he means "nigh-well", rather than the chronological meaning of "nigh-upon". But this is Jonah, deploring a target's poor style.

  118. Anonymous7:19 AM

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  119. Ah,! Great times, thx for the memories.

  120. It was Napoleon's description of Talleyrand, who was a much greater man than he was. The insult never made contact; Talleyrand just absorbed it into his legend and it became another thing he towered over like the titan that he was. Ferguson could never rise to such grandeur; he's just working the McCardle beat of pushing prefab talking points for his rich sponsors.

  121. The Dark Avenger8:41 AM

    Tallyrand had as many convictions as his former master Napolean, which is to say, none at all.

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  126. PhilJourdan11:07 AM

    What exactly were you expecting to see or failed to see? Fox News reported it. Period. No editorial.

    Fox Commentary then had different takes on it. To each their own. But while I admit I did not "watch" Fox, I read the article on their website. And it was cut and dry. So what were you looking for?

  127. I didn't read the article on their website.

    I am a little hazy on your point here, but then, I'm a little hazy as to why the Jason What's-His-Name story WAS a story.

  128. Reallyaimai2:28 PM

    Oh you two!

  129. MikeJ2:37 PM

    To be fair, the kid in that strip was nasty, brutish, and short.

  130. Provider_UNE3:34 PM

    I don't blame her, we can be a scary lot, what with our Institutional power Anger. I mean if whitefolk had been treated historically as non white folks in this country, for like a minute and a half, they would go batshit berserker. It is getting mighty tough and dangerous to be a white person these days.

    I gotta figure that in German Schlussel means "frothy."

  131. Anonymous4:16 PM

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  132. I cant't conceive of what use convictions would have been at such a time.

  133. Origami_Isopod7:36 PM

    "Key," actually. Or "wrench."

  134. Origami_Isopod7:39 PM

    ...and nobody made a "seaman" joke yet? Tsk.

  135. The Dark Avenger8:02 PM

    ’TIS done—but yesterday a King!
    And arm’d with Kings to strive—
    And now thou art a nameless thing:
    So abject—yet alive!
    Is this the man of thousand thrones,
    Who strew’d our earth with hostile bones,
    And can he thus survive?
    Since he, miscalled the Morning Star,
    Nor man nor fiend hath fallen so far.

    Ill-minded man! why scourge thy kind
    Who bow’d so low the knee?
    By gazing on thyself grown blind,
    Thou taught’st the rest to see.
    With might unquestion’d,—power to save,—
    Thine only gift hath been the grave,
    To those that worshipp’d thee;
    Nor till thy fall could mortals guess
    Ambition’s less than littleness!

  136. smut clyde8:32 PM

    After the Malaysia payola episode, the first question of anyone interviewing Shapiro should always be "How much were you paid to hold this current opinion, and by whom?"

  137. Provider_UNE9:01 PM

    First you have to ruin my gag, such as it is, and then shame this former mechanic who has for a considerable amount of time in his adult life, used schlussels to solve other peoples problems.
    As I am often a pedant on the interweaves, I hold for you no malice.

    /I'll be in the corner.

  138. PhilJourdan2:31 PM

    I guess my point is that Fox NEWS (as differentiated from Fox Commentary) is fairly unbiased. And more comprehensive than other news sources. They are the only one that reported on the Gosnell trial from the beginning (and the only one that is sticking to it).

    They are the only one covering the Benghazi hearings in their entirety.

    In other words, how can anyone make an informed decision if they never are informed? And that is why I challenge those who criticize Fox News to clarify if it is the "News" they are criticizing, or the "Commentary".