Friday, January 25, 2013


The revanchism continues! The usual suspects are all het up about Hitlery saying, "What difference does it make?" -- which also happens to be the response of normal people when you tell them this whole Benghazi tsimmis is about whether the mob killed four people over a video or over the Siege of Cordoba.

Conservatives seem to sense this isn't going to burn the motherfucker down, so some of the nuttier ones like Rand Paul are expanding their conspiracy theories, which ThinkProgress notices, which in turn outrages Ann Althouse, who sees TP's headline "GOP Senator Pushes Gun-Running Conspiracy Theory During Benghazi Hearing" and complains,
Rand Paul asks a question. It seems histrionic to equate asking a question with pushing a conspiracy theory, and the truth is Hillary Clinton's answer has the ring of... lying. 
The effort on the left to stereotype Rand Paul as a nutcase is so strenuous that it stimulates my root-for-the-underdog instinct. And makes me suspicious. I feel a Rand-Paul-must-be-destroyed conspiracy theory blossoming within.
Maybe she'd prefer the characterization of the impeccably rightwing Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit: "Rand Paul: Benghazi May Have Been Cover-up for Obama Gun-Running." Or that of WorldNetDaily: "RAND PAUL: OBAMA IN GUNS-TO-JIHADISTS COVER-UP? 'A kind of international Fast and Furious in Benghazi.'" Or of Aaron Klein: "MEDIA IGNORE HILLARY’S BOMBSHELL BENGHAZI CLAIM. Secretary insists she did not know about gun-running at U.S. mission." I wonder if, when unbidden negative thoughts disturb her, Althouse tells herself they've been published at left-wing sites so she can discount them.

Other apparatchiks are working on getting city folk to love Republicans. Edward L. Glaeser at City Journal says "successful cities like New York and Houston surge with ambitious strivers and entrepreneurs, who should instinctively sympathize with the GOP’s faith in private industry" -- which sounds a lot like the "black people like to go to church, why won't they vote for our party, it's full of evangelical preachers?" argument we've been hearing for years. And sure enough, Glaeser seeks to win urbanites with school vouchers, congestion pricing, and knocking down lovely old buildings on the theory that developers will build in their place cheap apartments instead of luxury condos.

At least he acknowledges that the GOP's been punting city votes for years, but he doesn't seem to understand why. Hint: Cities are full of black people, hence Ooga Booga. And the point is moot anyway, as the In Thing for Republicans now is to disenfranchise cities by rigging the electoral vote.

When all else fails they can go back to previous formulae:

It's with love I say it: Don't ever change.


  1. montag211:40 AM

    Althouse seems to ignore one salient fact: Paul asked a wholly stupid question.

    As did other new Republican Senators from the Tea Party contingent.

    As well, Althouse prefers to ignore that all such questions had motives entirely different than ascertaining the facts, something apparent to almost everyone over the age of eight.

    There may have been lots of hinky things going on at the Benghazi consulate, but these rocket scientists weren't interested. Having a Clinton testifying under oath again is pretty much an adolescent fantasy for them.

  2. glennisw11:40 AM

    Oh, I really like "MEDIA IGNORE HILLARY’S BOMBSHELL BENGHAZI CLAIM. Secretary insists she did not know about gun-running at U.S. mission."

    You can do so much with it. How about "MEDIA IGNORE HILLARY'S BOMBSHELL CLAIM - Secretary insists she did not know about Martian Islamist invasion to gay-marry our aborted babies!"

  3. PulletSurprise11:45 AM

    "You know what Stuart? I like you. You're not like the other people here in the trailer park."

  4. Jay B.11:46 AM

    The effort on the left to stereotype Rand Paul as a nutcase is so strenuous that it stimulates my root-for-the-underdog instinct.

    A whore for the plutocrats says what? Fuck you Ann. How's that, you disingenuous fraud? Underdog. Jesus Christ. He's a scion of a lifetime Congressman and millionaire crackpot. Paul also made a ton of money bilking Medicare as a self-certified eye doctor and he's clearly talking out of his ass on Benghazi -- maybe that's why she is so attracted to him.

    And makes me suspicious. I feel a Rand-Paul-must-be-destroyed conspiracy theory blossoming within.

    Of course, it's so simple! Paul makes baseless accusations about events he doesn't really give a shit about just so Democrats can attack him for being a callow idiot, add to that his admitted hellish beliefs about the role of government and it's totally obvious why this is all happening. WE ARE AFRAID OF RAND PAUL. Just like we were totally terrified of Sarah Palin.

    Keep fucking those chickens, you dizzy idiot.

  5. tinheart11:46 AM

    "Madame Secretary, have you stopped beating your wife? Please answer 'yes' or 'no'."

  6. tigrismus11:48 AM

    I feel a Rand-Paul-must-be-destroyed conspiracy theory blossoming within.

    "Histrionic? I'll show you histrionic!"

  7. After Rand Paul's stupid and pointless question about gun running to "Turkey???", the second dumbest assertion was Ron Johnson's claim that we could have known all the facts about the attack within hours just by picking up the phone and calling... umm... someone. The problem is that the MSM coverage was pretty much on the order of: "Secretary Clinton fielded tough, pointed, sometimes hostile questioning from senators trying to get to the bottom of the Benghazi attacks", as though the senators had actually been making an attempt at fact finding. The disgraceful farce of those senate hearings was pretty much a case of "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?" If no one, other than MSNBC and progressive blogs points out the grandstanding hackery, it doesn't matter.

  8. Uncle Kvetch12:18 PM

    You're beautiful when you're angry, Jay B.

  9. drkrick12:32 PM

    Why would accurately quoting Rand Paul be any less unfair than quoting Paul Ryan or Robert Bork?

  10. montag212:40 PM

    The hilarious part of her "Rand-Paul-must-be-destroyed conspiracy theory" is that young Rand is fully capable of his own political destruction and is already working hard toward that end. Yes, yes, Kentucky is politically mindfucked enough to keep him around for a few terms, but that won't change the fact that the rest of the country will be getting big yuks out of him for years to come. I have the distinct feeling that there are many more "Eisenhower's a Communist" moments to come in Mr. Paul's political future.

  11. whetstone12:57 PM

    Glaeser is sniffing around some reasonable ideas, but if you're reading this, Ed: LMGTFY: "Agenda 21." After you drive that contingent out of the party, we'll talk congestion pricing.

    Also: please ask your friendly local conservative what he thinks about congestion pricing. Or their primitive ancestor, toll roads. I can tell you what Chicagoland conservatives do when tolls are hiked to follow inflation and reduce congestion; Alicublog readers can probably guess. Conservatives don't want "market-based pricing," they want free roads and for public transportation to pay for itself.

    Also x 2: Funny story about what happened to George Romney as HUD secretary.

  12. DocAmazing1:05 PM

    The hinky things going on at the Benghazi consulate were spelled CIA.
    Folks on the Right usually have no problem with that stuff.

  13. John Ferguson1:06 PM

    I have a theory: when the Big Dog left Washington, all the gunrunning and drug smuggling moved from the Mena, Arkansas, airport to Benghazi.

  14. DocAmazing1:07 PM

    You might also clue Ed into things like mass transit and publicly-funded museums, which urban dweller seem to like.

  15. Uncle Kvetch1:09 PM

    please ask your friendly local conservative what he thinks about congestion pricing

    I did a double-take on that one, too. I guess it's because Bloomberg tried to get it here in NYC, and he's a Republican. (So it naturally follows that all our friendly local conservatives just loved his efforts to ban Big Gulps, except for the ones who didn't, which is all of them.)

    This must be just another iteration of "If I like it, it's conservative." I understand that "user fees" are dear to the schmibertarians at City Journal on principle, but to 90% of "conservatives" they're just taxes in a different guise, and thus one more way for the goddamn government to take more of my goddamn money and give it to the goddamn ni-clangs.

  16. Derelict1:10 PM

    What's tragically unfunny in all of this is that we actually did have a president who arm jihadis--and not just with guns. Many of us remember that it was Ronald Reagan who shipped arms, including Stinger shoulder-launched missiles to none other than Osama Bin Laden.

    But I guess that's gone down the right's memory hole along with Ronnie's tax increases.

  17. The effort on the left to stereotype Rand Paul as a nutcase is so
    strenuous that it stimulates my root-for-the-underdog instinct.

    An instinct that has never before manifested itself.

  18. fraser2:19 PM

    Yeah, I was wondering why they'd object to Obama secretly smuggling weapons to Syrian rebels. Except, of course, Obama. And Hilary.

  19. Halloween_Jack2:22 PM

    I haven't been able to watch any of HRC's exchange with Ron Johnson, for fear of breaking whatever I'm watching it on because I can't help but mentally superimpose the words "THIS IS WHAT REPLACED RUSS FEINGOLD" over his face, so I'll have to amuse myself with the Barracuda Brigade clowns. Send Sarah more money, dudes! You rock!

  20. redoubt2:23 PM

    Keep fucking those commenters, you dizzy idiot.
    Ann, and Krugerrand Paul--what's that saying? "It is better to be silent and be thought a fool. . ."

  21. Fats Durston2:29 PM

    So, Obama ordered Hillary to order the Islamic Brotherhood frenemies in Libya kill Stevens after Stevens had brokered an arms trade to Syria to defeat Assad because Obama couldn't look like he was fighting Assad and Stevens was about to leak, but in reality it was a conspiracy so crazy that no one could ever think it was actually real and therefore was really orchestrated as a meta-conspiracy to discredit Rand Paul.

    It makes perfect sense.

  22. Derelict3:15 PM

    In their world, that actually does make sense.

    Sometimes I think these goobers make it a point to sweeten their iced tea with lead shavings just to show us oh-so-smart liberals that they're not going to bow down to our logic, science, and other tyranny stuff.

  23. Halloween_Jack3:28 PM

    There's a version of that meme about how-when-we-were-kids-we-didn't-wear-bike-helmets-and-we-turned-out-OK that has a line about how our cribs were painted with lead paint and we chewed on it. Well, no, not really in my case, but I wonder about some of these people.

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  25. hells littlest angel4:19 PM

    It chills me to think that some jihadi is making war against the West with the very same gun, passed from Benghazi to Istanbul to Evers to Chance, that killed Vince Foster.

  26. Aimai4:21 PM

    Well she pretty much describes it as wholly atrophied and vestigial.

  27. satch4:32 PM

    "The In Thing for Republicans now is to disenfranchise cities by rigging the electoral vote."

    Now this is something I would have thought would be easy for Dems to attack, since about half a dozen Supreme Court decisions make it clear that whatever the boundaries of congressional districts are, the districts have to be equal in population. What makes Virginia, the test case, even momentarily believe that they can enfranchise land acreage over people?

  28. Don't let Jenghazi Rubin in the secret.

  29. AGoodQuestion5:35 PM

    That's exactly what I came here to say. Althouse's underdog sympathies are strictly limited to public figures who say stupid shit and who - in some corners, not all - are taken less than seriously. The only injuries that merit her attention are self-inflicted foot shootings.

  30. AGoodQuestion5:46 PM


    Ever have one of those mornings when you're hung over, you don't remember what you did last night, but you know it was stupid and regrettable? I imagine Wisconsin waking up like that after election day 2010.

  31. Leeds man6:25 PM

    Give Sarah this: She puts the "Bore" on Aurora Borealis.


  33. wileywitch6:38 PM

    It's perverse psychology.

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  36. marindenver8:07 PM

    Apparently the conspiracy theorists are ramping it up to another Fast & Furious outcome - Nobama's just doing the gun round-up in Libya as a practice for confiscating all teh gunz from teh patriots here. AND THAT MAKES PERFECT SENSE TOO!!

  37. deggjr9:02 PM

    This, for the young'uns I think of 241 dead vs. 4 and ... WTF?

  38. Anonymous9:48 PM

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  39. Another Kiwi11:27 PM

    I loathe those "We drank water out of the hose" things. Schmaltz with added sugar and a load of bollocks to boot.

  40. whetstone12:07 AM

    Well, hell, in an ideal world only landholders could vote, but they just gave the vote to everyone, so it's basically a mathematical compromise with originalism.

  41. And how is Rand Paul some sort of underdog? He'e a royal one, but more importantly a rabid one.

  42. It is not because cities are full of black folks. It is because a city must have, by its nature, a strongly socialized population. The divide isn't a black and white issue, it is a rural vs. urban issue.

  43. Cynthianne9:01 AM

    Ignoring the fact that Paul asked a wholly stupid question? Well, duh! If everyone ignored the stupid questions asked by the rabid right, the silence would be deafening, and this world would be a much better place. I think I know what my Christmas wish to Santa will be this year.

  44. Bill Hicks9:21 AM

    And what happened to Tinker??? Did LeCarre spirit him off to the 4th Front to fight the last last war?

  45. BigHank539:29 AM

    Worth a try, innit? There's no telling what Justice Kennedy might decide. And with increasing restrictions on standing, there may be no way to bring a case until after the 2016 election. Hello, moot point!

  46. cleter9:50 AM

    Well, it's nice to see Republicans outraged over the idea of Presidential gun-running to jihadis. Maybe Rand Paul will volunteer to travel back in time and impeach Reagan for that, so future presidents in this, the darkest timeline, will learn a lesson.

  47. AngryWarthogBreath10:18 AM

    The effort on the left to stereotype Rand Paul as a nutcase got a whole lot of help when he compared public health care to slavery, the way a non-nutcase would tend to avoid doing.

  48. DocAmazing11:53 AM

    I hate to feed stereotypes, but there's a huge amount of truth in this. I once spent a couple of months doing a medical temp job in very rural Northern California, and I saw more child abuse (not neglect or poverty, actual severe beatings and sexual trauma) in those two months that I did in five years in San Francisco. Child Protective Services would not respond without armed sheriffs' deputies because some of these parents were heavily armed and lived back in the woods because they did not want contact with any authorities.

    I was never so happy to get back to barrios and ghettos.

  49. mommadillo12:48 PM

    Every time I look at that Sarah 2016 site, I hear Gene Wilder saying "You know....morons."

  50. TGuerrant2:34 PM

    I kept waiting for them to ask about the Benghazi Sex Tapes. Yaz wants media? Yaz needs somebody's putative sexy time to fearlessly cover in every news cycle. James O'Keefe has not been making meaningful contributions to the movement on this issue and needs to buckle down. Learn to put on a keffiyeh and talk like Sean Connery in "The Next Man." Now that Ambassadrix Kelly and her twin have left the scene, the media's yearning for fresh intellectual adventure and more shirtless FBI agents! Well, anyway, *I* am.

  51. RogerAiles4:07 PM

    Has Ann Alchouse's root-for-the-underdog instinct ever been deployed on behalf of an actual underdog?

    She probably doesn't even shop at minority-owned liquor stores.

  52. chuckling4:21 PM

    Never quite figured out why no one points out that all they have to do is go to a gun show. No questions asked.

  53. chuckling4:26 PM

    I've come to the conclusion that anytime you have a community that claims moral superiority and sets itself off from regular society, odds are very good that there's a lot of sexual abuse going on. Usually it's a religion such as the Catholics, Hasids, or Mormons, but I guess it works for gun nuts and home schoolers too.

  54. Marci Kiser7:25 PM

    " I feel a Rand-Paul-must-be-destroyed conspiracy theory blossoming within."

    I, too, sense a plot to destroy the Jedi.

  55. BigHank539:57 PM

    Has Ann Alchouse's root-for-the-underdog instinct ever been deployed on behalf of an actual underdog?

    Does Meade count?

  56. MyPetGloat2:39 PM

    Ann Althouse teaches her law students to employ the baseless assumption technique in the absence of evidence.

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  58. XeckyGilchrist6:40 PM

    Yes, and some of them have been going around since the days when they were propagated by mimeograph and interoffice tube mail. So that the tagline "If you're over thirty..." should be "over seventy."

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  60. BigHank539:57 PM

    Objection! The use of the verb "teaches" is simply assertion. The plaintiff must demonstrate that Professor Althouse has, at any point in time or in any manner, communicated any knowledge whatsoever to her students.

  61. Helmut Monotreme9:51 AM

    Do you mean deliberately imparting knowledge of or related to her purported area of expertise or knowledge that their professor is a a hack and her portion of their tuition money is going to feed an enormous thirst for boxed wine?

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  65. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard10:50 AM

    Wow, they cite each other's loony screeds as evidence, therefore proving that the rightwing blogosphere is basically a "Human Centipede Ouroboros",

  66. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard10:54 AM

    "successful cities like New York and Houston surge with ambitious strivers and entrepreneurs, who should instinctively sympathize with the GOP’s faith in private industry"
    Have any of these knuckleheads seen what GOP crony capitalism has actually done to ambitious strivers and entrepreneurs?

  67. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard10:55 AM

    She puts the "jerk" in knee-jerk.

  68. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard10:58 AM

    Not to mention that all of the guns involved in the "Fast and Furious" scandal were purchased legally because of stupid GOP backed gun laws.

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