Sunday, January 27, 2013


...a miscellany of rightblogger sad trombones over Benghazi, the Roe v. Wade 40th anniversary, Bobby Jindal, etc.

Not making the cut was this plaint from a contributor to the new improved Dr. Mrs. Ole Perfesser page, pimped by the Perf himself:
Forgive me if this is the wrong place to put this. 
But this is an observation after using Okcupid futility for a few years now. Pretty much every single women on the site is a liberal who doesn't want to date conservatives. (They have a match question for this) 
Even women who are Ayn Rand fans. Even women who are hard core Christians, anti-abortion, anti-sex before marriage, etc, etc, etc 
The few exceptions are "centrists" who don't want to date conservatives. 
What gives? Is it just the web site? Are most women who lean conservative already married? Are women just more prone to be liberal?
Who wants to tell him? Dr. Helen double-dipped on this one and got some of her legendary commenters to weigh in. waxwing01 is my favorite for far, but the night is young.

Oh, but please read my thing too.


  1. Chris Anderson11:18 PM

    Many Dr. Helen commenters point out that what women SAY they want in a man is not necessarily what'd light their fires. Take (as Roy suggests) waxwing01:

    "I like this Gone with The Wind how there is one man who prefers the saint woman while the beast whore spends her life trying to seduce him and only at the end does she see she was made to ride on the back of The Great Babylon beast and do her business with the beast man while the saints pray: Father please protect poor poor blind Babylon so they work out their problems and protect them from rivers of blood knowing their weaknesses before the appointed day but not as I will be as you will O lord."

    He's your guilty pleasure, ladies; don't bother denying it.

  2. Fats Durston11:36 PM

    Mamet's discomfort with bureaucrats and officials governing us is understandable; after all, he documented so sharply the beneficent impact of unregulated capitalism on peoples' lives in Glengarry Glen Ross.

  3. hells littlest angel11:37 PM

    I didn't click a single one of the links, and I still feel like a took a bath in trough full of shit.

  4. BigHank5311:40 PM

    Now, I don't have a vagina, but if I did...I imagine reading a sentence* like that would make one want to place a steel fire door and a couple of time zones between the author and said vagina.

    *The beginning is capitalized and there's a period at the end. I guess there are enough subjects and verbs in between that it qualifies. Y'all couldn't pay me enough to diagram the thing, though.

  5. DocAmazing11:43 PM

    Dr. Helen's commentors seem to be missing something in terms of statistics: there are roughly as many women as men in the US. Since gay marriage isn't hoovering up that large a percentage of the female population, there are roughly as many single men as single women. Yet these put-upon MRAs note that singles sites are a buyer's market for women. If that is true, it indicates either a) most single women don't mess around on singles sites, or b) these guys just aren't what most single women are looking for. I suspect b), and I further suspect that it has very little to do with declared political leanings.

  6. AGoodQuestion11:47 PM

    Man alive, that is a word salad with extra croutons!

  7. I like how they assume that there's something wrong with the women or the website rather than them wonder what's wrong with being a conservative. I'd never date a conservative because they are misogynistic douchebags.

  8. "You may recall that during the 2008 there was a lot of blogosphere and internet speculation about Obama's use of the power of suggestion/hypnosis during his public appearances...I read some of it, and although I thought it was overstated, he certainly did appear to use some of these techniques."

    so that's how obama got me to sleep with him!

  9. Now, I'm just a long-term single guy with no prospects, poor hygiene, and extreme neediness, so take this for what you will, but as near as I can tell, sometimes some women just want to have sex with someone who's not an asshole or a nutjob.

  10. Spaghetti Lee12:16 AM

    You oughta sell this as a lost Faulkner piece.

  11. D. Sidhe12:18 AM

    It's entirely possible that women these guys would recognize as "conservative" figure online dating makes them look like a slut, but I dunno.

    I've dated* way more men than anyone might expect, and "conservative" is generally a good marker for a guy who doesn't have much of a sense of humor about himself, is defensive when his ideas are questioned, will alienate any of my friends who are not exactly like him, will piss off the staff at my favorite restaurant by sending everything back and not tipping well at all, will not respect my independence in much of any way, expects me to defer to his decisions on everything from where we date to how many kids we will have, is monogamous (officially, anyway), is likely to trade me in for a younger companion some day, comments on my weight or clothes, takes it belligerently personally when eventually broken up with, possibly doesn't understand consent at all, probably plans on bringing cigarettes or guns into my home, and is anti-choice and possibly anti-birth control. Also, in my experience, has probably never heard of female orgasms. So, yeah. 1880-era win.

    Yes, I'm generalizing, and in my experience conservative bi or lesbian women are not significantly better and have the added joy of being closeted. Frankly, the "Pro-life, we won't even discuss it," is enough of a deal breaker that I'd be saying "no conservatives" too.

    Aside from that, consider being courted by any of the folks at Renew America, NewsMax, or The Corner, male or female, based strictly on personality. Conservatism-as-we-know-it is inherently selfish and humorless. Sounds like a soulmate!

    *This is somewhat euphemistic, but yes, there have been long-ish term relationships. They have not, historically speaking, been things I remember with great joy.

  12. Nobody in Yoknapatawpha was that stupid.

  13. D. Sidhe12:30 AM

    I do wholeheartedly endorse this comment, but does anyone know why every time I like, it increases the number by two? I like lots of stuff that much, but it does seem odd as a mechanical statement by my computer.

  14. commie atheist1:30 AM

    Clearly waxwing01 is a poet and doesn't know it:

    One thing for sure,
    conservative man,
    good if they put a high value on the women who still accept them

    after they brought us to fight North korea, Vietnam, Lebanon
    wise to run with tail between the legs, Iraq, one can see
    why conservative man appear to have
    THE MARK of CAIN on his forehead

    if you go
    to their sites
    women begin to debate if there is pure evil in the world

    Bow your head low to the woman still on your side
    and make sure she take away the gun under your pillow
    and put this in locked box so no one fears you at home

    I like this Gone with The Wind

    how there is one man who prefers the saint woman

    while the beast whore

    spends her life trying to seduce him and

    only at the end does she see she was made to ride

    on the back

    of The Great Babylon beast and

    do her business

    with the beast man

    while the saints

    pray: Father please protect poor poor blind Babylon

    so they work out their problems

    and protect them

    from rivers of blood

    knowing their weaknesses before the appointed day

    but not

    as I will be

    as you will O lord.

  15. commie atheist1:36 AM

    Dr. Helen wonders: "Jeremy’s question is an interesting one. Do most women want liberal men? If so, why?"

    Takes a glance at her husband masturbating to robot porn, shudders, walks away from the computer.

  16. Malignant Bouffant2:01 AM

    Someone else has liked it, but it won't show until you click & refresh it. Some times I get two or three.

  17. JennOfArk2:01 AM

    "Race probably enters into it in some way I have yet to understand."

    The complete lack of self-awareness is just...breathtaking.

  18. muttered Homer Simpson style - "Stupid sexy Babylon..."

  19. ::::fans self::::

  20. Another issue is that conservative men tend to stay in rural and exurban areas, while women gravitate toward more urban areas. The gender imbalance in NYC is somewhat legendary, but I imagine it's no better in East Bumblefuck, where most of Dr. Helen's commenters live in their Unabomber shacks.

  21. But this is an observation after using Okcupid futility for a few years

    Well, there's your problem. Uninstall the futility plugin.

    Pretty much every single women on the site is a liberal who doesn't
    want to date conservatives. (They have a match question for this)

    As an occasional (due to futility) user of OKCupid, I happen to know that there is a space to put your own politics, but I don't actually recall whether you have the ability to select a match based on preferred political persuasion. And even if you did, you only get that if you pay to get A-list status, so it's not something the many, many free users of the site (and most are free users, since it's one of the few that lets free members contact people). That said, there are certainly match questions you can answer which touch on politics, but you also rate responses by how important those responses are to you. So, for me, knowing a guy is pro-choice is a dealbreaker, and since politics are important to me, I have answered a lot of questions about politics and indicated the answers are important. So when Staff Robot calculates how well I match another person, those questions and his answers are taken into account. The formula seems to be working, since I get matched up with friends frequently, and the low-percentage matches all seem to be guys from meth country who want a Christian wife to raise their kids and shoot their guns.

    I also say in my profile that I will laugh right in your face if you tell me you're a libertarian, and don't even bother contacting me if you say your favorite author is Ayn Rand. I've had a couple of Randian guys who had otherwise high match percentages look at my profile A LOT before apparently deciding I was serious.

    Something tells me these guys have something completely off-putting in their profiles about beasts and whores, and, yes, that is a turn-off for most women, including conservatives who are on OKCupid and not Christian Mingle. As is seething anger that they're not getting the pussy avalanche they're entitled to because they have a penis.

  22. I like how they assume that there's something wrong with the women or the website rather than them wonder what's wrong with being a conservative.

    Good observation. Of course, if they did wonder what was wrong with themselves – or believed in, oh, empirical research, facts, or reflected on anything – they wouldn't be conservatives. (A recent piece pointed out that all the current "how the GOP should change" advice, whether sage or hilarious, misses the point that the entire reason they're conservatives is they don't want to change. They want to inflict their views on the world and force it to submit. Which, not coincidentally, is why women with an ounce of sense don't want to date them…

  23. mortimer7:22 AM

    If women don't want to date conservatives I'd suspect some evolutionary mechanism at work here, or perhaps women are just very smart people.

  24. wileywitch7:25 AM

    Would love to sit in on a theatre survey covering his life as a playwright--- "and then" facepalm.

  25. wileywitch7:41 AM

    I had "a date" with a conservative man who promised he'd leave me alone if I didn't want to see him after that. He was new in town and desperately lonely and wanted a native woman to help him adapt to Texas. So I went to a dance class and two-stepped with him, then he took me to a steak restaurant (which would have been my last choice) and during the dinner he talked about every single salary he ever had. Knocking the table over then running amok felt like a reasonable option.

    When I got out of his car, I bolted like a gazelle--- it was instinctive. He was as good as his word and stopped bothering me, in fact, he stopped coming to the restaurant I was working in altogether.

    It should be no surprise that liberal women do not want a traditional patriarchically heavy-handed relationship.

  26. Halloween_Jack7:53 AM

    she was made to ride on the back of The Great Babylon beast and do her business with the beast man

    Hmmm. Even by the standards of slashfic, needs a bit of work.

  27. mortimer8:01 AM

    I really don't see how you can wade into this tsunami of unrelenting bullshit each week. There's so much ass-pulled pork it would take a thousand VV columns to refute it all. Here's just one tiny morsel from Anne Sorock:
    I’ve quoted an LI reader before who told me that, having left his native Vietnam in the 1970s, was left with a chill as he rode the subway to work each day to see everyone’s nose buried in a New York Times. It reminded him of the one-newspaper, the state newspaper, he used to see in his native country.

    A real person who actually rides the subway would see that the percentage of riders struggling to read a broadsheet like the Times was always small and still is, especially compared to the number reading tabloids -- although the number reading any newspaper reflects the decline in newspaper readership generally these days. Not to mention the ridiculous notion that a multi-paper city like New York would ever remind a normal person of a one-newspaper totalitarian state. Do they really have to make it ALL up, no matter how inconsequential?

  28. Derelict8:03 AM

    Shorter conservative single men: "I don't understand why women don't flock to me. They are, after all, second-class citizens who shouldn't be trusted with voting or making medical or reproductive decisions on their own. Any woman would be CRAZY not to want to snuggle with me!"

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  30. Derelict8:06 AM

    Pay no attention to the woman reading Newsday or the guy at the end of the car paging through the Post.

  31. redoubt8:14 AM

    FWIW, this African-American sees Entitled White Guy Syndrome. Again. Having had their EWGS presidential candidate rejected, they're stumbling toward trying to explain why the universe is against them. "There are too many single liberal women with their own brains" is just one manifestation.

  32. satch8:20 AM

    I get that too when I'm not signed in. When I AM signed in, one click = one upvote.

  33. satch8:34 AM

    "...I will laugh right in your face if you tell me you're a libertarian, and don't even bother contacting me if ... your favorite author is Ayn Rand."

    And this actually keeps them away? The Randians/libertarians I've known would see this as a challenge, as in "You say that NOW, but you haven't heard the full force of MY irresistible arguments and geometric logic yet!"

  34. DocAmazing9:35 AM

    I find that when I try to like something in Florida, I have to wait several hours.

  35. tigrismus9:47 AM

    It means you're using your powers for good.

  36. Roy, you left out my fave from American Power who was not only upset about the framing on the abortion protesters but the fact that it didn't make the front page of the NY Times (or Rolling stone for that matter). Do you suppose the brethren would be upset if the rallies for sensible gun laws were deemed pro-life?

  37. Halloween_Jack10:01 AM

    Pretty much every single women on the site is a liberal who doesn't want to date conservatives.

    AH HA HA HA HA HA no. Even if he didn't go on to list women who pretty clearly are, you only have to spend a little bit of time on OKC (and answer a few questions) to know differently. The raging misogyny of many (if not most) of Dr. Helen's commenters contains the real answer: "I’d guess it’s because lefty men are easy to slap around."

  38. So she's quoting a guy from the 70's and it's supposed to be relevant now?! Because I'm pretty sure a large number of riders nowadays would be reading whatever from ipads, kindles, cellphones etc.; so how would he know what people are reading? Nevermind the many others who have earphones on listening to whatever they want to hear news-wise.

  39. Doghouse Riley10:24 AM

    John Hayward at Human Events didn't appreciate that Jindal said the GOP was not the party of Big Business. It's "worth bearing in mind," Hayward wrote, "that Big Business conveys benefits that middle-class people very much appreciate... Wal-Mart got huge because being huge allowed them to offer amazingly low prices to consumers."

    Pretty sure that most people not in the grip of the sort of religious mania required to choose Wal-Mart as your example in the first place would say it offered low prices in order to get huge, not vice-versa.

    Still, it's a measure of our hopelessness to consider that if the GOP was merely the party which facilitated Wal-Mart it would be several orders of magnitude less criminal than it actually is.

  40. Halloween_Jack10:50 AM

    Also, too: I thought that Jim Geraghty (in the NRO post linked in your Veev post) had an interesting choice in picking analogies, with his link to a screenwriter's rant about Superman Returns. First, although the link isn't working, we can look at the IMDB entry for the screenwriter, Terry Rossio, and note that he's not exactly in danger of winning an Oscar any time soon. Second, Superman Returns, despite its many, many flaws, was at least the work of someone (Bryan Singer) who was sincere in his hero worship to the point of being blind to the flaws in his approach. Even if it was a big waste of money and not a good take on the character, there are much, much worse movies that should have been Rossio's breaking point well before then; in fact, he may have written some of them.

    Similarly, while what happened at Benghazi is indeed a tragedy, there have been and still are many things going on in the Mediterranean/Middle East/Central Asia that greatly eclipse it, both in sheer body count and in senselessness. But Geraghty pretends that Benghazi is still the scandal nonpareil, because that's what his lords and masters were pushing during the campaign, and like someone who gets stuck with the task of cleaning up after what was supposed to be an epic party and turned out to be an epic fiasco, he has to pretend that it was still worth all the fuss.

  41. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard10:56 AM

    But this is an observation after using Okcupid futility for a few years now. Pretty much every single women on the site is a liberal who doesn't want to date conservatives. (They have a match question for this)

    “Why can’t these evil bitches see that I’m a nice guy?”

    Has anybody got the intestinal fortitude to post a comment over there suggesting that they start fucking each other? Hey, they’re the ones who think that being gay is a choice, why can’t they make that choice? As an added benefit, it would help them to adhere to their “Spartan” ideal.

  42. BigHank5310:57 AM

    i am thinking

    it worked better

    for archy and mehitabel

  43. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard11:05 AM

    Jindal should show, not tell. Motherfucker still signed laws promoting the teaching of creationism in public schools.

  44. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard11:08 AM

    It's a complete lack of self-awareness, an inability to conduct a self-assessment. "I went out on twenty first dates, and every single one of those women was a psycho!" Anyone with the slightest amount of self-awareness would realize that those odds just aren't plausible.

  45. catclub11:12 AM


  46. So, for me, knowing a guy is pro-choice is a dealbreaker,

    Quickly, zuzu! The Edit button!

    I also say in my profile that I will laugh right in your face if you tell me you're a libertarian

    Oooh, a challenge. Hey baby, I'm a libertarian socialist with council communist leanings. Wanna sit down and share some Rosa Luxemburg essays sometime? If that goes well, we can move on to ... generative grammar, IYKWIMAITYD.

  47. Mr. Wonderful11:19 AM

    "waxwing01 is my favorite (so) far"

    Jeez. And then you wonder why the waxwing was slain by the false azure of the windowpane?

  48. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard11:35 AM

    "Finnegan's Wank"

  49. coozledad11:42 AM

    Eek-a-mouse meets Paraquat?

  50. OK, you hypnotized me into reading that VV column. Now I feel dizzy and need to lie down.

  51. RogerAiles11:56 AM

    You don't have to be unfuckable to comment at "Dr." Helen's, but it helps.

  52. Mr. Wonderful12:00 PM

    This, IMHO, wins this brimming-with-win thread. And if they consider it--which they should; they already hate women--and one of them says, "Hey, wait a minute! That means we won't be able to reproduce!", remind them that "parenthood" is a liberal plot to force patriots to have fewer guns.

  53. coozledad12:02 PM

    Leaving only a smudge of ashen WTF.

  54. RogerAiles12:04 PM

    If you read our lonely friend literally, he believes that "Ayn Rand fans " and "[e]ven women who are hard core Christians, anti-abortion, anti-sex before marriage" are liberals.

    Since Hannidate is dead, perhaps he could pioneer a new site called OKSchlussel.

  55. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard12:50 PM

    Fuck, Disqus has a habit of devouring my posts, then spitting them up later? WTF, Disqus?

  56. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard12:55 PM

    Forgive me if this is the wrong place to put this.
    But this is an observation after using futility for a few years now. Pretty much every single employer on the site is a liberal who doesn't want to hire conservatives.

  57. satch1:17 PM

    It's still OK if you follow horse racing...

  58. Budbear1:32 PM

    What's breathtaking for me is the ability to be completely self-centered while simultaneously being totally devoid of self-awareness.

  59. D. Sidhe1:33 PM

    This, and Satch's explanation, probably are the key. I'm not signing up for Disqus, though, so extra likes all around! Assuming that's what they are. I think I saw a like disappear when I refreshed.

  60. wileywitch1:48 PM

    Yeah, that was the conservative man I went on a "date" with. He also seemed to think little of himself as he talked about himself relentlessly. It's a sorry sack of shit state to be in.

  61. aimai1:51 PM

    Glengarry Glen Ross was a cookbook!!!!!

  62. wileywitch1:52 PM

    Or the guy with The Onion. Had a little chat with a New Yorker in a deli that read The Onion and

  63. PaminBB2:43 PM

    Also, points a and b are not mutually exclusive. But I don't think these guys are looking to understand the issue when they can spend their time complaining and playing the victim.

  64. Bend over, Beast Man boyfriend!

  65. aimai2:59 PM

    I'm somewhat sympathetic to this guy's pain. I actually met Mr. Aimai through the personals in the long ago days. You "meet" quite a few unstable guys, or you can if you don't have good "nut-dar." As for the wishful thinking part I would say that the honors are even on that score. Is it the case that women are wilfully deceiving themselves about what they want in a man? Doubtful--that would be like wilfully deceiving yourself about whether you want ice cream or cake for dessert: i.e. pointless. You have your choice and you take your choice. But the number of guys who write ads describing women they could only aspire to touch in magazine picture form? Infinity doesn't begin to approach the guys who will write their adds thus: "Have the beemer, have the money, have the job, need the blonde on my arm. No fatties need apply." I can't say whether they are deceiving themselves as to their own wants--I mean, hell, people want a lot of stuff. But deceiving themselves as to their own liklihood of getting their wants fulfilled? Quite possible.

    That being said these guys are exactly perfect for the Republican party as currently constituted. Over at John Cole's joint they are discussing the Come To Jesus basement tapes just issued by the GOP on the subject of the late great lamentation known as the 2012 election. Every one of the discoveries is a priceless pearl but this one reminds me quite a bit of the Ole Mrs. Perfersser's lovelorn posters. With the added delicious fact that Number 9 on the list of lessons learned is identical: Women don't know what they want and when they say they know what they want they are wrong.

    9. The Obama administration’s move to require contraception coverage in most insurance plans was perhaps not a suicidal overreach after all. When the administration came out with the new birth control coverage rules last year, many conservatives—and not a few liberal Catholics—predicted that the rules would cost Obama big with Catholic voters, maybe enough to swing the election. Several speakers at the summit noted grudgingly that this had not occurred. Instead, they cast the contraception move as a devious ploy to win Obama the votes of women—especially young and/or single ones. Michael Barone referred darkly to the contraception controversy having helped Obama win “the Lena Dunham generation, about which the less said, the better.”

  66. Surprisingly, it does. But since you can see who's looked at your profile and when, I can watch the thinking process happening. It's kind of amusing.

    Also, I'm not kidding. I WILL laugh in a Randian's face, and most men don't like when women do that.

  67. Quickly, zuzu! The Edit button!


  68. Jay B.3:16 PM

    I'd be ALMOST POSITIVE there's a correlation between these people's gun collection and their dating lives.

  69. Women don't want to date humorless assholes and perpetual victims?? Who could guessed?

  70. You may find this site amusing, as well as the associated Buzzfeed column:

  71. mrstilton3:35 PM

    I would like to ride on the back of the Great Babylon Beast with pretty much every comment in this thread.

  72. redoubt3:35 PM

    (Move this venue 800 miles west, change the name to "L" and you have the Sun-Times tabloid advertising "It's just your size" from the mid '70s.)

  73. Anonymous3:37 PM

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  74. "... was left with a chill as he rode the subway to work each day to see everyone’s nose buried in a New York Times. It reminded him of the one-newspaper, the state newspaper, he used to see in his native country."

    You know what? Never mind what everyone has already pointed out, that a claim of everyone reading the Times is complete bullshit. Even if it were true, so what? Having left my native Midwest in the 1990's, I was left with a chill as I rode the bus to work each day in upstate New York to see everyone's nose buried in ... the local daily newspaper. OMG totalitarianism! In fact, given that the voracious free-market monster Gannett had purchased the local evening paper only to kill it off, and given who's most in favor of ever-greater local media consolidation, I would suggest that her Vietnamese weeping patriot consider more carefully who might actually be to blame for the lack of alternative news sources in most communities. Once she's pulled him from her ass again, that is.

  75. XeckyGilchrist3:45 PM

    To this day, archy is the only typing cockroach I'll read. I let the stronger stomachs like Roy handle the current batch of them.

  76. XeckyGilchrist3:49 PM

    Having two copies is handy for that comment - I can effectively be a pedant and penalize it half a point for the apostrophe.

  77. Jimcima3:50 PM

    Really? Free citizens openly and by personal choice reading a newspaper which Sorock's reader personally disagrees with brings to mind political criticism?

    This is a comment on whose mindset exactly?

  78. The answer is clearly a draconian nationwide abortion ban.

  79. Halloween_Jack4:22 PM

    Good Lord! *choke* I'm having a Lord of the Rings moment, believing for a moment that I must belong to some elder race that roamed the world when it was more fair and unsolicited offers of anilingus and toe-sucking weren't accepted as an opening gambit in the dating game.

  80. BigHank534:33 PM

    I dunno, it's almost sort of cute in its hopelessness and cluelessness. Almost. Mostly it just reminds me that YouTube comment trolls are only three clicks away from everywhere.

  81. Cargo4:35 PM

    I see a lot more people with their nose buried in a kindle or a phone than reading any newspaper.

  82. witlesschum4:40 PM

    Actually, WalMart supposedly did as much with innovative logistics and using even more centralized control as they did with price. Also, designing employee expertise out of the equation is a big cost-saver. According to Big Box Swindle by Stacey Mitchell, anyways, they control all the stores' thermostats from Bentonville and really pioneered a lot of the techiniques all the big retailers do as far as stocking the stores. They got huge for a lot of reasons, including price, though the prices aren't as great as people think they are, because they have loss-leaders down to a science.

    It's the best kind of screed, where you also learn a lot about what's being decried. It's kind of the anti-Reynolds household output.

  83. witlesschum4:42 PM

    Rossio's worked on some respectable animated movies. The original Shrek, Aladdin, Small Soldiers. It's not bad, really.

  84. Atticus Dogsbody5:23 PM

    You just like writing "wank".

  85. i want to give this comment a set of steak knives.

  86. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard6:13 PM

    So... you're a "Lord of the Rings" guy trapped in a "Lord of the Cock Rings" world.

  87. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard6:14 PM

    How about making the Great Babylon Beast with two backs with said comments?

  88. AGoodQuestion6:16 PM

    The more things Michael Barone opts not to talk about, the better.

  89. I have yet to get a satisfactory answer from a libertarian on how an abortion ban fits in with their anti-government-control philosophy.

  90. Try setting up a fake female profile. Your eyes will be opened.

  91. Sgaile-beairt7:11 PM

    horse ebooks

  92. "What gives? Is it just the web site? Are most women who lean conservative already married? Are women just more prone to be liberal?"

    I do not like you, Doctor Fell;
    The reason why, I cannot tell.
    But this I know, and know full well,
    I do not like you, Doctor Fell.

  93. Sgaile-beairt7:20 PM

    there wasnt enough room for people to read any paper, even a small one, the times i have been on a subway at rush hour....elbow to elbow to ear to elbow!!

  94. TGuerrant7:21 PM

    Sometimes Disqus laughs too hard to reach the keyboard.

  95. M. Krebs7:31 PM

    Really? Like on paper?

  96. wileywitch7:43 PM


  97. I am the shadow of waxwing's swain -
    Ersatz erudition and a visage plain.

  98. M. Krebs8:34 PM

    I'ma leave this here for all the lonely conservatives.

  99. Halloween_Jack8:43 PM

    soooooo tempting.

  100. "I'm white! I have a penis! How dare you have the job I want when you have dark skin and how dare you keep the pussy I want from me!"

    And that angry little boy that no one liked grew up to be Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

  101. Dr. Helen: The culture, media and apparently, women on this site, get upset if
    they see men who don’t hold the narrative that women are superior beings
    who are not to be criticized. I think some readers just find it odd
    that any male is allowed to express himself freely. In some ways, men
    have much less freedom than women in our society and this blog is here
    to provide an outlet for those men who want to discuss freely their
    feelings and thoughts about society, relationships and the culture. It’s
    too bad that there are so few places for men to do so.

    Where oh where on the internet can a man reveal himself?

  102. "Kindle"? Only one brand of e-reader, eh? I swear, it's like Vietnam in the 1970s.

  103. Premillenial eschatology sex-play? Hmm ...

    "Are you ready for the RAPTURE?"

    "This teddy has seven seals down the back."

    "I'm going to give your Saint John a Revelation it won't soon forget."

    "I was promised a Second Coming."

  104. wileywitch9:25 PM

    Ya know, I can't even tell what I post I was replying to here.

  105. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard9:49 PM

    It may be because Dr Fell is trying to stick an ultrasound prope up your VJJ.

  106. calling all toasters10:20 PM

    "The Brain Dead"

  107. Yes, the Bengazi witch hunt is (surprise, surprise!) full of bad faith.

    But yeah, I have to chime in and defend Rossio a bit, too. (I wasn't a fan of Bryan Singer's Space Jesus for reasons I covered in my review, but De gustibus non est disputandum, YMMV and all that. I firmly agree that there are far worse films out there, but I believe Rossio was coming from the perspective, "Here is a big-budget film I wanted to like from someone whose work I've respected in the past, and it makes multiple inexplicably bad choices not to explore its own premises.")

    I've heard Rossio and his frequent writing partner, Ted Elliott, speak out here, and a few things are relevant. One, some of the bad decisions in their scripts (I could get specific) were forced on them by the studios or other people high-up over their objections. Two, they're pretty smart and nice guys, and unusually supportive of struggling screenwriters who aren't fully established yet (they host a screenwriting website). That doesn't mean nobody should criticize the problems in, say, the Pirates of the Caribbean films – I certainly do – but writing for hire is a hugely different beast from writing on spec (and some great specs get completely ruined if and when they're bought). Basically: It's completely fair to criticize any piece as it exists on its own merits, but sometimes (or often) that the finished product does not represent the quality of the work that went into it or the quality of the writer, especially in Hollywood (if the writer is also the director or producer, the power dynamics can become very different, but it's still rare to have carte blanche). Anyway, we could have a much longer conversation about this stuff…

    On a strangely related note, I've read sections of some of Mamet's for-hire drafts, and ouch, sometimes he really phones it in. He's been a highly-paid script doctor for over a decade, and liberal Hollywood has been remarkably good to his family (including his daughter). The Verdict is superb, but that was in the 80s and Lumet got involved. I would say that Mamet's best work on stage and screen is excellent, but sadly the dropoff can be fairly steep (he typically delivers good dialogue and scenes, but the overall narrative can be a crap shoot). As a screenwriter/script doctor, Mamet got top billing for the screenplay for Hannibal massively cleaned up later by Steven Zaillian (imdb claims this was according to WGA regulations). The sections of Mamet's draft I read were surprisingly bad; he couldn't even be bothered to spell Lecter's name correctly. (All mostly OT, but I sorta tied it back in by the end!)

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  111. Jindal's wrong. There is no reason for them to stop being stupid. They just need to work harder at preventing blacks from voting, and altering the electoral college. The Democrats just need to keep acting chickenshit. It will all work out fine.

  112. Guestington P. Gorcestershire9:25 AM

    The Lysistrata strategy doesn't really work if the guys you're trying to influence are too stupid to figure out why you're not sleeping with them.

  113. Wait, so you're saying that women don't date or have sex with misogynistic douchebags simply to influence their politics rather than women not wanting to have anything to do with them because they are selfish, self-centered, women-hating, mean assholes?

  114. I think I spent some time reading that site last summer, my jaw unhinged and on the floor, a vomit bucket near my bedside. It was just horrifying. Then you read Man Boobz, the incredible site for reveiwing and attacking MRAs and you realize where those guys are going in their copious spare time.

  115. Godless Liberal Atheist11:01 AM

    Lettuce pray

  116. blondie12:00 PM

    Those are the ones whose moms convinced them the other kids didn't like them because they were all jealous.

  117. blondie12:06 PM

    It's so unfair when babes don't want to date heartless jerks!

  118. drkrick12:24 PM

    It's not that complicated - a matter of premises. Libertarians don't think laws against homicide of the post-born in its various forms are an impermissible infringement on liberty. Libertarians who think abortion is comparable to homicide against the pre-born think laws against that are equally compatible with libertarianism. Those that don't, don't.

  119. Ah, a libertarian spokesman approaches!

  120. witlesschum3:13 PM

    Not really related, but I remember Rebecca Watson's four male co-hosts on the Skeptics Guide to the Universe describe how eye-opening it was for them to share a podcast email address with her and see the ridiculous shit that got sent her way. (This was before the satanic harpy had the temerity to say "Don't do that" also.) And those guys are presumably used to some level of hate mail from the alternative medicine cranks, creationists and UFO believers they often make sport of.

  121. witlesschum3:14 PM

    Anyone else think this needs to be a rockabilly song?

  122. But don't I have the right to decide what goes on within the premises of my uterus?

  123. Consult "King of Kings" by House of Freaks on the album TANTILLA for all yr Old Testament-tacular sexual innuendo needs.

  124. No. Which is why consistent antichoice right-libertarians also oppose castle doctrine, stand your ground laws, and property rights in general. Those that don't, are all of them.

  125. aimai9:36 AM

    There is no hate like the personalized hate of people who simultaneously want to fuck you and kill you. Its what makes inhabiting a female space in the world and on the internet so scary--scarier even than dealing with the randomized, anonymous hate of religious nuts and gun nuts.

  126. Sgaile-beairt6:51 PM

    lol i know the feeling!!

  127. Sgaile-beairt6:57 AM

    wait....isnt that.....isnt that CENTRALIZED PLANNING??

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