Monday, November 01, 2010

NEW VOICE COLUMN UP, about the Rally to Restore Sanity and the responses on the right. In addition to the Cat Stevens thing, our subjects were exercised about the lack of black people (yet another breakthrough in the great rightblogger affirmative action program), and a few other things. One guy was very strong on the subject of weed at the rally, and personally proved the efficacy of second-hand smoke:
I have been reading the stories about this rally all morning, and still I cannot find out what all these people are so determined to do? Oh wait! I found a sign in an image at the Boston Globe – they want moderation – Eureka. “Now pass that joint over to me my friend.” Never in my life have I wished more I were a radical Black Panther type or a stoic conservative war monger – anything but human spaghetti ready to fade into a cloud of hashish smoke for another decade.

The last time “Make Love Not War” was the cry the money lenders took over the nation completely – and cast America down with Sodom and Gomorrah – good Lord.
Well, they can't all be good trips.

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