Monday, November 01, 2010

GOTV. New York GOP Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino is a fucking asshole, but I sympathize with his Halloween blackface drunkery. It must be very hard to be one of the few nuts who even in this age of Teatard debacle is too crazy to be voted into office, and I must defend (though not with my vote) his retreat into the warm arms of Bacchus. I recall that the GOP sacrificial lamb against Ed Koch, Diane McGrath, was shown on TV at her "victory party" in 1985 dancing like Elaine on Seinfeld and slurring her words during her concession speech. And good for her. Why should she have given a shit? (McGrath, later McGrath-McKechnie, got hers during the Giuliani administration as chair of the Taxi and Limousine Commission. New York politics is endlessly forgiving, except to the voters.) In our horrible Tea Party future, Paladino will also have a government sinecure, and he can shoot heroin for all I care. It's just how we do in the Empire State.

Now the local Democrats are playing the anti-government game. "I can't believe what's happened to New York's government," says Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. "Congress is broken," says Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Well, fuck it, any port in a storm. Fox News is at this moment, as at every moment, pushing Republican candidates against decent Dem Congressman like John Hall and Scott Murphy by tying them to "Nancy Pelosi." Basically, in such cases True Sons of Liberty are obliged to vote against the psycho wingnut consensus as they might dig up a petunia bed to build a firebreak.

As a smug lieberal elitist, of course, I make exceptions for myself, and will vote for Howie Hawkins of the Green Party for Governor. He impressed me in the debate, and Jimmy McMillan, for whom I voted last time, is overexposed, and as an aging hipster I just can't follow that bandwagon. Also, as I said when I voted for Jimmy, I can't endorse a prosecutor. That's how Giuliani and Spitzer got into office, and I don't have to wait for such monsters' public downfalls to know what a menace such people can be when they achieve power.

Outside of that it's the straight Democratic ticket for me. Obama is a trimmer and a pudding, but the Republicans are Satan's emissaries on Earth, and if I have little hope of making a difference I can at least, at the Final Trump, answer my Maker that I spurted my spitball against the hull of the Dark Lord's deathship when duty called. Go thou and do likewise!

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