Friday, August 07, 2009

GEORGE SODINI LIVES! Latest hot-button at Dr. Helen's place: irate ladies crazy-glue cheater's penis. Dr. Helen is against (so, as a practical matter, am I, and so is local law enforcement, which has charged the gluers, though not so strongly as Dr. Helen prescribes). Comments commence:
I think marriage is a joke (I have never been married and will likely never be married).Back in my casual sex days before AIDS (early 1980s), I remember how many slutty married women were around. Left, right, everywhere. I thought at the time, "What man is stupid enough to PAY FOR this woman not to work, while she's doing whatever she wants sexually?". I'd be in favor of penalties for adultery in marriage, it just is not going to happen. The trend is in the OPPOSITE direction (i.e. no-fault). There won't even be a return to Pumpkin leaving the marriage without most of the man's assets if she cheats. Sorry, it's just all a bit silly. And men can be incredibly gullible and naive.

...But then this goes with what I've always said about women all along. When you play with women, you're playing with fire...

...Men pay for women. Period. If women ever pay for men, for any reason, the man is a thief.

A story: My daughter has been married twice and divorced twice. She made off with money and treasure each time. She has taken after her mother (a very good teacher) in that for her whole adult life she has been taking money from men for her sexual favors. Including the two times she was "married". She has never once been punished or reprimanded for her behavior. She is now almost 46 y/o and finds that her body's sexual appeal has left her stranded.
This is why I approve and endorse Dr. Helen's place: so that these people have a better public forum than a Pittsburgh health club at which to address their grievances.

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