Wednesday, August 05, 2009

THE CONSERVATIVE COMEBACK PART 343,922. I see the new story is that the Obama birther story was actually spread by Obama supporters seeking to malign the loyal opposition. As a connoisseur of authentic conservative gibberish, I have to applaud; the only way they could top this would be to claim Rush Limbaugh, Jim Inholfe, Lou Dobbs et alia were kidnapped and replaced with liberal birther body doubles.

I doubt they'll bother, as the birther thing was designed as a shadow campaign anyway. The new thing is the Obama Joker Socialist poster. It was advertised as a sign of the impending overthrow of Obama when there were only two photos of locations where the actual poster had been actually posted; now that there are six or seven such photos, we can't understand why the White House has not yet been liberated.

Confederate Yankee does an odd, rather forced riff on it:
Knowing the universal desire to turn a quick buck, I imagine that it won't be too long before someone comes up with the idea to PhotoShop President Obama as other movie villains.

Just be care which villain you decide to use.

While Two-Face is a logic choice (and an extension of the Batman-related theme), other selections might just earn you a visit from people who don't smile much.
Then he shows a picture of Bullseye from Daredevil. Because, haw haw, get it? Pew pew. See, he was just telling you what would be a bad idea. He bets you're getting mad at him now, which makes you a liberal fascist. Heh. Pew pew!

I'm beginning to see it this way: Republicans were in power for so long that their adherents haven't had any experience of exile and humiliation since their teen years. Thus their only models for a response to it are flaming bags of dogshit and ring-and-run.

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