Monday, March 26, 2007

FOGGY MOUNTAIN BREAKDOWN. The L.A. Times has a story about how Democrats get more famous musicians to play at their fundraisers than Republicans get. This should be no shock to Republicans, as the Party of acid, amnesty, and abortion has long been the natural home of all us godless artists.

The Ole Perfesser, however, reacts to the news as if he has just seen a passel of bluecoats comin' over the ridge:
ANOTHER REASON WHY REPUBLICANS should cheer the music industry's troubles, and perhaps help them along by repealing the DMCA or something. As I've suggested in the past, though, I think their reflexive tendency to side with big business has gotten in the way of smart politics.
Not enough musicians like the GOP. Let's punish them with frivolous legislation!

As previously mentioned here, the Perfesser seems not to know the difference between art and propaganda. We might try explaining it to him by using his own work as an example -- take your own short films of car interiors, Perfesser, or your thoughtful essays on how much hotels charge you for internet access -- surely these are not political in purpose, but pure expressions of those few vestiges of humanity left in that shallow grave we call your soul!

But then again, why bother?

P.S. Since the recent box-office triumph of 300 was supposed to mean that Americans want to be ancient Spartans, does this latest development mean that Americans now wish to be anthropomorphic turtles? (Favorite Libertas line: "If white men kill darker men in this story, it’s not because of their color, it’s to stave off their slavish culture, just as we must do today." Wow, maybe that will be the Sean Bell officers' defense.)

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