Monday, March 31, 2003

OI'M A YANKEE-BLEEDIN'-DOODLE-DANDY, MATE! Andrew Sullivan's a piece of work, isn't he? Today he's calling out traitors again. In his current dishonor roll, he equates Nicholas de Genova (whose comments at Columbia are, if reported correctly, genuinely anti-American) with The New York Times.

Let's see. De Genova wished for a million Mogadishus. The Times reports news comprehensively, and has never, to my knowledge, wished aloud that Saddam would win so much as a battle. The paper's headline today reads, "Infantry Attacks Baghdad Defense With First Probes" -- subheads: "Slower Pace, Not a Pause," "Armor Advancing," and "Army and Marines Take on Republican Guard to Shape Big Fight." Not a Mogadishu in sight.

Yet Sullivan characterizes this as "a paper whose editors have already assumed -- or can barely conceal the conjecture -- that the war is lost

Yeah, if they were real Americans, they'd be running New York Post-style "Wipeout!" headlines, not this nuanced shit.

The Times has about seventy thousand Pulitzers, bureaus in every corner of the world, and a reportorial and editorial staff that is the envy of every newsgathering organization on the planet. Sullivan ceaselessly complains that they aren't giving him gigs. Bias may not be the reason, Andy.

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