Monday, March 31, 2003

DIFFERENT WORLDS. Read the quotations from Yasmin Alibhai-Brown Instapundit is using and ask yourself, does she really sound, as he has it, "very, very thin-skinned"?

I think she sounds extremely reasonable, particularly in describing the atmosphere of the program she was on (taken from IP's site):

As I walked in, people in the front rows were already hissing and hooting to undermine me. Geoff Hoon got massive applause immediately afterwards. Obviously delighted, he looked 10 years younger suddenly. . . .

Now I think Question Time has become much better since it started to allow more assertive challenges from audience members -- the old reverence has gone and an excellent thing too. Panellists should be able to deal with the cut and thrust of hot exchanges. But when it tips over into the Jerry Springer mode the programme loses its stature...

It's interesting that Instapundit chose what to quote, and what he posts still does not support his characterization of Alibhai-Brown (to whom he refers as "Ms. Brown" -- bwa ha ha! Them's some funny right-wing yuks!)

Increasingly we live in different worlds, the left and the right: we haven't spoken the same language for some time, but now, we don't even seem to read the same language.

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