Friday, May 24, 2024



Sliding into Memorial Day weekend, hurrah! I’d like to ignore political stuff for a while, but I can’t let pass the Prestige Press’ latest Trump in-kind contribution: Tubby gave a speech in The Bronx, which the PP takes to mean New York is in play. Some of them just echo Trump’s bullshit:

Others add “analysis” – that is, echoing Trump’s bullshit in high-toned language:

I understand the grift – I covered Tea Party rallies in New York for the Village Voice and the GOP tried the same routine back then, including claims that the rallies were (as Fox News says about this one) “massive, historic” – I always got waves of commenters demanding I revise my crowd estimates upward.  Sadly for Tubby’s troopers, there was a helicopter shot of his Bronx bomb:

You’ll still get nudniks on social media (and of course at Fox) going “there were a lot more when I was there nice try libs” but there have been so many fake Trump rally shots they can’t even back it up with Photoshop. 

Anyway, if you’re here for Roy Edroso Breaks It Down freebies, out of the week’s five entries (yes, I churn it out five days a week – you oughta subscribe, best deal on Substack!) I am releasing one: My version of what really happened with the Alitos and the Upside-Down Flag. Since that came out I see another Alito insurrection flag has come to light. I already knew he was fash from his jurisprudence; with his buddy Clarence pissing on Brown v. Board of Education, I’d say we hardly need flags to know which way these guys blow. 

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