Friday, February 23, 2024


Around all these years but I can't recall hearing them before. This'n's a banger!

Happy nearly almost spring, folks! Sunset’s more than an hour later than it was in the depths of winter, so have hope! 

Not that politics makes it easier, especially with all the bullshit being generated over the Alabama Supreme Court’s lunatic IVF ruling, which I covered in a Roy Edroso Breaks It Down item available to non-subscribers for free. Like I said, the outrage isn’t only about the fate of in-vitro for the people who need it to have children – it’s about the “fetal personhood” concept on which the ruling is based, which is exactly the concept on which Republicans base their drive to ban abortion nationwide – which is also why Republican “moderates” like Nikki Haley and Larry Hogan are doing such a tortured pee-dance over it: They know their bullshit ain’t getting over like it used to.

Now you see the Republican National Senatorial Committee rushing out talking points to convince voters that when they said life begins at fertilization they didn’t actually mean it – there’s a political-poison takeback clause! Funny, I don’t remember them taking this position in December 2022, when Republicans blocked a Senate bill to protect IVF:

Of course, back then their factota on the U.S. Supreme Court had just pushed Dobbs out and Republicans were feeling feisty – everything’s coming up Roeless! But after several state ballot ass-beatings showed that nobody is fooled, they’re shitting themselves and running for cover. We have to make sure they don’t get it. 

The other Roy Edroso Breaks It Down freebie is the one I talked about in the last post, about the Sad Truckers’ latest PR push: Claiming they’ll starve New York of groceries on behalf of Tubby. Though rightwing YouTubers and legacy drags like Jeffrey Lord try to keep it going, like all their previous chest-beating displays this one hasn’t panned out and even their more prominent spokesbuffoons are backing off. Guess it’s time to put Joe the Plumber on the case!   

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