Friday, May 19, 2023


I floated lonely down the street one day

Ugggh been a long hard week, my friends, let’s keep it short. First, let me hand around the Roy Edroso Breaks It Down freebies – you already saw The Good Samurderer and Other Republican Bible Stories earlier this week, so how about the latest from Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is almost as ridiculous in my imagining as she is real life? See, I’m obliged as one of America’s few remaining satirists – a profession going the way of cigar-factory lectors and human graphic artists -- to try and make the Georgia Congresswoman funny, but the laughs would curdle quick if I gave my Margie the mendacity of the real thing:

If you’re looking for a real point to this exchange [between Greene and Rep. Jamaal Bowman], you’re unlikely to find any. Both of them were playing for the cameras, repeatedly smiling as they made a minor scene.

But the next day, Greene’s comments about the exchange with Bowman suggested that something terrible had happened. At a news conference, she said Bowman was “yelling, shouting, raising his voice, he was aggressive, his physical mannerisms are aggressive,” and she added that “I feel threatened by him.”

I mean, most of us haven’t seen Ooga-Booga like that since Emmett Till. Greene further covered herself with glory this week by introducing what she describes as her “first set” of impeachment articles against President Joe Biden, though she has actually brought Biden impeachment resolutions before the House no fewer than five times before, and has at present such articles posted against four (count ‘em four) cabinet officials. 

Make no mistake, Speaker McCarthy isn’t letting this fool run riot because he’s naturally indulgent – he knows that the diseased rump of the GOP identifies more with her than with him, and he has to keep them on track or the whole racket explodes into dust like a disintegrated mummy. They’re all working to keep it together as hard as they can until all their voter-suppression, gerrymandering, and plain vote-rigging finally put them beyond the will of the voters for keeps. 

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