Wednesday, March 29, 2023


I released a little something at Roy Edroso Breaks It Down today based on the proposed force-feeding of Glenn Youngkin’s commencement address to the students of George Mason University. There are many political issues on which I at least see grounds for disagreement, but the idea advanced by the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression aka FIRE – one of those rightwing Bizarro-World versions of actual civil liberties organizations, like the ACLJ – that the 6,000-plus students who have petitioned to withdraw the school’s invitation are thereby censoring and cancelculturing the fleece-clad rightwing douchenozzle makes absolutely zero sense:

FIRE encourages @GeorgeMasonU students to resist censorship and instead enter both their commencement ceremony and life after graduation with a willingness to engage ideas with which they may disagree.

It's not a debate, it's a goddamn graduation party. My guess is that the freeze-peach guys are coming down hard because GMU's a pretty conservative school and the fact that even those students are sick of their bullshit is probably very embarrassing for them.

I have been saying for a long time that libertarians are conservatives with social anxieties, but just as the past few years have further depraved conservatism, it has also reduced libertarianism to the point where its few decent erstwhile exemplars like Jane Coaston and Radley Balko have basically walked away from it while its remaining adherents spend their days bitching about AI that won’t say racial slurs and fluffing the Kochs

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