Friday, December 02, 2022


I’m sure you've seen the Kanye West mess. (I refuse to call him “Ye”; if Bruce Springsteen had taken to extolling the dictatorship of the proletariat, I doubt editorial-writers would be referring to him as “The Boss.” The cognominative infantilization one finds in the music press is inappropriate for Nazi apologists.) I wrote a little something about it at Roy Edroso Breaks It Down, but I’ve been giving away too many free editions lately so this one’s members-only. (This one about the Arizona election certification is free, though, and still good!)

But I will say here that the guy’s ravings should serve as a hard smack in the mouth to the idea that “free speech” – as conservatives seem to mean that much-abused term, i.e. the promotion of hate speech – is the best way to engender rational debate and defeat bad ideas. West and his enablers are very consciously pushing Naziism up from its status of an outlaw creed -- made so long ago in response its advocates' attempt to destroy Western Civilization -- as a comme ci comme ça, was it really that bad sort of thing – which is the first step toward getting the Republicans who are currently only crypto-fascist to go the whole hog, and maybe to get those voters who went Trump for the merry hell of it to step it up, too, and give them power. 

Brothers, sisters, we don’t need that fascist groove thing. 

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