Friday, February 05, 2021


One of the blessings of modern technology:
Cleaning up these great old blues sides.

I've unlocked two of this week's Roy Edroso Breaks It Down issues for non-subscribers: A meeting between the President of Mar-a-Lago and one of his more famous supporters, and a rundown of young Republican up-and-comers.

I might say it's horrible that the other major political party in the United States is being taken over by psychotic freaks, but, really, it's not that big of a shift; it's more like the party's adherents have just begun to act out the fantasies conservatives have been promulgating all along, and are moving up the chain from "useful idiots" to "elected representatives." Government is the enemy? Check. Science, indeed any type of expertise, is suspect, even nefarious? Check. White people are the only constituency worth addressing? Check and triple check! Marjorie Taylor Greene's videotaped claim that black people are not held back by racism but by “gangs [and] dealing drugs" is just conservative boilerplate, and from there it's not a huge leap to believing in Democratic pedo rings and all the other shit that clogs her skull.

Also get a load of this, from Mainer:

Maine White Nationalist Charged in Capitol Attack Shares Racist Views of State GOP Leaders

...The Great Replacement theory has been promoted for years by former Republican state legislator Larry Lockman, who also opposed the bill to fund the jobs center in Lewiston. “The sad truth is, open-borders Leftists at the swamp want to welcome, educate and retail everyone but Mainers!” Lockman wrote in a January 2018 e-mail to supporters. “There is too much at stake to let identity politics and the Left’s War on Whites rule the day.”

In a 2019 column, Portland Press Herald editorial-page editor Greg Kesich called out a host of Maine GOP leaders for promoting tenets of the White Genocide theory, including former Gov. Paul LePage, who endorsed Lockman’s bid for a Maine Senate seat last year and is threatening to run for the Blaine House again next year; Maine Republican Party Executive Director Jason Savage, who ran a racist fake-news website called The Maine Examiner; and former Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro, who relinquished his position as Vice Chairman of the state party last month shortly after Mainer published an article linking him to another Republican official with direct ties to neo-Nazis.

More recently, Isgro and other Maine GOP leaders cheered the Jan. 6 insurrection on social media and spread racists lies about Chinese interference in last fall’s election. For example, the liberal online news outlet Beacon reported last month that state GOP Chairwoman Demi Kouzounas told a radio station the Chinese government created COVID-19 to weaken the U.S. economy, “because they knew if the economy stayed strong … our President Trump would be reelected with huge numbers,” she said. “I believe that for sure.”

So, apparently, did [charged insurrectionist Kyle] Fitzsimons...

One of many reasons to be glad about the new administration is that it appears to take seriously the threat of rightwing lunatics, and is less likely than the Obama administration was to fold on its domestic terror investigations when conservatives and libertarians (but I repeat myself) pitch a bitch fit. These nuts have been terrorizing and murdering people for years, and a huge part of the reason why they got as far as they did on January 6 was because Republicans have been acting for years as if even taking notice of this public menace was cancelculture, who's the fascist now libs, etc. I'm glad the insurrectionists are getting charged -- it's about these fuckers got some negative feedback. 

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