Friday, October 30, 2020


When are people going to catch on to Sabrina Chap?

It's the homestretch, boys and girls, and as we might have known the Republicans and their operatives on the courts are trying to steal it. The Boof Kavanaugh opinion on the Supreme Court's Wisconsin election order, the Court's ominous segregation of post-Election-Day mail ballot returns in Pennsylvania, and the Minnesota switcheroo suddenly requiring all mail ballots to be received by Nov. 3 rather than merely postmarked by then -- with Tubby yelling that votes must not be counted after Election Day -- all point to at least an attempted Bush v. Gore 2 and a straight-up gank. The only way around it I can see is to run up the score so much they can't cheat successfully. America expects that every citizen will do their duty. 

On the other hand, Mr. Jonathan Miller points me to  an encouraging sign -- Ole Perfesser Glenn Harlan Beauregard Jubilation T. Reynolds preparing his troops for defeat

What is going on in media now is not normal. It is, in fact, a species of coup. Should Biden win, many will regard his victory as essentially illegitimate because of this, and they will have a good argument.

This is in relation to Glenn Greenwald's "I Been Censored" hissy fit. (Boy, if only I'd still had the Voice gig when I started my Substack; I could have got in on this bullshit.) Can't say I can see the Perfesser's Threepers, Neo-Confederates and Militiamen rallying to the defense of Greenwald -- wait'll they find out he's gay, and that his husband's last name is Miranda!

But most of the brethren express faith in an imminent Red Wave -- based on truck parades, which have replaced boat parades since the unfortunate Lake Travis incident, and other nonsense like this from "Illicit Info" (I warn again clicking their link, it's spammy as hell):

‘Can I Change My Vote’ Trends On Google As Biden Campaign Goes Into Tailspin, Hunter’s Laundry Aired, Debate Lashing [Opinion]

...What if, hypothetically, someone voted early for candidate ‘D’ only to learn that the person they cast their ballot for was … for argument’s sake, … is being blackmailed by a hostile foreign power?  That would be a serious problem IF that were to occur.

Well, apparently there are an increasing number of Americans who have voted early (as nearly 60,000,000 Americans have already done) want to know if they can change their vote.

They then link to a Fox News story and suggest it says "Google searches of the phrase 'can I change my vote' peaked" right after the last Presidential debate and the first wave of Giuliani-Hunter Biden bullshit. Not only is there nothing in the story about whose voters were searching the question -- Illicit Info and Fox News both wait a good long while before revealing that the spike actually happened five days after the debate.  They close:

That fact of the matter is that we do not know, and we will never know, but we will have a much better idea when the election is over and all the votes are counted.

They're as bad at covering their asses as they are getting people to look when they show them. They are right, however, that we do not know. So vote! It ain't illegal yet. 

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