Friday, June 05, 2020


Interpretation's a funny thing in music especially. 
This kinda steamrolls the obvious intent of the song. 
But it swings, don't it?

•  Here's another Roy Edroso Breaks It Down item unlocked for non-subscribers: I Claim My Right To Express My Mainstream Conservative Opinion in the New York Times, by Hiram Galligash, Punkin County (S.C.) Tax Assessor. Ha ha surprise it's about that Tom Cotton editorial that has given rightwingers something to blubber over instead of black lives. For some of us the current crisis in policing that not only institutionalizes racist injustice but has led to a nationwide police riot is a big issue; for others, never mind that, someone said bad things about a powerful Republican Senator's op-ed, that's the Real Crime™! From the Bari "All My Colleagues Are Totalitarians" Weiss to the conservatives who like to call themselves libertarians to the usual gang of authoritarian goons, they're turning their full fake outrage resources on a bunch of junior staffers who think their employer shouldn't be amplifying Cotton's call to have the Army train their guns on American citizens to threaten them with violence for the crime of protesting. Go scour their works for anything on George Floyd that isn't "it probably isn't the cops' fault"; Trump does a better job of faking it than they do. Christ Jesus, I'm sick of these people.

•  Oh, speaking of libertarians and how they're full of shit* I'll add that Mike "Freedom" Lee demanding the quartering of troops in DC against the Mayor's wishes is a beautiful example of the general ass-exposure of these people at this moment in history. (*does not apply to Radley Balko.)

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