Tuesday, June 02, 2020


Once he got the cops to tear-gas away the protestors, Trump waddled over to St. John's Church (against the wishes of its clergy) and held up a Holy Bible for what his handlers must think is sure-fire rube bait -- The Leader showing those protestors, in front of a church, damaged by fire of unknown origin, who's boss. No doubt for a certain demo it's a Reichstaggering success; we'll see who actually bites. Speaking of bites, Breitbart's Joel Pollak turned his turgid prose toward the cause:
Democrats and the media were aghast, claiming the president had ordered “peaceful” protested tear-gassed merely so that he could hold a “photo-op.” In fact, Trump’s gestures held immense positive significance for the country and will likely be remembered that way.
Translation: It was not a photo op, it was an opportunity for a photograph with "immense positive significance"!
The president, seeking to restore order in cities across the country, could not very well have done so while allowing thugs from Antifa to lob bricks at Secret Service officers, or chase reporters away from the public square outside his own office.
Well, I'd certainly have liked to see him try. Funnier still is the idea that it was protestors who posed the danger to reporters when cops have been shooting and smashing journalists from sea to shining sea. Not sure why Pollak was pretending to give a shit about reporters anyway, given that he also says the "media" is "unable to distinguish between right and wrong, or between assembly and anarchy." Maybe he thinks a few more rubber bullets to the eye will get them to love The Leader. (In a similar spirit, Pollak also cites Martin Luther King.)

The whole thing's a mess but Pollak's big metaphor reach is extra:
The media, and the crowd, did not realize it, but Trump had seized the moral high ground in that moment. He reached into the mainframe of the American machine and rebooted it with the source code that is the common basis for all we do.
I think he just intuitively knew that "boot" should be involved.

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