Friday, May 08, 2020


Monk knew: Some melodies are strong enough to do gymnastics on.

•  Just a couple of recent news stories. From KSCB News in Kansas (red state), May 6:
White House Authorizes Additional PPE for Kansas Hot Spots 
After the direct request from Congressman Roger Marshall, M.D., the White House Coronavirus Task Force has responded in-kind with another shipment of two ventilators, 550,000 N95 masks and 13,000 Tyvek suites to Kansas hot spots, including Southwest Kansas as they continue their fight against the Coronavirus. 
“Once again, President Trump has stepped in to ensure those working on the front lines of this pandemic receive the protective equipment they need to remain healthy and safe,” said Dr. Roger Marshall. “The White House task force has continued to respond to the needs of Kansas. While states have been encouraged to procure their PPE through non-governmental sources, President Trump continues to directly track needs and ensure those needs are met.” 
And from the same day, at Loudon Now news from Loudon County, Virginia (blue state):
Feds Intercept Loudoun-bound PPE Shipment 
Loudoun County is among the localities that have ordered personal protective equipment only to see it taken upon arrival by the federal government. 
County Administrator Tim Hemstreet said Loudoun has been bundling its orders with other localities to buy directly from manufacturers. But, he said, that can also attract attention, and he confirmed at a Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday that an order headed for Loudoun had been intercepted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  
Upon arrival, the federal agency outbid the localities for the personal protective equipment and took it, he said.
It's obvious what the disparities in Trump's PPE distribution and seizure are about, to the point where we had a governor sending National Guard troops to protect his (blue) state's PPE stash from marauding feds. Why we talk about this administration as anything but a criminal conspiracy -- a homicidal one at that -- is beyond me.

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