Tuesday, February 25, 2020


I'm releasing another issue of Roy Edroso Breaks It Down to non-subscribers, about the amazing revival of red-baiting launched over Bernie Sanders, particularly his statements about Cuban health care and education policy, which are controversial not because they're untrue (not even his detractors say so) but because they reflect faintly favorably on one of the last sorta-communist countries on earth which is not the one run by Donald Trump's best friend Kim Jong-un.

This is my favorite specimen so far:

This fits beautifully with today's conservative anti-intellectualism, which has gone way beyond what social critics observed about it in the mid-20th Century, when it mainly manifested as a distaste for the high-flown and fancified, and now looks suspiciously on the ability to read and write.

With this kind of McCarthyite horseshit coming back I suppose after our Coronavirus scare we'll have to worry about the return of polio.

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