Wednesday, June 26, 2019


I've unlocked a newsletter story about one of the more egregious smears on E. Jean Carroll, Trump's latest accuser. A few things particularly piss me off about it -- it's sneaky, for one thing, its couriers counting on the wingnut rag's readership to never look past the hed and lede to find out that it's actually bullshit. But, as I mention in the newsletter story, after a while news outlets don't bother to conceal what Carroll really said about Americans' titillation by rape stories -- having already gotten people to think of her as a nut, they can also portray her other, equally sensible observations as crazy. Look at this from RedState: They quote a tweet about her interview -- "E. Jean Carroll tells @Lawrence that she will not seek rape charges against Donald Trump because it would be 'disrespectful' to women at the boarder [sic] 'who are being raped around the clock'" -- and then scoff:
Aside from the general oddity, that answer places current politics on the forefront of her mind, something you wouldn’t expect from someone in the middle of recounting their own rape.
I expect I don't have to explain to you folks why Carroll's ability to put her assault in context is neither "odd" nor evidence that she wasn't really traumatized -- but RedState isn't making an argument; it's just using shit like spackle to firm up its idiot readers' impression that Carroll is, to avail an old usage, a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty. They don't have to make it look good, which, given their native abilities, must come as a great relief to their editors, such as they are.

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