Wednesday, March 06, 2019


* apologies to Charles Bukowski, really, but get a load of this from Rod Dreher's latest:
Here’s something interesting. On Jonathan Haidt’s test for moral foundations, I scored unusually high on the “purity” scale. It so happens that I am extremely sensitive to certain aromas that most people find disgusting (and even some that most people don’t). It’s so bad that there are times when I will have to leave the room quickly so as not to vomit (which means my wife is the one left behind to clean up the dog poop, and suchlike).
[Lips pursed, arms folded] Snnnkkk. Snnkk.
It is entirely involuntary. Entirely. When I was a kid, I couldn’t be nearby when the men gutted and skinned a deer they had killed. It wasn’t the visual imagery; it was the smell. I would double over gagging, and couldn’t help myself. 
[Hand over mouth] Snkkk. Snnkk. Snnkk.
This is also why I can taste and smell pleasant nuances in food and drink, and enjoy eating more than most people.
BAA HAA HAA HAA oh my god -- you peons just gobble your food but Sensitive Rod tastes the rainbow! When he's not vomiting, that is.
Two of my three kids are the same way — except their sensitivities are ramped up so much that they don’t like to eat things that taste vivid. All three of us can detect aromas that most people can’t, and when we find them unpleasant, we also find them to be intolerable. Weirdly, my daughter cannot stand the aroma of bananas. It’s so severe for her that we don’t eat them in her presence. Just the sight and smell of a banana is enough to put her on the edge of vomiting.
Those poor kids.
Does this have anything to do with my conservative politics? Maybe...
Ha ha, I know guys, but wait that's not even the real punch line --
...but how would this theory account for the extreme sensitivity that so many left-wing college students have to the mere presence of conservatives in their midst?
Those SJWs -- such sissies! Oh, sorry, honey, I can't clean up after the dog -- I'm too SENSITIVE.

Have we decommissioned "pussy" as an epithet? Pity. (What I wonder is, does Rod ever get too sensitive to enjoy his sacramental meats?)

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