Thursday, March 28, 2019


I've unlocked the most recent edition of Roy Edroso Breaks It Down (like the fellas hanging out at the Rexall say, Subscribe, It's Cheap! ™), in part so non-subscribers can see what they're missing, but also so you can read a little about the latest wingnut conspiracy theory: That Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, their beat-off noire, was not actually elected to Congress but merely "elected" to "Congress" if you know what they mean and why should you.

It's ridic, and a valid argument against paying it any mind is that, the two million views received by a YouTube video pushing the theory notwithstanding, it has drawn little mainstream conservative attention. After all, YouTube is the province of barking madmen -- they may get millions of views but no respect from ordinary Republicans, right?  To which I would say, okay, then how about this from the slightly better known Laura Ingraham of Fox News:
A guest on The Laura Ingraham Podcast has claimed that transgender people are trying to use social engineering to create a new species, with the host speculating whether this species would be “part human, part animal"... 
Nathanson told Ingraham that trans and non-binary movements have sprung up because “feminists challenge the notion of gender” and this has evolved into the development of feminist ideology. 
In response, Ingraham said: "Their goal ultimately is the destruction or elimination of the traditional family, though, is it not? That's what we really want to get at here. That's really what's going on..."
Nathanson agreed with Ingraham, adding: “I think that the trans people have taken it one step further because by abandoning gender altogether, not simply re-writing it, they're basically trying to use social engineering to create a new species..."
Ingraham asks: "And the new species will be looking like what? Will be part human part animal? I mean, will be human mostly…" 
Nathanson said, "I think human and part machine," to which Ingraham replies "part machine, hmm."
Who knows, maybe at that point Ingraham was thinking, "Whoa, I agree liberals and trans people are doing The Island of Dr. Moreau for real, but that machine bit is crazy!"

As my entire oeuvre should have taught you, conservative crazy may start at the bottom of the media food chain, but it's never meant to stay there -- because alternative media outlets have always been the skunkworks where they test propaganda for potency before chucking it at civilians. So while liberals in their wilderness are bringing back Early Progressive, New Deal, and Great Society ideas, conservatives don't bother, and devote themselves to slurs and psychodrama. Look how hard they're pushing "SetUpGate" as a way to justify vengeance against people who think Trump worked with the Russians to fix the election; clearly the hope is this will scare everyone out of demanding a fuller accounting of the Mueller report. That strategy, judging from the polls, isn't working -- but maybe next week they'll tell us Adam Schiff is a vampire or George Soros was photographed literally pulling the strings from the House ceiling but Hillary killed the photographer and burned the picture, or some such shit. Why not? The racket has worked a long time and is always worth another shot. As the panic over Trump's latest Obamacare eruption shows, it's not like they have anything else.

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