Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Look up "free speech" at Chicks on the Right, and you'll find literally hundreds of stories, mostly about how campus leftists and SJWs are trying to suppress speech and speakers they find offensive ("Student government’s response? Free speech? That might hurt people’s FEEEEEEEEELINGS"). They are especially warm for the speech rights of controversial wingnuts such as Milo Yiannopoulos, as when he was deprived of his constitutionally protected access to Twitter by their "glorified speech police," and they are of course right on top of every conservative campus speech cause célèbre, such as Evergreen State ("But if you thought the Cult of Social Justice was going to stand for Weinstein’s blatant disregard for their precious snowflake FEEEEEEEELINGS, you thought wrong...").

Speaking of free speech and colleges, U of Tampa visiting professor Ken Storey was recently fired because he tweeted that Hurricane Harvey was "karma" for Texas voting Republican. Here's Chicks on the Right's account, which you won't find in the "free speech" section:
University Fires Professor Who Suggested That Harvey Was ‘Instant Karma’ For Texas Republicans 
All I can say about this is, “good”… 
It’s not often liberal professors get fired for their distasteful comments. Glad someone at the University of Tampa has some sense.
If you forget everything else about these people, never forget that they're totally full of shit. For them, free speech isn't a principle, it's just another tactic in their arsenal of victim poses.

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