Monday, November 21, 2016


...about Mike Pence's poor reception at Hamilton, and Trump's simultaneous machinations behind the scenes. Don't mistake me for one of those guys who think the Hamilton thing is a mere "distraction." I mean, obviously you couldn't put it past Fat Goebbels to gin up an effete-East-Coast Kulturkampfire for that purpose, but I hardly see the need: Trump's got so much wrong with him in so many ways, yet months of experience show it doesn't mean anything to his marks; they've always known he's corrupt as hell, and don't expect high office to change him. They just want to swim, maybe drown, in his bullshit. That's how it is with the better class of fascist -- they spew scum from every orifice, till everything is a distraction from everything else, and those so inclined may surrender.

Rod Dreher makes an appearance in the column. All weekend long he ejaculated over poor innocent American Pence and the fascist arty-farties who oppressed him. Sample:
I mean, is it the case that liberals believe that artistic performances — theater, music, and so forth — must be limited only to people who share their moral and political views? If I were worried that the Trump administration was going to be hostile to minorities and gays...
(Pause to imagine a Rod Dreher "worried that the Trump administration was going to be hostile to minorities and gays," unsuccessfully)
...I would have gone out of my way to make Mike Pence feel welcome at Hamilton, and hoped and prayed that the power of art moved his heart and changed his mind. But that’s not how the audience saw it.
That, Brother Rod, is because the audience weren't morons. They knew Pence wasn't going to see a fucking play and go, "Wow, suddenly I see minorities and gays in a whole new light, no more gay-straightening for me!" More likely he'd think, heh, them sub-humans sure do sing and dance good, and then cheerfully go back to Washington to fuck up their lives even worse. In other words, some people you can't and don't try to convince; with them all you can do to them is warn. For starters.

Extra negative points to Dreher for adding a column about why we should applaud his toleration in going to see Brokeback Mountain and writing an incredibly shitty column about it.

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