Monday, March 28, 2016


...about rightbloggers on Brussels, Obama's travels, and the T*d Cr*z S*x Sc*nd*l. This one's kind of impressionistic because, as I mention at the top of the column, the madness is running at spaceship speed; one minute it's VIOLENCE and ISLAMORADICAL WHATCHAMACALLIT, the next it's FROSTBACK SEX LIES and all along TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP. I fear the pace and ADHD will only get worse, and by June these columns will read like late CĂ©line, with violence, depravity, and disgust exploding along ellipses like firecrackers on a string.

And there were things I had to leave out! For example, Da Tech Guy's encomium to Muslim-hating rage-queen Pamela Geller, whom he calls "The Prophet from New York":
As I watch the image of Barack Obama in Cuba celebrating one of the worst dictatorships in the history of the Western Hemisphere as they demand the return of Gitmo and attack the United States it would seem Pam Geller was understating the issue. We have not seen an American President so committed to the defeat of the United States since Jefferson Davis.
I've seen some awkward comparisons of Obama but this one takes the shoo-fly pie. I assume the Obama-as-Jeb-Davis thing will be cited in future The-Real-Racist TM arguments; no one will remember how it started, but it had to be something Real-Racist!
...I predict if our republic does not fall, 50 years from now after I’m dead and gone, people will look back at Pam Geller and speak about her the same way we now speak about William Lloyd Garrison.
I agree: Most of them will say, "Who?"

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