Thursday, November 20, 2014


Well, now that Obama is fixin' to give the Founding Fathers a Dirty Sanchez by handing driver's licenses to Messicans, let's see how the brethren are talking it down. Clash Daily:
HOW CONVENIENT: Obama to Grant Amnesty on Mexican Revolution Day 
Coincidence? I don’t think so. This is all part of “fundamentally transforming” America...
At dawn the car horns will play "La Cucaracha," and over the ridge they'll come -- thousands of low-riders led by Salma Hayek and George Lopez. And Rick Perry will be powerless to act! Here's a passage from an Instigator News essay with the something-for-everyone title, "Pavlov, Orwell, Alinsky, Hitler, and Obama: A Synthesis of Evil":
I offer here just a few points from an early platform of Hitler’s Nazi Party, courtesy of The History Place. With the exceptions regarding Germany’s nationalism and disdain for immigrants, they’re almost identical to the policies we’ve seen proposed and/or enacted by the Obama administration.
The Messican piece is Obama's way of making Nazism his own, see -- he's a great cover artist as well as history's greatest monster!

OK, that's fun, but come on, these are bottom feeders; surely no one legitimate is saying such stupid--

-- Huh. Well, guy's an American Spectator writer, that's still pretty fringe. The really big boys know it's ix-nay on the itler-Hay until this impeachment thing gets a little traction. Thus, Rich Lowry at Politico:
Barack Obama, American Caudillo
See? It even sounds Messican!
The last 400 years of Anglo-American political history...
He ain't just a traitor to America, he's a traitor to Anglo-America!
...can be read as a successful effort to establish and maintain a system tethering the executive to the law. What President Obama is contemplating will undermine that achievement, both through his own lawlessness and the precedent he will create for subsequent presidents to operate by extra-legal fiat.
Well, excluding presidents who already figured out how to get some bright fella to write them a Get-Out-of-Den-Haag-Free card, anyway.

The rest of them are just using regular Republican slurs, like "tyrant" and "emperor," but with a few twists to wring extra juice out of them. Take for example Damon Linker's essay, "On immigration, Obama is flirting with tyranny," in which, after getting the accusations of destroying democracy out of the way, Linker explains that this Messican thing is even worse than Bush's possibly illegal torture, because when it comes to torture "such judgments can only be fairly rendered once the state of emergency has come to an end," but everybody knows there's no rush about these illegals, they'll just keep on skulking between landscaping gigs and food banks forever. Also:
Compared with torture, rendition, and the extrajudicial use of surveillance and even deadly force against American citizens, Obama's efforts to help illegal immigrants can seem benign and even trivial. But that's precisely the point. No matter how you feel about Bush's actions, up until now, executive transgressions of the law have been made in the name of protecting the common good from a grave threat in a time of emergency.
I have to admit, I like to think I know these guys, but telling readers to try and be reasonable about the Black Sites while calling Obama a tyrant is one I completely did not see coming.

UPDATE. Shit, how'd I miss this -- Burt Prelutsky at Bernard Goldberg's site, on previous casus bellow Jonathan Gruber:
All in all, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that it has to be more than mere coincidence that “Gruber” sounds like “goober” and that Adolf Hitler’s birth name happened to have been Schicklgruber.


  1. "On immigration, Obama is flirting with tyranny"

    Meanwhile, Libety can't get a 2nd glance.

  2. "Pavlov, Orwell, Alinsky, Hitler, and Obama: A Synthesis of Evil":

    So Orwell's not a conservative hero anymore? They're airbrushing him out of photos as we speak? He's an un-person?

  3. sharculese4:18 PM

    " With the exceptions regarding Germany’s nationalism and disdain for immigrants,"

    With the exception of the stuff people think about when you say 'Hitler,' Obama is just like Hitler.

    Does this dude know who Hitler is, or just that it's a bad word?

  4. Caudillo - (in Spanish-speaking regions) a military or political leader.

    Whee, racism (or two different types!) AND a baseless accusation of tyranny. Now that's efficency!

    (Of course, didn't we just have Allen West and several other asstags wanting a military coup? Or is calling it a Spanish word more SKEERY?)

  5. Actually, I think it's more "Except for not bearing any resemblance to what the Nazis did, it's EXACTLY like what the Nazis did."

  6. Shorter Damon Linker: "Immigrant amnesty was never central to a plot in 24, therefore it's bogus."

    (never mind that this isn't amnesty...)

  7. PersonaAuGratin4:24 PM

    Just wait 'til Generalissimo Cruz moves into the Casa Blanca.

  8. I read now that some Republican congressman is saying that not only will Obama be impeached over this, he's going to serve jail time, too. Nothing like being prepared to lay out your position in a calm and rational way.

  9. BTW, was Ted a Canadian citizen up until this summer?

  10. sharculese4:30 PM

    If you needed an answer to the question "Is 'The History Place' run by and for crazy people?" The answer is yes, it is run by and for crazy people.

  11. With the exceptions regarding Germany’s nationalism...they’re almost identical to the policies we’ve seen proposed and/or enacted by the Obama administration.

    If you leave out the thing that best defines Nazism, Obama is totally a Nazi.

  12. Bizarro Mike4:32 PM

    That Linker quote is a beauty. I remember the great terrorist "emergency." It was something less that civil war or invasion, or even total war. It was mostly a set of signals to get people to crap their pants. The actual terrorist threat wasn't taken that seriously by that administration. See also, Tora Bora, The Battle of.

    The worst part about this immigration affair is that it rubs my nose in the big missing middle of the talking points. If getting undocumented immigrants out of the country is the goal, an enforcement regime that fines or imprisons employers would probably work really well. I mean, it isn't like it is a secret where these folks are working. Of course, that won't do because the dual purpose of immigration hysteria is to have access to a compliant sub-minimum wage labor pool and to appease the mouth breathers.

  13. Keep in mind that some of the people in this group still believe that the fact that Hitler was a vegetarian was deeply significant. Hey, Hitler loved his dogs; ergo, all dog-lovers are Hitler.

  14. Gromet4:38 PM

    Well, sure! Break a secret law, go to jail! It's right there in the Constitution, right between the part that bans regulation of military-grade weaponry and the part that says we're not America anymore if we stop being Christian.

  15. swkellogg4:41 PM

    I was brought up to believe that libety and tranny can co-exist...

    and that's what makes Amrica great!

  16. Gromet4:41 PM

    You leave Mr. Signs alone. It is definitely Obama's fault that he is not employed. And is... a tranny? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  17. sharculese4:41 PM

    Damon Linker has discovered that he can whatever batshit insane nonsense he wants as long as he prefaces it by declaring he's the sane conservative.

    The pundit class we deserve, etc, etc

  18. It's not like he lied us into an illegal war or anything so minor as crimes against humanity as defined by several treaties we've signed. He's actually doing something as a Democratic president that Republicans don't like, which is the worst possible thing (except doing something Republicans don't like while also being Black).

  19. Libety or Tranny?

    Stuffing or Potatoes?

  20. sharculese4:42 PM

    Obama rolled doubles 3 times pass it on.

  21. No matter how you feel about Bush's actions, up until now, executive transgressions of the law have been made in the name of protecting the common good from a grave threat in a time of emergency.

    Maybe it's just me, but I'm reading Linker's case as argument that the Bush Administration flinging the Constitution out of the window in a blind panic is justified by the fact that Bush was panicked. I don't know, I guess I never would have thought to use incompetence under pressure as a defense. "Yes, when the fire alarm went off, I did grab several children and fling them through the door and windows, injuring several. One could argue that this was unwise, but such judgments can only be fairly rendered once the state of emergency has come to an end. And given the laws of physics in our universe, isn't fire a perpetual threat?"

  22. "Wheres The Jobs Obama, Liar"

    "Okay, sir. Please fill out this job application."
    "Don't tell me what to do! You're not the boss of me!"
    "Okay, then. Can you write you name in this space here?"
    "Sure, since you axed nice. How do you spell 'jon'?"

  23. +1 where at least i know i'm flee

  24. TGuerrant5:10 PM

    I still haven't been able to rid myself of the feeling that if Bush had been competent, things would have been worse.

  25. TGuerrant5:11 PM

    With the exceptions regarding Germany’s nationalism and disdain for immigrants....

    Yes, Obama's falling down on those points, but the GOP is not. Hooray.

  26. swkellogg5:27 PM

    No jail time.

    But he will be placed on double secret probation.

  27. Mr. Wonderful5:29 PM

    Pavlov, Orwell, Alinsky, Hitler, and Obama

    Yeah, whatevs. But they were better with Neil Young.

  28. Gruber . . . Schiklegruber

    Are you fucking kidding me!?!?!?! Are these people brain-damaged 12-year-olds? Do they think their readers are?

    The fact that their readers are not tossing bricks through the windows because their intelligence has not merely been insulted but assaulted, robbed, and left bounds and gagged in the desert tells me that, yes, maybe brain damage has something to do with it.

  29. davdoodles6:05 PM

    ""Pavlov, Orwell, Alinsky, Hitler, and Obama: A Synthesis of Evil""
    Love the inclusion of 'Pavlov'.
    Without a shred of insight, let alone irony.

  30. coozledad6:22 PM

    See Gonzalez, Alberto, and Addington, David, per Unitary Executive or don't, because all this stuff is just Republicans combing shit out of their teeth with their fingers.


    Was listening to the electric radio in the car on the trip home from the store just now and they had some Teabagger from Idaho on talking about Obama's illegality. The fun part was when he said that immigrants were coming here because the officials and law enforcement in their countries were interpreting law differently and they wanted the "rule of law" or some such... AND YOU GODDAMN WELL KNOW this guy is one of those who supports "state's rights" allowing sheriffs and officials to pick and choose which gun laws they'll enforce (Idaho, y'know). What a fucking hypocrite lying shitwad.

  32. davdoodles6:25 PM

    And, um, the "nationalism and disdain for immigrants" were kind of the Nazi's biggies...

  33. We should put it in a museum exhibit as a wonderful example of a closed ecosystem.

    Behind glass, preferably.

    Very thick glass.

  34. And I won't forget the Constitution that died that gave that right to me

  35. davdoodles6:34 PM

    Indeed, some would say that Obama is even more identical to Hitler than Hitler himself was.

  36. And I'm just like Vladimir Horowitz, the difference merely that
    I've never played for a paying audience.

  37. davdoodles6:46 PM

    Thir motto is "Proudly Dooming Ourselves to Repeat History, Since 19...Um..."
    And they're needed now more than ever. What, with ObamaHitler in the White House, it's like Paul Revere riding a dinousaur across the Potomac because Alinsky never really happened...

  38. mrstilton6:51 PM

    'Rich Lowry at Politico: "Barack Obama, American Caudillo"'

    Now I'm confused. Given Lowry's National Review connection, wouldn't "American Caudillo" have to be a term of the highest praise? Before the real Caudillo, Generalissimo Francisco Franco, was still dead, NR couldn't get their collective tongues far enough up the fat wee vicious traitor's arsehole.

  39. I dunno, let me check with my local Teabag commissar to see what the Party line is, compadre.

    It's really a shame these assholes don't read Orwell. He'd have a few things to say on matters such as these.

  40. redoubtagain7:04 PM

    Hitler had his Enabling Act. Obama has his Executive Amnesty.

    We've already had the Enabling Act. (I wonder where that came from.)

    Interesting how they just "won" a second-term midterm election, and now are complaining because the people they bent over backwards to make into enemies won't just drop dead on command. (Plebiscite =/= coup.)

  41. tigrismus7:09 PM

    Except most reefs have at least some brain coral.

  42. ken_lov7:14 PM

    They're playing with fire. If Obama is really being such a badass, Congress has an obvious duty to impeach him. No pussy-footing around with procedural BS in Congress, their duty to the constitution and the American people is clear. Impeach, or at least give it their best shot and let the Democrats stand exposed as the party that protects criminals in the White House.

    And if they don't do it ... they're either self-evident cowards without any sense of duty or unprincipled opportunists. That's what their base will think, and they'll be correct.

    It's pretty much an unanswerable argument IMHO and it's fascinating to read how many Republicans are already nervously trying to stop anyone making it.

  43. Nationalism and Disdain for Immigrants are obviously the good things about the Nazis, according to these guys, eh?

    I'm guessing that, just as with the American Civil War, teabaggers and the lot are beginning to think the wrong side won WWII.

  44. tigrismus7:18 PM

    He never even gets called back for those proof reader positions he applies for. OBAMA!

  45. ken_lov7:18 PM

    "a system tethering the executive to the law"

    That would be what the Anglo part calls "parliamentary accountability" - something the US shunned in favour of an independent executive that would predictably see Congress as an unfriendly institution and vice versa. Good move, Founding Fathers!

  46. I seem to recall Pat Buchanan saying at one point that we were on the wrong side. He also had a big stiffy for Franco as well.

  47. Magatha7:31 PM

    I cud join you if it wouldn't make you mad.

  48. RNegron7:33 PM

    Two very nice drag names. I have to keep them in mind.

  49. RNegron7:36 PM

    I never thought of that. terrifying once you contemplate it.

  50. Magatha7:38 PM

    Oh, well, the piano. If I had ever learnt, I should have been a great proficient.

  51. smut clyde7:42 PM

    So it's Spanish for Commander-in-Chief?

  52. FrenchFriar7:44 PM

    I'll see your commas and raise you an apostrophe. Can I buy a "?", Pat?

  53. coozledad7:47 PM

    I seem to recall reading that a lot of our contingency planners at DOD had us invading Canada and bombing the British navy, but that was before before the IJN jumped the gun and fucked up MacArthur's Hitler's plans.

  54. *whisper* - try "" in place of ""

  55. coozledad7:48 PM


  56. Hoof it out of here, you two.

  57. "Thank you for calling Manufactured Outrage. How can I help you?"

    "Well, I've got something. I hope it's not too benign and trivial."

    "Not to worry, sir. Let me email you our promotional package. You'll see we can make a five-alarm scandal out of the merest trifle."

  58. gocart mozart7:52 PM

    Shorter nutbar: "If Hitler didn't hate illegals as much as me, he would have totally supported Obama's amnesty executive order."

  59. Magatha7:53 PM

    Cain't hep it. Methane runnin all around my brain.