Thursday, October 30, 2014


While people argue about the absence of honkies from that catcalling video, let us not forget that some people (hint: wingnuts) are less likely to worry about that than about how feminazis ruin everything.  At Patheos, "John Gabriel, Ed.":
Apologies to the video editor, but “how you doing today,” “how are you this morning,” and “have a nice evening” hardly count as harassment. If they do, I’m violated by polite tourists, panhandlers, and assertive shopkeepers every time I stroll along a busy city street.
If, when he reciprocated these greetings, they were reliably followed by "I wanna suck your sweet pussy" or similar sentiments, he might feel differently. Oh, and get this:
For better or worse, I’ve never followed fashion. Not only have I never catcalled, I still open doors for women, surrender my seat on public transport, and ensure that I treat them with an extra measure of kindness. I was notified by several liberal men on Twitter that this is A Bad Thing.
Sure you were, buddy.

Found via Ole Perfesser Instapundit, who amplifies with some of his traditional cracker-barrel wisdom:
And let’s be honest. What makes these catcalls offensive isn’t that they come from men. It’s that they come from low-status men. Like an unconsented kiss from President Obama, if the catcalls came from George Clooney there’d be much less female outrage.
You all know I enjoy extrapolating from the text, but I'm not even gonna try and visualize the fantasy life from which this kind of thing emerges. Don't these guys have mothers?

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UPDATE. In comments, D Johnston:
That line ["And let’s be honest. What makes these catcalls offensive isn’t that they come from men. It’s that they come from low-status men"] is straight out of the MRA playbook ('You wouldn't think it was creepy if I were rich and attractive')... It's yet another example of how the right blogosphere is beginning to absorb the Men's Rights blogosphere. Or maybe the MRA blogs are more like some horrifying gamete, bringing the right blogosphere into a new stage of being?
I've noticed the coalescence of the Men's Rights and conservative movements, too; it gets more obvious during events like the Santa Barbara massacre and Gamergate, but it's always there (and of course in the works of the Perfesser) like a stalker. You just have to challenge them a little tiny bit and it comes busting out.

UPDATE 2. I swear commenter ALPHA.MALE is not a sockpuppet I made to give you guys something to play with.


  1. susanoftexas11:11 AM

    I think we can assume they don't have daughters.

    Remember when Mark Steyn fantasized being seduced by Obama? That wasn't weird at all. The page has vanished but I have a quote preserved for posterity.

    "“Oh, yes, yes, yessssssss, we can!” I whimpered, as his smoldering eyes bored deep into the very core of my being and our souls met and I knew he was the only man who would ever win my heart, a heart beating so fast and loud I could barely hear what he was saying—something about executive orders, I think. “Oh, yes, give me one right now!” I cried, as my palpitating bosom burst the ties of my bodice causing my leg to vibrate so much my bustle fell off.

    “Aye, you’re a comely lass,” said Squire Barack, as my tresses tumbled over my stays and his riding crop fluttered teasingly up my thigh. “But I don’t need to go a-wenchin’ in the White House Press Room.”

    “No, please, good sir,” I begged, as he glided past me and gave a saucy wink to the chamber maid from the Washington Post."

  2. I can't wait to hear about the current skreegasms will turn out to be about ethics in gaming journalism.

  3. j_bird11:17 AM

    I still open doors for women, surrender my seat on public transport, and
    ensure that I treat them with an extra measure of kindness. I was
    notified by several liberal men on Twitter that this is A Bad Thing.

    I'd chance a wager that these "liberal men" were found on an MRA site complaining about how, when they jumped up from their bus seat, grandly doffing their fedoras and shouting "Take a seat, milady!", they were not rewarded with blowjobs.

  4. And let’s be honest. What makes these catcalls offensive isn’t that they come from men. It’s that they come from low-status men

    That line's straight out of the MRA playbook ("You wouldn't think it was creepy if I were rich and attractive"), which the Perfesser probably got from the DMOP. It's yet another example of how the right blogosphere is beginning to absorb the Men's Rights blogosphere. Or maybe the MRA blogs are more like some horrifying gamete, bringing the right blogosphere into a new stage of being? Pity the offspring - pity the rest of us more for having to see it.

    But yes, let's get back into that discussion about how yelling coarse things at anonymous women on the street is just something that men naturally do, and the fact that I've never done it my friends have never done it, and men in my community don't do it means we're all abnormal.

  5. Perhaps it's those well-known liberals in the community of Men Going Their Own Way. "How dare you waste a courteous gesture on such a creature! Take the red pill and come with us - we'll play with model trains and complain about girls in high school who wouldn't date us."

  6. Helmut Monotreme11:23 AM

    For better or worse, I’ve never followed fashion. Not only have I never
    catcalled, I still open doors for women, surrender my seat on public
    transport, and ensure that I treat them with an extra measure of
    kindness. I was notified by several liberal men on Twitter that this is A
    Bad Thing.
    So, congratulations on doing the bare minimum?

  7. Derelict11:29 AM

    How can any man with even a smidgeon of self respect--or even the most tenuous connection to a woman (like, don't you have a mom, or a sister, or even a friend who has a mom?)--type even one word in defense of catcalling? The mind, it boggles!

  8. And let’s be honest.Oh, come on, Glenn. Why start now?

    What makes these catcalls offensive isn’t that they come from men.Well, they could be offensive coming from lesbians, too, but for some reason they seem somewhat less likely to be misogynist shits.

    It’s that they come from low-status men.You can tell from their skin color the way they're dressed their credit reports.

    Like an unconsented kiss from President ObamaActually, if I or my spouse had not consented, I would be uncomfortable, and I suspect President Obama wouldn't react like a Gamergater if this were pointed out to him. That doesn't mean I fear that he might escalate the situation. Ditto George Clooney, whom I haven't noticed doing a lot of catcalling lately regardless.

    Anyway, Glenn, now that you're done pointing out how there's no "there" there in this video, and explaining the hypocritical vagaries of the feminist mind, don't you have a bunch of rape and murder threats against women to resume enthusiastically defending?

  9. Please for the love of God please say you're making this up.

    I think we can assume they don't have daughters.

    Not really. I would assume they don't give a shit about women, but might maintain some patriarchal sense of ownership in their wimmin that means no men can talk to them with out their owner's permission. Also, their daughters are properly brought up and would never bring such uncouth attention ... fappity fap.

  10. whetstone11:32 AM

    I've tried to envision a world in which dudes catcalled dudes the way they catcall women--you know, just appreciating each other's attractiveness, giving each other self-esteem boosts.

    I'm guessing that there would just be an infinite number of fistfights.

  11. Derelict11:33 AM

    Well, their daughters have pledged their virginity to their fathers. And there's nothing creepy about that at all. No sir!

  12. susanoftexas11:33 AM

    I keep forgetting we're property. Maybe that's why some men work so hard to never let us forget it.
    That really is Mark Steyn. He was mocking what he called Obama worship.

  13. Hey, now, "ensure that I treat them with an extra measure of kindness" goes way over the minimum into full-blown sexist condescension.

  14. susanoftexas11:35 AM

    I wonder what they would say if men catcalled them?
    Actually, I don't.

  15. Derelict11:35 AM

    Even in Provincetown at the height of the season, I've never heard one dude catcall another (with the notable exception of the drag queens walking Commerce Street handing out postcards to promote their shows--and even then, it's pretty rare and usually comes from a personal friend of the performer).

  16. And yet you will no doubt be shocked to learn that the actress in the video (but not the male producer) has been swamped by threats by various insecure shrimp dicks.

  17. j_bird11:39 AM

    Wait, you AND your spouse got kissed by Obama?

  18. Derelict11:41 AM

    I read that this morning and couldn't believe that anyone would do that. Really, what better way to refute the video's point that some men are insensitive and oversexed clods than to go out of your way to be an insensitive, oversexed, and aggressive clod?

  19. Well, yeah. It's Connecticut.

  20. tigrismus11:55 AM

    It’s that they come from low-status men. Like an unconsented kiss from President Obama

    Low-status men like the President of the United States?

    Anyway, bullshit. If George Clooney tried to kiss most women sans consent he'd get the same crotch-full of foot as any other guy. People don't want what they don't want.

  21. DN Nation11:58 AM

    Ye Olde Perfesser is really, really, really creepy.

  22. ColBatGuano12:05 PM

    I wonder what they would say if gay men catcalled them?

    This is what I was thinking as well. I can just see the homophobic panic in these clowns now. Reynolds would be writing columns for a week on it.

  23. David Sagneri12:13 PM

    I have been; it's very rare and doesn't bother me because it's very rare if it was regular it would absolutely become a problem. Most of these guys though would absolutely flip out.

  24. KatWillow12:14 PM

    My winger brother sent me an email about the potential horrors of "regular" guys in high school or college forced to shower with .... the gays! Really rabid, there was spittle and foam on the EMAIL. Does he really think... oh never mind.

  25. David Sagneri12:15 PM

    What in the name of all that is holy all that is unholy and everything else was that?

  26. KatWillow12:18 PM

    I'm trying to imagine a bunch of rich white guys catcalling at me- yes, its easy to do! Because it happens all the time.

  27. susanoftexas12:23 PM

    Act II of his musical comedy Obama!?

  28. susanoftexas12:24 PM

    There's only one way to find out. George Clooney must kiss all women at once.

  29. Yes, just like the best way to refute the existence of sexism in the video game industry is to insult, dox and threaten women who dare to mention sexism in the video game industry. (And women who laugh at the game weenies who act this way. And any woman who happens to be in the vicinity. And their own shadows...)

    I guess they think that if they yell loud enough we'll all don corsets and set about making them delicious sammiches. Just like screaming about Obama, reviving poll taxes and stomping on protestors will trigger a voluntary return to the back of the bus or even the cotton fields.

  30. tigrismus12:25 PM

    Their response would put the lie to the whole "you should be flattered" crap, that's for damn sure.

  31. Holy shit, you DIDN'T make that up.

  32. susanoftexas12:27 PM

    Then we could tell the outraged men that they asked for it, they should have found a way to laugh it off, they are being too sensitive, they are acting like victims, ect....

  33. susanoftexas12:27 PM

    I did, thank god.

  34. tigrismus12:29 PM

    So, I guess that's one on the "consents" list...

  35. Why do I have a feeling if the Jonathan Schmitz trial was occurring right now instead of the '90s these exact same guys would be insinuating that "Scott Amedure kinda had it coming, amirite?"?

    The Ole Perfesser *did* excuse Matthew Shepard's killers, afterall.

  36. Derelict12:30 PM

    I suspect that for an awful lot of these guys, they'd discover that the closet they've been hiding in all their lives isn't nearly as deep and protective as they thought. I wonder what the crossover is between guys who catcall and guys who play grab-ass with their co-workers? How much hypermasculinity is being used as a cover for unacknowledged latency?

  37. susanoftexas12:31 PM

    It's for science.

  38. Derelict12:32 PM

    I assume you mean kiss all women immediately, because kissing all women at once would require George to get collagen injections to make his lips the size of small planetoids.

  39. susanoftexas12:34 PM

    We might need a grant. This is starting to get complicated.

  40. Derelict12:44 PM

    I think we could probably do it with statistical analysis. We just need a sample population that's large enough, and has a random distribution across cultures, ages, and demographics. I'll wait until one of my doctoral candidates hands in a proposal and we can go from there.

  41. Jay B.12:49 PM

    I was notified by several liberal men on Twitter that this is A Bad Thing.

    Who possibly believes this? How does that even work?

    LiberalGuy12 "Stop holding doors, neanderthal.#feminismrulez"

    Bring back the dinner parties you fucking morons. At least the stories are better.

  42. LookWhosInTheFreezer12:49 PM

    Are we talking low class gay men, or high class Neil Patrick Harris types? Cause I'm sure none of these guys would take it as anything as a compliment if the latter. No sir, not a homophobic slur uttered under their breath, not a single fist balled. The catcalls would be welcomed as liberatorscompliments!

  43. Adrian12:52 PM

    It happened at the Applebee's salad bar.

  44. LookWhosInTheFreezer12:53 PM

    I know several women who work in Hollywood who have been harassed by rich, powerful, good looking, sometimes even famous men. I guess the only logical conclusion is that the wimminz be lying and they secretly loved the unwelcome advances. I mean, Ocam's Razor and all, that's the simplest explanation, right?

  45. susanoftexas12:53 PM

    If it is a high-class guy, wasn't the "victim" just trying to get attention from a rich guy? Maybe he complains because he wants to get rich quick by suing.

  46. susanoftexas12:55 PM

    All joking aside, it's just as bad.

  47. LookWhosInTheFreezer12:56 PM

    Possibly worse. Telling off somebody on the street has obvious risks but it won't typically jeopardize your job/career.

  48. susanoftexas12:57 PM

    And there's always the possibility that some guy with too little boundaries actually has none and will get violent like that Canadian jackass.

  49. Donalbain12:57 PM

    When someone says that they don't like you doing something to them, how much of a cockwomble do you have to be that your first reaction ISN'T "Oh, I sorry, I won't do it again" but instead try to explain how it it's a good thing to do? If I offer someone a cheese sandwich, and they tell me that cheese sandwiches smell nasty to them, I don't feel the need to write hundreds of words on how cheese sandwiches are the best kind of sandwich, and that people should be grateful to offered delicious cheese sandwiches. I just don't offer them a cheese sandwich anymore. And if hundreds of people tell me that cheese sandwiches are stinky, I stop offering them at all.

    I am pretty sure I started with a point...

  50. is it last call soon? internet men need to go home now.

  51. this is not a real thing.

    say this is not a real thing.

  52. The sad part is that for any project like this, the ensuing threats and vulgar attacks are implied. A woman did a project addressing sexism; therefore, other people sent her threats. Hell of a state of affairs.

  53. The fourth or fifth comment down in the online discussion I was reading was precisely this kind of "you twats love it when a hunky guy in an expensive car drives up and propositions you." There was also the comment by "Petr Kropotkin" (sic) that he would be thrilled to pieces if random women wanted to offer to suck his dick or let him fuck them up the ass and he, for one, thinks more women should do so daily and stop being so prudish.

  54. You know what's weird? I've actually heard MRA types complain when women hit on them. It's more common than you might think - one of these guys (who's never as homely and poor as he seems to think) attracts the attention of a lady in a bar and immediately takes to the internet to complain.
    The reasons why it pisses these guys off varies. Sometimes they feel that the woman was unacceptable in some way (too old, wrong body type, wrong race, etc). Sometimes they decide that sexually assertive women are all sluts and that disgusts them. Sometimes they can't even explain why they don't like it - they just find it off-putting in general.
    And yet none of them can make that last leap that if I don't like this, maybe they don't like it either.

  55. I've noticed the coalescence of the Men's Rights and conservative movements

    Perhaps I'm being unsophisticated, but I see these as different pseudopods of the same dysentery amoeba.

    Or to put it another way, I assume the MRA/neo-con Venn diagram is almost a perfect circle.

  56. They don't think they are refuting anything. They are straight up policing--policing her speech, and her right to use public space and write about it. These guys are the enforcers and their job is to swarm women who make "private" male issues public and who attempt to use publicity to prevent men--any men, even men who the enforcer otherwise doesn't support like "thugs" say or "illegals" or "islamic terrorists"--from behaving any way they want towards women in the public sphere. This is why you can get a stone racist guy from stormfront issuing death threats towards a woman for breaking the omerta about catcalling at the same time that he decries the behavior of black "thugs" and illegal aliens for "turning America into a third world country." This was, in fact, one of the comments about the death and rape threats made to the video woman.

  57. I think your point is women should not accept sammiches, they should make them.

    And no, I will not apologize for my continued delight with the word sammich.

  58. They think everything is a scene from Pretty Woman and every woman is a prostitute looking for a rich john.

  59. AngryWarthogBreath1:23 PM

    As well you shouldn't; I have no intention of apologising for my own delight with the word "cockwomble".

  60. Just send him back a quick note.

    Solution: Advise your sons to stop bathing.

  61. I'm as much of a Clooney fan as the next gal but honestly--one kiss from a famous guy is not all that thrilling, is it? Especially one who is married? What are the circs of these kisses which transcend reality, anyway? I can imagine getting a hug and a cheek kiss from Clooney at a fundraiser but it probably wouldn't curl my toes any.

  62. True, but they don't say "Lo, I am going to police you now, because I have a dick and you're just a lowly woman," because they understand (barely) that isn't acceptable. So you had these people claiming that it was their concern for ethics that drove them to launch these vile attacks. They weren't trying to control her, they were trying to push back against her lies and defend themselves. Or journalism. Or video games.

  63. Cockwomble is good. It is even necessary.

  64. Your biological metaphor needs to include something like auto-phagy and auto-sex. These pseudopods seem to be furiously giving each other a reacharound and a blow job simultaneously.

  65. Assuming this is true and they are in fact being hit on (and not asked to pass the bowl of peanuts or for a light or looked at for .000003 seconds) I would guess their sense of outrage comes from the fact that they're all a bunch of evolutionary psych creeps who say it is against the natural order of things for a woman to pursue a man.

  66. *grits teeth*

    (just keep telling yourself, think of all the great history books baby rick perlstein will get out of this...just keep telling yourself, think of all the great history books baby rick perlstein will get out of this...just keep telling yourself...)

  67. OMFG, I love yo evenn tho you made me laugh a cup of water all over.

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! [dies]

  68. Derelict1:38 PM

    And if she rejects his advances, it's because she's a lesbian she-bitch.

  69. mgmonklewis1:40 PM

    The Liberal Twitter episode happened right after he schooled some libs at a dinner party. With his Canadian girlfriend.

  70. Derelict1:41 PM

    How cilia you! You mitosis Shakes a new keyboard.

  71. Derelict1:43 PM

    One must wonder how he knows his Twitter twatters were liberal men. Is there some hidden hashtag signifying this? Or did they simply waste 28 of the available 140 characters to type "I'm a liberal man, and I must say"?

  72. Mr. Wonderful1:44 PM

    "And let's be honest" = "Don't bother patting me on the back for expressing an unsupportable prejudice disingenuously disguised as a courageous example of truth-telling, because I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself."

    Preferred response: "Why start now?"

  73. Cato the Censor1:45 PM

    No more than a lot of law school professors. Believe it or not, law school is even worse than the U.S. Army for meeting crazy, damaged people. True fact, learned from bitter experience.

  74. Mr. Wonderful1:46 PM

    If this isn't what Kickstarter was created for, what is?

  75. Next election cycle we should approach Clooney with a "kiss for money" proposition and see if he'll go for it.

  76. I have a feeling that pyschiatrist school is just as bad.

  77. That's actually the one group that does this shit where I live - rich, entitled frat rat wannabes, cruising the downtown strip at 5:00 Friday evening and drunkenly yelling things out of their ridiculous $90,000 SUVs. These guys are conventionally handsome and are obviously from well-off families, and yet their antics don't seem to draw a lot of winsome giggles from the ladies on the sidewalk. Go figure.

  78. Lesbian She Bitch is the name of my company.

  79. My dad once told me that law professors are people who were too crazy to get into a law firm. Yes, it's horrible, but it also explains so much.

  80. Donalbain1:57 PM

    To secure investment in companies without the need to share in the profits. Sorry, I know it is a tangent, but I fucking hate kickstarter.

  81. tigrismus2:08 PM

    The closest ONE I saw was: ACME Sales Rep.
    18h18 hours ago
    @rvail136 HAHAHAAHAHA no. It[Feminism] has far less to do with “misandry” than what you call chivalry has to do with misogyny. @exjon

    Not what Gabriel claimed by a long shot, but who's surprised by that?

  82. Is there some hidden hashtag signifying this?#Scarecrow

  83. GeniusLemur2:33 PM

    "if the catcalls came from George Clooney there’d be much less female outrage."
    And what source did he consult to find this out? His own ass, of course. Same source right-wingers always consult: it tells them what they want to hear.

  84. DN Nation2:37 PM


  85. I can imagine getting a hug and a cheek kiss from Clooney at a fundraiser*SWOON* A fundraiser.

  86. Derelict2:38 PM

    Is it a closely held company?

  87. I am pretty sure I started with a point...It's about the ethics in the delicatessen industry. #NotAllCheeseSandwiches

  88. susanoftexas2:43 PM

    I don't really fantasize about famous people; I've seen two or three and had no desire to talk to them, let alone cuddle.
    Time is the main thing I fantasize about. Time to read and write, time without interruption, time to sleep.

  89. susanoftexas2:53 PM

    Why, it's almost as if all they want to do is complain and criticize and feel aggrieved.

  90. Gromet2:53 PM

    It could just be panic -- she hit on him but he couldn't produce the clever James Bond banter that in his head he is capable of, so she gave up and walked away. Now he's posting about the experience in a spirit of anger, and is built in such a way that the anger always goes outward. The throughline with conservatives in general seems to be "Admit to no flaw; accuse the Other."

  91. Gromet2:55 PM


  92. susanoftexas2:57 PM

    There should be a historical association for finding and researching early American colonial gays. We could call it gayDAR.

  93. Brother Yam2:59 PM

    Perhaps you mean a Rusty Trombone?

  94. ALPHA.MALE3:01 PM

    I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don’t know how to cook or clean, don’t want to have children, etc. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women?

    American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least.

    This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.


  95. Well, East coast girls are hip; I really dig those styles they wear

    And the Southern girls with the way they talk; they knock me out when I'm down there...

  96. susanoftexas3:07 PM

    American womanhood sighs with relief.

  97. tigrismus3:08 PM

    Why waste your essence on ANY woman?

  98. susanoftexas3:09 PM

    How do American women get you fat? Are they taught to prop open your mouth and shoot Cheetos down it?

  99. susanoftexas3:09 PM

    Do ANY of them deserve that hunkahunka Alpha male?

  100. gocart mozart3:13 PM

    American woman, said get away

    American woman, listen what I say

    Don't come a-hangin' around my door

    Don't wanna see your face no more

    I don't need your war machines

    I don't need your ghetto scenes

  101. I wonder if they notice the lack of those winsome giggles?

    I suspect that if they want to believe that women are reacting that way, they do.

  102. redoubtagain3:16 PM

    "That was Mark Steyn, of the Starburst Party, ladies and gentlemen. . ."

  103. Gromet3:19 PM

    Anecdotally... When I was 15, there was a girl in my high school who spent a few days pursuing me. In the hall between classes she'd appear behind me, saying "How big are you?" On a couple of occasions she goosed me. She was about four inches taller and very rough around the edges. At that age, I was not equipped to reply in any way. I tried to ignore her so she would go away -- that was the best I could muster. After a week, she lost interest. But I still remember that week clearly. Maybe it gave me empathy?

    Also Anecdotally... I worked in a largely African-American office for a year and one day early on a girl came in dressed sharp and one of the guys said, "Oh damn, look at you! Turn around, let me see all of that! Whoo, that booty!" She was giggling and turning around and I thought, well, wow, that is a pretty big cultural difference from how that woulda gone down in a mostly white office.

    Anecdotally #3... A girlfriend told me she learned very early on not to say anything to any guy who even just says "Hi" on the street, even though it feels antisocial sometimes, because a guy on the street who gets a "Hi" back doesn't hear "Hi." He hears "Hi! There's a very real chance I will fuck you today! You should drop everything and follow me for three blocks to try and get that sealed!"

  104. I have to admit that's a better tune.

    I mean, as long as we're singing songs that generalize about women, there may as well be a good rockin' guitar riff behind it all...

    I seem to remember there's an AC/DC lyric about a woman who knocked the singer out with her "American thighs." I always wondered if she was a wrestler or something.

  105. Gromet3:21 PM

    They exercise their Second Amendment rights with a Cheetos gun.

  106. susanoftexas3:27 PM

    Now I want a Cheetos gun. American women are also violent.

  107. It just isn't polite to call out to strange women on the street. Guys ought to have better manners than that.

    These Men's Rights Activists need to realize that acting like an ass isn't a "right."

  108. RogerAiles3:30 PM

    If you cut your hand off, you might be able to get a foreign (non-American) hand transplanted onto your arm.

    But I suspect the foreign (non-American) hand will reject you as immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste, to say the least.

  109. susanoftexas3:31 PM

    Let's go straight to the source: a woman.

    Some boys take a beautiful girl
    And hide her away from the rest of the world
    I want to be the one to walk in the sun
    Oh girls they want to have fun
    Oh girls just want to have [fun]

  110. gocart mozart3:34 PM

    She was a fast machine she kept her motor clean

    She was the best damn woman that I ever seen

    She had the sightless eyes telling me no lies

    Knocking me out with those American thighs

  111. tigrismus3:36 PM

    Hmm, so an OCD blind robot wrestler.

  112. redoubtagain3:38 PM

    Be sure to set to full auto (AKA the "Jonah").

  113. smut clyde3:45 PM

    What makes these catcalls offensive isn’t that they come from men. It’s that they come from low-status men. Like an unconsented kiss from President Obama, if the catcalls came from George Clooney there’d be much less female outrage.

    That is sad and hilarious, like a five-vehicle pile-up of clown cars. Such is the Ole Perfesser's devotion to male solidarity, he can't bring himself to take the obvious route of rejecting the generality of the street harassment video ("It's only an identifiable racial minority who treat an ambulatory as communal property").

    Instead he states that "All men are like that"... but the good-looking, wealthy-looking, classy ones get away with it because women are all such status whores, amirite?

  114. That's got to be what he's singing about.

  115. Another Kiwi3:47 PM

    Someone HAS to bring up the cooties issue!

  116. susanoftexas3:47 PM

    The stun setting is nick-named "the faaart."

  117. Another Kiwi3:49 PM

    I think I'd settle for the Fuck Off And Die option.

  118. smut clyde3:51 PM

    Whoops, "who treat an ambulatory woman as communal property".

  119. sigyn3:53 PM

    True, when I first heard about that video, I wondered, "How long will it take for...oh."

  120. smut clyde3:55 PM

    I have decided to boycott American women.

    Oh noes! American Alpha males are coming to steal our non-American women! Seal the borders!!

  121. glennisw4:00 PM

    Excluding the really sexual remarks, there's a simple way to determine whether it's a catcall or just treating someone with "an extra measure of kindness." If they say it while meeting you face to face and meet your eyes, it's kindness. If it's addressed to your ass, I don't care how nicely it's worded, it's a catcall.
    I was a young woman in NYC during the very grim '70s. I had this happen to me a lot, and because I was also a little messed up back then, I had no compunction about hurling back a "F*ck off, a**hole!" from time to time, and it felt pretty damn good, and worked almost every time.
    My favorite cat-call of all time, though, happened when I had cut my hair extremely punk, shorter than a 1/2 inch all over my head. I was walking down 8th Avenue in a tube top and jeans, and some guy yells across the street: "Ay! Joan of Arc!" (New York accent "AwwwK!"). I turned around and fell out laughing.

  122. glennisw4:01 PM

    Was it a liberal professor?

  123. susanoftexas4:01 PM

    This whole thing has me confused. Is he depending on the sheer number of Asian women to find a wife? Because love and marriage don't work that way.

    An "immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste" man, to quote Mr. Ailes, could easily be rejected by 3.5 billion women globally.

  124. glennisw4:02 PM

    Can I be on the test panel?

  125. susanoftexas4:03 PM

    We would need to recuse due to the conflict of interest.

  126. glennisw4:04 PM

    I never had much of a thing for him, but I was surprised that, when I met Warren Beatty at a charity event, he was to speak with. Perhaps it was because he actually looked at me as if I were a real person and asked me a question, albeit trivial, that he listened to my answer. Treating someone like a human being goes a long way in the "attractiveness" department.

  127. dmsilev4:04 PM

    Once you marry one, doesn't she sort of become an American woman? Legally, anyway? Then you'll have to boycott (divorce, I guess) and start over.

    Sounds kind of tedious.

  128. susanoftexas4:05 PM

    There's always a catch.

  129. Can I just say that the entire MRA/PUA/Catcallers-all-too-not-anonymous thing is based on such a weird view of human existence? Lusting after strangers, fantasizing about sex with strangers who I have only seen walking down the street or on a tv or movie screen occupies, and has always occupied, 0 percent of my day. And the concurrent fantasy that some person who walks down the street and catches my eye with their beauty is actually just waiting for a chance for me to signal to them my availability? Has never happened.

  130. smut clyde4:07 PM

    It's the best there is

  131. Jaime Oria4:07 PM

    That song rocks equally effectively as
    Republican woman, said get away
    Republican woman, listen what I say...

    etc etc

  132. smut clyde4:07 PM

  133. glennisw4:08 PM

    He certainly seemed to put a lot of thought into it....

  134. smut clyde4:09 PM

    When did this advice become necessary?

  135. Imagine I'm the guy from Get Smart.


  136. Not googling that. You can't make me.

  137. susanoftexas4:11 PM

    Never ever?
    No Mr. Darcy tete a tete?
    No punting with Lord Peter Whimsey?
    No long weekend in the Tardis?
    Ah, what you have missed. ;)

  138. glennisw4:12 PM

    Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out
    They leave the West behind
    And Moscow girls make me sing and shout
    That Georgia's always on m-m-my mind

  139. smut clyde4:13 PM

    Umm, all those images of paramecium conjugation, they're just for research.

  140. glennisw4:13 PM

    Please proceed.

  141. glennisw4:14 PM

    Yes, how does he know that Asian women haven't decided to boycott him?

  142. I still remember walking home as a young teenager--maybe 14? I'd been given this adorable hat from mongolia that had a little ribbon running around it. From a distance it must have blended with my hair and looked like I was just wearing a headband. I was happilly walking down the street and a guy pulled up in a truck and shouted out the window "Hey, Pocahontas! Suck My Dick!" It was so shocking, so surprising, so out of place--it completely transformed my experience of myself, of the street, of the day. Its 40 years later and I'm a whole shitload tougher but I still remember that moment and how crushed I felt.

  143. This biology textbook? I just read it for the articles.

  144. susanoftexas4:17 PM

    I'm not sure he's thought this whole thing through.

  145. Apparently he needs to keep them out of bathrooms for the entirety of highschool and college. The easiest thing to do is to have them stop bathing entirely. Problem solved.

  146. ALPHA.MALE4:17 PM

    what's so hard about not being fat? maybe try jogging for 30 minutes a day?

  147. Well--I certainly had a crush on Lord Peter Wimsey when I was younger but he was fictional.

  148. susanoftexas4:18 PM

    To me, so is George Clooney.

  149. glennisw4:18 PM

    That's awful. When I was that age, I still looked like a skinny boy. I didn't get catcalled until I was older and meaner.

  150. Or, as we used to say before please proceed, don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

  151. No long weekend in the Tardis?Depends. Which Doctor are we talking about?

  152. ALPHA.MALE4:25 PM

    Well either way, any man dumb enough to marry an American woman gets no pity or sympathy from me.

  153. "Whoo, that booty!"he exclaimed, as her boot hurtled towards his face.

  154. Because enticing a desperately poor Asian woman to the US and expecting her to behave like a submissive mouse instead of addressing your own romantic shortcomings is exactly what a real rugged manly man would do.

  155. smut clyde4:37 PM

  156. Another Kiwi4:38 PM

    A Marxist liberal professor!

  157. Another Kiwi4:39 PM

    Golly that's Steyn punching himself in the face to an inordinate degree.

  158. Derelict4:45 PM

    I think he should imagine for a moment being on the receiving end of someone wanting to fuck HIM up the ass, or asking HIM to suck someone's dick. And having both of those invitations coming from someone who could obviously overpower him.

    I think that, somehow, he wouldn't be thrilled to pieces. More like thrilled to feces in his pants.

  159. Another Kiwi5:00 PM

    I think this guy deserves Judith Collins. Just sayin'

  160. Derelict5:00 PM


    This is something that far too many men--and especially those of Glenn Reynolds' ilk--simply do not understand and will never grasp. Catcalling isn't complimenting, it isn't flattery: It's threatening and hurtful.

  161. Gromet5:02 PM

    Pertwee was the Bill Clinton of the TARDIS.

  162. Brian Schlosser5:03 PM

    Frequently, I contemplate the glory of the humble cockwomble sammich

  163. Brian Schlosser5:04 PM

    But you repeat yourself...

  164. gocart mozart5:04 PM

    Glenn Reynolds' favorite song?

  165. sharculese5:05 PM

    For someone who claims to be an 'alpha male' you seem to spend a lot of time throwing tantrums about what an impotent victim you are.

    You get that's the literal opposite of an 'alpha,' right. You're more of a failure boy.

  166. Brian Schlosser5:07 PM

    All of them, in one of those periodic Specials.

  167. Brian Schlosser5:13 PM

    BHO only kisses dudes on the down low, or so I have heard...

  168. susanoftexas5:17 PM

    So you have no pity for yourself, yet you have a list of your grievances at hand and spread them not only on your blog but also hither and yon. You also say you are going to take your balls and go home with a foreign bride, which is rather self-pitying as well.
    You, sir, are a contradiction in terms.

  169. Another Kiwi5:18 PM

    A long time ago I worked on a wine bottling line with some guys who were contractors, so only were there for one day. One of them, a perfectly nice and helpful chap, told a story about going to Sydney and accidentally ending up in a gay bar. He was disgusted about how guys kept coming on to him. "All the time", he said, "I had to leave after 20 minutes or so." In one of my rare "saying the right thing" moments I said "Now you know how women feel every single time they go to a pub" The ladies on the bottling line all nodded, he said nothing. he didn't see it "Just paying him a compliment".

  170. Brian Schlosser5:22 PM

    What about a Rusty Venture?

  171. mgmonklewis5:27 PM

  172. satch5:29 PM

    " he glided past me and gave a saucy wink to the chamber maid from the Washington Post."

    Ruth Marcus?

  173. susanoftexas5:30 PM

    I'm wondering how Steyn fit into the corset.

  174. satch5:34 PM

    Umm... the tweets smell like chardonnay?

  175. Jay B.5:35 PM

    American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste.

    It's. Always. Projection.

  176. BigHank535:38 PM

    Well, just look at that face. It's easy to understand the urge.

  177. satch5:38 PM

    Hey, don't we all remember Angela Merkel's expression of delight when she got that shoulder massage from W...

  178. susanoftexas5:39 PM

    That would explain his porn star avatar as well.

  179. tigrismus5:41 PM

    Also too "Christ, what an asshole"

  180. satch5:41 PM

    "I was notified by several liberal men on Twitter that this is A
    Bad Thing."

    Sorry, John, but I won't believe that till I see the retweets.

  181. coozledad5:44 PM

    It takes all kinds, but you have to wonder about people who believe they want immediate anonymous sex. At a minimum you want to establish that someone isn't going to plant a pair of scissors in your thoracic spine for shits and giggles. That can take a couple of hours, sometimes days.

  182. BG, still irked5:47 PM

    Rich, "high status" guys just go to high-end "gentlemen's clubs" and yell at the strippers. It's all part of the same mindset, i.e., that women's bodies are public property.

  183. BigHank535:51 PM

    I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott...cheat...divorce..get fat...steal..don’t (cook or clean)...immature..selfish...arrogant...mentally unstable...unchaste...disgusting...inferior...boycott American women.

    Well, as they say, it's a free country. Knock yourself out. Or were you looking for some kind of prize?

  184. coozledad5:53 PM

    The midwest farmers' daughters take the pliers to your balls
    and the Northern girls go all lesbian when you do your best catcalls.

  185. Gosh, because that was what we were so looking for.

  186. From the look of his avatar, I'd say he has his balls firmly in hand.

    Which, of course, just screams "confidence".

  187. bekabot6:09 PM

    A long weekend in the Tardis is a dicey proposition. The Tardis
    operates independently of time. So how long is a
    weekend in the Tardis? Let alone a long one? Theoretically, in the
    Tardis you could play over the same weekend again and again: at whatever
    point you decided "Monday" was due to begin* you'd just twiddle some
    dials and adjust a few levers and apply some phlebotinum and start in on
    another weekend sometime during Friday afternoon or evening (or maybe
    Thursday afternoon or evening if Friday was the extra day). Since you'd
    allow yourself to pass over into the next week or to dip too far back
    into the last one, technically it would all be the same weekend. Though I suppose that would be a great fantasy for someone who dreams about having extra time.

    Forgive me for thinking about this.

    *The point would vary depending on whether or not your third day was a Monday or a Friday.

  188. Do those have mustard, or do they have mayonnaise?

  189. coozledad6:15 PM

    Not being fat is apparently easier than not being stupid.

  190. coozledad6:17 PM

    If he cuts his hand off, he effectively halves his marriage prospects.

  191. Worse in open carry states.

  192. Brian Schlosser6:26 PM

    Both, of course

  193. bulletsarepeopletoo6:28 PM

    He was probably hoping someone would buy this for him as a going away gift:

  194. satch6:31 PM

    They must have been dressed like mansluts, so they definitely had it coming!

  195. coozledad6:38 PM

    The Amish are fucking insidious.

  196. mommadillo6:42 PM

    After my daughter was born in '73, I was working in a paper warehouse in downtown Kansas City. Occasionally they'd send one of us out to help a truck driver with a particularly tough delivery.

    As the new guy, I always seemed to get stuck assisting Dickey, a skinny little bow-legged redneck who was short in stature but loud of mouth. He was sort of like a meth-crazed Steve Buscemi with an Okie twang.

    Dickey liked to roll the window down and bang on the side of the truck to punctuate his running commentary on anything female under fifty.
    "Hooo, MOMMA! Ain't yew a sweet thang?" and such, while I slumped in the passenger seat and pulled my hat down, hoping I wouldn't see anybody I knew.

    I think I was probably almost as happy as KC's secretaries and receptionists when Dickey finally moved on to greener pastures.