Thursday, April 24, 2014


A lot of liberals are laughing because Cliven Bundy, the cowboy at war with the U.S. government and secessionist poster boy of the Right, made some of those insane comments about black people that have become a conservative specialty ("I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro... They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves...").

Don't laugh too soon. Insane comments about black people became a conservative specialty for a reason.

At Raw Story the headline on Arturo Garcia's story says "Conservatives begin backing away after Cliven Bundy’s remarks disparaging 'the Negro,'" but Garcia himself merely asserts that "Republican politicians began backtracking on their support" -- which is wise, because conservatives as such are mostly keeping quiet about it.

A couple have taken the opportunity to embarrass themselves; Dana Loesch, for example, is all over the place, softening Bundy's comments ("big government has negatively affected not just the black family, but all families regardless of ethnicity"), then implying Bundy was misquoted ("it’s justified to have a healthy suspicion of the New York Times"), then trying to change the subject ("what exactly does that have to do with the BLM?"). But mostly the brethren seem to hope we can get past this unfortunate business, and back to the war on the U.S. government, which they think is a winning position.

For conservatives -- and we're talking about the not-totally-insane contingent that acknowledges the existence of racism -- the subject is kind of an eat-your-vegetables thing. The ooga-booga stuff is so much more fun, and keeps the troops energized. Normally I don't like to drag rightblogger commenters into these things because of the high noise-to-signal ratio in their portrayal of conservative consensus, but it is depressingly expected that when National Review's Michael Potemra criticizes a racist rant  (of the passive-aggressive, what's-wrong-with-racism, "humans like to be among their own kind" variety -- you know, Rod Dreher stuff), nearly all of his commenters defend the racist (e.g., "an article saying what is essentially common sense and well known to be true by pretty much everyone is somehow considered out of bounds in our Orwellian culture"). These are the bitter-enders to which most of the top-shelf conservative writers aim their pep talks, and most of them know better than to get on their wrong side.

UPDATE. In what I expect will become a model for the genre, National Review's Kevin D. Williamson points out that sometimes liberators such as Gandhi have foolish ideas -- which is common sense, except that he seems to think Bundy is such a liberator. He also compares the Bundy standoff to John Brown at Harpers Ferry, which under the current circumstances is especially funny. Why Williamson isn't at the Ranch with a musket if he really believes all this -- wait, I think I answered my own question.

UPDATE 2. I was wondering when the libertarians would come stumbling in. Jonathan Chait having noticed that Where Secessionists Go, Racist Trouble Follows, Reason's J.D. Tuccille first assures everyone he's no racist, then:
[Bundy's comments are] contemptible stuff. It was also contemptible when progressives merged pseudo-scientific racist notions with their ideology...
Yes, Tuccille goes straight for "Woodrow Wilson was a liberal fascist, your argument is invalid." Also, Robert Byrd was a Klansman, just like all statists! After the history lecture, Tuccille goes for Routine 12, aka Blame the Media:
"Why do all these people with strong antipathy toward the federal government turn out to be racists?" asks Chait. Maybe it's because the cameras and journalists focus on one loudmouth on horseback, even as representatives of nine state governments meet in Salt Lake City at the Legislative Summit on the Transfer of Public Lands.
Maybe it was because the summitteers didn't threaten federal agents with guns, which has long been a sure-fire way to get in the papers. Come to think of it, why didn't the rest of Bundy's live-free-or-kill squad announce "Screw it, Salt Lake City is where the action is" days ago? Could it be that the promise of separatist violence is a big part of the draw?

UPDATE 3. Bryan Preston, I think you have a little spittle in the corner of your mouth:
Wanting people to be free, independent and self-reliant, and hoping for a government that fosters those values, equals racism now? Today it does, tomorrow it won’t, as soon as some prog hero talks good about working their way up from nothing without even having to resort to fake claiming to be a minority to further their academic career, or falsifying a wartime military career.
Libtards are all born rich and spend their days lying and draft-dodging. Say, maybe I've had George W. Bush wrong all this time!
Bundy’s remarks will have fewer real-world consequences than many uttered by Margaret Sanger, yet today she’s a progressive hero...
Again with the liberal fascism history lectures. Someone invent a time machine so these guys can feel superior somewhere besides the holodeck.


  1. but it is depressingly expected that when National Review's Michael Potemra criticizes a racist rant

    Racist Bill Buckley must be turning over in his grave to hear "race traitor" Poterma going all librul and shit.

  2. Formerly_Nom_De_Plume11:32 AM

    A lot of liberals are laughing

    I still haven't stopped. It's two-thousand-and-blessed-fourteen, and it's still possible to hear a sentence containing "negro" and "cotton". Thanks Republicans!

  3. Provider_UNE11:34 AM

    Thanks for the tip Roy...Fuck Me!...Been digging spring so far, even went hunting for mushrooms yesterday...Fuck Me!

    Sir, I bow to your resilience in the face of abject idiocracy...

  4. mortimer200011:38 AM

    In the old days, the bullshit demand of the "we just wanna be with our own kind" wingnuts was "Separate but equal!" Now it's just "SEPARATE! NO BUTS!"

  5. Holy shit. Really?

    I'm probably going to be back to drop a column-length block of text into this form eventually, but right now I have to gather my thoughts, Seriously? Shit.

  6. I particularly like that Loesch seems surprised anybody would have suspected that Bundy is a racist.

    a clue numbnuts: ALL those anti-government militia rightwing types are
    racists. Each and every one of them. Anybody who professes not to know
    that going in is either a moron or a disingenuous dickhead.

  7. M. Krebs11:56 AM

    I had some really tasty wood ears from my back yard recently. Oh, wait, you're probably not talking about the culinary kind.

  8. In all fairness to Cloven Hoofed Bundy the BLM has been demanding he herd his cattle without regard to hide color. All he asks is free of charge seperate but equal grazing.

  9. M. Krebs12:00 PM

    Separate would be fine with me. It is cruel to force these people to live in a country where they are forever doomed to the lower quartile of intelligence.

  10. Y'know, Bundy always claimed that his family had been on that land since the mid-19th century. It may not be true so much, but his beliefs are clearly from that period. That counts for something, right?

  11. M. Krebs12:04 PM

    When he said his family had been on that land since the mid-1800s, he meant it literally.

  12. waspuppet12:06 PM

    "... then trying to change the subject ("what exactly does that have to do with the BLM?") ..."

    They don't think it's changing the subject. Remember that on conservative world libruls are the real racists because MLK cheated on his wife, but Cliven Bundy, David Duke and the rest still have valid ideas that must be respected.

    If liberals and Democrats argued like conservatives, this is the moment we would NOT let Cliven Bundy fade into the woodwork; right now is when every Dem on every talk show would point out that the conservative view on states' rights is a cover for racism, always has been and has never been anything else. (Unlike conservative arguments, this is true.) Bundy's cattle would then be taken from him by guys coming in on ACTUAL BLACK HELICOPTERS just as soon as enough TV crews could get there to ensure the whole thing is nationally televised.

    Ah well; a boy can dream.

  13. glennisw12:12 PM

    Of COURSE Dana Loesch would be the first apologist for him.

  14. Here's a whole bunch more quotes from Taggart, er, I mean Bundy:
    It's like he thinks Blazing Saddles is a documentary!

  15. glennisw12:23 PM

    You know, I should no longer be surprised by this, but it's just a telling thing that a guy thinks his sociological expertise is authoritative enough to tell the New York Times, based on the fact that he drove by and saw some people out of his car window.
    Here's a man who didn't bother to get out of his car and speak to anyone, yet he knows they're on public assistance. Here's a man who sees small children and old people socializing with their neighbors on their front porch, and thinks that's a bad thing. Here's a man who holds himself up as a virtuous defiant against a supposed un-just law, yet blames young black men for being disproportionately incarcerated. Here's a man simultaneously criticizing people for having too many children, in the same breath accusing them of aborting their babies.
    And WTF is with the "they never learned to pick cotton" remark? Is his position that African Americans should have remained agricultural laborers perpetually?
    I really have to question a person's thought processes who says stuff like this, and feels comfortable airing it to a major national media outlet. It's like he's so flattered at all the attention he's letting his freak flag out for all to see.

  16. The thing is that the Top Shelf of anything doesn't sell well to the poor. They settle for Rotgut and they learn to like it. So there's really no value in trying to improve people's taste--like giving them "flights" of various flavors of conservativism. Just get 'em good and dead drunk as quick as you can. Mainline them the cheapest stuff available. Save your masters the cost of the Top Shelf.

  17. Wood ears? How cool is that. Are they all edible or do you have to know what you are doing? As well as having sturdy teeth.

  18. M. Krebs12:26 PM

    There's some speculation that dementia is playing a role, but still, that's stuff doesn't just come from nowhere.

  19. M. Krebs12:29 PM

    They're the jelly-like things that grow on mainly rotting wood. They're common in Chinese dishes.

  20. Well, see, picking cotton is a metaphor and every day the metaphor truck drives by offering metaphors to the negroes but they won't take them. Instead they just sit around on the porch putting the kids they haven't aborted in jail.

    I'm so glad someone finally had the courage to say this.

  21. Why would he NOT think the rest of Amurka is waiting with bated breath to hear The Wit And Wisdom Of Cliven Bundy? In his mind, he's winning... he and his armed pals successfully backed down the BLM jackbooted thugs, he's got a national news (well, "newslike") outlet actively shilling for him, and very few in the hated MSM are actually rolling their eyes and openly guffawing "whatta maroon!" The news outlets could be asking the BLM and the IRS how long it will be before they freeze Bundy's bank accounts, and they could be interviewing neighboring ranchers to ask them if THEY feel like chumps for paying their grazing fees all these years, but what fun would that be?

  22. For a certain type of person, seeing black people in a house is proof that they're on benefits. There's a term for that kind of person...can't quite place it at the moment, though.

    And while it's not as explosive as the "Up With Slavery" part, it is a shame that TPM left out the bit where he got upset that a family was hanging out on the porch together. That seems like the kind of thing a good ol' family values guy would like. Now in context, it does sound a little like he's concerned that these lazy people aren't off working themselves into an early grave. Damn it, what is the word for a person who makes those kind of assumptions? This is going to drive me crazy.

  23. coozledad12:36 PM

    Dementia post-cock is the technical term, I think.

  24. zencomix12:38 PM

    With a name like "Mangled Bundy Ducks", it's got to be good!

  25. XeckyGilchrist12:39 PM

    Goodness, these leftist false-flag attacks are getting sophisticated. That really does look like Bundy saying all that shit!

  26. redoubtagain12:54 PM

    White Lightning. (Literally and figuratively.)

  27. redoubtagain12:59 PM

    Color (heh) me completely unsurprised, as this is one more example of "that n***** in the White House trying to tell us what to do" that's been SOP for conservatives since January 20th, 2009.

  28. infallible logic - the white man's burden

  29. Mighty, mighty pleasin', your pappy's corn squeezin'...

  30. No, I know what they are. I cook with them. Its just that I didn't think the kind of tree fungus I see around here was the same as the tree ears I buy in my chinese grocery store. I got all excited thinking I could forage in my own backyard.

  31. XeckyGilchrist1:05 PM

    With recycled anti-LBJ horseshit, informed by antebellum horseshit, as a framework. That's about as conservative as it gets.

  32. I think he's missed his moment though. Rather like Homer Simpson stockpiling pumpkins all the way through October so he can make a killing in the pumpkin market in November. The time for "the Wit and Wisdom of Cliven Bundy" (Free Shredded flag with every book ordered) has passed already and now what will come out and sell is more like "Shit Cliven Bundy Says."

  33. Anybody who professes not to know that going in is either a moron or a disingenuous dickhead.


  34. zencomix1:29 PM

    Or both!

  35. tigrismus1:46 PM

    It's a shame other folks never learned how to pick it and tote the bales for us.

  36. Jay B.1:47 PM


  37. Dr. Hunky Jimpjorps1:51 PM

    You joke, but there are people claiming this is a false flag because the traitorous reds at the NYT wasn't fast enough reporting what he said.

  38. M. Krebs1:51 PM

    Believe it or not, they're apparently called "Jew's ears" in some locations.


    So he has an opinion. Get over yourselves and get on with your meaningless lives.

  40. edroso1:54 PM

    Pluckhahn, thou should be with us in this hour!

  41. glennisw1:56 PM

    Thank you for dropping that pure nugget of wisdom in here. And the same to you!

  42. glennisw1:58 PM

    Wonkette put it nicely:

    Give a guy a megaphone and keep telling him he’s a hero, and he’ll start thinking that every dollop of foamy pig shit dripping from his lips is a nugget of pure Exceptional American wisdom.

  43. M. Krebs1:59 PM

    He'll soon have his own radio show.

  44. edroso2:00 PM

    Slow day at the shop, Frank?

  45. Jay B.2:11 PM

    Whoa ho ho! So now this patriot is just some moron with opinions eh? And some Jersey douchebag is all touchy. When he was lying to you about his land I'm sure you bought his halfassed John Wayne act like gospel. Now he's just another old, white, republican asshole who plays credulous idiots like you for all it's worth. Come on Flounder. Talk about the meaning of your life.

  46. XeckyGilchrist2:18 PM

    I was joking, sort of. The false-flag gambit has been played so frequently that it's by now kind of a formality, like tacking "please" on the end of a sentence to be polite. Or really, more like tacking "fuck you" on the end of a sentence in case you weren't rude enough.

  47. DN Nation2:19 PM

    My in-laws- racist dittoheads to the core- always complain about the black next-door neighbors. They have PETS in the BACK YARD. They have PEOPLE entering AND THEN LEAVING the house IN THE MIDDLE OF THE EVENING. Sometimes a car that's NOT THEIR CAR will park there and PEOPLE WILL GO INTO THE HOUSE. What could they POSSIBLY BE DOING THERE? HUH?

    They're just askin' questions, though. I mean, there's just no way they could come across owning a HOUSE or anything.

  48. Chairman Pao2:23 PM

    Williamson: "I very strongly suspect that most of the men who died at the Alamo held a great many views that I would find repugnant; we remember them for other reasons."

    Remind me again about conservative complaints regarding relativism.

  49. XeckyGilchrist2:25 PM

    Oh, it's only *moral* relativism that's bad. This is something else.

  50. hellslittlestangel2:29 PM

    Has anybody asked Bundy how he has gained his insights into the life of The Negro? I'm guessing he's not running into a lot of these disenfranchised slaves out among the sagebrush and tumbleweeds of rural Nevada. So what is it, pilgrim: Trump or Limbaugh?

  51. Blazing Saddles: Documentary

  52. Believe it or not, they're apparently called "Jew's ears" in some locations.

    To hear Kevin D. Williamson tell it, those who insist on retaining that nomenclature are indistinguishable from Raoul Wallenberg.

  53. glennisw3:01 PM

    He drove by someone's house and looked out the window at them.

  54. Speaking of that, wasn't the battle of the Alamo at least (but actually pretty heavily) tangentially connected to folks in Texas wanting own people? Is that really the example we want to use here? Granted, I don't see this argument gaining much traction with folks who think slavery was only a small part of why the Evil Federal Government made up of solely men from the Moon, invaded Confederate Real America, so there ya go.

  55. tigrismus3:16 PM

    It was also contemptible when progressives merged pseudo-scientific racist notions with their ideology

    Yes, it WAS, but what's a century or so when you're rubber and I'm glue?

  56. Yeah, he's got an opinion.

    We also have opinions. Some of those opinions are about his opinion. Seems you've got an opinion about that.

    Ain't free speech wonderful?

  57. Provider_UNE3:40 PM

    One should sometimes listen to the voices one hears when observing oneself in the mirror.

  58. They apparently have a world-wide distribution, and the active form looks nothing like the dried product sold in fine Asian markets everywhere.

  59. glennisw3:45 PM

    falsifying a wartime military career Whoa, what's this little treasure nugget here?

  60. The Welfare Cowboy wonders about black folks: "... are they better off under government subsidy?"

    This is coming from a guy who is profiting off of government resources...

  61. j_handey3:48 PM

    IOKIYAR (It's OK If You're A Republican). The guiding principle of today's Republican Party.

  62. j_handey3:51 PM

    Oh, yes, Rod Dreher. He's lately gone beyond passive-aggressive - he's openly saying that "Human Biological Diversity (HBD)", the "Dark Enlightenment" code word for old-fashioned eugenicism & racism, is probably right (at least his gut tells him so). Of course, they're going about it all wrong, yadda yadda yadda, but the basic idea is one that liberals need to have the courage to face.

  63. Warren_Terra3:52 PM

    I'm hoping they'll claim it was just Bundy attempting improv comedy. He'll be here all week! Try the free-range free-range beef!

  64. Budbear3:55 PM

    "Wanting people to be free, independent and self-reliant, and hoping for a government that fosters those values, equals racism now?"

    No, asshole, but, “I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro,” the rancher began as he described a "government house" in Las Vegas where he recalled that all the people who sat outside seemed to "have nothing to do."
    “And because they were basically on government subsidy, so now what do they do?” he said, as quoted by the Times. “They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom”, sure does.

  65. Gromet3:58 PM

    I really have to question a person's thought processes who says stuff like this, and feels comfortable airing it to a major national media outlet.

    The old-school racists I've met have dropped their racist wisdom on me no hesitation. When I have demurred, their reaction has not been one of "Maybe I should reexamine my beliefs" or "Maybe not everyone thinks the way I do." Nope -- they go with "Ugh, he's another dupe of the liberal PC elite, brainwashed so thoroughly he lies about what he knows to be true even when there's no one around to turn him in."

    I suspect Bundy thinks that being brazenly racist will win him more hearts and minds among all Americans. We're all waiting, you see, for someone brave enough to simply to Speak Truth.

    He might even think minorities will agree with him. "Yes, we must protest for appearance's sake, but in our hearts we know the cranky white man is right; we have been scamming the government for assistance for decades, and if we worked hard instead, and gave up the drugs and hippity-hop, we'd become real Americans."

  66. I like the "put their young men in jail", like it's something African-Americans do just for a lark. I work with a number of fellas that have done time in the Orleans Parrish jail, and to a man, none of them where there because them or their people wanted it so.

    Also, after the Faux-redneck from "Duck Dynasty" disaster and this (not to mention to Palins as a whole), maybe wingnuts will start doing better background checks on their next Salt-of-the-Earth rich working class hero.

  67. "Wanting people to be free, independent and self-reliant, and hoping for
    a government that fosters those values, equals racism now?"

    No, that part equals unmitigated gall, coming from a decades-long moocher at the public teat. I mean, he's welcome to buy his own goddamned grazing land and market-rate water any time.

  68. Shakezula4:13 PM

    How dare liberals not want to free black people??! Into slavery!!?1 It's an onjustice, I tells ya?!?

  69. Shakezula4:15 PM


  70. Possible wingnut claim coming down the pike - They've now started to claim that the clip was deceptively edited. By which they mean that MM cut a little bit off the ends to highlight Bundy's views on the unifying social effects of African slavery, not that they actually moved anything around to change what he said.

    Check it out yourself and see if this makes the guy seem any more sympathetic.

  71. XeckyGilchrist4:26 PM

    I'm not holding my breath for them to do better vetting. The whole point of the "false-flag liberal operation to make conservatives look bad" dodge is to excuse any stupid cheering they do for troglodytes like Bundy, so they never need to do background checks. Wipe hands on pants, blame liberals, on to the next.

  72. BG, dismayed leftie4:34 PM

    But --- but --- but --- he likes Messicans!

    More video has emerged of Cliven Bundy's slavery remarks, and they now include a bit about "the Spanish people" -- by whom Bundy appears to mean undocumented Hispanic immigrants. But there's a twist: The Nevada rancher actually seems quite fond of them.

    "Now let me talk about the Spanish people," Bundy said in a new video unearthed by New York magazine, right after he concluded his thoughts on "the Negro."

    "I understand that they come over here against our Constitution and cross our borders," he says. "But they're here and they're people. I worked side-by-side a lot of them. Don't tell me they don't work, and don't tell me they don't pay taxes. And don't tell me they don't have better family structures than most of us white people."

    I think this is what is commonly referred to as irony.

  73. Gromet4:40 PM

    "we remember them for other reasons."

    Yes but we should ALSO remember them for THOSE reasons. The Texas revolution & annexation had something to do with slavery and with refusal of American immigrants to adapt to Mexican culture. We don't just remember the part where they all agreed to die bravely unless we're douchebags whose concept of history hasn't advanced past Disney movies about Indian-killer Davey Crockett.

  74. RogerAiles4:51 PM

    Dana "Raging Waters" Loesch is pissing mad that Cliven translated her dog whistle in front of outsiders.

  75. smut clyde5:06 PM

    a great many views that I would find repugnant; we remember them for other reasonsThey were treasonous scum, attempting to secede in defense of their right to own slaves. They were morons who died trying to defend an indefensible fort. That's exactly what I remember them for.

  76. smut clyde5:10 PM

    Ronald Reagan?

  77. Howlin Wolfe5:11 PM

    ("big government has negatively affected not just the black family, but all families regardless of ethnicity") -
    "Not just cheesemakers, but makers of dairy products in general"

  78. MBouffant5:14 PM

    Hey, he's just for family values!! Not his fault "colored people" don't have none.

    In the Watts riots?
    On the evening of Wednesday, August 11, 1965, 21-year-old Marquette Frye, an African American man behind the wheel of his mother's 1955 Buick, was pulled over by white California Highway Patrol motorcycle officer Lee Minikus on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Minikus was convinced that Frye was under the influence and radioed for his vehicle to be impounded. Marquette's brother Ronald, a passenger in the vehicle, walked to their house nearby, bringing their mother, Rena Price, back with him. When Rena Price reached the intersection of Avalon Boulevard and 116th Street that evening, she scolded Frye about drinking and driving, he recalled in a 1985 interview with the Orlando Sentinel. The situation quickly escalated: Someone shoved Price, Frye was struck, Price jumped an officer, another officer pulled out a shotgun. Backup police officers attempted to arrest Frye by using physical force to subdue him. After rumors spread that the police had roughed Price up and kicked a pregnant woman, angry mobs formed. As the situation intensified, growing crowds of local residents watching the exchange began yelling and throwing objects at the police officers. Frye's mother and brother fought with the officers and they were eventually arrested along with Marquette Frye. After Price's and the Frye brothers' arrests, the crowd continued to grow. Police came to the scene to break up the crowd several times that night, but were attacked by rocks and concrete.

    Yep, "subsidies" alright.

    How hard is it to "learn to pick cotton," by the way? And the cotton fields? There are many close to Vegas?

    Also "concrete sidewalks." Anyone who lives in a city is not an American, & don't you forget it!!

  79. tigrismus5:15 PM

    There were also a lot of immigrants coming into another nation and trying to take over the place. Apparently it's OK when Americans do it, though.

  80. MBouffant5:18 PM

    Well, it's O.K. when they're fleeing the tyranny of an oppressive gummint what may abolish slavery one day, & is already dedicated to slavery not being allowed in any new states.

    That & Castro.

  81. Who could possibly have predicted that the MMM (Mormon moron moocher) would turn out to be the KKK?

    And he would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for his meddling mouth.

  82. Howlin Wolfe5:30 PM

    I believe Homer wanted to unload the pumpkins after the New Year. My Homer Simpson clock on my kitchen wall says "I got a feeling they'll peak right around January . . . And BANG! That's when I'll cash in!"

  83. coozledad5:31 PM

    He's still picking his brains up in the desert.

  84. J Neo Marvin5:33 PM

    Oh looky, it's a swift boater! How quaint!

  85. J Neo Marvin5:37 PM

    Thanks for sharing your opinion, Governor.

  86. You are correct. I only dimly remember it.

  87. Wait, I thought liberals were the evil ones because: eugenics! And also failure to recognize the irreducible humanity of the fetus, old people, and the mentally challenged just like the nazis Is Rod now going to argue that Jesus died for just some of us?

  88. Its the monologuing, it gets them every time.

  89. That IS quaint.

    It's like finding some little antique piece in a curio shop...

  90. MBouffant6:15 PM

    Damn, if we could just put these United Snakes back on an agrarian footing we could learn some of those other lazy people how to pick cotton (& terbacky) too.

  91. MBouffant6:17 PM

    "Now lemme talk about the Spanish people ..."

  92. MBouffant6:33 PM

    I hear he died for somebody's sins, but not mine.

    (Extra age points if you recognize/remember the guy doing the intro.)

  93. gocart mozart6:40 PM

    From Glenn Beck's "The Blaze" comment section:
    "So now Glenn is playing the race card to discredit Clive Bundy! This is
    classic Alinsky tactics. Wow! Talk about being a hypocrite!"

    I give up. Snark is dead

  94. Mark_B4Zeds6:42 PM

    "Libtards are all born rich and spend their days lying and draft-dodging."

    Yeah, I've been hearing this trope quite a bit lately. Apparently, conservatives are trying to sell that liberals are elitists whites who are secret racists, but it doesn't jibe with my personal experience. I've financially doing pretty well now, but I grew up poor and worked like hell to prosper. I live in a racially mixed neighborhood and I really like it. P.S. I am a liberal.

  95. tigrismus6:45 PM

    By fleeing to the tyranny of an oppressive government which had already outlawed slavery? Kinky!

  96. More like finding a coprolite.

  97. MBouffant7:11 PM

    Staying in the boat (w/ life jacket on) but I just wonder if Bryan Pissed-on bothered to note that Bundy's suggestion that the colored people learn to pick cotton isn't quite the same as "some prog hero talks good about working their way up from nothing."

    Damnit, the sirens lured me out, but the top-rated comments are such fun:
    "Bundy’s remarks are reprehensible and indefensible."

    Based on what, Bryan? Politically incorrect & a bit blunt but hardly what you describe above.

    You need to visit most any gov't housing complex on a warm day (yes, I have done so plenty of times over the course of working as a home-health nurse). You will see very few cars but plenty of people taking in the day sitting outside their front doors. They have no jobs. What else are they supposed to do, sit in front of their TVs all day? They all know one another well & like to keep up with one another.
    Try to follow any logic about "cars."

  98. Conservatives were smart enough never to try and make their racism pseudo-scientific. Old school hillbilly bible-larnin's good enough for dealing with the Hamites.

  99. M. Krebs7:18 PM

    What's a century or so two
    when you're rubber and I'm glue?
    Oh yeah,
    "Better off as slaves" is clearly all about wanting people to be free.
    Or at least low-priced enough to keep grow cotton plantations profitably.

    There, I made it rhyme for you.

  100. M. Krebs7:22 PM

    Is that Lorne Michaels?

  101. MBouffant7:22 PM

    No thought processes here beyond blindly processing & repeating the conventional wisdom of his Mormon forebears & the shit that's been shoveled between his ears since, say, Kennedy was Pres. & John Birch rose from his grave.

  102. M. Krebs7:24 PM

    Not much point in it really, is there? A proper vetting would only confirm the obvious in at least 95% of all cases.

  103. M. Krebs7:28 PM

    Hear, hear.

  104. MBouffant7:28 PM

    Worked, too, glorious victory at the Alamo notwithstanding.

  105. Mark_B4Zeds7:32 PM

    I'm as free as a slave now,
    and this slave you cannot cha-a-a-a-a-ange!

  106. MBouffant7:32 PM

    Also referred to as exploitation of labor. You don't have to teach the Spanish people; they already know how to pick cotton.

  107. Mark_B4Zeds7:34 PM

    I dunno, maybe cars mean prosperity, or at least dedication to the core American value of consumerism. But I admit that wingnut speak is a hard code to break.

  108. Now that's kickin' it antique roadshow style!

  109. tigrismus7:40 PM

    Aw, man, that's SO MUCH BETTER.

  110. "And don't tell me they don't have better family structures than most of us white people."

    Well, Cliven, I was going to suggest that the "Spanish" people don't practice polygyny, but since you insist, I won't tell you.

  111. Ellis_Weiner8:02 PM

    Jon Stewart said that Hannity had accomplished the impossible: "He's made Glenn Beck...the voice of reason."

  112. MBouffant8:07 PM

    Were there cars parked everywhere, we might assume "they" were all not-working, not the other way. Oh, wait, logic does not apply.

    Or, no cars, where else are people going to be?

    Or no greater significance than a non-sequitur.

  113. MBouffant8:09 PM

    Giving him a pass here. By then he really believed he'd liberated the camps.

  114. michael p.s. hayes would like a word

  115. glennisw8:18 PM

    The simple concept of people working different shifts has eluded these people. And in a town like Vegas!

  116. glennisw8:18 PM

    Yes, because those old people and children should all get jobs, dammit!

  117. Matt Jones8:35 PM

    FFS, the modern conservative movement can't even bring itself to condemn a guy who is ON VIDEO claiming that slavery was a GOOD THING. I had kinda hoped they would stick to their standard "no, we aren't racists, but have you read this piece by Charles Murray?" smokescreen and throw utter troglodytes like Bundy under the bus.

  118. I would like to ask this comment to come with me to rape the cattle and stampede the citizens.

  119. ken_lov8:46 PM

    Ah fame, thy name is fleeting! Just last weekend, Bundy's philosophy of life as "America's newest hero" was being rhapsodically reported, unplugged and unspun, in conservative media (e.g. But already we are being scolded for taking his untutored opinions "out of context", refusing to acknowledge that he's just an uneducated old rancher who doesn't have the liberal advantage of a professional spin-meister.

    An even quicker rise and fall in the conservative lexicon than George Zimmerman's. Their consistent inability to judge character is a bit of a worry.

  120. Christopher Hazell9:56 PM

    "Wanting people to be free, independent and self-reliant, and hoping for a government that fosters those values, equals racism now?"

    If there's one thing black people had during slavery, it was freedom. Freedom is slavery, after all, I read that in a book somewhere.

    Anyway, I admit that my first instinct was to think that this didn't have much to do with Bundy's legal disputes, but it is kind of disingenuous for somebody who wants to be free of federal interference to advocate slavery. Apparently only Bundy and people like him deserve freedom; the rest of us deserve a strong hand to tell us where to go and what to do, because when some people are given freedom they just waste it on useless things like having children and living in houses.

  121. Christopher Hazell10:10 PM

    You will see very few cars but plenty of people taking in the day sitting outside their front doors. They have no jobs. What else are they supposed to do, sit in front of their TVs all day? They all know one another well & like to keep up with one another.

    The big disconnect between me and the racists is that this doesn't sound like a dystopia to me.

    It actually sounds quite nice, sitting outside, relaxing, enjoying the weather and getting to know your friends and family. That sounds like the kind of thing everybody wants to be able to do. A suburban paradise.

    Even if we lived in some bizarre alternate universe where all black people were on the dole and spent their time lazing about, that's still fucking better than slavery, asshole.

    First of all, you don't learn a good work ethic when you're a slave; you don't derive any benefits from your labor, and your boss is a scumbag who beats you. This is not an environment that teaches you the value of a good days work.

    Slaves had no freedom of movement. It was impossible to form stable families because their spouses and children could be sold at any time. They could be beaten and tortured.

    To say that all of that cruelty was justified because at least slaves were doing something is monstrous.

  122. I was thinking the same thing. My upstairs neighbors are African-American. He's an elevator mechanic for a department of the NYC government- it's a skilled profession that's not exactly the safest of jobs. She works for the dietary division of a big nursing home. She works nights, and he works swing shifts. Hell, I work from stupid o'clock to crazy o'clock. Anybody driving past the house we live in (a three-family house) around noon would stand a good chance of seeing all of us "loafing".

  123. MBouffant10:29 PM

    My first reaction too, & points for not cheating/using the iNternet, but it was White House Press Sec'y. (Ford Admin.) Ron Nissen.

    That I dredged from 40-almost yrs. ago. But where I left my fucking glasses X mins. ago? No idea.

  124. Harry Rumbold10:37 PM

    Hal from North Bergen on line 2.

  125. i remember the alamo for the basement.

  126. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person10:51 PM

    as soon as some prog hero talks good about working their way up from
    nothing without ...falsifying a wartime military

    You mean like this guy, or this guy?
    Just want to be clear...

  127. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person10:55 PM

    How much y'all wanna bet the drive-by Lazy Negro Sighting took place entirely in Bundy's haid?

  128. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person11:01 PM

    What could they POSSIBLY BE DOING THERE? HUH?

    They're plotting The Revolution, of course. (Which will naturally be televised by The Liberal Media.) These people are scared shitless, and if you've been wondering about the root cause of all the GUNS!GUNS!GUNS! business of the last decade or fifteen, you can stop now.

  129. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person11:03 PM

    If "Fox News Syndrome" isn't in the next DSM, the fuzzycists can hang it up, because they're just not paying attention. TPM has been doing a series on it, and frankly Bundy sounds like a prime candidate.

  130. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person11:04 PM


  131. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person11:17 PM

    *sigh* And here I thought I was so F clever

    CTRL+F: "Klavern Bundy".

    A full week ago, and two days in advance of the great Opening of the yap...

  132. Cargo Q Weasel11:25 PM


  133. anonnymouse12:16 AM

    Whoa! Now settle down there. As a black person, sorry, negro, I can say that only privileged rich white men on massive govt. subsidies know how I truly feel and what I really want. Which is obviously to pick someone else's cotton for free. God knows my current 6 figure salary is totally unsatisfying compared to the thought of enriching someone else for no recompense. If it wasn't for statists making slavery illegal, I would be so happy.

  134. montag212:26 AM

    The complete lack of self-awareness is astounding. IIRC, the grazing fee is ridiculously low--$1.35 per cow per month (and cow/calf combinations are treated as one cow). The going rate for grazing on private land is $18 per cow per month. You can't buy a bale of hay for less than $3-4, and that would last a full-grown cow, what?, a day and a half? And he still won't pay the dollar-thirty-five, becuz fedrul gummint bad?

    And now he's complaining about The Negroes On Welfare? This guy's got his head so far up his ass he can give himself a high colonic just by wiggling his ears.

  135. Daniel Björkman12:54 AM

    I don't know. It seems more like extreme mental health to me.

    The guy believes whatever makes him feel good. If two contradictory things makes him feel good, then that can be brushed off with "well, it's a little of both, obviously." He does not question himself. He does not block himself from doing what feels natural for him to do. That's all really, really healthy. I'm sure he feels very happy and at peace with himself.

    It just also makes him a really, really huge asshole.

  136. Daniel Björkman1:04 AM

    Oh, the problem isn't his opinions, repulsive though they are. The problem is that he's an armed psycho who is breaking the law and will shoot at any representative of the legitimate authority who comes to tell him to stop breaking the law. And for this, the anarchist scum that are so common in our time are holding him up as a hero.

    Now he's said something that will make it all the more obvious that he's a moronic asshole. I know, I know - I personally feel that the whole violent gun-nuttery thing is far more serious. But gun-nuttery is seen as cool, while racism is considered decidedly uncool, so this will persuade people who otherwise wouldn't have seen it that he's a worthless piece of shit.

    And so, we gather to gloat because your big hero showed his true colours.

    Do you see how this works?

  137. Daniel Björkman5:23 AM

    Randianism in a nutshell, I guess? (with that in turn showing its Nietzschean roots) Accepting charity marks you as weak and despicable, but stealing marks you as strong and noble - unless you steal from People Like Me, of course, in which case you're just a hoodlum.

  138. Daniel Björkman5:25 AM

    I think they are excellent judges of character. They correctly judge these assholes to be just like them. The problem is that they're deeply in denial about what kind of people they themselves are.

  139. Daniel Björkman5:35 AM

    The big disconnect between me and the racists is that this doesn't sound like a dystopia to me.

    I think it was intended to be less of a completely negative view than Bundy's, while at the same time claiming that his observations in and of themselves were correct. Of course, this person claims to have actually interacting with these porch-sitting folk and therefore presumably gained some ability to see them as human beings, whereas Bundy just saw them pass by outside his car window.

  140. Daniel Björkman5:38 AM

    Why would it need to? He saw some people sitting outside their house. I can believe that that happened.

    The conclusions he drew from that extremely limited data, on the other hand, are... dubious.

  141. I am curious what other ranchers think of him. It just occurred to me today, this all started when the BLM, for conservation reasons, reduced the nimbler of cattle permitted on their land back in '92. All the other ranchers complied. This raised their costs which surely had the effect of both lowering their profit margins AND raising the price of beef in the market. Except this guy, who went and doubled his publicly-grazed herd and stopped paying any fees at all. So, not only are his costs greatly reduced compared to his competitors but the prices he gets went up as well due to the rest of the ranchers' compliance. How is that fair? He's been taking a major competitive advantage over the other ranchers. And unless he's been selling his cattle at a steep discount for the last 20 years, he's been cheating the consumers and the Allmighty Market, Praised Be Its Name.

  142. "Nimbler" should be "number". Fucking autocorrect.

  143. Actually, he did deny being a racist by claiming to know a black guy. Let's him in the house even. No, I'm not kidding.

  144. You go to your war against liberalism with the racist heroes you have . . .

  145. Derelict6:14 AM

    And you know your manager misses that soft, sweet singin' in the cubicles.

  146. Pope Zebbidie XIII6:24 AM

    I was OK with the other ranchers only keeping the clumsy cattle.

  147. Derelict6:38 AM

    We're all waiting, you see, for someone brave enough simply to Speak Truth.

    Actually, I think the reason Bundy felt so free in making those statements is because everyone he spends time around feels the same way. His family and friends all share those sentiments, so he never comes across disagreement--except from the liebrul media. I'm sure he believes he was just expressing what everyone knows, but the PC media won't say.

  148. All while screwing his fellow ranchers and citizens who play by the rules and pay our taxes. He's quite the spokesman for his pathetic "sovereignty" movement. Screw the BLM; I'm thinking it's time for Eric Holder & Co. to get involved with these people, if they aren't already. I can't wait to see what happens when they draw down on the FB-fucking-I.

  149. mommadillo7:00 AM

    the not-totally-insane contingent that acknowledges the existence of racism

    All three of them?

  150. Susan of Texas7:31 AM

    It wasn't all about slavery.

    It was also about running away from the wife and kids on the farm and absconding on debts. Whenever Republicans nanny-scold about divorce they ignore the fact that men just left and there wasn't much the starving wife and kids could do about it.

    The gods can be kind however. If they ended up in Houston they had been tricked by the Allen brothers into moving to a swamp where yellow fever was everywhere and you spent your time with other wastrels also trying to avoid their families.

  151. Emily688:05 AM

    Actually, I remember Davy Crockett because I'm just the right age to have watched him on Walt Disney when I was a little girl.

  152. satch8:06 AM

    "Jump down

    Turn around

    Type a bale a' spreadsheets..."

  153. smut clyde8:10 AM

    Cars mean cadillacs mean that the locals have been well-remunerated moochers, taking from society. Lack of cars mean that they have been unsuccessful moochers, not invested in society.

  154. smut clyde8:11 AM

    Probably the same place as your ear trumpet.

  155. smut clyde8:14 AM

    and stampede the citizens
    ...through the Vatican.

  156. Emily688:23 AM

    "First of all, you don't learn a good work ethic when you're a slave; you don't derive any benefits from your labor,"

    I read a book about Geo. Washington one time. It said that Washington let his slaves hire themselves out to the plantation next door in their off hours. The good general was amazed that the slaves worked harder for that guy than they did for him and he wondered and wondered why that was but never figured it out.

  157. M. Krebs8:40 AM

    Little known fact: Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone were actually the same person.

  158. redoubtagain8:44 AM

    A Big Man Who Was King Of The Wild Frontier

  159. glennisw9:09 AM

    It's right in line with a decades-long moocher off the federal government denouncing other people for getting government benefits.

  160. redoubtagain9:14 AM

    Someone invent a time machine so these guys can feel superior somewhere besides the holodeck.

    Benjamin Lafayette Sisko would like a word.

  161. coozledad9:35 AM

    Lord, help him.

  162. lawguy9:36 AM

    I was stationed at Randolph AFB in the 60s which is just a brief drive from the Alamo. Our joke was that when you visited the Alamo you realized that there was no back door. Someone should have told the defenders.

  163. Susan of Texas9:47 AM

    It's just a variation of John Derbyshire's mathematical race theory: Asians>Whites>Everyone Else. It still leaves lots of room for bizarre and bigoted theories against Asians. Or Hispanic people.

  164. BigHank539:51 AM

    Oh, the FBI has a large amount of resources dedicated to watching these blowhards. Unlike a lot of people, they haven't forgotten that the terrorist with the #2 one-day body count was ol' Tim McVeigh. Did you miss the bleating and whining from the right wing whenever they point out they're keeping an eye right-wing nutjobs?

    It doesn't help that whenever they arrest one of these loons it winds up on page thirteen of the paper, next to a bit about a dog rescuing a housecat from a fire.

  165. BigHank539:57 AM

    Lord, help my eyes.

  166. coozledad10:34 AM

    There should be a rigorous licensing program for spandex. With yearly renewal.

  167. Maybe I'm still living in "Law & Order" world: "He pointed a loaded weapon on a federal agent. I'm supposed to just let him go?" No, actually.

    Sometimes I think that if they're going to accuse Uncle Sam of being a jackbooted thug, he should take them up on it. I know that sounds stupid, but these people really piss me off. Fucking takers.

  168. coozledad10:52 AM

    Born in a football league and
    voted for Bush.
    Pinched Ed Ames 'neath the flaps on his tush
    friend to the Injun and white man alike
    hired Rosie Grier
    cause Sammy Davis was a kike.

  169. XeckyGilchrist10:52 AM

    Agreed - it's possible he made it up, or Reaganed it from someone else's experience or made-up story / Limbaugh boilerplate. But confirmation bias is all around us - all you have to do is look and know you're going to find it.

  170. zencomix10:57 AM

    "Ever since I was a little bitty baby
    my momma would rock me
    in the cradle
    in those old
    spreadsheet fields
    back home"

  171. coozledad11:00 AM

    I think it's strange how the local NC news outlets buried Frazier Glen Miller's tryst with a black transvestite.
    I went to ECU with one of Miller's lieutenants in the White Patriot Party, one Gordon Ipock.

    We always wondered if Gordon swung both ways sexually, and how he squared that with his then membership in the Young Republicans.

    Hey, we were naive.

  172. Mooser11:27 AM

    Slaves, especially those with skills (there were plenty) or talents (musical and others) were often "leased" or sent out to work away from their owner.

  173. Mooser11:30 AM

    I am a liberal, and I live in Bremerton, Wa. You may pity me, or hold me in contempt, as your conclusions warrant.

  174. Mooser11:35 AM

    "The complete lack of self-awareness is astounding."

    That's what they look for in their heroes. It's a common bond.

  175. Mooser11:38 AM

    Ah, the running of the bullshitters.

  176. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person12:03 PM

    all you have to do is look

    And some can do it with their eyes closed...

  177. realinterrobang12:16 PM

    I want to do this comment's year-end reports.


    I don't agree with what Bundy said but where's the intellectual consistency, leftists? Did you froth at the mouth over Jeremiah Wright's 20 years of racist rants? How about Al Sharpton's? And which party kept a Grand Dragon in the Senate for 40+ years? Shame Bundy wasn't a black leftist like the New Black Panther Party's King Samir Shabazz. Then he could have threatened to blow up cracker babies without a word from the leftist establishment press. Hypocrites, all!

  179. coozledad12:55 PM

    There's a guy buried out in our front yard who did this for awhile. His name was Ambrose Jones. He returned from Texas to what was then Caswell County NC (Now Person) before he died in 1855.
    We were wondering if he was the local postmaster who came up with the name for our township. This guy had horrific penmanship, and when the government asked him to come up with a name, he decided to name it after his daughter, who was named after the Sonora desert. So our crossroads is called Semora.

  180. Let me know when the King owes 1M$ in fees to the US Government.

  181. J Neo Marvin1:50 PM

    Oh go authorize a traffic study or something.

  182. willf1:50 PM

    Williamson is more correct than he knows, considering that the Alamo was all about Texans wanting to keep slavery when Mexico outlawed it.

  183. Jay B.1:56 PM

    Awesome! I've never once heard of King Samir. Al Sharpton is a joke. Jeremiah Wright was spot on -- white people, like you, are the fucking problem in this country. Exceptional assholes who treat other people like shit, kiss up, kick down and are too fucking stupid to actually get around and build something great. Lazy, willfully ignorant and hateful, Wright had you fucking guys nailed. And now you're whining about it? You can't even handle what Wright said, never mind comprehend it, and you wonder why people were more than a bit upset that a white guy held up as a hero by people exactly like you says that "Negroes" should have stayed slaves?

    Stick up for those who don't have Bundy's immense privilege sometime. You know, for "intellectual consistency". But I'm thinking you are too obtuse to give a fuck, aren't ya hoss?

  184. willf2:01 PM

    I want to hang out on the porch with this comment.


    Guess I struck a nerve with the true racist, huh, Jay? Take deep breaths...

  186. J Neo Marvin2:08 PM

    There must be an appropriate asteroid we can let them have.

  187. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person2:18 PM

    One of the more amusing things about the white supremesissies is their idea that "ethnicity" applies to everyone but them when, in fact, they're among the most pronounced and exclusive ethnic groups in America...

  188. Jay B.2:45 PM

    Why is it that dumb people retreat to "I guess I struck a nerve" when people get upset about just how fucking stupid they are? I'm offended by your stupidity, jackass, your lack of understanding, your moral and intellectual vacancy, your existence as a self-described "fatmouth". And the "real racist" thing is the tops. I don't hate all white people, obviously, since that's the skin I walk around with, but I really, really resent those who really think that the answer to "Is America still racist?" is "Al Sharpton is the real racist". You are a discredit to our race, buddy. You make us look bad.

  189. redoubtagain2:46 PM

    Go home, Hans von Spakovsky. You're drunk.

  190. J Neo Marvin2:54 PM

    Guess some guy from the New Black Panther Party nobody has heard of struck a nerve with you, huh? Be of good courage, o fatmouthed hero.


    Hahaha. Who's upset? I almost feel sorry for you and your liberal white guilt.


    [SCENE: The bustling lobby of a children's museum. JERSEY FATMOUTH enters through the outer doors, pushes through crowds of child-herding adults, and stops in the center of rotunda. JERSEY FATMOUTH then proceeds to drop trousers and shit all over the floor.]

    AGHAST PARENTS: [In unison] You monster. What is wrong with you?

    JERSEY FATMOUTH: [Smugly] Guess I struck a nerve, huh?


  193. Al Swearengen3:01 PM

    Bundy could have went "Wee-wee-wee all the way home!" and we of the Leftist Establishment (don't forget to capitalize) would not give two shits. Because the real issue here is the rightwing noise machine building this guy up (for profit, of course) as the modern Washington Crossing the Delaware.

    Then when he's shown for who he is, the rightwing noise machine slinks off. They play your type for the sucker you are.

  194. Jay B.3:03 PM

    No, me. I'm pissed. Not you. I'll add illiterate to your overall portfolio of awesomeness. Well, us liberals with our "guilt" have to show the rest of America and the world that we aren't all proudly ignorant assholes. But don't worry, it's our cross to bear.

  195. J Neo Marvin3:05 PM

    Forget it Jay, it's Jersey.

  196. Susan of Texas3:06 PM

    You are obsessed with hypocrites. I suspect the strength of this monomania indicates a childhood with hypocritical parents who demanded perfection while proving themselves anything but perfect.

    No doubt they also railed about the hypocriy of others while they did the same, and now you must wander the earth in search of someone on which to inflict your pain and project the actions of your mother and father.

    I suggest therapy.

  197. Susan of Texas3:09 PM

    What do we feel guilty about?

  198. Al Swearengen3:09 PM

    Or "Cheetoh Town"

  199. Susan of Texas3:16 PM

    I don't get into a tizzy every time an idiot white guy waves around a gun so why would I hypocritually get upset every time a idiot black guy waved around a gun?

  200. J Neo Marvin3:20 PM

    Dr. Melfi has a good record of helping out Jersey fatmouths, I hear.