Thursday, March 27, 2014


I think Roger L. Simon has outdone himself.
The Democratic Party’s War on Black People and How to Counter It
True, we've seen the-real-racists stuff like this before, but Simon's beats them all. Por ejemplo:
...I am going to say something that will be extremely controversial to liberals, indeed make them hate me.
Did you just feel shockwaves emanating from the nation's liberals? The dull thud of millions of dropped lattes? No? Then I have failed in my purpose [drops head, pushes out lower lip].
Given all those years I spent on the two sides, I have observed liberals to be vastly more racist than conservatives and libertarians.
Plus they smell like poo. Oh, but I'm being ungracious -- Simon isn't offering just his one-man fact-finding tour as evidence, nor just the "obvious Freudian projection" of the left; he also proves liberal racism with LBJ's nefarious "give Negroes money, that'll fix 'em" strategy:
The Democratic Party has been waging a War on Black People since the Great Society of 1964-65 (actually for far longer than that) that has reached horrifying proportions in our time. That nearly 73 percent of African Americans are currently born out of wedlock, 67 percent living in single parent homes, is nothing short of disastrous with yet more disastrous auguries for the future.
No other explanation for it -- nor for black truculence: "All these social welfare programs, affirmative actions, etc. were a signal to African Americans that they were inferior... quite naturally, it engendered a great deal of anger." The next time a black guy asks you for money, make him dance for it or something -- he'll respect you. Here's my favorite part:
And all this during the administration of our first black president. The level of hypocrisy is astronomical.
"But Roger, didn't the Democrats nominate the nation's first black President?" "I know! The nerve of them, huh?" You could show Simon the entire Republican leadership attending a lynching in Klan robes and he'd explain the liberal-racist roots of the phenomenon. But then the whole movement seems to have gone nuts in just this way. Epistemic closure? We didn't know the half of it.


  1. redoubtagain1:31 PM

    Lee, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others of their ilk are oddly like the Jewish sonderkommandos and kapos who lorded it over their own brethren in the concentration camps. Well, perhaps not that bad, but bad enough.

    (I knew Jesse and Al would show up sooner or later.)

    See, I can play Bad Analogies too: Roger L. Simon is one of the "straw bosses" or "overseers" on the Republican plantation.

  2. zencomix1:32 PM

    I patiently await the triumphant return of Herman Cain.

  3. dmsilev1:41 PM


    "During the time I was on the left, I heard many racially disparaging comments by my associates either offered in confidence or as off-hand remarks. During my time on the right, I heard such a comment only one time — and that was by a Frenchman."

    I thought French-bashing went out of style back around 2005 or so.

  4. MBouffant1:42 PM

    Hate? I can't even work up pity or a laugh for the pathetic old fart. Of course, I'm not a liberal.

  5. MBouffant1:55 PM

    R.L.Simon: Too stupid to hear dog-whistles, or just too dense to get them?

    Also amusing: "All these social welfare programs, affirmative actions, etc. were a signal to African Americans that they were inferior... quite naturally, it engendered a great deal of anger."

    Yet billions in tax-breaks & other corporate welfare schemes don't seem to have made our corporate citizens angry about their allegedly implied inferiority. I wonder if Simple Simon could explain that? It's almost as if corporations (or colored people, you choose) are not really human. Which do you think Simple would choose?

  6. "Plus they smell like poo."

    Well, the Occupiers certainly did. I take it as an alumnus, you know by first hand experience?

    "Oh, but I'm being ungracious"

    Pre-emptive libtardism. If people disagree with you, it's not because you're a bozo that fails to interact with counterarguments. It's because you've been "ungracious". Whatever gets you through the day.

    "But Roger, didn't the Democrats nominate the nation's first black President?"
    So eduardo, if a racist country club selects a token black, I guess that means they're not racist huh? I guess a party that keeps blacks down so it can continue to buy their votes with other people's money also isn't racist, by the same logic.

    I can't figure out if you're dishonest or just plain stupid. Have you ever actually engaged with an actual argument, instead of changing the subject by bringing up non-sequiturs?

    This is why you idiots will lose this November. Nobody's buying it any more.

  7. Bitter Scribe2:12 PM

    So black people keep voting Democratic because they just don't know what's good for them.

    But it's the liberals who are always assuming they know what's better for you than you do.

    Got it.

  8. I feel more and more like Woody Allen pulling Marshall McCluhan out from behind the poster to explain his theories.

    It just so happens that I am reading "The Rhetoric of Reaction" by Albert O. Hirschman just now and it seems very on point:

    "I have come up with...thre principal reactive-reactionary theses, which I call the perversity thesis or thesis of the perverse effect, the futility thesis and the jeopardy thesis. According to the perversity thesis, any purposive action to improve some feature of the political, social, or economic order only serves to exacerbate the condition one wishes to remedy. The futility thesis holds that attempts at social transofrmation will be unavailing, that htey will simply fail to "make a dent. Finally, the jeopardy thesis argues that the cost of the proposed change or reform is too high as it endangers some previous, precious, accomplishment."

  9. Shockingly, racism is an element of most of white American society. I know you will all be surprised to hear it.

    There's a hidden assumption here, lets call it the "conservation of racism" which seems to assume that if liberals are the real racists, by definition right wingers are not. So if, for example, it can be proven that any individual Northern soldier during the War of Northern Agression can be demonstrated to have not cared about the slaves then it is proven that the South loved their slaves and treated them well. You see how this works?

  10. "I can't figure out..."

    You could try harder. Is there something in your contract that prevents you from putting in a solid eight hours?

  11. This goes right along with the Louisiana Republican who today explained that the poor, god love 'em, are illiterate and stupid so they need to be protected from full service health care which hurts their little heads and which they can't be trusted to read or understand. Instead the government should assign them nothing but catastrophic health insurance and a cheap pharmacy card which will entitle them to some kind of bare bones medicinal coverage.

  12. bekabot2:21 PM

    In the end, you've gotta come to the conclusion that these people just don't understand politics. (Counterintuitive, IMO, but true.) And there's a reason for that — why would they understand politics? Politics is the art of getting people to herd together to achieve their collective herd objectives, and these people think herd objectives are illegal — if you want something done you should either be able to do it yourself or to fork over enough money to motivate somebody who can do it to do it at your behest.

    But, enough about that. Here's extra proof, as if anybody needed more of it, that these people are political tyros. (They can scribble on street corners or on bathroom walls just fine, but politics involves more than that.) Here's Roger Simon attempting to convince me that I'm a bad person, and that on that account I should — do what? Make it up to him somehow? Inundate him with sympathy drops of tea and cookies? Now, not only am I never going to do anything of the kind, but on the whole it's a short-sighted tack for Mr. Simon to take.

    Because, after all, he is not on the craplist with me. I get a lot of enjoyment out of his work and whatever ideological objections I might have to it are cancelled by the warm glow it calls up (most of the time). The people he's most on the craplist with, and with whom the entire brass band he typically plays in are most on the craplist with, are, in fact, black people. So, what's he doing talking to me? Why is he bothering his head about me? None of his comments have anything much to do with me. What we have here is a misdirection of energy.

    So, sir, don't address me, your concern is not with me, your real worry is not about me, as I'm kind of an ironic fan of your work. Your real concern is with the people you're talking about, and yet for some reason, it never occurs to you to address them. Instead (for some reason) you always end up talking to people like me. Now, you know ahead of time what we'll do: we'll read over your scribblings on the bathroom wall and diagram all the sentences. Aren't you getting tired of that? Wouldn't it be a refreshing change of pace to go ahead and, for once in your life, talk to the fabled black people rather than about them? If they don't like the key you sing in, then that's their decision, not mine. If you want to get them to be fans of your compositions, persuade them of their merits. But don't keep telling liberals they're bad. You can be right and still not be relevant. Trust me, I used to have a sales job, and I know that the only way you can ever sell anybody on anything is to talk to them, and forget about all the invisible referees who might be sitting in on the conversation. Word.

  13. Bizarro Mike2:21 PM

    Roger L. Simon doesn't care if his arguments are good. He doesn't care that his arguments are cohesive. He doesn't even care about elections. He needs a paycheck, and this is his easiest way to one.

  14. bekabot2:23 PM

    This would be more persuasive if Mr. Simon's whole column weren't a gigantic non sequitur: see above.

  15. KatWillow2:25 PM

    I like your point: after all conservative voters vote against their own best interests due to repug/corporate propaganda such as "Dems kill babies" "Bomb Iran" and "GUNS GUNS GUNS!" Therefore: African Americans must also be doing so, due to "liberal" propaganda, like "equal rights" and "minimum wage" and "MediCal", etc. etc.

  16. mortimer20002:30 PM

    Given the all too predictable shit-shellacking hatefest he's gotten from conservative non-racists, nominating and electing the first black president is clearly the most brutal, racist thing one could do to an African-American. Fucking libtard bastards!

  17. Bethany Spencer2:34 PM

    I tried to summon snark. And snark was like "Fuck me, I'm outta here!"

    I don't blame you, snark. I don't blame you one bit.

  18. Bethany Spencer2:36 PM

    I'm upvoting this but I feel icky doing so.

  19. chuckling guest2:36 PM

    The reason that more educated liberals don't argue with conservatives about these things is because it's impossible to have a meaningful exchange of ideas with people who start from ridiculous premises. In this case, the argument that people who believe affirmative action, or even a basic social safety net are thereby racist is a ridiculous premise.

    But I do feel the conservatives pain who are wrongly labeled as racist and understand the need by the less educated folk to lash out with that in-kind kind of nonsense. Although there is a sickening amount of unashamed racism that comes from conservatives, I trust that the big majority are not themselves racist, or if they are, have lived such sheltered lives that we should recognize that they mean well. So it's wrong and counterproductive that many liberals routinely paint all conservatives as racist when most are just dupes. And yes, I know it's counterproductive to call someone a dupe as much as it is to call someone a racist, but unlike the racist accusation, the dupe description is demonstrably accurate as you are told and then firmly believe things that are not true and are often bat shit ridiculous as in this case.

  20. I like the cut of your jib, Bekabot, but I think you are just slightly off with your interpretation. Roger Simon's interlocutors are other conservatives--he can neither address black people (shudder) nor liberals (all of them white, I believe). Its a special form of rhetoric, I'm not even sure what to call it, but it might be called "The exhortation to the Soccer Mom"--its a double plus good with a back flip in which "liberals are the real racists" is meant to 1) assure the right that its all right and 2) cause sensitive swing voter types to rush away from the horrible racists on the left so no one will make fun of them at the safeway for being bigots.

  21. NonyNony2:41 PM

    Actually, I'm pretty sure that they only do it because they think calling liberals racist pisses off liberals. The worst thing you can possibly do to a white conservative guy is to call him racist. Whether he's racist or not is beside the point - calling him racist is infuriating. So I think that the assumption is that if it pisses him off, it must piss everyone else off too. The Internet conservative loves nothing more than to appeal to the ego teneo vos es , tamen quis sum ego argument. Which, while not a fallacy, is one that most of us outgrow by 3rd grade.

    So its just bog-standard Republican projection, which is a function of their inability to put themselves into someone else's position and understand how they think. I laugh at other white guys who say that I'm the real bad guy because I support civil rights for everyone. I refuse to allow them to piss me off because in the end all they really want is to make me mad.

  22. So when Barack Obama ran for the Presidency, built his own rather famous team of campaigners, created an all new approach to fundraising and won, twice he's a token backed by the white liberal machine? But, presumably, when George Bush nominated Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court that was evidence of the long standing committment of the Republican party to its AA voters?

  23. I felt icky reading it. I feel your icky.

  24. Shakezula2:48 PM

    That nearly 73 percent of African Americans are currently born out of
    wedlock, 67 percent living in single parent homes, is nothing short of
    disastrous with yet more disastrous auguries for the future.

    Yes of course, if Democrats really cared about Les Noires they would take ownership of Those People and force them into wedlock. Or have 'em fixed so they couldn't breed. Or at the very least, lock up the males under some sort of carefully applied legal doctrine before they reached puberty.

    Waiting until afterwards just leaves a lot of kids in single parent homes. (Please note, this is the fault of racist Democrats who pretend to have scruples about locking up 12 year olds with adult convicts, thereby depriving them of father figures.)

  25. Jay B.2:50 PM

    Engage with the argument that trying to make people's lives better after centuries of state-sponsored racism makes you a racist, Roy/Eduardo! And yes, while this country club of yours has that one token and, a bunch more elected officials, plus 95% of the black vote, what was my point again? Oh yeah, Jesse Jackson is a judenrat.

    Hey champ: There is no actual argument to engage. You aren't necessary dishonest, but you are really fucking stupid. And worse yet, you managed to bring out the same stupid lecture chuckling's been mansplaining to us for the better part of four years.

  26. Shakezula2:54 PM

    He's just acting from the same Christian impulse that tells Republicans it is better for a girl to carry a pregnancy to term than to burden her tiny brain with the unbearably hard decision to terminate a pregnancy.

  27. Code Name Cain2:56 PM

    Who is Simon making this argument for?

    From the top rated comment there with 25 upvotes:

    "[Blacks are] filled with rage and hate. They don't want equal opportunity or justice, they want revenge. Never mind that no whites alive in this country today had anything to do with slavery. Never mind that no black Americans alive in this country today have ever been a slave. Never mind that they have as much opportunity to succeed now as any white in this country, if they would only make the effort... I think for many black Americans, their ideal America would be a country of downtrodden, virtually (or literally) enslaved whites, with blacks in control of everything"

    Normally I would add some snark but it's hard to parody the claim that the laziness of black people is preventing them from enslaving white people.

  28. edroso2:57 PM

    "I can't figure out if you're dishonest or just plain stupid. Have you ever actually engaged with an actual argument, instead of changing the subject by bringing up non-sequiturs?"

    Jokes. They're called jokes.

    Speaking of which, I'm not sure what the "Eduardo" thing is about. Does it have something to do with your devotion to reasoned discourse?

  29. tigrismus2:58 PM

    During the time I was on the left, I heard many racially disparaging comments by my associates ... During my time on the right, I heard such a comment only one time

    Yes, it might actually be the case that the liberals/leftists of the 60s were more likely to be what we would consider racists today than the conservatives of the recent past. Yay progress!

    the obvious Freudian projection — those who accuse you of something evil are usually the ones perpetrating it.

    Says the guy accusing liberals of REALLY being the racists and exhorting conservatives to "call them put." I guess it's only projection if we do it, even if we have recent evidence and he has 40-year old "observations."

  30. Maybe you needed a different sacrifice? When I summon snark, I always make sure there's plenty of beer and snacks.

  31. Someone over at LGM reminded me today of Norplant. Yes, there was a time when Republicans (and some Democrats no doubt, damn them) were eager to force contraception on young women, especially young black women. No doubt it was all for their own good.

  32. Reading those comment threads is like descending into the home of a compulsive hoarder with major OCD. You read the same damned things over and over again--basically a transcript of grievances taken straight from Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin et al. Its like trying to reconstruct the personality of the hermit from the scraps of paper and broken refuse they have used to barricade themselves into their bedroom.

  33. I wonder what these guys are going to do once Jackson and Sharpton are dead. Maybe they should contract with that company that made holographic Tupac Shakur to do SFX versions of those two. That way, they can continue to use them in their little minstrel shows for generations to come.

  34. Shakezula3:07 PM

    The Violent Coward is a favorite of your common or garden bigot.

    The bigot gets to claim Those People are nasty and violent and OUT TO GET HIM, and also claim Those People are pathetic because they won't actually take steps TO GET HIM.

    Of course anything less than complete groveling from an African American is a sign that THEY'RE ABOUT TO ATTACK.

  35. XeckyGilchrist3:10 PM

    Not much doubt in my mind how contards will behave once the actual people are dead.


  36. RogerAiles3:10 PM

    He meant to type "edtardo."

    You have to make allowances.

  37. Shakezula3:10 PM

    Yes, that was a particularly gross episode in the US Justice system.

    I know there were cases of it being foisted on women who had been convicted of child neglect or abuse. Various numbskulls were puzzled that people took offense or worse, wondered why there was no similar punishment for men.

  38. Bethany Spencer3:11 PM

    I think logic and common sense were sacrificed here.

  39. coozledad3:15 PM

    I grew up around Republicans, and when my parents grew old and lost enough brain cells, they became Republicans. I know the central tenets of the faith.
    1. Roosevelt was a Jew
    2. Holocaust didn't happen.
    3. Niggers. ( term briefly reserved for use in inner sanctum, now reapproved for public ceremonies)
    4. Lyndon Johnson,amirite?
    a.) also Jew
    b.) also 3.
    c.) communist.
    5.America was stabbed in the back in Vietnam
    6. William Calley was stabbed in the back in Vietnam.
    7.Richard Nixon was stabbed in the back by Democrats
    8.Clarence Thomas was stabbed in the back by Anita Hill
    9.Robert Bork was stabbed in the back by the senate
    10. Ronald Reagan died and ascended to the Right hand of the father.

  40. MBouffant3:17 PM

    The mic rula!!

  41. Sounds like a variant on the Nirvana Fallacy, the belief that anything that falls short of absolute perfection isn't worth pursuing. Usually that describes people who pass up great opportunities because they're afraid they'll miss out on something even better, but it also describes anyone who opposes any solution to a problem that won't solve that problem 100%.

    In terms of our political situation, this means that we now have conservatives who are so mortified of utopianism that they've become dystopians.

  42. Also I think it may have been associated with women in prison--that is, been forced on them as well.

  43. mortimer20003:19 PM

    Lee, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others of their ilk are oddly like the Jewish sonderkommandos and kapos who lorded it over their own brethren in the concentration camps.

    Interesting Simon should say that. He's obviously familiar with the Kopf im Arsch movement of late 1930's Germany. Their slogan, "Nazis sind die wahren Juden!" caused a bit of a stir but never really caught on. The revised version, "Juden sind die wahren Nazis!" created havoc with the train schedules, but it wasn't until they hit upon the slogan in its final form, "Nazi? Wer, ich?" in the late 40's that it became truly popular.

  44. Thanks to the new science of cryogenic meme resuscitation I think we can be sure that zombie Jackson and Sharpton will never be fully retired from service.

  45. Now you've got me excited.

  46. RogerAiles3:23 PM

    Shorter Roger L. Simon: "Those swarthy ingrates don't even give me credit for Bustin' Loose. That was some hi-larious shit."

  47. tigrismus3:25 PM

    I thought "ich bin kein Nazi, SIE sind der Nazi!" was the final? Or maybe "ich bin kein Nazi, aber..."

  48. That's pretty typical for commenters on conservative sites when the issue at hand is race, even if its only peripheral. There's no way Simon (or any of the dozens of people who've done variants on this argument) think they're actually going to persuade voters with this. The intention is to stir up a little confusion and suggest a controversy so that more mainstream commentators can pull a Both Sides Do It later on.

    Unfortunately for them, the comment section always does a pretty good job of shattering the illusion.

  49. coozledad3:28 PM

    I guess a party that keeps electing cousinfuckers to high office can't afford to piss in the south's toothless maw with laws designed to educate them about the perils of cousinfucking. It would be plain hypocritical.
    And if you can't quote Charles Murray without being called a racist shithead then whither America?

  50. MikeJ3:31 PM

    Shorter Roger L. Simon: Niggers are too stupid to see how much we like them.

  51. True, the fact that a target of their rage no longer exists has never stopped these guys. But I think a nice animatronic Jesse Jackson would really be a boon for these guys. Fox News could have a show where they invite talk show hosts and former senators to argue with it. Then CNN could get a holographic Ted Cruz and the media's transformation into self-parody would be complete.

  52. Ellis_Weiner3:33 PM

    "The roots of this divide are not just the obvious Freudian projection..."

    But if you accuse US of projection, Rog, that just means that it's really YOU who are guilty of projection. See? I run rings around you logically.

    As for "indeed, make them hate me," don't fret. Hating you is so 2005. We're tired of it. You've long since become a source of comic relief. It's one thing to announce, "I know you are but what am I?" It's another to pretend--or to truly believe--that you've just invented it.

  53. Swear to Jeebus, I thought that was The Onion.

  54. coozledad3:33 PM

    Und diese ist ein BIG aber...

  55. "Jokes"? What is this sorcery of which you speak?

  56. Surely those comments are all false flag libtard operatives?

  57. I think if that racist country club not only selected a token black member but made him the President of the club, then I'd agree that they may not be racist.

    What standard would you use?

    And, false premise in question asserted as fact again is NOT "the same logic" you adorable knucklehead, you. But thanks for playing.

  58. Hirschman argues that both the right and the left are prone to these three fallacies but that in the modern era it is the reactionaries who use these the most because they are temporarily out of (cultural) power, if not out of literal power (since he was writing under Reagan). He argues persuasively that these three forms appear at least under Burke, w/r/t the French Revolution and the spread of democracy itself. As something spreads and more and more people like it the reactionary has to fall back on arguing that despite its seeming goodness, its going to backfire and ruin things for everyone.

    You see the traces of this argument in the evangelical fixation on the end times and specifically the modern american version of "the antichrist" who looks good but is evil, and who brings about seeming world peace, happiness, and all good things to the populace only to doom them to eternal hell fire. Hirschmann shows some early writings by LeBon and Maistre (and Herbert Spencer) which more or less make these arguments but in a secular vein--the more humans think they can control and improve the situation of the entire society the more god or the invisible hand will frustrate their arrogant desires. Interestingly enough normalized, authoritarian, reactionary, modes of behavior (individualist, family oriented, or even clan/tribal) which are selfish are not seen as nearly as destructive as altruistic or socialistic goals.

  59. If people disagree with you, it's not because you're a bozo that fails to interact with counterarguments.

    You know what? You're right. We haven't been addressing Simon's Very Serious Argument. What was that argument again? Oh, right: "No guys, I'm serious. All the liberals I know are totally racist. You never met them but it's true."

    I don't see any reason to disbelieve this stirring piece of evidence. Why, I'm sure that those very prominent liberal racists were just having a spirited discussion with Simon's Canadian girlfriend and his uncle who works at Nintendo.

  60. BTW--what kind of poo did the Occupiers smell of? Firm, manly turds with nice texture? Fruity bouquet? Was it that smelly shit that comes out of cats who eat tuna all the time? Give us your connoisseur's insight, but remember to keep it simple for us libtards.

  61. Pre-emptive libtardism.

    If anything, Roy is post mature libtard.

  62. mgmonklewis3:54 PM

    Does one summon snark or hunt it?

  63. mgmonklewis3:55 PM

    To the dismay of some on the left.

  64. smut clyde3:57 PM

    So the conversation runs like this:
    Pyjama man: The real racists are the Democrats, who are directly responsible for disadvantaging African-Americans.

    Commenters: Yes, that's right! The real racists are those disgusting genetically-inferior mud-people!

  65. smut clyde3:58 PM

    "Wild Palms" was a documentary.

  66. Well, the republicans have been growing the stoopids for generations now, I expect they feel a sense of ownership.

  67. smut clyde4:06 PM

    Lee, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton
    What, no MLK Jr? I am disappoint.

  68. smut clyde4:08 PM

    yet more disastrous auguries for the future

    Good of him to make it clear that the auguries whereof he speaks are not for the past.

  69. mgmonklewis4:13 PM

    There's nothing worse than an anachronistic augury. Or as we call it, "stuff what already happened."

  70. tigrismus4:13 PM

    That guy must be FRENCH.

  71. smut clyde4:16 PM

    Not to mention Von Daniken's claim that a piece of wood from 2000 BCE showed holes drilled in it with greater precision than bronze-age technology could have achieved. i.e. "anachronistic augery".

  72. Oh, and all the marriage bows in the world wouldn't save young African-American males from a prison industrial complex that makes billions by imprisoning them, and the sham War on Drugs was definitely a Reagan thing.

  73. The Rubber-Glue argument worked for the Greek philosophers.

  74. MBouffant4:32 PM

    "Gave it to him." Indeed.

    I remember it well: The instant B.O. threw his hat in the ring H.R. Clinton was almost literally trampled by all the white liberal Democrats rushing to anointnominate Obama to be Socialist Dictator for Life.

    And 2012: If only the Republicans had nominated a white guy instead of Mitt Romney, he surely would have beaten the guilt tickets both parties offered.

  75. how meta

  76. He's become a staunch republican in recent years, FROM THE GRAVE!, remember. He's not a "bad one" anymore.

  77. Spoken in a Les Nessman voice.

  78. mgmonklewis4:41 PM

    "Is that awl you've got?" [rimshot]

  79. Okra God4:44 PM

    Perhaps we might suggest to lil' Roger an little experiment, do the empirical research thing. Rather han having white conservatives, or even white liberals, say who the real racists are, maybe we just ask the African American community? They might have some insight to offer on the subject, Roger boy.

  80. fraser4:50 PM

    And all the affirmative action for legacy admissions at Ivy League schools doesn't seem to make those students angry at being told their inferior.

  81. MBouffant4:51 PM

    David Horowitz comes immediately to mind.

  82. I first read that as "Woody Allen pulling Marshall McCluhan behind the poster…" and wondered if there was any end to that man's perfidy.

  83. catclub5:09 PM

    thank goodness that up until 1965 or so there was nothing to signal to African Americans that they were considered inferior. A veritable Eden for them.

  84. MikeJ5:17 PM

    Sunday's NYT's xword threw me because I kept trying snark hunt where they wanted snipe hunt.

  85. smut clyde5:29 PM

    Akerlof & Yellen (1996):
    as David Ellwood and Lawrence Summers have shown, welfare benefits could
    not have played a major role in the rise of out-of-wedlock births
    because benefits rose sharply in the 1960s and then fell in the 1970s
    and 1980s, when out-of-wedlock births rose most. A study by Robert
    Moffitt in 1992 also found that welfare benefits can account for only a
    small fraction of the rise in the out-of-wedlock birth ratio.

  86. Formerly_Nom_De_Plume5:48 PM

    I like big abers, and I cannot lie.

  87. Tony Prost5:49 PM

    Death means nothing....look at Zombie Ronald Reagan. And the late great Jimmy Carter!

  88. coozledad5:52 PM

    Michael Savage.

  89. Warren_Terra5:56 PM

    Expected response:
    Q: Epistemic Closure!
    A: Closure? I hardly know her!

  90. But... But... They're co-opted by race hustlers so they stay on the Democrat Plantation! Bill O'Reilly and Newt Gingrich told me so!!!

  91. MBouffant6:02 PM

    Given all those years I spent on the two sides, I have observed liberals to be vastly more racist than conservatives and libertarians.


    During the time I was on the left, I heard many racially disparaging comments by my associates ... During my time on the right, I heard such a comment only one time

    What he means is, when a "liberal" recognizes Roger as another of his racist ilk, he will let Rog know he's one too, wink wink nudge. On the right, well, they don't find it necessary to remind each other they are oxygen-breathing mammals every five minutes, do they?

    Not to discount the possibility that whatever his stereotypical version of a liberal may have said he took it out of context or is too literal-minded to recognize lampooning, irony, satire, a joke, sarcasm or whatever. Also parody.

    And lastly, I'm almost as old as the hills & I've no damn recollection whatsoever of this wretch being "on the left" in the same way he's now "on the right." Possibly because he hadn't run out of creative ideas while he was still "on the left," & there was no iNternet.

  92. But both rubber and glue were rudimentary, so their arguments were weak.

  93. coozledad6:10 PM

    So that's why the Republicans engage in voter suppression! It's the new emancipation!

  94. I have it on good authority, from Herman Cain to Alan Keyes and Clarence Thomas that they never experienced racism in the South but only in the North and it was always from a Northern Liberal. I imagine that these horrible people walk around with a big che shirt on and a twirly mustache, carrying signs saying "I support black people" but when you turn your back on them? Whammmo! They kick you right in the keister.

  95. JennOfArk6:23 PM

    So was "Hairy Palms," the tale of the lovelorn yeti.

  96. As I've wondered many of time since, oh, November 5, 2008, I can't help but think folks like Mr. Simon have never interacted with an African-American on an level that didn't include either a shitty tip or an embarrassing photo with Michael Steele. Frankly, I don't think they could really handle it, honestly.

  97. glennisw6:26 PM

    Where on earth do those numbers come from?

  98. glennisw6:28 PM

    Not only that, according to The Duck Hunting Guy, black people never sang the blues, either.

  99. Which is why you don't ask 'em--they've been oppressed by the Real Racists so much they don't even know who the real racists are!

    That's how racist the Real Racists are!

  100. glennisw6:29 PM

    If welfare caused the increase in out-of-wedlock births for black people, then shouldn't it have done the same for whites, because way more white people are on welfare than black people.

  101. I love this argument. "Stupid black 'people'. Don't you know the only reason you vote for anyone other than us is because you're so lazy and stupid and mean and want everything given to you because you're so lazy and stupid, you lazy, stupid meanies! Can't you see how welcome you dumb beasts would be if you voted for the GOP if only you weren't so ignorant and desiring of food stamps to buy forties and have crack babies out of wedlock and play that awful noise you brutes call music too loud and force us to shoot you. Stupid assholes."

    And this clowns wonder why he and his ilk aren't taken seriously.

  102. That was merely "folk music". Eric Clapton invented the blues. Or Stevie Ray Vaughn, one.

  103. JennOfArk6:36 PM

    Out of wedlock births are pretty high for white people too, mainly in the south. Out of wedlock births have gone way up among people of all races creeds and colors over the past 30 years. During most of that period, welfare and other public assistance benefits were being continually cut.

    Something else has risen across the board in the past 30 years, and that's poverty. But I'm sure that has nothing to do with anything.

  104. smut clyde6:36 PM

    Black people are uniquely susceptible to the corrosive effects of welfare, so they need to be protected from it more. It's probably connected to sickle-cell trait.

  105. Jaime Oria6:45 PM

    It's "Robert L. Simon" come to beard "Roy Eduardo" in his lair - obviously!

  106. Hemisemidemiquaver6:49 PM

    "R.L.Simon: Too stupid to hear dog-whistles, or just too dense to get them?"

    Neither. He's paid to not get them.

  107. J Neo Marvin7:03 PM

    Here is a new video that is absolutely unnecessary because there is no more racism in America:
    Now I'll go ahead and read the rest of the comments.

  108. glennisw7:08 PM

    That nearly 73 percent of African Americans are currently born out of wedlock,

    I'm not even sure what this sentence MEANS, let alone where he got the number. Does he mean that 73 % of all living African Americans are born out of wedlock? Does he mean that 73% of all African-American births are out of wedlock?

    The cdc says that the percentage of all births to unmarried women is 40.7 and has been stable for the past three years; and "Nonmarital birth rates declined for all race and Hispanic origin population groups...Hispanic women had the highest nonmarital birth rate of all groups in 2012 (72.6) but also the largest percent decline between 2011 and 2012, a 3-percent drop (from 75.1 in 2011). Rates for non-Hispanic white women (32.1) and black women (62.6) fell 1% and 2%,"

    I'm not sure that "percentage of births to unmarried women" is the same thing he's talking about, because what he says doesn't make much sense.

  109. T. Bagger7:26 PM

    How terribly distressing. I attempted to propose to my conservative brethren over at PJM some strategies whereby true conservatives can reach out to our brothers and sisters in the non-white community and they deleted my comment. Whatever happened to the party of ideas, of rough-and-tumble intellectual debate among conservatives that fearlessly explored all possibilities and let the chips fall where they may? Gone like the snows of yesteryear, I fear.

  110. sharculese7:32 PM

    Does the force with which you hath just re-tucked your shirt lead to some sort of rash on the back of your neck?

  111. J Neo Marvin7:35 PM

    I can't figure out if you're dishonest or just plain stupid.

    On the other hand, it seems pretty clear which one you are.

  112. JennOfArk7:37 PM

    So eduardo, if a racist country club selects a token black, I guess that means they're not racist huh? I guess a party that keeps blacks down so it can continue to buy their votes with other people's money also isn't racist, by the same logic.

    Get back to us when the racist country club selects the token black to lead the institution.

    Beyond that, total non sequitur. I'm not sure what tokenism has to do with keeping someone down so their votes can be bought, just as I'm not sure why there would be any need to buy the votes of someone who's being kept down.

    Not that you're interested in a real dialog, but probably the best indicator of non-token status is when people engage with the alleged token on equal terms; this can only occur when people start from a premise that the other party is both equal and legitimate, and here's where your theory hits a huge speedbump.

    Over the course of the past 5 years I've seen plenty of liberal criticism of the president, some of it I've agreed with and some I haven't. But I've not seen a single liberal lodge a criticism based on assumptions about the president due to his race. I've not seen a liberal use a dog-whistle in a criticism of the president. Not once single time that I can recall. On the other hand, most conservative criticisms contain either an assumption about the man based on his race, a blatant dog-whistle, or both. From "born in Kenya" to "arrogant" which of course is code for "uppity," I'd be surprised if you couldn't find at least one instance of a prominent conservative - either elected or in the conservative media - making a statement that in some way derogates the president based on his race for each and every day the man has been in office.

    And that's not even getting into the witch doctor and watermelons on the front lawn of the White House photoshops which somehow just magically originate from the email accounts of elected Republicans and Republican party officials on a regular basis.

  113. Y'know, as I get older, I have a harder time keeping track of things ... keys, eyeglasses, which faction of the Supreme Court just recently used Shelby County v. Holder to take an enormous shit all over the plain text of the Fifteenth Amendment, right before they set it on fire. Thanks to Roger L. Simon for reminding me that it must have been the liberal wing.

  114. M. Krebs8:05 PM

    Are you sure you don't mean Arthur Carlson?

  115. smut clyde8:13 PM

    Haber-Mass may be the philosopher for you!

  116. M. Krebs8:17 PM

    Roy Eduardo. That may be even better that Ray Edroso and Roy Odroso.

  117. TGuerrant8:17 PM

    a signal to African Americans that they were inferior

    Nothing builds pride and serenity like the copious affirmations that once flowed so freely from the font of inspiration that was Jim Crow.

  118. Jonathan Roth8:19 PM

    University of Rectally Derived Unfounded Mathematics.

  119. M. Krebs8:24 PM

    Actually it's not at all surprising that he can't figure it out.

  120. TGuerrant8:25 PM

    The Wedlocker

  121. M. Krebs8:27 PM

    Some trolls seem to lack sticktoitiveness. Must be the result of help they may have received somewhere in life.

  122. smut clyde8:27 PM

    the font of inspiration
    Shirley you mean fonts. Like drinking fountains, they came in pairs.

  123. M. Krebs8:28 PM

    Where can I find this Jim Crow font? Does it come in bold italic?

  124. M. Krebs8:39 PM

    There are teenaged mothers galore among middle-class white people in the south. It never occurs to them that something might be a little bit off with their whole belief system.

  125. TGuerrant8:42 PM

    Oh, sure. It's always my fault.

  126. M. Krebs8:54 PM

    I know someone who earned a Bachelor of Arts and Theatre with Specialty in Historical Incan Treatises from there.

  127. I know the feeling. I, too, have tried to halp.

    Perhaps they want to do it by themselves.

  128. Derelict9:00 PM

    You don't think G.W. Bush suffered from a titanic inferiority complex?

  129. Hot Jazz Murder Music9:07 PM

    It *was* a boojum, you see.

  130. ken_lov9:13 PM

    "in the seven years I was CEO of PJ Media, I met or spoke on the phone with dozens of Tea Partiers. Not a single one of them ever said or did anything that approached racism to me."

    Simon obviously doesn't read comments threads on any of the nation's numerous conservative blogs. Or maybe he thinks all the overtly racist comments are made by liberal agents provocateurs.

    Still, I was on the edge of my chair with anticipation when I read "So how do we counter this? First of all, by calling out the true racists, not the fake ones." But I looked in vain for what came after "first" ... leaving the solution to be inferred, namely, stop helping those people and let them make it on their own! It's for their own good!!

  131. Christopher Hazell9:23 PM

    The Democratic Party has been waging a War on Black People since the Great Society of 1964-65 (actually for far longer than that)

    Love the parenthetical, there. I mean, sure, if you ask an average person "At what point in history did the Democratic party work hardest to hurt black people, of course anybody would answer "1964". It's just the first, most obvious thing that comes to mind.

    I'm glad Simon is here to remind us that the Democratic party did one or two shameful things before then, since those earlier anti-black actions are so obscure.

    Also, note that Libertarians aren't racists because they don't say bad things about black people; their policies are irrelevant. Democrats, on the other hand, are racist because of their policies; what they say about black people is irrelevant.

    Here's Ta-Nehisi Coates on Out of wedlock births in black America, as a useful antidote.

  132. realinterrobang9:34 PM

    Italic would be the ethnic font.

  133. bekabot10:23 PM

    Sure, I know, but I still stand by my 'political tyros' contention. Part of the idea of politics is that you can't just soak your base over and over again. Sooner or later you have to try to appeal to people other than the poor suckers who already buy your guff — especial once the poor suckers who buy your guff start verging on 70 years old. That's the average age of a Fox viewer; PJ Media readers may run somewhat younger, but we know from watching the pathetic and doomed attempts of Republicans to hoover in Millennials that they're not going to be twentysomethings, or even thirtysomethings, probably. I don't want to sound overconfident, which I am very far from being — but all the money in the world won't help you if you spend it all indoctrinating people who are already convinced. It's not merely that righties refuse to listen to anyone outside their ingrown toenail of a bubble echo chamber. They also refuse to talk to anyone outside their network, and that, considering that they either follow or are dependent upon a profession which mostly consists of schmoozing, is a bad augury indeed.

  134. JennOfArk10:25 PM

    Like toddlers do. "Look, look, I made a poo in the potty!"

  135. davdoodles10:40 PM

    The "I once was Left... but now I'm Right..." (sung to the tune of Amazing Grace) refrain is a common one from wingnut shit-flickers. It's an analogue of the Christian redemption myth.
    Like how every creepy "Street Pastor" claims to have been from the wrong side of the tracks (because as a preppy little shithead he once smoked some weed with another kid after sunday school), until Jaysuz date-raped his soul into righteousness...

  136. smut clyde10:46 PM

    Mumble mumble Palin something.

  137. Another Kiwi11:11 PM

    Some of those people don't believe in abstinence theology deeply enough.

  138. Jeffrey_Kramer11:13 PM

    Good, but an even simpler summary would be: every conservative talking point on any social issue is some variation on Otter's Gambit from Animal House, to wit:

    "You say we should help these people. Well, doesn't that imply, that they need help? And doesn't that, in turn, imply that they are helpless? And by calling them helpless, are you not in fact calling them inferior, nay, subhuman? Well, I'm not going to stand around and listen to you Nazis label people subhuman!"

  139. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person11:36 PM

    too literal-minded to recognize lampooning, irony, satire, a joke, sarcasm or whatever. Also parody

    The rat wang is notorious for exactly this. Also too, they lie like rugs, and our old friend Occam says he may in fact be doing that here.

  140. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person11:38 PM

    And since you gotta suffer if you wanna sing the blues...

  141. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person11:40 PM

    There you go with the facts again, like a typical Liberal. have you no respect for the feelings, and deeply held beliefs of the Conservative race? No? Oh, OK then...

  142. XeckyGilchrist11:44 PM

    Well, it certainly doesn't support a bold black face.

  143. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person11:47 PM

    Yes, it might actually be the case that the liberals/leftists of the 60s
    were more likely to be what we would consider racists today

    No doubt he really means "Democrats", and since we've had Democrats like Byrd, there's probably some truth in that part of it. As for " I heard such a comment only one time", I don't buy it.

  144. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person11:56 PM

    "[Blacks are] filled with rage and hate etcetcetcetc

    Is that you, Mr Poe?

  145. MBouffant12:10 AM

    In the case of reactionaries:
    "Look, look, I made a poo innear the potty!"

  146. MBouffant12:56 AM

    If reproductive rights & the safety net comprise "wars" on wymyn & black folk, it's no wonder they're het up to go to war over Crimea.

  147. Daniel Björkman1:15 AM

    I am going to say something that will be extremely controversial to liberals, indeed make them hate me.

    Oh, don't worry. I already hate you. But that hatred is a much-diluted thing that has to stretch to encompass all wingnuts everywhere, and as such, it's a highly watered down and marrowless sort of hate that should not bother either you or me unduly.

    And you bringing up that tired, not-getting-any-less-stupid-with-time talking point of "being nice to people signals contempt! Being an asshole to them signals respect!" does not make me hate you more. It's exactly what I expect from you.

  148. sigyn2:33 AM

    Yeah, I think the Les Nessman voice says "Oh dear God! They're hitting the ground like bags of wet cement!"

  149. I don't hate him enough to want to shoot him or drag him from my bumper, but I hate him enough to never want to invite him to a cocktail party (sorry, right-wing mythmakers, no "gotchas") in polite society.

    That's a pretty harmless level of hate. Butthurt ain't brutalization.

  150. sigyn3:02 AM

    "This is why you idiots will lose this November."

    Bookmark it libs!

  151. susanoftexas7:26 AM

    Did I hear someone call my name?

    Ooh, beer!

    More seriously, I live in the South and I know what white people say when only white people are around. They aren't celebrating diversity.

  152. susanoftexas7:35 AM

    I assume that very few propagandists on the right are trying to convince anyone of anything with one exception. They are trying to convince conservatives to give them lots of money for boiler-plate, half-assed scribblings so they don't have to get a real job.

  153. redoubtagain7:54 AM

    4. Lyndon Johnson,amirite?
    a.) also Jew

    Was it because they couldn't spell Walt Rostow?

  154. redoubtagain7:59 AM

    Nah. "Roy Eduardo" is a shortstop in the Kansas City Royals farm system. I think.

  155. William Miller8:05 AM

    Yes, but his was well earned: He WAS inferior.

  156. redoubtagain8:13 AM

    This, right here, is what makes some conservatives batshit about "affirmative action": the idea that someone not in the (melanin-deprived) in-group received something. They don't "deserve" it, because they're not in the in-group. They didn't inherit work for it like "we" did.

  157. William Miller8:13 AM

    Yes, some people, literate and illiterate alike, won't be able to "navigate" the ACA process. Which is why we have Navigators to help them, at least in those states where the Republicans are allowing them to operate. Louisiana appears to be one of these.

  158. redoubtagain8:16 AM

    Hell, Fannie Lou Hamer would like a word. (Wikipedia: Without her knowledge or consent, she was sterilized in 1961 by a white doctor as a part of the state of Mississippi's plan to reduce the number of poor blacks in the state.)

  159. William Miller8:22 AM

    True story. I was finishing up my shift selling hardware at my local home-improvement center here in North Florida, when an old man wheeled up to me on his hoverround. He told me he was a retired locksmith who had one of those new alphabetical combination locks. "You know what my combination is?" he asked. "N-I-G-G-E-R-S." Why he thought it was okay to tell me that--a complete stranger--I will never know. In any event, if he was a liberal, then I am ... well, you get my drift.

  160. redoubtagain8:26 AM

    This Duck Hunting Guy needs to run a gauntlet made up of B.B. King's, Buddy Guy's and Hubert Sumlin's guitars. For starters.

  161. No only once and of course all the horrified and earnest conservatives who heard the comment shut the person who made the comment down and with witty but morally forceful arguments and either educated the perpetrator to enlightenment or cast them into the liberal abyss,

  162. tigrismus8:40 AM

    I don't buy it, either. Maybe the arbiter of REAL racism can whitesplain some of the comments made to his piece.

  163. Thank you for posting that. I had forgotten. FLH is one of my heroes. I'm ashamed of myself for having forgotten.

  164. It occurs to me that Roger Simon is doing a version of the famous SNL skit where Eddie Murphy goes undercover as a white man to find out what life is like for White People.

    Not only does RS gain street cred with his "I am a convert to your cause" but he is also bringing the classic convert's story "this is what it was really like when I was in the very belly of the beast and lived as a sinner" with a double twist at the end "this is how those beasts behave when there are no conservatives around!"

    When there are no conservatives around, just our mole RS, Liberals let their hair down and demonstrate that they are the worst hypocrites and racists of all time. Whited sepulchres.

  165. satch8:50 AM

    He's paid to DELIVER them.

  166. glennisw9:04 AM

    He obviously doesn't read comments threads on his own site.

  167. William Miller9:08 AM

    He's an Occupier "alumnus" with "first-hand experience." Is he saying he was a liberal once but now he's not because liberals smell bad?

  168. glennisw9:09 AM

    Great link.

  169. susanoftexas9:11 AM

    I was chatting with a mother while waiting to pick up my kids and she did the Southern lean-in: she looked around, her voice dropped to a whisper, and she told me that only some black people were n-----s while others were not. Progress!

  170. BigHank539:16 AM

    I'm of the opinion that Mr. Simon does not give a single withered turd for the actual practice of politics. Examine his rhetoric: is there any issue on which he is willing to compromise? No. Is there any attempt to accommodate anyone else, even the less-conservative members of his party? No. It looks and sounds like politics, but it's just another hand-job for bitter reactionaries. Read the ejaculations in the comments if you don't believe me.

  171. Halloween_Jack9:42 AM

    The idea that white America gets to decide which minorities are allowed to ascend to certain levels of society is the most insidious racism there is, IMHO.

    And yet that's just how the GOP operates; they decide who gets to be their token minority of a particular flavor for each presidential election cycle. (Note: they also consider women to be a minority, even though the opposite is true.)

  172. Halloween_Jack9:45 AM

    This is why you idiots will lose this November.

    "I'm looking at all these [races], Robert, and adding them up, and I add up to a Republican Senate and Republican House." - Karl Rove, October 2006.

  173. Halloween_Jack9:46 AM

    I think that there's a compelling argument for him being both.

  174. Halloween_Jack9:47 AM

    I'm holding out for Roy Orbison.

  175. Halloween_Jack9:49 AM

    No joke, in the 70s some of my relatives called Gerald Ford a "baby-killer" either because he wasn't anti-abortion, or not anti-abortion enough. Or because Betty was pro-choice.

  176. William Miller10:06 AM

    I first heard that canard about 40 years ago. Nice to see it's alive and well, that there are still "good negroes" and "bad negroes," the classification depending, of course, on how closely a given black person conforms to my ideas of how he or she should act.

  177. Mrs. satch worked in neonatal intensive care for thirty years and got to see many kids having kids, so I would agree that this is a problem... one that only can be solved with good solid educational and employment opportunities that give these kids a sense of hope that there's something to aspire to besides having a child so they can "have someone to love them" or to please a man who is often older than they are. Conservatives like Simon aren't the least bit interested in that approach, though; their only interest is in lecturing, hectoring, and shaming, because it costs them nothing on the front end.

  178. If you define "politics" as Winning At All Cost, Whatever It Takes, then these people understand politics all too well. You demonize your opponents, get your people in office, and then reward your friends and destroy your enemies. Liberals, OTOH, are generally interested in using government to solve common problems: poor people lack education or health care? Help them get some. Citizens dying from poisoned water or tainted meat? Set up some regulations and standards to prevent it. The conservative approach? Be born rich or get rich anyway you can, and then buy your own air, water, or meat. The rest of you... you're on your own.

  179. dstatton11:21 AM

    So when he was on the other side and participating in the civil rights movement, was he a racist?

  180. dstatton11:34 AM

    Hey, I've been "on the left" since the 1960s. And I went to college in the South, where I got an earful from conservatives. He's lying. Disparaging comments about blacks? All he has to do is read some of his followers below.

  181. LittlePig2:58 PM

    This is why you idiots will lose this November.

    Sounds like the 'bookmark it, libs' dude from SadlyNo's older days.

  182. LittlePig3:01 PM

    Aw dammit, you beat me to it.

  183. I can't upvote this because...eww...but I do want to thank you for sharing. I live up north so people don't share stuff like this very often but I have, very occasionally, been present when someone in a group did not grasp that Jews hide easily among white people and I have been unpleasantly surprised to find out that various hostile, ugly, sterotypes about Jews are rather more common than you'd think among otherwise nice people.

  184. William Miller3:31 PM

    I just finished reading this,'s_Sword, so I'm not surprised.

  185. I love that book. I read the entire thing out loud to Mr. Aimai when we drove up to Canada a few years ago. ( The writer is an old friend of my mother's--if you liked it you might like his other book about his relationship with his father, an Air Force General.*Version*=1&*entries*=0)

    Sort of on a related topic I love Bart Ehrmann's Misquoting Jesus. That, too, is quite eye opening.

  186. J Neo Marvin5:45 PM

    Now that Roy was a real reverb motherfucker.

  187. J Neo Marvin5:46 PM

    I'm not convinced he has the brains to be consciously dishonest.

  188. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person6:04 PM

    I'd pay to see that...

  189. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person11:50 PM

    I'm sure he'll be quite disappointed in both you and Daniel. And I'm not kidding.

  190. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person11:54 PM

    Not a single one of them ever said or did anything that approached racism to me.

    So? Lots of racists are very careful to watch what they say. Certain words will never pass their lips, and they end up speaking to eachother--and themselves too, probably--in a dogwhistle Morse code. I imagine after doing that long enough, it can be a bit taxing to figure out what you really *do* believe. About anything.

  191. Gabriel Ratchet5:32 AM

    I would not be surprised to find out that they're the same person.

  192. Guest7:25 AM

    Yes, it happened at the same dinner party where the conservatives cleverly devastated every argument that a pathetic liberal offered. That particular liberal didn't smell of poo, though, only straw.

  193. Guest7:47 AM

    Not a single one did anything that approached racism TO HIM. I get the sense that good-natured jokes about fried chicken, watermelon, and the genetic inferiority of non-whites aren't racist TO HIM.

  194. That's true. Even Rush Limbaugh can't use the words he wants to use.

    For whatever reason, he doesn't seem to be able to call President Obama "boy," but he sure wants to. He uses euphemisms like "man-child" instead, which is pretty much the same thing.

    One of the things I like about being a Liberal is that I don't have to speak in code. I can stand up straight and say what I think right out loud. I don't have to sneak around and invent "dog whistle" terms to express myself.

  195. There's a silver lining to all this "Liberals are the REAL racists" talk. It's progress.

    Not that long ago, Rightwingers were racists and made no bones about it. They would speak openly about the White man's superiority to the Black man, and never think to hide it. Used to be, it would never occur to them that it was bad or shameful to think that way.

    Now they must hide it. Now they must try to shift the blame. At least they realize now that being racist is no longer something to be proud of.

    (well, some of them anyway, like this Roger L. Simon guy. Others are slower to catch on… but their numbers are dwindling.)

  196. StringOnAStick10:48 AM

    I just read an article in Smithsonian about the Bhutanese refugees who settled in NH. They have a higher rate of educational accomplishment and a lower rate of needing public assistance of any kind than the rest of the city they settled in, but when an article about them appeared on Yahoo news there were over 650 comments, mostly of the hate-filled racist variety. Smithsonian even went so far as to quote from one, including the word "fvcking", which I thought was a real breakthrough for the institution.

  197. AngryWarthogBreath6:03 PM

    Isn't it reassuring? You keep thinking, hell, this just might be the time the (bigger, overt) assholes get back in power, anything's possible, and then one of these always-wrong motherfuckers shows up to be always wrong, and you realise, ahh, everything's fine after all.

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