Friday, December 27, 2013


Thanks to ol' scribe jones for pointing me to what may be the cuh-raziest Pajama Boy post of the week. Apparently Taylor Swift instagramed herself and her brother dressed similarly to the much-maligned advertising model, adding, "Matching Christmas onesies is a thing that's happening right now."

Maybe you think it's cute; more likely you think, who cares? But John Hinderaker of Power Line is deeply interested:
The guy in the photo is Taylor’s brother; I know because one of my daughters told me so. But here’s the question: can the red plaid onesies possibly be a coincidence? I see three alternatives: 1) Miss Swift really is the only person in the USA who doesn’t know that plaid onesies, paired with hot chocolate and nerd glasses, have been mercilessly mocked by millions for the past week. Argument for this interpretation: She has written many songs, not one of which contains even a hint as to any political leanings, suggesting she has none. She is immensely rich and does indeed live in a bubble.
Or maybe she's just part of the great majority of Americans who aren't refreshing National Review Online every ten minutes looking for a new Pajama Boy post.
 2) Miss Swift is slyly joining in the mockery. Argument for this interpretation: How can she not know? Everyone knows. 3) On the contrary, she is subtly sticking up for Obamacare by assuring her legions of fans that plaid onesies are cool after all. Argument for this interpretation: Swift reportedly looked pained and disapproving when hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley mocked Obamacare at the Country Music Awards.
If Hinderaker didn't know who Taylor Swift's brother was before, you can bet he has a dossier on her whole family now, and has been performing close physiognomical analysis of her performances for political content.

Again I must ask: Do these guys even know any normal people?


  1. They may know a normal person, but they don't seem to have any normal concerns, at all.

  2. Formerly_Nom_De_Plume11:36 PM

    Argument for this interpretation:

    The last picture I analysed this closely was Linda Ronstadt on roller skates. Of course, I was 13, and probably masturbated a bit less than these freaks.

  3. TGuerrant11:40 PM

    I wonder if John's still in touch with Jeff Gannon. He so adored that man.

  4. "I don't know what his damn jammies looked like... they had Yodas and shit on them." -- Nathan Arizona, from Master Class on Staying Above the Fray

  5. Jon Hendry11:51 PM

    I very nearly bought my father some "#1Dad" footie pajamas the other day. Then I realized that, in his state of progressing dementia and parkinsons, he'd likely kill himself trying to go to the bathroom.

    Anyway, they were at Macy's in Connecticut. Store brand, even. Mostly sold out, all that was left was the dregs.

  6. parsec12:15 AM

    I'm sure they know who signs their checks.

  7. M. Krebs12:16 AM

    I really think it's time for the butterfly nets.

  8. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person12:17 AM

    How can she not know? Everyone knows.

    News flash, Buttrocket: There are millions (where have I heard that recently) who have no use at all for politics via the internet. They Youtube, they Gmail, they Yahoo, they Facebook, but they don't wait breathlessly on the latest from NRO, or TPM, or Alicublog (sorry, Roy), The number of people I know who read blogs is exceeded only by the number who don't. The political blogosphere is home to a lot of us, but viewed from orbit, you could probably lose it in Rhode Island...

  9. listeninglearning12:27 AM

    Windup Outrage

    Maybe if the Swifts had chosen the Black Watch Tartan, he wouldn't have noticed?

    ("redoubt"-- I gotta change this username)

  10. JennOfArk12:33 AM

    How about 1) Miss Swift really is the only person in the USA who doesn’t know that plaid onesies, paired with hot chocolate and nerd glasses, have been mercilessly mocked by millions for the past week and even if she knew, she wouldn't give a shit what some insignificant corndog-gobbling rightwing nerd thinks about the kind of pajamas she wears, and why should she, since mega-rich people don't have to give a shit about what insignificant dorks think.

  11. Nobody12:34 AM

    Somewhere the ghost of Pauline Kael is masturbating furiously.

  12. Doc Daneeka1:00 AM

    Hinderaker on George W. Bush in 2005:

    "He is like a great painter or musician who is ahead of his time, and who
    unveils one masterpiece after another to a reception that, when not
    bored, is hostile."

    Prophetic! Bush turned out to actually be a great painter ahead of his time, who unveils one masterpiece after another to a reception that, when not bored, is hostile. Hinderaker nailed it.

    This never-ending hyperventilation on the right over the identity politics story du jour -- "Oh no! A Christian was not allowed to do something Christian!" "Oh no! Look what that blah person did and the liberal media doesn't care!" "Oh no! Someone somewhere doesn't care about the gender norms that John Wayne and Saint Ronnie fought for!" -- is annoying. But to be fair, it's pretty harmless. Better than when these same people thought the main thing we were doing wrong was not killing and torturing enough Arabs.

  13. JennOfArk1:24 AM

    Hinderaker has missed a fourth alternative: when Swift says "...onesies is a thing that's happening right now," she's mocking people who have worked themselves into a froth over the past couple of weeks because of a picture of a guy in pajamas.

  14. Ellis_Weiner1:35 AM

    "Argument for this interpretation" is Buttrocket code for: "I know this is so trivial as to be beneath me, but I'm tarting it up with crisp, impersonal, intellectual-type phrases so any of my peers wondering why I'm wasting time addressing this nonsense will know that *I know better.*"

    Once again a leading light of the wingnut cause proves that, no matter how hard they try, they'll always prove themselves to be emotional adolescents wielding slightly-better-than-mediocre adult minds. They're betrayed in this by the very impulse that prompts them to write anything. Talk about "it's my nature"--they all scorpions who, while drowning, laugh, "Oh, make no mistake, I KNOW what I'm doing."

  15. Sophronia1:37 AM

    Hmmmm. I wonder if it's starting to dawn on them that this whole pajama kerfluffle has pretty much revealed them to be the hopelessly uncool dorks in this scenario? They've spent decades on a calculated program of trying to convince America that conservatism is all youth and excitement, a big old College Republicans bacchanal of South Park and ogling hot women and 50 Conservative Rock Songs and Batman sequels. But they seem to have overplayed their hand, and suddenly the millennials are realizing their true commitments to The Half Hour News Hour, preventing unmarried sex, invalidating the marriages of your gay friends, and cluelessly mocking people online for wearing trendy pajamas. Yes, all of the Washington moronocracy who had nothing better to do over the holidays jumped on the bandwagon, but that's not exactly the "millions" they claim.

    Am I overstating? Maybe. But I've been waiting for Americans to get over their infatuation with Alex P. Keaton for so long, and nothing will kill it deader than the discovery that conservatives really are the killjoy fuddy-duddies everyone suspects they are.

  16. glennisw1:45 AM

    So what exactly IS the "Pajama boy" thing that millions have been talking about? An internet ad with a goofy character in it?

    Maybe this is the kind of important issues that Hinderaker occupies his brain cells with, but why does he think other people give a shit?

  17. glennisw1:48 AM

    The rightwing now has so many identifying badges they have to live up to that they're cluttering up their personal lives with obligations. Must do - eat fried chicken sandwiches, listen to Ted Nugent, drink Big Gulps, wear camo-gear. Can't do - drink water, wear pajamas, grow vegetables.

  18. glennisw1:53 AM

    Actually clicked on the Swift instagram, and then clicked again on the model. They really aren't connected. I mean, they're both red, but, whatever. So Hinderaker is really reaching.

    It reminds me of a guy I once knew who had dementia. He had somehow fixated on accounts of how Imelda Marcos, former First Lady of the Philippines, had been an obsessive shoe-collector. So then, every time there was a reference to the Philippines, or a person from that country, or anything vaguely Filiipino, he'd talk about shoes, and everyone who heard him would go, "What?" His fixation was so personal that no one else could perceive it..

  19. FlipYrWhig2:20 AM

    A friend/acquaintance from high school, an ardent lover of Likud and Republicans (in that order), yesterday changed his Facebook profile pic to Pajama Boy. He got zero likes or comments. IOW, even this guy's circle of friends had no idea what he was talking about. If the relentless preoccupations of dozens of obsessive fans really did mean a widespread layer of support from untold millions, we'd have Alex Chilton on our money by now.

  20. Daniel Björkman3:04 AM

    If this is indeed in reference to Pajama Boy, then it looks to me less like either mockery or defense and more like just joining the hoopla because it's fun. It's "a thing that's happening right now," she said. That seems to sum it up.

    I have made it my personal project this year to become less the kind of person who reads politics into everything. This is the sort of thing that reminds me of why.

  21. MikeJ3:18 AM

    If you went on reddit or imgur and looked at posts from xmas eve and day you will find dozens of pics of people dressing in holiday pajamas. In none of the ones I saw was there any mention of Obama or the Affordable Care Act.

    Funny how Hindrocket never hit on the interpretation that Pajama Boy was wearing pajamas because as Ms Swift says, they're "a thing that's happening right now." It's possible that OfA is more in touch with youth culture than National Review.

  22. ColBatGuano3:47 AM

    The idea that there were millions of people discussing Pajama Boy is so batshit insane it makes me glad to know Obamacare is out there so he can get treatment.

  23. Another Kiwi3:53 AM

    Also Swift "reportedly looked pained". Well this guy on Wingnut Sock Wank Forum reckons so and he saw it on the Fox Teevee highlights so it must be true.

  24. BadExampleMan4:22 AM

    Upswing for the Alex Chilton mention.

  25. Derelict6:35 AM

    Ya gotta understand that these people--Assrocket in particular--live in an echo chamber that's lined with fun-house mirrors. So he hears nothing but his own bullshit echoing back all the time, and everywhere he looks he sees people who look and act sorta like himself, and they're all mouthing the same words he's speaking.

    So, yeah: EVERYONE knows about Pajama Boy and the merciless mocking he's endured from the NRO crowd--everyone in the mirrors that Assrocket keeps looking into.

  26. coozledad7:33 AM

    You mean Alex Chilton's not supposed to be on our money?

    Oh shiiiiiit...

  27. coozledad7:54 AM

    Madness has a disturbing logic sometimes, even if its just interior logic.A father of one of my wife's coworkers was a general in the Marcos regime (he'd been to jump school with Fidel Ramos).

    He'd retired to a chicken farm not too far from us, and we drove there at their invitation to get a truckload of composted chicken shit. After we finished shoveling the manure into the truck they invited us in for tea. The wall was plastered with his combat decorations from Vietnam and pictures of him and his wife with Ferdinand and Imelda, along with catholic religious shrines. The house had been a dogtrot early on, so to get from the entry room to the kitchen /dining area, you had to pass through a hallway about the size of a mobile home. It had been fitted with retail racks for an astonishing collection of women's shoes. Thousands.

  28. coozledad8:06 AM

    They could streamline this process by moving to fucking Pittsylvania County fucking Virginia.

  29. coozledad8:10 AM

    Wingnut Sock Wank Forum

    Mr. Another Kiwi? A&E Network on line 2!.

  30. coozledad8:13 AM

    But how do you mount those heavy motherfuckers on foam board?

  31. El Manquécito8:26 AM

    Well, you know they're not gonna move to Fauquier County.

  32. BadExampleMan8:37 AM

    Knitting needles.

  33. So he has it down to 3 possibilities: she is doing it to mock Obamacare, or she is doing it to support Obamacare, or she is doing it for neither of those. By George, I think he's got it.

  34. LittlePig8:47 AM

    Was that a great (and useful) album cover or what? Right up there in Golden Earring territory.

  35. But John Hinderaker of Power Line is deeply interested disturbed.

    And life goes on...

  36. LittlePig8:56 AM

    "His train in brain is going down the drain"

  37. BigHank538:58 AM

    Fuck, I thought I burned all of those.

  38. LittlePig8:58 AM

    My question is, what's the dress code for Christmas morning in the Hindrocket Household? White tie and tails and evening dresses?

  39. BigHank539:06 AM

    The traditional uniform is a charcoal grey business suit worn over a Duck Dynasty t-shirt over a Chik-Fil-A t-short over a Palin t-shirt over a Never Forget 9/11 t-shirt over a Bush/Cheney t-shirt over an anti-Dixie Chicks t-shirt. Three more outrages and they won't be able to move anymore.

  40. Jeffrey_Kramer9:22 AM

    And when he looks in those mirrors, he's Ming the Merciless. When other people look, they see...

  41. Adrian9:22 AM

    College age kids have been walking around in pajamas for several years.

  42. You didn't get the letter?

  43. She is immensely rich and does indeed live in a bubble.

    It's bad when she does it, but good when the Walton heirs do it.

  44. This is central to my point!

  45. How about 4) It's Christmas morning, she's goofing around with family, and she wants to be comfortable?

    I actually met Taylor Swift once, on the job about four years ago, but I had no idea it was her until later. The fact that I never knew she was a fairly famous person actually speaks well to her character.

    I feel bad she didn't break up with me, though:

    "Mister, it's just not working out."
    "We're not even going out."
    "No biggie, it's just my schtick!"

  46. Yeah, but what about the survival seed racket?

  47. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person10:19 AM

    If the Benghazm! and IRS shirts aren't out yet, somebody's fallen asleep on the job. That or the T-shirt factory in China burned down...

  48. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person10:26 AM

    If the Marcos regime had been deposed last week, and they were Lefties, I guaranfuckingtee you the Rightbloggers would be shoes-shoes-shoes, 24/7...

  49. Grow vegetables? They can't even eat them!

  50. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person10:32 AM

    Invent the Corndog seed, and you'll clean up...

  51. I thought the plural was Yodae.

  52. KeithOK10:37 AM

    1) Miss Swift really is the only person in the USA who doesn’t know that plaid onesies, paired with hot chocolate and nerd glasses, have been mercilessly mocked by millions for the past week.

    Apparently, he lives in a bubble where everyone is mocking Pajama Boy, completely unaware that others are mocking them for doing so.

    No, everyone does not think like you, and when you get the feeling everyone does, it's a good sign that you have to get out more.

  53. Mark_Bzzzz10:40 AM

    Railroad spikes.

  54. Mark_Bzzzz10:45 AM

    The right wingers have had many weird obsessions over the years. Flag pins, bowing, fake birth legends, etc. But pajama boy takes the cake as the weirdest and most obsessive of all. It's so completely taken over their lives that now every thing they see somehow connects to pajama boy. It's pajama boy madness, and it won't end well.

  55. Mark_Bzzzz10:49 AM

    It's the same bubble that the 95% of Americans who have never heard of pajama boy live in. It's a big bubble.

  56. glennisw11:23 AM

    Add to the picture their fervent adoption of Chik-fil-ay sandwiches and their brave defense of Big Gulps - they wear the badges of their tribe proudly while snarling "Merry Christmas!' at the opposition.

  57. glennisw11:24 AM

    camo snugglies.

  58. Buddy_McCue11:47 AM

    I never heard this album, but I do like Linda Ronstadt, so I looked it up. Here it is:

    Good stuff!

  59. Buddy_McCue11:52 AM

    Good point. Lots of people don't have any use for the day-to-day dustups of political columnists.

    I mentioned something about "Pajama Boy" to my wife, for example, and she said "Who?"

    I briefly explained the micro-scandal (feeling a little bit silly as I did so,) and she looked at me as though I were making the whole thing up. Listening to myself, I FELT as though I were making the whole thing up.

  60. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person11:59 AM

    I get exactly the same reaction from every member of my extended family, without exception. I send out occasional links in emails to most of 'em, and they're pretty much ignored. Only have one wingnut in the group. I don't bother sending him anything...

  61. Mooser12:02 PM

    I'm with you, Dan. I never worry about a person's politics. I'm much more interested in ferreting out any personal weakness or failing I can take advantage of. Try developing that facility, it's worth a whole lot more than some stupid dialectic or whatever.

  62. Mooser12:03 PM

    For my money, you can have Chilton. I'd take Haynes, any day of the week.

  63. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person12:03 PM

    If they know any Normals, they probably cross the street to avoid 'em...

  64. Mooser12:14 PM

    live in an echo chamber that's lined with fun-house mirrors.


  65. Buddy_McCue12:18 PM

    Of course I can't know for sure, but I think it's just coincidence that Ms. Swift is wearing pajamas that are somewhat similar to those worn by the model in the Healthcare ad.

    And it's not even that much of a coincidence. Pajamas like these are pretty common.

  66. Mooser12:18 PM

    Man, go easy on the dregs! We went out dregging last night, and I now have a nice new Lauren bathrobe, all kinds new Izod palamas, and premium Russel sweats, at about 70% off.
    Most alarming is the way "micro-fibers" are replacing %100 cotton.

  67. Mooser12:20 PM

    Ms. Ronstadt did a great job in "Pirates of Penzance"!!

  68. Mooser12:22 PM

    "Pajamas like these are pretty common."

    If you hurry, there are still a lot of XL, XXL S, and XS left, at considerable savings.

  69. Buddy_McCue12:39 PM

    Ha ha!

    No, I'm just not the pajama-wearing type.

  70. dstatton1:06 PM

    Yes, and there was of course a recent article lamenting it.

  71. That's ridiculous. All the critiques of Pajamaboy have been so levelheaded and reasonable!

  72. Also, being immensely rich means that Taylor Swift lives in a bubble, whereas being immensely rich means that Mitt Romney is a hardworking down-to-earth ordinary American.

  73. Remember, kids: just because you're not wrong doesn't mean you're right.

  74. The scandals really do get more ridiculous every time. We lefties used to make the mistake of constantly thinking they'd finally hit rock bottom. I think most of us have learned our lesson. Why, I don't think I've seen the phrase "Peak Wingnut" for four or five years now.

  75. I, too, sleep in the nude.

  76. KatWillow2:32 PM

    "Do they even know any normal people"?

    To them THEY are the norm, everyone else is crazy.

  77. KatWillow2:38 PM

    Macy*s store brands are pretty good. They used to carry sheets by "Style&Co" which I think was a store brand... they were displaced by "Martha Stewart" stuff. Martha Stewart "stuff" is everywhere.

    The rest of the world is fretting about climate change, pollution, banksters, etc.etc., but they really ought to sit up and take notice of the spreading strains of Stewartisms. Even in Petco! Soon there will be "Martha Stewart" gasoline, and "Martha Stewart" Kock-funded think tanks. THEN she'll run for president, hopefully against Ryan or Cruz.

  78. smut clyde2:41 PM

    A Turducken of stupid.

  79. KatWillow2:41 PM

    Double-scoop of "like" for "echo chamber lined with fun-house mirrors"

  80. MikeJ2:58 PM

    I used all my Chiltonbux to buy a ticket for an aeroplane.

  81. redoubtagain3:41 PM

    All of which goes under two wetsuits, but I digress. . .

  82. Mark_Bzzzz3:51 PM

    It wasn't multiple instances of Yoda, but Yoda and his excrement.

  83. PersonaAuGratin3:54 PM

    Petco may have Martha Stewart, but Bed Bath & Beyond has a Pink Camo Duck Dynasy T-Shirt for your gay dog:

  84. Buddy_McCue5:55 PM

    Pajama People are boring me to pieces; they make me feel like I am wasting my time.

    They all got flannel up-n-down 'em, a little trap door back around 'em -
    Some cozy little footies on their minds.

    -Frank Zappa

  85. M. Krebs5:56 PM

    Wow, I didn't expect my theory to be tested so quickly. Looks like de Blasio will be sworn in by Bill Clinton.

  86. MikeJ6:00 PM

    On a qur'an?

  87. Howlin Wolfe6:03 PM

    Didn't have time for a fast train?

  88. Holiday at the Hinderaker's

    Mrs. (the poor soul) Hinderaker: John? John!? You're not blogging again? We have guests!

    Hinderaker: You vile whore! Why can't you see that this is important! I'm changing the world, creating a new paradigm, making the world a better place for all of the humanity that matters!

  89. coozledad6:25 PM

    Or a first edition of Our Bodies, Our Selves.

  90. marindenver6:26 PM

    Let me just, if I may, pile on the "Liking" for "echo chamber that's lined with fun-house mirrors"!

  91. triple scoop for the echo of the shit he's throwing at those fun house mirrors. Great image.

  92. Yeah, I agree with Triplanetary. I think the scandals get smaller and more ridiculous all the time and the current one pushes out the last one. The flag pin thing was the stupidest, to my mind, because they stasrted in with it while their own reps weren't wearing flag pins. You actually had people not wearing flag pins criticizing Obama for not wearing one. Also, another forgotten one was "hand on heart gate" when Obama unwisely had his picture taken while his hand was not on his heart--it wasn't actually during the pledge of allegiance or some patriotic song, it was before or after, but what the hell? It proved something.

    But it all works together, all the time. I had an online wingnut tell me, tearfully, that Obama and Michelle never "shake hands with" or acknowledge the servicemen who work on airforce one or who they encounter around the country. I've seen about a fucking kajillion pictures of the Obamas shaking hands with, serving food to, and celebrating service people including janitors, for fuck's sake, all around the country all the time. But if you were to show those pictures to her she'd just tell you they were as staged as th emoon landing and proved how insincere and fake the Obamas are. Its not what they say--its that they say it ovr and over and overa gain that works for these goons. Because they are in the business of satifying a bottomless maw of hatred. They could shovel in the moral equivalent of an everest of styrofoam chips and never fill that abyss.

  93. Don't you have a wife to be sleeping in the arms of?

  94. coozledad6:56 PM

    Have you got any more stock tips, Krebs? Cause peak wingnut has landed!

  95. MBouffant7:01 PM

    Oh you're just being mean now.

  96. MBouffant7:04 PM

    I will pile on the piling on.

  97. AlanInSF7:38 PM

    Children by the million join you in your upding.

  98. AlanInSF7:39 PM

    Children by the million join your upding.

  99. AlanInSF7:42 PM

    Somewhere on a conservative jukebox, there's a song about the Benghazi talking points.

  100. ColBatGuano7:43 PM


  101. satch7:46 PM

    That, and a cilice.

  102. glennisw8:59 PM

    What, not Dennis Kucinich? bummer.

  103. Halloween_Jack9:00 PM

    4) She's so adorbs that she effectively doesn't even live in the same dimension as you, Assrocket.

  104. Jon Hendry9:16 PM

  105. coozledad9:29 PM


  106. BigHank539:56 PM

    But how do you mount those heavy motherfuckers on foam board?

    Foam board really doesn't have the required structural integrity. Ideally you'd use three-quarter inch cabinet-grade hardwood plywood. Given today's financial straits, everyone will understand if you need to use oriented strand board instead. Or even some old pallets.

    If the specimen isn't intended for your permanent collection, just temporary display, one can frequently locate a suitable mounting surface in the local environment, such as the hood of a Cadillac Escalade or the front facade of a bank headquarters. Hardened steel fasteners and a hammer drill are recommended for such substrates.

  107. BigHank539:57 PM

    What, they misplaced that signed copy of The Third Sex?

  108. Ellis_Weiner10:30 PM

    This is as good a metaphor as any and better than most, for what they do. I'd only add that wingnut bloggers do it as though assigned by a teacher: "Find something, no matter how trivial, and claim that it makes the case that Obama is diabolical." It's "professional" in that way--I don't really mean it, but the teacher is making me do it. Although I'm sure if you had a drink with them and confronted them with the absurdity of it, they'd deny that and insist that what they're doing is sincere and legitimate.

    And so, in conclusion, fuck those assholes.

  109. Ellis_Weiner10:34 PM

    "I'm much more interested in ferreting out any personal weakness or failing I can take advantage of."

    You, sir, are a true philosopher, and I doff my pretend cap to you.

  110. BigHank5310:37 PM

    That merchandising tie-in is the most succinct argument for A&E's displeasure I've seen.

  111. bekabot10:45 PM

    If Taylor Swift is making fun of anything she's doing it in a manner so gentle and refined as to be unexampled in the annals of the Power Line genus — maybe that's what's got Hinderaker in a stew. "What is this spoofery of which you speak?" It's like somebody breaking out in Elvish at a longshoremen's convention and giving rise to a confusion too deep for threats — instead the brothers poke each other nervously and mutter under their breaths that nobody better be making fun of them. (If anybody even is, which they can't decide.)

  112. Jeffrey_Kramer11:09 PM

    Don't forget the "Happy Holidays is what liberals say!" T-shirt covering up the "Happy Holidays" T-shirt.

  113. On Mao's "Little Red Book".

  114. This thread is all about the stupid; wingnut in general, assrocket in particular. I'm wondering why the overriding mendacity hasn't been discussed. It's the scourge of Obamacare driving this flapgasm; without it they wouldn't give a shit either way about onesies.

    If Pajama Boy had been hoisting a triple bacon burger on behalf of Americans For Tax reform, he'd be booked solid on rightwing media for the next year as a younger, cooler Joe the Plumber.

  115. smut clyde11:29 PM

    Foam board really doesn't have the required structural integrity.

    Granite benchtops.

    A Conan Doyle character shows how it's done:

  116. DocAmazing1:05 AM

    This is from a show that stars a guy who is militant in his very non-gay heterosexuality. Hmmm...

  117. billcinsd1:26 AM

    so alone I keep the wolves at Bain
    and there's only one thing I can't say

  118. JohnMyroro1:30 AM

    Carrie Underwood mocked Obamacare on the Country Music Awards? No wonder God smote her on NBC. Her Maria had me rooting for the Nazis.

  119. billcinsd2:04 AM

    you're a sly one, Mr. Westerberg

  120. Odder3:27 AM

    Just a dude dropping in late at night to reaffirm my very heterosexual and platonic love for Pajama Boy:another clueless milepost on the autobahn to irrelevance for our flannel-loathing, flailing ideological opponents.

  121. Same experience here…I wanted to share the nostalgic humor of Rollergirl Rondstadt, but found that I had to explain the entire Rightwing meltdown over the ACA ad campaign BEFORE even getting to the Pajama Boy part.

    I felt like a 10-year-old trying to tell a joke he didn't really get. It was horrible.

    On that note, she pointed me to this short video on the problems with the American medical cartel, which is sort of what Pajama Boy might be saying if he could talk.

    Although, I still can't figure out why the truth freaks wingers out so much. How are you going to fix anything when you don't even want to know what's wrong?

  122. mommadillo7:57 AM

    The fact that Buttrocket is a respected member of the bar speaks volumes about exactly what's wrong with our justice system.

  123. I'm so confused…doesn't being mega-riche mean that every thought that forms and slips like a silvery burp-egg from Ms. Swift's mouth mean that it's TRUTH? How can the rocket even think about her being wrong or ignorant?

  124. Derelict8:09 AM

    How are you going to fix anything when you don't even want to know what's wrong?

    It doesn't matter what's wrong--the answers are always the same: Cut taxes on the wealthy, repeal any and all regulations, and do whatever you can to kick the poors.

  125. …and there's only one thing I can't be sayin'

  126. heck yeah…as long as ten years ago I saw kids showing up to college classes in PJs and flip flops.

  127. The right wingers have had many weird obsessions over the years. Flag pins, bowing, fake birth legends, etc.

    They're just looking for easy visual cues for tribal identity. I mean, c'mon, used to be that White or a Southron Accent was enough to recognize a fellow asshole, but nowadays you can't really tell until you talk to 'em.

    Wingers need to be able to recognize fellow tribals before they talk to them and be exposed to rational thinking (or worse).

  128. coozledad8:35 AM

    Or anything by Fran Lebowitz.

  129. JennOfArk9:43 AM

    They already know what's wrong. Liberals, gays, wimmins, Mexicans, poors and of course teh blahs.

  130. Buddy_McCue10:22 AM

    Yes, but I don't need pajamas for that!

  131. Buddy_McCue10:24 AM


    The hatred comes first, and the reasons afterward.

  132. Mooser12:26 PM

    Thank God for camo. Now wingers don't have to be confused, feel themselves torn in different directions, by flannel.

  133. Mooser12:27 PM

    Country music is as dead as metal. Of course dead metal still lives.

  134. Mooser12:28 PM

    Flapgasm and flagspasms, that's all you get from those people.

  135. Mooser12:30 PM

    "It's like somebody breaking out in Elvish at a longshoremen's convention..."

    Is he a Teddy Bear, or a hunk'a hunk'a burnin' love? Hard to tell.

  136. Mooser12:35 PM

    "Don't you have a wife to be sleeping in the arms of?"

    Yes, I do, and she is, without doubt, "the bee's roller skates". I sometimes get a glimpse of her on the other side of Dora the dog. Cat's used to sleep with us, too. Dora put a stop to all that.

  137. Mooser12:37 PM

    Yeah, you do. With a nice layer of heavy flannel between me and the dog, I can stand it. I'm not sure I want her sleeping up against my bare skin. The dander will give me a rash. Of course, the fleas find the fly.

  138. Mooser12:40 PM

    It's my own fault, too. "Oh, let the little puupy sleep in the bed" I said. "When she matures, she will grow out of it, and want to sleep in her own spot"

  139. petesh12:53 PM

    And when she really matures she won't be able to jump up onto the bed unassisted ...

  140. timb1171:05 PM

    Because she might be a secret liberal/class traitor

  141. Bethany Spencer1:19 PM

    Hey, this is getting kinky.

  142. bekabot1:20 PM

    "Is he a Teddy Bear, or a hunk'a hunk'a burnin' love? Hard to tell."

    He's at the wrong convention either way.

  143. Silly, by letting her sleep in the bed as a puppy, you ensured that the bed is her own spot.

    You need to sleep on the couch or in the bathtub.

  144. I mean, c'mon, used to be that White or a Southron Accent was enough to
    recognize a fellow asshole, but nowadays you can't really tell on sight

    Ah, a shitboleth.

  145. Assrocket spends a lot of time watching Miss Universe contests too.

  146. JennOfArk3:04 PM

    We should have seen this coming; it was foretold by Ardnassac.

    Of course, then there's what really happened:

    According to CBS News, in a September 15 email, Petraeus wrote that "he doesn't like the talking points and he would 'just assume they not use them... This is not what [Rep.] Ruppersberger asked for. We couldn't even mention the Cairo warning. But it's their call.'"

    The "Cairo warning" Petraeus mentioned appears to refer to the following sentence that CBS News reported was added to the original talking points but subsequently removed:

    On 10 September we warned of social media reports calling for a demonstration in front of the Embassy [in Cairo] and that jihadists were threatening to break into the Embassy."

    As has been extensively reported, the September demonstrations in Cairo, Egypt, were part of a series of global riots and protests in Muslim countries that came in response to increasing awareness of the anti-Islam video. In the days and weeks following the attack, President Obama both referred to the attacks as an "act of terror" and offered criticism of that video for "spark[ing] outrage through the Muslim world."

    It was not unreasonable for Petraeus and Obama to cite a link between the attacks and the video - according to the New York Times, the Benghazi attackers told bystanders that "that they were attacking the compound because they were angry about the video." In fact, the original set of talking points prepared by the CIA's Office of Terrorism Analysis stated that the attacks "were spontaneously inspired by the protests at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo."

    But in reporting on the same Petraeus email, Karl has left out Petraeus' stated reason for disliking the talking points and in one case allowed his interviewer to suggest that Petraeus actually opposed linking the attacks to the video.

    Reporting on the Petraeus email, Karl told Fox News' Bill O'Reilly that Petraeus "didn't like these talking points" and said that he "would just as soon not use them." O'Reilly responded that this proved his contention that Petraeus "didn't sign off on this at all" and that it was the White House and State Department "who made these edits and misled the world into thinking it could have been an anti-Islamic video put out by some nut in the USA."

  147. cpinva3:09 PM

    and this is a problem because?

  148. ASSROCKET!!

  149. I thought that was "The Big Trunk".

  150. jimpower4:33 PM

    "Miss Swift really is the only person in the USA who doesn’t know that plaid onesies, paired with hot chocolate and nerd glasses, have been mercilessly mocked by millions for the past week."
    Make that 2... I swear to God I have no idea what that means. I'll assume it's one of the many rightwing fetishes that emasculated rightwingers jerk off to.

  151. Eric Nelson4:37 PM

    This is all way too meta. I don't even get it.

  152. I thought dogs were color-blind. So will a pink doggie onesie really mean anything to the wearer? I mean, you could get it something more masculine, like something Larry Craig or Karl Rove might wear.

  153. Eric Nelson4:40 PM

    I am 3 I guess. I have no idea what any of this is about.

  154. smut clyde5:32 PM

    Hinderaker [...] has been performing
    close physiognomical analysis of her performances

    Is that what the kids are calling it?

  155. smut clyde5:38 PM

    Misuse of Copperplate Gothic makes the Baby Jesus sad.

  156. Another Kiwi6:35 PM

    Right wing hive mind gets exercised by an advertisement. Argle Blargle ensues

  157. Another Kiwi6:39 PM

    You might call it a 1 gallon tin of Jiffy- Lube and a tube sock. He calls it scientific apparatus. It's just perspectives, people!

  158. Mooser6:56 PM


  159. M. Krebs6:58 PM

    The guy in the photo is Taylor’s brother; I know because one of my daughters told me so. ...

    I think he's trying a little too hard here. My guess is that Taylor Swift is his #1 imaginary blow-up doll, and this whole rant is because he's feeling betrayed. You know, as if a normal person were to learn that Marisa Tomei is a Republican or something. Wait, I said too much.

  160. Henk_sg7:04 PM

    Hinderaker has children? I thought he was gay? Not that there's anything wrong with that or that gay people wouldn't have children, but I always thought that a guy who once called himself Hindrocket, was gay.

  161. Mooser7:05 PM

    All this has become clear to me. Yes, one of us often seeks different accommodations before the night's over.
    There's already a step to get up to the bed.

    And we bought her a titanium knee, and this is how she repays us! And it's nothing but sheer snobbery, when you get down to it. She's got a pedigree, and is not about to take orders from a mongrel like me.

  162. Terskac7:13 PM

    The man is deranged if he thinks her fans and Instagram followers are political. Most of them aren't yet 15. He's trying to get revenge for what happened to his poor old Osama Fudd on Duck Dynasty.

  163. Kyle Michel Sullivan7:40 PM

    Hinderaker is apparently a synonym for "I'm really important and people pay attention to because I'm important, and if you don't know that, you're not important enough for me to know about until you do something important enough for me to say you're not important." I think.

  164. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person9:16 PM

    "men want to love women, not compete with them."

    And since, as Harlan Ellison said, "Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Misspelled", this is literally true...

  165. Jon Hendry9:57 PM

    I did some contract software work at that company (SENCO) in the 90s. We used to joke that they should do an ad campaign featuring a Roman soldier.

  166. P Gustaf9:58 PM

    "Miss Swift really is the only person in the USA who doesn’t know that plaid onesies, paired with hot chocolate and nerd glasses, have been mercilessly mocked by millions for the past week... does indeed live in a bubble" Self Awareness is not their long suit.

  167. Snarki, child of Loki11:09 PM

    "... have been mercilessly mocked by millions for the past week"

    Yeah, and if you add their total IQ points it must be almost ONE HUNDRED!

    Attention must be paid!

  168. Chocolate Covered Cotton11:20 PM

    So, how many "buy gold now while you still can!" emails did you send out last week?

  169. The kerfuffle doesn't surprise me at all. In Wingnut World, sitting around the house in pajamas is a political act.

    (Nice. Spellcheck doesn't have a problem with "kerfuffle", but "wingnut" gets underlined. So does "spellcheck.")

  170. Chocolate Covered Cotton11:35 PM

    I thought the flag pin/dissing military thing went back to Clinton at least. It's a classic. For most ridiculous notscandal, I'm going with the "Michelle is telling kids to drink more water and so trying to poison kids" bit. That is, most ridiculous in the last year. Can't wait to see what the new year brings.

  171. telabs12:53 AM

    You forgot the flag pin.

  172. LutherZBlissett1:09 AM

    Assrocket is known for his close physiognomical analyses of beauty pageants, so yeah.

  173. Halloween_Jack8:01 AM

    My inner Snoop Pearson just had a murdergasm.

  174. Lurking Canadian8:05 AM

    There is no excuse for OSB. None.

  175. glennisw9:03 AM

    The man is deranged if he thinks anyone who cares about actual politics cares about a fictional character in an ad.

    TV personality saying offensive shit, and goofy characters in ads for government services do not equal "politics".

  176. Helmut Monotreme9:14 AM

    Shiboleth: As described in the AD&D 1st edition Monster Manual 2:a terrifying malevolent giant fish creature only to be found in the deepest subterranean lakes. Endlessly plotting the doom of the surface world, only not able to do much about it because: cave fish.

  177. Buddy_McCue10:11 AM

    I really wish I could agree with you.

    These things SHOULDN'T have anything to do with politics, especially when it comes to electoral politics, but people make their voting decisions based on all kinds of factors.

    Often these factors have nothing to do with good ideas or the promise of sound policy, and everything to do with the marketing of images and identification markers.

    For example, THIS is a GOP primary ad for Senator John Cornyn:

  178. Meanie-meanie, tickle a person10:35 AM

    Ditto, with my sis yesterday. She never heard of it, and none of her internet acquaintances ever mentioned it either, and she spends as much time online as I do..

  179. Buddy_McCue10:57 AM

    So much for Hinderaker's idea that "Everyone knows."

  180. doomvox11:34 AM

    People who look back on the 70s fondly are really weird. The Elvis Costello cover isn't bad, I guess.

    Anyway, they use a much better skating photo at around 10 minutes in.

  181. I was going to mention it to my wife and thought about how silly I'd sound doing it, so I kept my mouth shut.

  182. Buddy_McCue2:10 PM

    That's what I should have done.

  183. Peanutcat7:24 PM

    "Again I must ask: Do these guys even know any normal people?"


  184. Peanutcat7:24 PM

    More like the other way around . . . . .

  185. Peanutcat7:29 PM

    People don't buy pet clothing for their pets to look at . . . .

  186. brandonrg11:10 AM

    My wife's mom has bought her and her brother pajamas and given them to them on Christmas Eve so that they'd look nice on Christmas morning since they were tots. Who knew Obama's circumvention of causality stretched back not just to the financial collapse but a couple of decades.

  187. bekabot3:31 PM

    "Must do - eat fried chicken sandwiches, listen to Ted Nugent, drink Big Gulps, wear camo-gear."

    "Now ahead of your children

    and ahead of your wife

    on the list of the ten best things in life

    your CB's gotta rate right around number four, course:

    1) beavers

    2) hot biscuits, and

    3) Merle Haggard

    come 1 - 2 - 3, you know...

    ...when I was a kid that stuff about the beavers and hot biscuits and Merle Haggard was understood to be a joke, even by hicks, of whom I was one and still am. Now there are circles in which it has attained the force of religious law.

    Nostalgia has never been my strong suit but I'm beginning to understand its appeal.

    But. cripes, let it never be said that these people aren't hardworking. It takes work, it takes drudgery sustained over the course of decades, before people who went to high schools where the parking lots really were packed with unpainted pick-ups adorned with gun racks will start to wonder if you might perchance be just a bit behind the times. Let no onlooker envy the reputation for dorkitude the American right has built up: they earned it by the sweat of their brow.

  188. joneshxf12:57 AM

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  193. joneshxf5:52 AM

    Let me just, if I may, pile on the "Liking" for "echo chamber that's lined with fun-house mirrors"! Wholesale NFL Jerseys