Tuesday, December 03, 2013


Some neat stuff on the web:

Old-timers, remember Sasha Castel? She used to be a pain in the ass. Well, she's still alive, in Australia no less, and has become funny and charming on her Self-Pollution site, talking about food, opera, and whatnot. See, there's hope for us all.

Our old friend John Williams has decided to stop laboriously pen-cil-ling and ink-ing funnies like a fucking monk, and now just zips them right the fuck out in ballpoint on his Spiral Notebook Comics blog. It's SO FREEING.

Kathleen Geier is a great writer for the Washington Monthly and others, and has decided to do Late Shows for The Real People at her own blog called Inequality Matters. She ain't wrong.


  1. AGoodQuestion1:19 AM

    Gotta say, John Williams draws a mean John Spencer.

  2. scarf-ace2:03 AM

    "See, there's hope for us all".

    Aww, you're just saying that. *blush*

  3. hellslittlestangel2:14 AM

    Thx for the links. Kathleen Geier is my favorite Kilgore-substitute.

  4. Derelict6:09 AM

    I guess in order to become a human, Sasha had to move to a country with a society where individuals actually care about the commonweal. The horror of living someplace with working gun-control laws, a fully functioning social safety net, and single-payer healthcare have shocked her to humanity.

  5. John E Williams7:36 AM

    That was my favorite part of the comic. Thanks!!

  6. John E Williams7:37 AM

    Roy is too kind. I will put away the compromising photos... for NOW.

    Thanks for the plug, boss. Hope people enjoy my scribblins.

  7. So THAT's where you disappeared to!

  8. John E Williams8:51 AM

    Oh I'm always here. Watching... waiting...

  9. MaryRC5:29 PM

    Well, Sasha links approvingly to Tim "Global warming? What global warming? Why, it's only 100 degrees in Sydney today!" Blair. So I'm not too hopeful yet.

  10. Halloween_Jack10:13 AM

    Nice 'toons!

  11. He said that I was a pain in the ass, not that I was inhuman. I was human then and still am, rumors to the contrary notwithstanding.

    And by the way, health-care here is NOT single-payer. You are permitted and encouraged to purchase private health coverage in addition to your government Medicare, and you receive a tax rebate if you do.