Monday, November 18, 2013


Bob McManus at City Journal:
History may not repeat itself, but sometimes it whispers warnings. The wise will pay heed. 
Whether the ice-rink shooting at New York City’s Bryant Park, an arduously restored urban jewel at 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue, was an aberration or a harbinger remains to be seen. But the gunplay prompted unhappy recollections of the not-so-distant past, when the enclave was known as Needle Park and the New York Times described it as “a cesspool of crime and vice” only sporadically patrolled by police, if at all.

...memories linger of a time when New York had truly lost its way, when it couldn’t summon the will to resist dysfunction or even articulate a right to self-defense—to say nothing of self-respect.

Soon Bill de Blasio will be mayor...
Bill de Blasio is six weeks from inauguration as Mayor, but he's already on the hook for a mini-crime wave and junkies from thirty years ago. Is it right that one man should have such power?
Things like Bernie Goetz on the Downtown No. 2 train, on Dec. 22, 1984—the night he opened fire on four black teenagers who he said were menacing him with a screwdriver. The episode touched off a debate on race, crime, and the right to self-defense that seethed for years. Nobody was neutral on Bernie Goetz. He was the man who refused to be victimized, or he was a racist gunman—pick one. Goetz did eight months on Rikers Island, then drifted off into semi-obscurity. But there he was last month, smirk and all, back in court on a minor drug-peddling charge. He’s no longer a threat of any sort, just a timely reminder, as the debate over the future of Pax Giuliani in the age of de Blasio gains energy.
If Bernie Goetz sees his shadow, we get four more years of John Lindsay.
Things like Sonny Carson, an architect of the racist boycott of a Korean grocery in Brooklyn that shamed the city for six months in 1990—an event that then-mayor David Dinkins couldn’t bring himself even obliquely to criticize. Ugly stuff, not to be repeated. But there was the beyond-bitter entertainer Harry Belafonte, channeling Carson in a Brooklyn church the Sunday before Election Day. Conservative political contributors Charles and David Koch, he said, are “white supremacists . . . men of evil . . . [similar to] the men who would belong to the Ku Klux Klan.” Americans are entitled to their views, of course, even haters in their dotage. And this outburst would have scant significance—except that soon-to-be-mayor-elect de Blasio sat smiling as Belafonte sputtered on. Much as Dinkins, with his silence, encouraged Carson’s racist rants.
You see the connection: Carson instigated a boycott of Korean delis, and Belafonte talked shit about two of the richest men in America. It's practically the same thing.
Now, some pathologies never go away, which doubtless explains the city’s just-concluded Banksy carnival—the media celebration of an anonymous, high-end graffiti vandal who may or may not be a competent artist, but who sure knows how to turn a buck off defacing property. Banksy, a Brit, recently returned home after a month in the city creating “art” that sold for six figures (perhaps boosting de Blasio’s argument that some people just need taxing.) It was all harmless fun, except that the city has been there, done that, and doesn’t need a return trip...
The good news is the new wave of graffiti will be done by rich British performance artists, so no one can call conservatives racist when they complain.

The reviews are in:

And yet 74% of them voted for de Blasio. Must have a... Death Wish.

Tune in a few weeks from now, when the increased imminence of Mayor de Blasio causes 9/11.

UPDATE. Commenters are performing at a Broadway level. "Boy, they'll jump at any shadow, huh?" says Batocchio. "But it stands to reason, since shadows are black."

Many notice the commenters at McManus' page who, unlike our own, tend to destroy rather than restore one's faith in humanity with their gibberish about "Liberals and Black race pimps," etc. "It's not exactly like a bathroom wall," notes Hob, "it's like a cross between a bathroom wall and the letter column of some mimeographed Klan zine..."

"Let me know when the full DeBlasio effect has kicked in so I can take the Acela and go wilding on reactionaries," says Cato the Censor. You and me both, comrade! Time to get some jumbos and cheap rents back up in this bitch.


  1. Tom Hartley11:20 PM

    And there's this:

    de Blasio!!!!!

  2. Code Name Cain11:33 PM

    At this rate, by the time de Blasio actually takes office he will be personally responsible for Bill the Butcher running the Five Points and the 1863 draft riots.

  3. I can see that. Savvy hoods beating the rush and finding pre-crimewave specials. Once di Blasio's in, and the cops are holding doors for thugs at the banks and jewelry stores, all the good stuff's gonna get snapped up pretty fast.

  4. DocAmazing12:07 AM

    Once DeBlasio gets in, Gerald Ford will show up on his Ouija board telling him to drop dead.

  5. Bas-O-Matic12:11 AM

    Wasn't Needle Park at 72nd and Broadway, anyway? At least that's where The Panic in Needle Park was shot, or am I remembering that wrong?

  6. iTunes is reporting a spike in downloads of Shattered.

  7. McManus couldn't have dredged up a more awful group of amens than those from the Greek chorus of stupidity is his comments section - probably because most of them identify themselves as not being natives of the city and range from fairly to utterly ignorant about it; are too inbred to think clearly; and look forward to its destruction with glee.

    Oh, and I'm guessing they are uniformly white.

    Commenter Paul says "Looks like we won't be visiting New York City again soon. Have a good time New Yorkers in your soon to be rat infested hell hole." Angela vows never to visit again and ted says that he's going to experience a "sexual" level of schadenfreude watching the city disintegrate (for the high crime of disagreeing with his political preferences).

    Sam says:

    Look for the bl*cks and h*spanics to continue the crime wave even more now the we have a communist taking over NYC. The left hates capitalism and freedom. They will continue the war against the wealth earning white people of NYC

    Never mind that the victims of this shooting weren't white and one was fourteen years old.

    One trots out the classic "Liberals and Black race pimps have blacks right where they want them depending on the Democrats and welfare, uneducated in the ghetto...selling drugs, pimping, making babies for tax payer,s to support and being dependent on government cheese...."

    If we take him at his word, the exception to the out-of-towners chiming in is kkkommenter "Angelodeath," a self-described "architect of the NYC turnaround" - impressive! - and "bitter foe of the leftist and satanic filth that rotted this city." This insider rages at the ruin of his life's work by liberals and declares that they will deserve the murders they are certain to be victims of...probably by him, if his writing is any indication of one's psych profile, and it is.

    Back in my college days when I naively thought society was trending towards more enlightened views I couldn't have imagined encountering such unabashed racism in a public medium. It would have been unthinkable, and had it happened the perpetrators would have been publicly shamed. And just twelve years ago after 9/11 when NYC was universally cherished as "Everytown, USA" it was impossible to imagine this sort of vitriol towards the city. I just don't know what the hell has happened. I mean, know the usual theories, but, fuck. This is utter insanity.

    And it's not nutpicking if the entire comments section is in agreement. You could boil the entire thing down to "Racist conservative whites who hate New York City agree - its citizens deserve the genocidal race wars they are about to be victims of."

  8. JennOfArk12:18 AM

    IFC has been showing The Warriors in heavy rotation.

  9. Spaghetti Lee12:20 AM

    And the Dodgers leaving.

  10. Spaghetti Lee12:25 AM

    sometimes it whispers warnings. The wise will pay heed.

    I guess conservatives who are too mature to pretend to be Rambo or Dirty Harry pretend that they're Saruman instead. "The hour is later than you think, New Yorkers. Verily, the Red Lord ascendeth his throne, and he shall send his Black (and I do mean black) Riders upon the land. By their hoodies ye shall know them. Remember only this; I offered you a chance at redemption, and ye refused. Fare thee well!"

  11. Mark_Bzzzz12:25 AM

    And I found this video of de Blasio leading a meeting of his followers: Can you dig it!

  12. Spaghetti Lee12:31 AM

    Given that the National Review has been based in New York since its founding in 1955, I hereby declare it retroactively responsible for all murders that have occurred in New York during that time, double-stamp no erasies.

  13. mortimer200012:36 AM

    In keeping with the back to the 70's theme, that entire comments section sounds like your average Bob Grant call-in show c.1978.

    Look for the bl*cks and h*spanics to continue the crime wave

    What's with the asterisks? I know they think "n*gger" somehow disguises their bigotry--as if substituting an asterisk for a vowel is like wearing camo in the woods-- but in this case it's just plain weird.

  14. Spaghetti Lee12:36 AM

    "Or perhapsh he wash wondering why you would bother to taxsh a millionaire before deshtroying capitalishm entirely!"

  15. ColBatGuano12:36 AM

    What especially impresses me is Guiliani's ability to reduce crime in every major urban area in this country since 1990. I assume de Blasio will cause crime waves from NYC to LA in no time.

  16. I'm right there with you on being grossed out amd disturbed by the amount of this shit... but I'm not sure I agree that these chuckleheads would've been "publicly shamed" back in the good old days. I mean, even assuming everyone really did consider them beyond the pale-- how would that have worked? These are anonymous commenters. They're doing the equivalent of writing on a bathroom wall, it's just that now a lot more of us can share a stall.

  17. Spaghetti Lee12:42 AM

    I think it's the equivalent of what Xecky Gilchrist calls Snot Quotes. Something like "OK, fine, 'black.' You liberal thought police can come up with whatever 'polite' term you like, but we all know what those people really are."

  18. I see what you mean, and I guess the difference is that this is a comments section and I was thinking public sentiments you could identify the author of. But these commenters aren't all exactly anonymous. A number were brazen enough to use their given names.

  19. Spaghetti Lee12:46 AM

    McManus' next article: "Today, we hear a chilling story from Lester Turdburger of Dingletown, Nebraska, who had a dick spray-painted on his mailbox by a local teenager. People, this is just another example of the pervasive atmosphere of LAWLESSNESS and CRIME enabled by full-bore communist mayor-elect Di Blasio argle bargle derp (suffocates on his own bile)."

  20. Is it right that one man should have such power?

    In the words of the philosopher Kanye West, "No one man should have all that power / The clock’s ticking, I just count the hours / Stop tripping, I’m tripping off the power / Till then, fuck that, the world’s ours."

    I believe this last line indicates that Ron Paul was correct and a massive black-on-white crime wave is upon us.

  21. The small town meth and crack epidemics of the last couple decades. Must be a way to pin that on de Blasio.

  22. Spaghetti Lee12:49 AM

    What's really funny will be all the conservatives who shit-talked 'Nanny Bloomberg' and his Big Gulp fascism suddenly start writing starbursty odes to how great he was and how New York could use a man like that these days.

  23. I am a servant of the Racist Fire, wielder of the Flag of Dixie. The affirmative action shall not avail you. Go back to the ghetto.

  24. Spaghetti Lee12:55 AM

    Wrong wizard, but I'll (ahem) let it pass.

  25. I'm well aware, but I wanted to do it anyway. Nice punwork, also.

  26. stepped_pyramids12:58 AM

    The surly youth who crafted a low-quality latte for me at the Horse Bonch, TX Starbucks the other day was surely a harbinger of the rampaging, Warriors-esque youth revolt de Blasio will call down upon our great nation. Why, before you know it rowdy street brawlers will be lawlessly asking men, women, and children alike whether they can "dig it".

  27. Spaghetti Lee12:58 AM


    2 retweets, 3 favorites

    I assume those were the people he talked to about the city's changing atmosphere in the first place?

  28. Code Name Cain1:04 AM

    And that was back when West was hiding it. His latest essay "Black Skinhead" ends all doubt about his intentions.

  29. Well we don't know that those are really their names, or anything else about them, but point taken-- it's not exactly like a bathroom wall, it's like a cross between a bathroom wall and the letter column of some mimeographed Klan zine that happens to be really easy for anyone to get a copy of. But how likely is it that they would've gotten publicly shamed for appearing in print there? Most people would've paid no attention to said Klan zine, and if they did happen to do so and noticed the name of Joe Schmoe from Buffalo, in what forum would they have alerted everyone to Joe's creepy ways? I mean, assuming he's not a public figure or something.

    If mainstream newspaper letter columns 30 years ago had just printed anything anyone sent in from anywhere, with no questions asked... I think it would've looked a lot like this.

  30. stepped_pyramids1:08 AM

    I wouldn't be surprised if your more (dis)reputable wingnut watering holes have found that it is useful to use "blacks", "wingnuts", "women", "untermenschen", "cockroaches", "final solution", etc. as flags for moderator attention. You want most of your commenters to be using code words like "socialism", "uncivilized", "savage", "thug", and the like. That other stuff just gives the game away.

  31. stepped_pyramids1:09 AM

    Damn, I should have kept reading. Great minds and so forth.

  32. Point taken. I guess my youthful sensibilities really were naïveté, and a reflection of the closed epistemological loop of the liberal, Midwestern, academe-oriented group to which I belonged. So I guess this should give me hope for society....

  33. smut clyde2:10 AM

    History may not repeat itself, but sometimes it whispers warnings.

    I like to think that History puts on an exaggerated French accent for these warnings, a la 'Allo 'Allo: "Listen very carefully, I shall say zis only once!"

  34. smut clyde2:22 AM

    Has anyone re-purposed the "Dropping the Pilot" cartoon? MAKE IT SO.

  35. smut clyde2:25 AM

    Of course it's hard to be sure whether those whispered warnings you hear are those of History, or coming from the invisible leprechauns in one's underpants. Either way, best not to mention them, or the doctors will just want to increase the dosage.

  36. smut clyde2:37 AM

    On the bright side, Friedman's "Conversations I had with the taxi driver" columns will escalate to an entertaining level of profanity and apocalyptic foreboding.

  37. Boy, they'll jump at any shadow, huh? (But it stands to reason, since shadows are black.)

  38. ADHDJ4:03 AM

    You have to admit, Wall Street has been in the doldrums lately, sending a clear signal lately that it is concerned with the danger of encroaching socialism -- check that -- I mean, Wall Street has been booming lately because of the panic over encroaching socialism, and they're taking profits while they can before the city gets turned into the People's Republic of deBlaisistan.

    Soon the records being broken on the stock market won't be the Dow Jones, but rather the number of bankers slaughtered in orgiastic rituals to glorify the known Alinskyite Karl Marx, and the number of hippies to laugh and mock Christians for loving America.

  39. nanute4:37 AM

    I'm surprised they didn't give de Blasio credit for Bernard Goetz getting busted a few weeks ago for selling pot to an undercover cop in Union Square. Who's gonna take Bernie's place when the vigilante justice starts?

  40. smut clyde4:58 AM

    Actually, with the talk of "Pax Giuliani", it appears that Bloomberg never happened. The transition from Giuliani to Di Blasio is direct and uninterrupted.

  41. mortimer20005:38 AM

    OT, but a lighter note from the Podhoretz twitter feed. It seems the workload of the Pantload, i.e.,"Bestselling author and columnist, Jonah Goldberg," is becoming much too arduous, so he's hiring! Are you the ideal candidate to conduct research on a large range of policy-related topics to assist Mr. Goldberg with his columns, lectures, and media appearances?
    Just make sure you have your own health insurance and personal supply of oxygen!
    Position Type
    0.00 - 0.00 USD

  42. Derelict7:04 AM

    Obviously he saw these visions by looking deep into the SaraPalintir.

  43. The left hates capitalism and freedom.

    Not sure why these whiney-ass bitches conflate the two, but I would answer that "freedom" in a functional democracy demands a certain responsibility. Capitalists have had 150 years or so in America to demonstrate that they have absolutely no self-control or sense of responsibility, so YEAH, I guess I hate capitalism the same way the weary father of an addict hates the drugs destroying his family, despite his son's desperate accusations that the Old Man just "hates freedom."

    Capitalism is worse, though. Drug addicts don't gain control of the nation, make their own laws, and force the rest of us to serve them or fight for survival.

  44. Eventually Time Lord diBlasio will show up and prevent the Dutch from buying Manhattan.

  45. dmsilev8:39 AM

    No, the proper analogy is 'De Blasio is like Obama'. In that they both possess time machines that can pre-cause events.

    (In Obama's case, that's how he faked the evidence of his own birth)

  46. gfburke8:39 AM

    Rorshach's journal. October 12, 2014. Dog carcass in alley this morning. Tire tread on burst stomach. This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout "save us", and I'll look down and whisper "No."

    They had a choice, all of them. They could have followed in the footsteps of good men like my father or President Reagan. Decent men who believed in a day's work for a day's pay. Instead they followed the droppings of lechers and communists and didn't realize the trail led over a precipice until it was too late. Faaaarrrrrrttttttt.

  47. MikeJ8:51 AM

    There's a hold up in the Bronx, Brooklyn's broken out in fights. There's a traffic jam in Harlem that's backed up to Jackson Heights. There's a scout troop short a child, Kruschev's due at Idlewild

    It's all Bill De Blasio's fault.

  48. Jaime Oria9:06 AM

    Rule 1 of Time Machine Club: Effects can be their own causes.
    - repeat in an infinitely recursive Godelian vortex -

  49. Jaime Oria9:13 AM and h(o)spanics....? and h(a)spanics...?

  50. Jaime Oria9:15 AM


  51. "Remember, Aaron, you need to aim to miss."

    "Really, Van Ness, I'm not stupid. I know the consequences. We both fire, honor is satisfied, and we all go home."




    "Nooooooooo! DE BLASIO!!!!!!"

  52. Maybe its South African? Blecks and Hespanics?

  53. Its got a nice beat, I think I can dance to it. The Frug?

  54. "... your soon to be rat infested hell hole."

    I think Mr. Edroso briefly alluded to this in a previous post, but if anything demonstrates that these puling asswipes don't actually have a fucking clue about New York, this is it. I mean, Rudy was a vicious sociopathic shit to the homeless, but even he couldn't make the rats disappear.

  55. Nah, just the racially-motivated ones.

  56. Halloween_Jack10:08 AM

    That's quite a piece of work, stitching together Bernie Goetz, Sonny Carson, and Harry Belafonte. Why, McAnus wonders, can't de Blasio shut that uppity black man up? Next thing you know, Red Bill will let them vote!

  57. Not just his own birth, but he apparently went back in time and prevented Brownie from doing his damn job during Katrina.

    Which, of course, made Hurricane Katrina into Obama's Katrina.

    Which is (was?) just like a website not working properly.

  58. Well, eventually both Rudy and Kerik left, so that was two down.

  59. Rule 1 of Time Machine Club: don't talk about Time Machine Club.

    Unless you do it in the past. Or future. Or N-Space. Or the Fifth Dimension. (Up, Up and Away?)

  60. XeckyGilchrist10:13 AM

    I'm reading that in a Sean Connery voice. Have I got that right?

  61. Surely you will want to take the Shuttle

  62. Kinda gives new meaning to the term "Black Friday"?

  63. "Beat the Hoods!" What a great new slogan for New York. I can see the ad spots now!

  64. I think you mean Zombie Gerald Ford.

  65. XeckyGilchrist10:15 AM

    My favorite example of this is how the office wingnut - and others I've known - refer to black people from any country as "African-Americans" when they think people in hearing range will call them a racist for saying anything else.

  66. There can only be one.

  67. [ba DUM tsh]

  68. We fictional moomintrollians have to stick together.

  69. BigFinTom10:22 AM

    Are Quaaludes coming back? I never got a chance to try them.

  70. There's a joke to be made somewhere in there about playing too much football without a helmet, but I can't figure it out.

  71. You talking to us? You TALKING to us? You talking to US???

  72. See, he's just being a Jahb Creator for the work he formerly outsourced. ("I'm doing some research on how to walk AND chew gum - anyone out there have any information they can send me? It would really help, although I won't be able to give you any credit. And If you play your cards right, The might be an opening at AEI which might be yours! [For the right price, of course.]")

  73. "Drug addicts don't gain control of the nation,"

    Unless the SCOTUS elects them. And, yes, alcohol is a drug.

  74. Magatha10:44 AM

    Not really, the hope part, I mean. We just didn't have the internet before, thus no internet comment sections. Newspaper letters to the editor could get weird, like Hob says, but there was always plenty of time for them to be rejected for publication, and anyway, nobody ever published 150 letters to the editor in one edition. So it is the bathroom stall writ large.

  75. David_in_NY10:45 AM

    Bob McManus -- how many votes did he get in the election?

  76. alboy210:45 AM

    Transcript of the thoughts of one of McManus' commenters: May 10th. Thank God for the rain which has helped wash away the garbage
    and trash off the sidewalks. I'm workin' long hours now, six in the
    afternoon to six in the morning. Sometimes even eight in the morning,
    six days a week. Sometimes seven days a week. It's a long hustle but it
    keeps me real busy. I can take in three, three fifty a week. Sometimes
    even more when I do it off the meter. All the animals come out at night -
    whores, skunk pussies, buggers, queens, fairies, dopers, junkies, sick,
    venal. Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the
    streets. I go all over. I take people to the Bronx, Brooklyn, I take 'em
    to Harlem. I don't care. Don't make no difference to me. It does to
    some. Some won't even take spooks. Don't make no difference to me.

    Seriously, the man has not yet been sworn into office, and we're already sliding back into the 70s? Gimme a break, people...and I eagerly await the day in January when Commandant Bloomberg will no longer be running this city.

  77. Billy Joel wrote the perfect inaugural theme for De Blasio: a song about the apocalyptic destruction of New York. And if you listen to the wingnuts, Joel even got the year pretty close to right....

    Miami 2017 (I've Seen the Lights Go Down on Broadway)

  78. Barry_D10:51 AM

    "And just twelve years ago after 9/11 when NYC was universally cherished
    as "Everytown, USA" it was impossible to imagine this sort of vitriol
    towards the city. I just don't know what the hell has happened. I mean,
    know the usual theories, but, fuck. This is utter insanity."

    I have a joke that the Rapturists like Israel because it's where a bunch of Jews are gathered, far away from the Sacred US, to fight Ayrabz, and to get butchered in Armageddon. They support Israel (so long it's fighting wars), but hate Jews.

    Similarly, the right in the USA only loves NYC if it's either littered with corpses and rubble (so as to justify war), of if it's run by hardcore right-wingers beating the sh*t out of Those People (wink wink, nudge nudge).

  79. gfburke10:52 AM

    I've said it before and I'll say it again - wingnuts are ELATED by De Blasio's victory because they can finally start unabashedly hating New York again after over a decade of having to pretend to love it because of 9/11, which even they are at long last heartily sick of remembering.

  80. That's actually a really interesting observation, I hadn't thought of it that way. So New York is a modern-day Gomorrah: it needs destroying by fire from above periodically when it strays from good heartland values. That makes a LOT of sense. Being the apotheosis of urban and therefore liberal values, the wingnuts can never truly embrace it.

  81. glennisw11:13 AM

    Pax Giuliani, huh? Did Bloomberg's eight years in office just vanish in a puff of smoke?

  82. Ellis_Weiner11:14 AM

    "Racist conservative whites who hate New York City agree - its citizens
    deserve the genocidal race wars they are about to be victims of."

    "--deserve the genocidal race wars about which we fantasize, both as opportunities for us to achieve the status of patriotic heroes AND as purifying fires intended to annihilate the people whose wealth, glamor, and sexy girlfriends make us feel like such losers in the first place."

  83. But they never, ever, loved it. Maybe for five minutes after 9/11 but Ann Coulter attacked the Jersey Girls as whores profiting from the death of their husbands within a Red State Minute. And they excoriated Bloomberg for his Nanny Statism. They only "liked" Bloomberg retrospectively when they discovered Stop and Frisk--up until the law suit I don't think they'd been paying enough attention to New York to even know about the policy.

    The problem for them is that they need and want to hate New York for being a liberal bastion of multiculturalism but as long as the New York Times is publishing glossy stories about the glories of upper class life there, and as long as the city isn't, in fact, wallowing in crime and degredation, they can't. They have been jonesing for New York to return to Fort Apache the Bronx so that they can say "I told you so." This is just the first step. Now they are on the edge of their little potties hoping and straining for the chance to say "Democrats and Black People can't do anything." And I think, given their track record at making shit up when they can't poop out enough, they will continue to find examples that prove their point:

    Aunt Adeline reports that she was served a cold entree at a theme restaurant in Times Square on her way to see Book of Mormon! Oh the Humanity! Why did no one listen???? will take the place of "woman raped by wilding teens" and none of them will think it at all a bit of a come down.

  84. Ellis_Weiner11:25 AM

    This reminds me of a great throwaway joke in the Simpsons. We see a shot of Montgomery Burns's mansion from just outside the main gate. There's a sign that says "No Solicitors" (or "No Peddlers"--I forget which). Something causes the sign to fall off--and immediately a mob of 1,000 solicitors and peddlers stampede through the gates.

  85. Ellis_Weiner11:27 AM

    Also a "How can you tell?" joke.

  86. brettvk11:35 AM

    I love the image of the lovable bumblefuck with the skull ridges and galactic mullet.

  87. BadExampleMan11:36 AM

    I want to ride in a beautiful balloon with this comment.

  88. Ellis_Weiner11:40 AM

    Rule 1 of Time Machine Club: Do not have talked about Time Machine Club. (I recently saw a Tweet that said, "Rule One of Sarcasm Club: Be less sarcastic.")

  89. Tottal11:51 AM

    Eight years...feels like eighty.

  90. BunnynSunny12:17 PM

    Conservatives are cowardly whiners.

  91. Gusmpls12:22 PM

    New York is a modern-day Gomorrah...That makes a LOT of sense. I saw what you did there.

  92. Richard Claverie12:55 PM

    The bodega by me ran out of Angry Orchard Crisp Apple cider. It's like the Soviet Union here. Shelves emptied of Crisp Apple cider-what's next? Where does it end!?

  93. Mikhael Bakunin12:57 PM

    "...memories linger of a time when New York had truly lost its way, when it couldn’t summon the will to resist dysfunction or even articulate a right to self-defense—to say nothing of self-respect."

    Hey, I say if DeBlasio's election means I can go see the Ramones play outdoors just north of the Circle Line pier and then be surrounded by a swarm of leather-jacketed punkettes in leopard print miniskirts and fishnets on the subway back downtown to an ungentrified Chelsea, COUNT ME THE HELL IN.

  94. "Why didn't you just ... destroy capitalism?"

    "Your punishment must be more severe."

  95. mgmonklewis1:21 PM

    I would like to take this comment to an open-air performance of the Oresteia for its reference to the "Greek Chorus of stupidity" alone.

    CHORUS: "We are the Chorus, and we agree. We agree, we agree, we agree."

  96. That's a possibility, or (unless I'm saying the same thing in different words) they really do think "black" is a slur. Like being black is, to them, so horrible that it's an actual insult to suggest that someone is.

  97. Yeah, be sure to let us know if Joey shows. He's been punking out lately.

  98. I feel SO DUMB for missing that.

  99. Bestselling and Salary 0.00 - 0.00 USD


    [weary sigh]

    That's just perfect.

  100. as long as the New York Times is publishing glossy stories about the glories of upper class life

    I look forward to stories about how tough life gets for toffs on the Upper East Side when the butler, the valet, the nanny, the chef, the chauffeur and the maids decide to form a workers' council.

  101. tigrismus2:25 PM

    I totally could have blegged or chucked cheetos at his gaping maw for pay if it's all become too arduous for him, but if I'm going to do volunteer work the cause will have to be more worthy.

  102. Bloix2:32 PM

    "I can’t believe De Blasio won. I don’t know anyone who voted for him."

  103. ADHDJ2:58 PM

    No, but there will be mandatory amyls for all.

  104. ADHDJ3:02 PM

    "...when it strays from good, salt of the earth, heartland values."

  105. This reminds me of great moments in toddlerhood. Older daughter shouts "Rule Number One: No shouting in the house." Second daughter, maybe age three? shouts back "Rule Number Two: YES shouting in the house."

  106. Do youhave any idea how fat those leather jacketed punkettes have become? Two kids and a few decades plays hell with even the tightest spandex fishnets. You can never go back, not even if diBlasio waves his magic wand.

  107. smut clyde4:03 PM

    Godel did actually work on the theory of time travel within the Einsteinian field equations. That was shortly before he faked his death and disappeared.

  108. smut clyde4:05 PM

    When do we want it?
    It doesn't matter!
    Time travel!
    What do we want?

  109. Gromet4:31 PM

    That makes a LOT of sense.

    I want to look back at this comment and enjoy it with an enormous margarita.

  110. That connection makes sense. After all, NYC itself is filled with a lot of liberal, secular, Hollywood elitists who are always waging a war on Christmas, if you know what I mean, and I think you do ...

  111. Chocoalte Covered Cotton5:33 PM

    Agreed, the anti-NYC vitriol, complete with mind-numbing racism, is not at all new. The usual forum for its expression back in the day was more likely to be talk radio or just blowhards babbling at the local bar/diner/whatever.

    9/11 reaction prompted a temporary respite in which they presented a facsimile of decency that I'm pretty sure was only made possible because the mayor at the time was a reactionary fascist. It never would have lasted as long as it did if Giuliani hadn't been replaced with another Rethuglican. The "Everytown, USA" , "we are all Newyawkers now" was a temporary blip. The right wing in the US has always despised New York City.

    One might see a bright side to this, that we, as a nation, are finally beginning to put the trauma of 9/11 behind us and returning to business as usual. Still, I'm looking forward to one of the wingers at my work to rant about Jew York or whatever, just so I can sing "Have You Forgotten" at him.

  112. smut clyde5:46 PM

    No mention of the Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers? I am disappoint.

  113. Chocolate Covered Cotton5:46 PM

    I need to invest in NYC pay-per-view providers.

  114. redoubt5:59 PM

    For (rumored) parts of Staten Island said wizard is more than appropriate.

  115. redoubt6:10 PM

    Seth Efrican

  116. Seth Efrican? Oh, I loved him in the new Avengers.

  117. redoubt7:13 PM

    To the Fresno Patrician (Whose Chainsaw Was Stolen), nothing has changed.

  118. David Atkins8:36 PM

    The underpants leprechaun strategy:

    1) trip over needles in the park
    2) ?????
    3) VICTORY!

  119. David Atkins8:48 PM

    As it happens, we have experience with Rudy and his minions employing both the carrot and the stick.

    On the one hand, they beat the crap out of the undesirables. On the other hand they gave out one way bus tickets to New England, where we have a four hundred year tradition of showing compassion to our fellow men.

    So it's agreeable that the summer people can enjoy Disneyland North in Times Square, yet good work to remind the classists that the struggle for Peace and Justice continues apace. Just don't expect cooperation from the rodents in Battery Park.

  120. XeckyGilchrist9:01 PM

    +1000 for the chorus bit from Bored of the Rings.

  121. XeckyGilchrist9:08 PM

    Wait - didn't Giuliani hand off to Di Blasio at the same time Bill Clinton handed the reins to Obama?

  122. Spaghetti Lee9:25 PM

    Yeah, September 10, 2001, if I'm not mistaken.

  123. BigHank5311:10 PM

    Y'know, I can kind of understand the people sad fucks who enjoy reading The Turner Diaries, but I'll never figure out the ones who use it for masturbation.

  124. smut clyde1:57 AM

    Siouxsie Sioux has aged well.

  125. realinterrobang12:59 PM

    I have a soft spot for the Klingons as Star Trek bad guys (come on, who didn't love "It should be hauled away AS garbage"?), so I'm torn between being offended on behalf of the Klingon Empire, and snertling my face off at the weird appropriateness.

    That said, I think Rob and Doug McCrackzie are actually Slitheen, aka "those farting aliens from Doctor Who."

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  127. geraldfnord11:55 AM

    I will never forget the "Post"'s _first_ headline about Bernard Goetz, in which he was just a crazed gunman.