Wednesday, October 02, 2013


No, really:

Government watchdog Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act request to get to the bottom of the National Park Service’s actions at the World War II Memorial in Washington this week. The NPS has barricaded the memorial and on Tuesday tried to prevent veterans from visiting the memorial, which has no amenities and is normally open to the public at all times.... 
The National Park service has closed facilities that are either unmanned or take no federal funding, and says that the Obama administration ordered the shutdown. Anna Eberly, managing director of the Claude Moore Colonial Farm in Virginia, told Tatler that the NPS is renting the barricades that it is using to enforce the closures, an increase in the service’s operating costs at a time that the government is partially shut down.
This will be the scandal that finally brings the Kenyan pretender down! We can call it... Ban-geezer!

I'm not sure letting them re-secede will be good enough. Someone tell them there's no Obamacare on the moon.

UPDATE. IQ points in freefall at

Even better, from Mike Flynn:
Fortunately, in this case, Rep. Steve King temporarily distracted the Park Police officers and the WWII veterans tore down the barricades. Once again, America's "greatest generation" has answered to call to lead.
Are they armed? Maybe they can roll on down the Mall and get the drop on some more big-gummint interference, like the Department of Veterans Affairs.

UPDATE 2. Reince Priebus or whatever his name is has a solution: Privatize it!
RNC Offers To Pay To Keep WWII Memorial Open
...“The Obama administration has decided they want to make the government shutdown as painful as possible, even taking the unnecessary step of keeping the Greatest Generation away from a monument built in their honor,” [Priebus] said standing a few feet away from the barricaded memorial entrance. 
“That’s not right, and it’s not fair," he added. "So the RNC has put aside enough money to hire five security personnel to keep this memorial open to veterans and visitors. Ideally, I’d hope to hire furloughed employees for this job."
Priebus also put in a bid to have the Martin Luther King Memorial taken away and broken up for driveway gravel. Hey, as long as he can pay for it, right?


  1. Of course...The pretender's been playing the long game here. His goal all along was to denigrate the American involvement in WWII as part of his greater Communo-Fascist scheme. So he proposes a bill, knowing that Republicans would do everything they could to stop it and fail and then, having failed to stop it from becoming law, throw a petulant fit and shut down the government. That gives him the pretext to close all the national parks - including the WWII memorial that was his target all along! Close the history books, we got him.

    I'm being facetious, of course. No, the actual scheme is to close that one memorial to strongarm Republicans into funding the ACA. You know...the sane theory. Well, I say good on ya. You guys may have so little regard for actual veterans that you counted them as moochers in the "takers v. makers" tabulations you used to try to stop the ACA in the first place, but now that they're politically useful, you're behind them. Y'know...Just so long as they don't ask for health insurance or anything like that. Or Social Security.

    The GOP: Giving Token Accolades to People we Tolerate when the Cameras are Rolling.

  2. Halloween_Jack3:21 PM

    Well, I guess the vets that got to visit are happy. Who needs pensions and VA benefits?

  3. When someone says, "the Republicans can't seem to keep their eye on the ball," the wingnut response is, "no, we deny there's a ball, it's not a ball at all, in fact it's not even ball-like and if you don't agree with me then I'm taking it home and blaming Obama for the canceled game. So neener neener neener."
    Sadly, that's the brighter GOP response.

  4. coozledad3:28 PM

    Christ. I thought SNL already did 'The Walker brigade".
    I see Michele Bachmann was there as the rep from New Ulm. I wonder if she asked the vets for a Hershey bar and some cowgummi.

  5. merl13:33 PM

    Funny how King Gohmert and Pilazzo just happened to be there, isn't it? And the part of the story where Pilazzo opened the barriers and told the men to just walk in is also left out. Once again they played veterans for chumps and used them as props.

  6. +100 for "Ban-geezer."

  7. montag23:37 PM

    I wonder if Larry Klayman is punching his fist in the air, yelling, "by God, we got `im now!" ???

    Newticles is twitter-complaining about the Park Service closing a bus turnaround at Mt. Vernon. (Seriously, the last guy to be complaining about government shutdowns ought to be the guy that singlehandedly created the last one, but, then, this is the Foghorn Leghorn of American politics we're talking about.)

    So, yes, it's going to get even stupider. Has Clownhall weighed in yet?

  8. montag23:41 PM

    I'm sure the Repug thinking is: "what's the point of creating a situation to exploit if you don't exploit it?"

    Yes, it's a low-rent sort of scam, but when did that ever stop them?

  9. Gromet3:41 PM

    I'm just glad to see the Republican congressman who were on the scene had what it takes to ignore the consequences of their big decision. It takes real courage to be a total hypocrite! Now let's hope King is on the scene to distract the law and smash down barricades every single time someone wants something King voted to keep away from them. Our hero!

  10. Haystack3:47 PM

    Yup. You gotta admit it came right down the middle of the strike zone, nevertheless he knocked it into the upper decks.

  11. coozledad3:48 PM

    Here's an idea. Round up a bunch of old Soviet vets and fly them over. Fuck, They were the hammer to our anvil, and it's a WWII memorial!

    That ought to get the shit trickling down Louis Gohmert's socks.

  12. Gromet3:54 PM

    Won't it eventually occur even to most Republicans, eventually, that opposing a law might not be a very strong or principled position when doing so consists mainly of helping tourists sneak past barricades that you voted to erect, quoting Dr Seuss for 21 hours, and ignoring how many elections you've lost? Oh yeah and insisting that 30 million fellow Americans have no regular health care? Just wonderin.

  13. montag23:55 PM

    That would be quite a trick, given how anal-retentive ol' Gomer is. And, I don't think anything could get out, anyway, with his head jammed firmly up his ass.

  14. montag24:35 PM

    Unfortunately for the country, these bozos would vote for 24/7 surveillance of everyone in the country (except themselves) and then claim they were protecting us all from Big Brother.

    They're sure this wins them votes--or protects them from being primaried out of existence--so they're not going to stop now. In the Upside-Down-Land they inhabit, outrageous mendacity is a political survival skill, and they've already proven beyond a reasonable doubt that a majority of their constituents believe everything they say.

    One would hope that the wall will fall on them soon, but, I'm not entirely sanguine on that. It just might be that thirty years of increasing desperation has made a lot of people crazy, and that causes them to vote for crazy people. Crazy just might be the new normal.

  15. Mooser4:53 PM

    "Crazy just might be the new normal."

    You know, that's so true.

  16. dstatton4:57 PM

    It's telling that whats-his-name thinks that closing a memorial is inflicting the "most pain as possible".

  17. Mooser4:58 PM

    "when the Cameras are Rolling."

    Well, that's when it counts!

  18. Fats Durston5:02 PM

    I would say to the House: I have nothing to offer but sweat, more sweat, crocodile tears and more sweat. We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many long months of struggle and of suffering.

    You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word: Victory. Victory
    at all costs — Victory in spite of all terror of furloughed assistance — Victory, however long and hard the road may be, as long as it's not too hard and definitely not very long, for without victory there is no survival.

    We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in our pants, we shall fight
    on the seas and oceans of flop-sweat, we shall fight with blind confidence and growing pungency in the air, we shall defend our idiocy, whatever the
    cost may be. We shall fight on the monuments to white people, we shall fight on the memorial grounds, we shall fight in the museums, but only the ones dedicated to cool wars, we shall fight in the mole-hills; we shall never surrender.

  19. smut clyde5:04 PM

    The group's organisers are not well-pleased by the spontaneous appearance of congressthings and cameras, nor by the Republican efforts to recruit them as extras in a photo-shoot.

    Hey, they're servicemen, they should be used to it by know.

  20. mortimer20005:36 PM

    This just in:
    Obama Denies Huddled Masses Access to Statue of Liberty!
    Refuse Even More Wretched!

    Oh wait. They'd actually like that.

  21. Ideally, I’d hope to hire furloughed employees for this job."

    Ideally, the GOP has forced a shut down of the US Government and wants to hire the employees they just put out a paycheck to do the same job the rest of us were paying them to do for other words, they literally want to buy the United States of America in a hostile takeover.

    Jeezus Fucking Christ! I feel like I just took the red pill (or was it the blue one?)! What the hell is happening?

  22. TGuerrant5:43 PM

    Wasn't it just last week that a glass of FLOTUS water was inflicting the most pain as possible? It's so hard to keep up with the parade of hideous atrocities.

  23. Geez I hate replying to myself, but

  24. TGuerrant5:45 PM

    Today's discussion is sadly lack in dildos. Have we lost our magic?

  25. XeckyGilchrist5:46 PM

    Looks like the wingnuts have found another bead to put on their Obama Crime Rosary. Benghazi, Solyndra, Fast and Furious, etc. etc.

    What will the shorthand for this one be, I wonder?

  26. We should make the RNC come up with the money to fund ALL suspended programs and pay all furloughed employees since they're responsible for this mess. If you bring a frivolous case to court the judge makes you pay the defendant's attorney fees. Why should this be any different? Put that huge war chest to use running the country instead of destroying it.

  27. M. Krebs6:26 PM

    There's no such thing as peak wingnut. Probably not even peak pantload.

  28. M. Krebs6:30 PM

    Remember, remember, the first of, uh, October!

  29. M. Krebs6:32 PM

    Oh no, it's not.

  30. Kuda Bux7:32 PM

    This is the worst fringe festival ever. Did nobody vet these acts of political theater beforehand?

  31. Weird Dave7:35 PM

    Ideally, I’d hope to hire furloughed employees for this job.

    At half their former pay, he did not say.

  32. AGoodQuestion7:35 PM

    They might have preferred that the organizers take a little longer to correct the story, but it's not a disaster. This, like Shirley Sherrod's alleged anti-cracker bias, was only meant to provide outrage fuel to the blogs and the talk shows and other howling monkeys, some of whom will never bother to update their facts.

  33. JennOfArk8:08 PM

    This, like Shirley Sherrod's alleged anti-cracker bias, was only meant to provide outrage fuel to the blogs and the talk shows and other howling monkeys, some all of whom will never bother to update their facts.

  34. Jay B.8:09 PM

    Finally, an act of heroism worthy of the Greatest Generation. Next, in lieu of their shuttered Meals on Wheels program, King will have a couple of angry VFW drunks over for lunch.

  35. Ellis_Weiner8:10 PM

    (Jimmy Durante voice): Dat's a lotta sweat!

  36. RogerAiles8:16 PM

    I'm sure the feds will get to that FOIA request right away. What could possibly interfere with that?

  37. RogerAiles8:18 PM

    Do be a dildo. Don't be a dildon't.

  38. redoubt9:32 PM

    This may be closer to the truth; they made us put something similar on our out-of-office emails (and then forbade us from checking our emails for the duration). KKKlayman is looking at not even having his email read until after the furlough. However long that lasts.

  39. redoubt9:41 PM

    GOPinochet, coming to a capital city near you

  40. coozledad9:44 PM

    I can't remember which of Paul Fussell's books described some of the heartbreaking shit that happened in the Ardennes, but one of them talks about a mortally wounded kid begging his foxhole mate to kill him, and he tries to oblige, as silently as possible, because they're fucking swamped with Germans. He's trying to finish him off by beating him in the head and not getting anywhere,

    This incident alone is beyond Republican comprehension, because it's beyond their routine configuration of self-interest,

  41. Clio's Bitch10:30 PM

    Long-time lurker, first time poster.

    And I know it's ALWAYS PROJECTION but I'm amazed at just how frivolous these people are. Never mind that the story is entirely fabricated, but what if the NPS had barred veterans from the shitty 2004 memorial? It's not like there's much more important stuff not being funded.

    I think as far as cognitive dissonance goes, that's what's driving sane people away from Republicans. Being wrong about the effects of marginal taxation or the inherently political effects of economic inequality mutatis mutandis isn't something that a "reasonable" person is going to care about. People get the benefit of the doubt all the time, and as commentators from Mencken to Ivins have pointed out, there's not a little bit of bullshit greasing the wheels of American civic mythology.

    I think what really drives people away is the sky-is-falling Manicheanism which is also incredibly dishy. t's one thing to call a big healthcare law (that you wrote like twenty years ago) a boondoggle. It's another thing entirely to suggest that Black Hitler, Emperor of the Mau Maus is personally body-slamming brittle veterans because he hates America.

    It's not, even, again that it's transparently bullshit. It's just that it's such a revealing high-school petty sort of charge to make.

    It's not so much Goebbels as it is TMZ. But with less of a work ethic, I suppose. Paparazzi do *earn* their upskirt pics.

  42. reallyaimai10:51 PM

    Man, I hope no one tried to offer the old geezers a glass of water while they waited to storm the barricades. Woulda been terrifying.

  43. reallyaimai10:55 PM

    Well, it may be driving sane people away from the Republicans, but they really don't believe in the existence of those people, and its probably still working for their constituents, who are people who have learned to like the high you get by rolling in shit and then stuffing it up your own nose. Those guys love it--the crazier Obama myths are the better. And, by the way, the flilp side crazies over at FDL are just as bad. They simply can't accept that there might be more than one way to skin a cat--or perform any government function--if you are trying to do something important. Everything is a covert revelation of evil intent on the part of Obama. The man might just as well be eating live babies straight from the incubator and washing them down with Dom Periognon because of course he is.

  44. Clio's Bitch11:13 PM

    I think the FDL folks (and not all of them, mind you) aren't so much crazy as they are priggish. And I say this as an honest to goodness soshulist myself, but one who respects liberals, ordoliberals, pragmatists, and centrists (real centrists, not media-type centrists.) FDL has a lot of nonsense on it, the political equivalent of homeopathy at times, but more often than not, a lot of reality does penetrate.

    That kind of self-righteousness leads to all kind of blind spots. Hence why President Obama isn't a relatively anodyne political figure (with some impressive skills and some nice things to recommend about him) caught in a maelstrom of institutional forces and crazy assholes. He's a Manchurian Candidate for the 1 Percent.

    It's not that dissimilar from what happens when Fabians (which I guess is what I'd be politically speaking) meet up with Trots who at least are in the realm of political reality, if kind of dicks about it.

    On the other hand, the inverted Marxism of the Conservative Movement (capitalized natch) is more Maoist or Stalinist than anything else, with a dash of good old fashioned American spectacle.


    Of course, maybe a certain degree of moral inflexibility is a type of insanity per se. There's probably at least a dozen wingnuts quoting Barry Goldwater right now, so that seems dispositive the more I think about it.

  45. marindenver12:05 AM

    Needs a "gate" in there somewhere, though. ;-)

  46. King will have a couple of angry VFW drunks over for lunch.

    So, constituent service day as usual, then.

  47. IncongruousAmoeba12:12 AM

    Come on -- "a pox on both your houses" is kind of lazy. *I* say, "A pox on ALL your houses! YOUR house gets a pox, and YOUR house gets a pox -- a pox for EVERYbody's house!" :)

    I stopped reading FDL and most other liberal blogs because I got tired of Democratic Party cheerleading, and now you tell me they've been criticizing Obama? I may have to start reading them again (probably not though).

    Anyway, American politics has gotten way too crazy for me. I am seriously considering emigrating to somewhere more sane -- like Somalia.

  48. marindenver12:13 AM

    LOL. Either you're showing your age or you're into (very) vintage TV.

  49. He's trying to finish him off by beating him in the head and not getting anywhere

    I've had that nightmare, only it was set in the House of Representatives.

  50. Maybe they can roll on down the Mall and get the drop on some more
    big-gummint interference, like the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    Oh, I'm sorry, that one is still closed. No GOP members of Congress pretending to give a fuck were available to smash in the windows.

  51. marindenver12:34 AM

    This is mind boggling. Meanwhile, and for just one small example of this fiasco, out here in Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park, arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world, is now closed despite the fact that thousands of people show up this time of year to hear the elk bugle (yes, true, they bugle, Google it) and admire the sapphire blue sky, golden aspens & stunning vistas. So - vacations ruined, hotels & shops lose even MORE business after the devasting floods, park rangers furloughed BUT the Rethugs WILL personally pay to to keep the WWII memorial open.

    I am feeling very, very stabby over this whole thing.

  52. KatWillow12:42 AM

    FDL is determinedly LIBERAL, and Obama is centrist at best. They all have their ecological niche, tho I'm a little baffled at KOS place in the world.

  53. KatWillow12:43 AM

    No, it won't. Because they're being very well paid by the Kock Bros and other billionaire-fascists to cause as much trouble for as many people as possible.

  54. Menelaus Eggman1:48 AM

    It already has a gate. Literally. My god, they've finally found an actual "-gate."

  55. Adrian1:59 AM

    Klayman is a grifter.

  56. The NPS has barricaded the memorial and on Tuesday tried to prevent veterans from visiting the memorial, which has no amenities and is normally open to the public at all times....

    Just imagine the howls of outrage if the monument hadn't been barricaded, and someone decided to vandalize it while it was unguarded. Heads the 'baggers win, tails Obama loses!

  57. RNC Offers To Pay To Keep WWII Memorial Open

    I say let them do this, as long as they have to acknowledge that Prescott S. Bush had business dealings with the Nazis.

  58. The WWII memorial is in a heavily trafficked section of a major U.S. city, so they are making a big show of "trying to keep it open" to fool the rubes. There are no major cable outfits in the Rocky Mountain National Park, so it won't get as much coverage.

  59. RogerAiles4:26 AM

    I'm so old I remember when "car standing" was a thing, and a doobie was something you smoked.

  60. BadExampleMan5:41 AM

    Louie Gohmert: the one-man human centipede.

  61. Shalimar6:54 AM

    You're just now hearing that FDL is anti-Obama? Hamsher went so far as to ally with Grover Norquist opposing Obamacare in 2009 before it even passed. They think his signature accomplishment is evil, so you can guess what they think of just about everything else he has ever done. This is old, old news.

  62. Aimai7:41 AM

    You cant expect much political sophistication from an amoeba.

  63. So - vacations ruined, hotels & shops lose even MORE business after
    the devasting floods, park rangers furloughed BUT the Rethugs WILL
    personally pay to to keep the WWII memorial open.

    Hey, there's only so much a few brave members of Congress can do in the face of Obama's government shutdown perfidy.

  64. Given that they're moving more and more into Machtergreifung territory, they already seem to think the memorial is a monument to a noble lost cause. At least they haven't set it on fire ... yet.

  65. reallyaimai9:57 AM

    I don't know that, after reading those sites closely, I'd say that they are either merely priggish nor quite "determindly liberal." There's an admixture of spite, rage, and contempt on both the self described right and self described "left" which seems to go with a certain personality type and it holds most of its hatred for its near relatives--in the case of the far right they hate RINOS almost more than they hate Obama. And in the case of FDL (which I agree is not actually left per se but largely composed of frustrated self imagined thought leaders and activists on the mid-liberal range) they hate the idea that the democratic party has fallen under the spell of a plausible rogue and manchurian candidate/stalking horse for the right.

    It boils down to a determination to see policy choices as reflecting a certain kind of person--good or evil, pure or tainted, rather than moves in a complicated dance of possibilities with lots of partners. Obama is above all a pragmatist--he tried to solve a problem (health care) and he ended up hacking a twisty path through a forest of obstacles. For FDL it was the wrong path and a purer person could have gotten to a better end point with a cleaner cut. They simply can't accept that sometimes the world is messy and you take what you can get. In that way they are very, very, close to the right wing ideologues holding the country hostage--you can't reason with these people because the doing of the right thing is more important than achieving an actual goal. Just like you can't play any game: poker, chess, whatever for someone who is determined to kick over the board or burn the cards as a show of purity.

  66. Ellis_Weiner10:44 AM

    This, as does everything else this week, reminds me of something I read *last* week and struck me as profound: Someone (here? kudos if so) wrote, about the crazies, "They're not voting their interests. They're voting their identities."

    I may be the only chump here for whom this wasn't obvious, but the distinction blew (what's left of) my mind. It applies to the left as well as the right. It may not explain, but it does sum up, the irrationality on the right today. Okay, yeah, everybody already knew this. And now I do, too. I'll stop.

  67. Ellis_Weiner10:46 AM

    --and an affront to the Greatest Generation. "We didn't have to be told to drink water, in my day. We drank dirt--and we were glad to get it!"

  68. reallyaimai11:26 AM

    Did that come up on the thread about "false consciouness" over at LGM? Because its never too late to have an epiphany so kudos to you for having one. This is actually at the root of my personal discomfort, which I cop to, with Ifthethunderdontgetya's attacks on Obama. I don't mind at all saying--because its trivially true--that every president of the US is a corporate stooge and is part of the military industrial complex.

    But I do object to attacking democratic presidents personally as evil and inhumane liars who have no other goals and no shred of humanity and whose every move is aimed at the utter destruction of the mass of the people. That is obviously untrue and based on a kind of identity/purity politics that is closer to a political "splitting" of the body politic into all good and all bad actors like a child or a nutcase "splits" the people around them into those who are all good or all evil.

  69. Howlin Wolfe11:32 AM

    New Ulm isn't in her district, it's Tim Walz's, D-Minn. Or is she claiming to be the Representative of all Minnesota, Iowa and the upper Midwest now?

  70. Mark_Bzzzz11:54 AM

    So, you shut down the government, and then you blame the President for what you did? Sounds like just another day is modern Republicanism.

  71. reallyaimai1:41 PM

    I'm amenable to that interpretation, too. I mean, it goes to the heart of the reality which is that very few of the "from the left" Obama critiques are actually from the left--like grounded in a serious critique of the economy and the problems of democracy and capitalism (pace someone like DocAmazing or any other serious green).

    The FDL critique is basically a boutique critique based on antipathy to Obama because they preferred Edwards or Hillary (I preferred Edwards, btw) and they still feel angry that other democratic voters preferred Obama's version of campaigning and presidenting. Rather than celebrating his (many) successes because, damn, that's my president they are stuck in primary mode where his successes don't resonate. He's still just the guy who "stole" the election from the one true heir to the liberal party--whoever that was it wasn't him. They just "aren't feelin' it" at some emotional level and they deeply resent and even despise what they see as the "suckers" and "obots" who, for all his flaws, are willing to celebrate with Obama when tehre is something to celebrate and give him a pass when the political headwinds prove too great for him. They continue to believe, for example, that the mandate is evil even though Hillary clinton supported it and would have probably ended up doing exactly what Obama did if she'd gotten in. Somehow they fantasize that there coulda/shoulda been a perfect candidate who would perfectly make it all work. And they can never be proven wrong because in this sorry bizarro world Obama got in and threw the glamor in all our eyes and insisted on trying to president.

  72. I heard she admitted to using but didn't inhale.

  73. Halloween_Jack4:06 PM

    It seems as if there are two schools of thought that quote-endquote "liberal" Obama-haters tend to cluster around. One is that there is literally no difference between Obama and Any Random Republican, and therefore Obama deserves extra opprobrium for letting down True Liberals. The other is the Green Lantern argument, that Obama could have completely dismantled the security state, gotten single-payer passed, etc. during that brief shining moment when the Democrats had majorities in both chambers, yes, even with DINOs such as Lieberman. And, of course, there are double-dippers who say that he's pretending to be the latter while he's really the former.

  74. Mooser4:17 PM

    Elk, feh! A pale, round-antlered greenhorn.

  75. Mooser4:20 PM

    Is that the German for 'mastergrifter'? Don't know no German.

  76. well, that's okay, then--means I can ignore everything the penguin tells me and just listen to the wooden snake, as long as it is still Thursday.

  77. slavdude5:29 PM

    I'm late to the party, as usual, but these clowns are full of it (in other news, water is wet). The NPS has personnel at *every* facility under its jurisdiction, whether you can see them or not. The trash doesn't pick itself up, and NPS property isn't immune to vandalism. The National Park Service is working with a skeleton crew right now, mostly law-enforcement types. And at any rate, First-Amendment activities are protected at sites such as the WWII Memorial. The Honor Flights, according to what I heard on NPR yesterday, are considered under this umbrella.

    I also read that this might be an astroturf operation, since one of the advocates for the shutdown just happened to show up to protest the closure of this particular memorial, though naturally they didn't show up at, say, the Lincoln Memorial.

  78. annejumps5:33 PM

    This really is a hit talking point with them. It's all over the place at my work. Other than this, though, I hear "the sky is not falling." That's the other talking point.

  79. slavdude5:34 PM

    We all know that for the right, pure stupidity will be forever chased but never actually consummated.

    Maybe we could call this Pantload's Paradox.

  80. Ellis_Weiner6:06 PM

    Okay, but NOW it can't get any stupider. Right?

  81. M. Krebs7:07 PM

    Good, but I prefer "Bachmann's Law."

  82. M. Krebs7:16 PM

    It's stupider than it's ever been
    and now it's even stupider
    and now it's even stupider
    and now it's even stupider.

    It's stupider than it's ever been
    and now it's even stupider
    and now it's even stupider
    and now it's even stupider.

  83. Yes, KatWillow, I definitely prefer FireDogLake's angry liberalism to Daily Kos's vaguely authoritarian pseudo-liberalism. Even if FDL gets priggish and silly at times.

  84. Aimai, I agree that the FDL tendency to attribute evil motives to Obama is a bit silly. Worse, they can't seem to think the conspiracy theory through calmly: If Obama really is an evil puppet of the 1%, then what does that mean? If I was an evil puppet how would I react to being hated by the GOP?

  85. Yet Another James9:15 PM

    I have nothing to add to this, besides announcing that I wish I could upvote it many times and perhaps have a romantic getaway with it, or a give it a foot rub.

  86. Yet Another James9:18 PM

    Sorry, couldn't resist--

    Adios, Amoeba!

  87. reallyaimai9:37 PM

    You had me at foot rub.

  88. It means seizure of power. It refers to a term from the time of Hitlers' rise to power.

    Meister is Master in German, FWIW.

  89. cleter11:02 AM

    Wait, Rinse Pubis wants to hire scabs?

  90. Well, actually ... yes, sort-of. Especially when applied to the successful Nazi putsch.**

    **Ukranian for "beet soup."

  91. Al Swearengen2:45 PM

    Good thing Steve King (R-Left College Without a Degree as Soon as Vietnam was Over) was there to kiss some Vet ass.

  92. ddnkade2:25 AM

    yeaahh,,,good luck guys