Sunday, August 25, 2013


...about the shooting death of Christopher Lane and the Ooga Booga reaction by rightbloggers. It includes my theory about why the time was right for this outbreak.


  1. Fats Durston11:20 PM

    Jay-Z's Barclays Center in Brooklyn is, in addition to the home of the Brooklyn Nets, a thunderdome of honkeycide

    Well, if we regard the Nets as a continuous institution, there was that Jayson Williams case... (which Obama did not travel back in time to and denounce, of course).

  2. AGoodQuestion11:21 PM

    Having roughly the complexion of strawberry ice cream with not enough strawberry extract, I'm getting quite embarrassed by the people who presume to speak for me.

  3. redoubt11:21 PM

    "If G.W. Bush Had a Son, He'd Look Like Christopher Lane," said Taleen Starkes at American Thinker.

    . . .which means that by now, he would have been at home, nursing the mother of all hangovers, while Daddy's (and Grandaddy's) handlers bought him a Congressional seat.

  4. Roy: Ooga Booga is a routine in which rightbloggers tell the world...that black people are predisposed to kill white people, and are in fact engaged in a decades-long pogrom against them.

    I really wish Jesus had lectured more on the perils of psychological projection.

  5. He's been to Mars so time travel should be a snap. More proof that Obama just hates Whitey.

  6. Fats Durston11:31 PM

    Trayvon 2: Apoplectic Ooga-Boogaloo

    Of course, every "sequel raaaaacist event" has the same goddam subtitle for the rightbloggers.

  7. AGoodQuestion11:38 PM

    As to the line Obama "emoted" about Martin and his son, Some Guy added, "that is probably true as Obama has treated the nation exactly the way Trayvon Martin treated George Zimmerman, he's sitting on its chest and bashing its head against the metaphorical sidewalk."
    I don't have a whiny racist brother-in-law, but if I did I imagine he'd sound a lot like Some Guy. Maybe that's RedState's purpose: providing ignorant relatives who don't have any or don't have enough of their own. So, welcome to the family. I'm going to raid the liquor cabinet now.

  8. AGoodQuestion11:40 PM

    At first I read that as "the penis of psychological projection", which I kind of got, anyway.

  9. DocAmazing11:43 PM

    "the primary killer in this case as identified by police, James
    Edwards, has an internet presence eerily similar to that of Martin." For
    example, "He created a ganster-wannabe image, brandished weapons, etc."

    Coming from guys who never pass up an opportunity to pose with various firearms--the larger the better--that's pretty funny.

  10. DocAmazing11:44 PM

    White men can't duck?

  11. JennOfArk11:45 PM

    " is selling a line of Trayvon Martin hoodies, while Ebony magazine has published several covers with celebrities dressed in the same thug-symbolizing attire... Yet when violence occurs, 'civil rights' leaders like Jesse Jackson call it 'senseless' and carefully avoid drawing attention to the real problem," which is Obama hanging out with Jay-Z and hooded sweatshirts.
    You know who else wore a hoodie?
    Yes, thasss right....the 132 lb. scrotum, that's who!

  12. There're interchangeable, for sure. Sometimes a cigar is angry little cigarillo loudly blaming minorities for its perceived inadequacies.

  13. Spaghetti Lee11:52 PM

    One of them also crabbed about Jay-Z's promotion of "guns, dope, misogyny, and gratuitous violence." Hell, sounds like your average day at Protein Wisdom or Instapundit to me.

  14. Spaghetti Lee11:58 PM

    "I am followed when I go to the second floor of a boutique in
    Georgetown. Apparently, store policy requires that an attendant be
    upstairs when a shopper is."

    Well, then it's not exactly discrimination based on your appearance, now is it, you twit?

    Also, if your attempt to show how much you have in common with regular people includes the phrase 'a boutique in Georgetown', you might want to reconsider your outreach strategy.

    Remember, everyone, Kathleen Parker is a Pulitzer Prize winner. She won it for columns just like that one. And you know what's worse? She's not even remotely the dumbest and most vapid establishment columnist in Washington.

  15. BigHank5312:02 AM

    If your primary emotional identification was I has a sad for the Confederacy, you'd have a hard time seeing black/white interactions differently too.

  16. Jeffrey_Kramer12:09 AM

    At Legal Insurrection, neo-neocon
    asserted that since Obama was so goopy about dead Trayvon Martin,
    "empathizing with the grief of the African-American community without
    mentioning anything about Zimmerman or his family" -- killers suffer
    too, y'know -- and hadn't said anything about Lane, "it's difficult not
    to conclude that in the Lane case Obama identifies more with the accused
    killers and their families than the victim of their attack..."

    I had an idea once for a site I'd call AU Blog, which began with the assumption that for each of these apparently demented outpourings, there was an Alternate Universe, with an Alternate History, in which the given word salad actually made sense: the challenge was to match them up. So for this one, I hypothesize an AU in which there is an actual race war going on, with Obama as Commander in Chief of the Blackies. Recently, during the Battle of Kissimee, General Zimmerman was accused of violating the Geneva Conventions in the course of the skirmish in Sanford Heights. Angry Whities accuse Obama of inventing these atrocities for propaganda purposes, and they point -- with some justice! -- towards the Blackies' own history of employing their own crack* troops, like the notorious 32nd Mobile Gangsta Division, to carry out ethnic cleansing operations in Oklahoma.

    *u c what I did here?

  17. Spaghetti Lee12:13 AM

    That's four separate references to the "If I had a son" quote. Clearly, that's stuck with our friends on the right for a while. But why? My best guess is that they're so pants-shittingly scared of black people to begin with, the idea of one of them feeling sympathy for another one triggers the 'RACE WARZ!!1!" reflex and they have to spend months inveighing against anything that looks like black solidarity, no matter how innocent or non-confrontational.

    Alternate theory: Given that human genetics is a liberal commie plot, they think Barack Obama's hypothetical son would be black, not white, because Death to Whitey, etc. Apparently, black people having black kids is also playing the race card. Not as unlikely as you might think, given that Kevin Williamson last election season wrote a column seriously and honestly arguing that Romney was a better leader because he has sons and not daughters. These people are complete fucking maniacs, is what I'm saying.

  18. TGuerrant12:15 AM

    You have just defeated my best efforts to know nothing about that.

  19. Gregory Gee12:16 AM

    Psst - no-one tell them about how us Australians reacted to this event:

    "Tourists thinking of going to the USA should think twice,'' Fischer said.

    "I am deeply angry about this because of the callous attitude of the three
    teenagers [but] it's a sign of the proliferation of guns on the ground
    in the USA."

    That's a former deputy PM. Of the Coalition - our Rightmost party which is actually two parties: a regular "Classical Liberal" (Corporatist) party and a weird rural Tea-Party meets Farmer-Labor party. Fischer was a member of the latter.

  20. JennOfArk12:21 AM

    My apologies. To my credit, though, I pasted the picture twice so that the "see more" feature would keep anyone from having to see it without an affirmative click.

  21. Jeffrey_Kramer12:31 AM

    You have national health care, right? That means you're a socialist-fascist tyranny, so naturally you've been brainwashed to hate guns.

    (I tried to make this even crazier, to prevent seeing it pop up word for word on Roy's next VV piece, but I couldn't manage.)

  22. KatWillow1:02 AM

    Their comments are open admissions that Zimmerman killed Travon for the fun of it.

  23. JennOfArk1:08 AM

    Hoft's place in particular is wall-to-wall Ooga Booga. Even though the man himself is in the hospital, his guest bloggers are keeping the Ooga Booga turned up to 11. I'm surprised they haven't already formulated a conspiracy theory in which Hoft was infected with a badass virus by a blah.
    Also, too: what's up with this tic of theirs that every time there's an act of violence anywhere in the country committed by an African American, Obama, Al Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson are supposed to know about it immediately and publicly comment on it? I guess because they're sure that they are all in on it together... Funny, because I don't recall them expecting Bush to have made public comment every time a white businessman got caught ripping off stockholders or employees or running the economy off a cliff.

  24. Spaghetti Lee1:29 AM

    A lot of wingnuts seem the think that all black people share a mass consciousness or something, pointing to how 90% of blacks vote Democrat as evidence. Of course, they never stop to consider that the reason it's so uniform is because people like them are what they see in the Republican party.

    The general tactic of calling on someone to publicly condemn something that they don't have a responsibility to get involved in is so popular because it's a guaranteed winner. If they don't comment, you can talk about how they don't care about/are secretly in on it. If they do, it means you've scared them into waiting on you hand and foot, rhetorically speaking. It's also great for self-satisfaction: "Obama didn't listen to my 300-pageview-a-year blog calling for him to condemn these murderers, I GUESS HE DOESN'T CARE!" Basically, it's the best rhetorical tool that lazy dumbasses and liars ever invented.

  25. Gregory Gee1:38 AM

    One of the more entertaining things of late (and there are precious few as Australia plummets towards a Coalition Government due to a) the Australian tendency to want to "punish" incumbent governments b) the Labor Party persisting in small-target, poll-driven nonsense) has been watching our new generation of Conservative politicians tie themselves in knots over our healthcare system.

    The new kids on the block have more in common with Republican party members than Liberal or National - they regularly fly over the US for strategy updates with various think-tanks/lobby groups - and they have it drummed into them that Health Care Is Bad. But they also know it's popular and it works. You can hear the gears grinding when they speak.

    Why US lobby groups want to target overseas politicians - not entirely sure. I think it has to do with wanting to eliminate any positive examples of Other Ways That Work from existence. "Oh, you say Canada has great gun control laws, eh? Let's see what we can do about that."

  26. Spaghetti Lee2:09 AM

    I think it has to do with wanting to eliminate any positive examples of Other Ways That Work from existence.

    There is no doubt in my mind that that's the exact reasoning. If there ever was a time when the richest people on earth would be happy just swimming in their money, Scrooge McDuck-style, it's long gone. They want to conquer. They want to dominate. And, like all of history's dictators, anything that shows their domination as not the natural state of affairs must be exterminated.

  27. Derelict7:44 AM

    If you ignore all of the details, then the Lane case and the Martin case are identical. [/rightwing]

  28. BadExampleMan7:52 AM

    I want to engage in frenzied, desperate coupling with this comment during a mortar barrage

  29. Some troll on Raw Story insisted that even the white kid involved in the shooting was black because SHUT UP, THAT's WHY!!!

    He prattled on about "Jackson Whites", but as far as I've ever heard, that's a pejorative term applying specifically to the Ramapo Mountain People of the NY/NJ border region.

  30. And now he stands to profit from it by being an NRA poster boy.

    America, FUCK YEAH!

  31. redoubt8:14 AM

    Because they want "Oz" to be short for "Ozymandias".

  32. More like "Ozymandumbass".

  33. Bonus points for the article mentioning "Tesla" technology. Is there any conspiracy theory that doesn't drag Nikola into it?

  34. The air of America's Heartland has an unhealthy concentration of lead.

  35. satch8:30 AM

    "It occurred to me that my ratty jeans and T-shirt might be
    the problem," she said, "so I went home, changed into a dress, and
    returned," and all was well. "Was the clerk prejudiced? You bet," Parker
    said. "But like it or not, the way we present ourselves to the world
    affects the way we are treated."

    So... was Kathleen Parker a thug or a slut? It's getting so hard to keep these things straight...

  36. satch8:34 AM

    "Mister, we could use a man like Jim Crow again..."

  37. You've not listened to the Jackson White 5?

  38. At first I read that as "the penis of psychological projection",

    That would make Jesus into Zardoz, which ... Okay.

  39. JennOfArk9:17 AM

    What Parker's getting at here is that black people ought to have the sense to change into their white skins before they go shopping.

  40. glennisw9:35 AM

    Someone ran a stoplight in my neighborhood and I DEMAND that Obama make a statement about it.

  41. mrstilton9:48 AM

    the Ramapo Mountain People of the NY/NJ border region

    What, you mean like Uncle Floyd?

  42. Halloween_Jack10:14 AM

    Kevin Williamson last election season wrote a column seriously and honestly arguing that Romney was a better leader because he has sons and not daughters.

    It's something of an unmixed blessing that NRO is now apparently charging a quarter to read posts, which is at least six bits too much, even for lulz purposes.

  43. Halloween_Jack10:24 AM

    One of the most saddening things about this is how obviously none of these fuckwits even remotely care about Christopher Lane as a person. Taleeb Starkes mourned that "Unlike Trayvon Martin's parents, no mainstream American publication will feature Chris Lane's parents and siblings on its cover with the caption 'We Are Chris.' Well, why not step up yourself, there, Sparky? Because when your only tool is false equivalency, you don't stop to consider the nails.

  44. redoubt10:38 AM

    Yes. Because I too have been followed around stores--while dressed in a suit and carrying a briefcase--but my white skin is pretty much permanently out to the cleaners, so I make do with what I have.

  45. mortimer200011:19 AM

    You can always count on the Freepers to steal post entire favorite articles.

    Williamson: You want off-the-charts status? Check out the curriculum vitae of one Willard M. Romney: $200 million in the bank (and a hell of a lot more if he didn’t give so much away), apex alpha executive, CEO, chairman of the board, governor, bishop, boss of everything he’s ever touched. Son of the same, father of more. It is a curious scientific fact (explained in evolutionary biology by the Trivers-Willard hypothesis — Willard, notice) that high-status animals tend to have more male offspring than female offspring, which holds true across many species, from red deer to mink to Homo sap. The offspring of rich families are statistically biased in favor of sons — the children of the general population are 51 percent male and 49 percent female, but the children of the Forbes billionaire list are 60 percent male. Have a gander at that Romney family picture: five sons, zero daughters. Romney has 18 grandchildren, and they exceed a 2:1 ratio of grandsons to granddaughters (13:5). When they go to church at their summer-vacation home, the Romney clan makes up a third of the congregation. He is basically a tribal chieftain.

    Professor Obama? Two daughters. May as well give the guy a cardigan. And fallopian tubes.

  46. mortimer200011:21 AM

    Father Coughlin: I used to be a Socialist but after Leopold and Loeb I'm outraged by the New Deal.

  47. Mark_Bzzzz11:34 AM

    Wait, he's not wearing a hoodie!

    Oh crap! Now I see it. Ewwwwwwwwwwww.

  48. realinterrobang11:53 AM

    It's simple -- white people are people, black people are just *a group*. You see the same thing basically with women or any other minority -- any bad thing a white man does reflects badly only on him, but any bad thing any member of any minority group does reflects badly on the whole group.

  49. Nice stuff.

  50. Listen carefully Taleeb, while we do a little editing for clarity:

    "Unlike George Zimmerman, who was not charged until six weeks after shooting Trayvon Martin, Christopher Lane's assailants were arrested within hours and charged within four days."

    Does that help explain things for you?

  51. I just assumed it was the same reason that all Canadians know all other Canadians.

  52. Tiny Hermaphrodite, Esq.12:51 PM

    Would have only lead to metaprojection from the brethren.

  53. I do have a whiny, racist brother-in-law and he does sound just like Some Guy. In fact, the similarities are strik ...

    Hey, you don't think?

  54. Mooser2:53 PM

    So you've been reading the Kevin Drum articles in Mother Jones (?) about lead in the air and the murder rate, too? So have I.

  55. witlesschum2:54 PM

    I really wish Jesus had lectured more on the perils of psychological projection.

    Well, he'd spent a lot of his time on lecturing how moneychangers and the rich were bad.

  56. witlesschum2:57 PM

    Orson Scott Card has been writing pretty much this on his website since early in the 00s.

  57. ADHDJ3:01 PM

    Imagine if Obama really did want to systematically oppress white people.

    He'd start by supporting free trade measures that would drive blue collar jobs overseas, and liberalizing immigration policies to create an army of millions of guest workers with no rights to replace them.

    Then, having stripped them of all legitimate job opportunities, he'd start cracking down on the sale and manufacture of drugs consumed primarily by poor white people the same way we did with crack cocaine in the 80's, and easing up on the kind of drugs consumed primarily by rich white people. With the help of mandatory minimum sentences, he'd be able to disenfranchise millions of young white men disproportionately in red states for nonviolent drug crimes, permanently knocking them off the voter rolls.

    Then, he'd use the FHA/Fannie/Freddie to discourage loans and other agencies to refuse aid to "failing" or "declining" neighborhoods, ones that had experienced a significant decrease in wealth and safety over the past 10 years. With the help of the previous steps and some creative arithmetic, he could make sure these neighborhoods were overwhelmingly white -- black neighborhoods mostly bottomed out 30 years ago.

    To further save our country from these "failing neighborhoods", he could erect giant housing structures and raze poor white neighborhoods, then prohibit any federal aid to keep maintaining the housing structures, ensuring they'll be unliveable shitholes in a decade or two. He'd further ensure that husbands would not be allowed to live in public housing with their families if they did have a job or a criminal record.

    To prevent any upward mobility, he'd encourage an educational system built around testing rather than teaching kids how to think, and wouldn't oppose efforts in red states to allow the most ignorant and least-educated people set the curriculum. So what if Louisiana wants to teach that the Loch Ness Monster proves creationism is real? So what if Texas wants to make it illegal to teach critical thinking in school? Great news if you want to create a permanent underclass of (white) people in red states who will have no options other than to go into the drug trade, continuing the cycle of poverty and disenfranchisement...

  58. witlesschum3:03 PM

    Why hasn't Obama condemned Chappaquidick! (Rightwingers are probably the only people that can spell that right on the first try, I bet.)

  59. witlesschum3:06 PM

    Is that why a black lady kept me locked in a basement for several months? Strange times. It was just a feeling and maybe I'm wrong, but it felt like there was something racial about how quickly I'd get the hose for failing to put the lotion in the basket.

  60. ADHDJ3:09 PM

    "What's up with this tic of theirs that every time there's an act of violence anywhere in the country committed by an African American, Obama, Al Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson are supposed to know about it immediately and publicly comment on it?"

    I don't think there was a day that went by in the 2004 campaign that John Kerry wasn't asked to denounce this person, condemn that person, renounce some random comment on some liberal blog, and so forth. It's just a game they love to play. The only difference is with Obama they've expanded the apology game to all black people and not just all Democrats.

  61. Waffle_Man3:09 PM

    The really galling thing, the thing that tells you these people are not making a serious argument, is that black leaders in America do comment on and condemn black on white crime, black on black crime, gang violence, and even the way rap glorifies violence and misogyny.

    Roy provides an example in the Village Voice, and during the Martin case Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote a fairly long article about it.

    But these people aren't interested in what black people are actually doing and saying. They just want to scream their stupid racism out into the world.

  62. Waffle_Man3:28 PM

    Also this. You know why black people identify with each other because of their race? Because our country spent the vast majority of its existence legally persecuting black people! Black American culture is very much the result of this, it didn't fucking spring up out of nowhere.

    You can't spend two centuries of official legal opinion and pop culture demonizing blackness and then get mad when black people say, "Actually, being black is a good thing." You can't get mad that after spending two centuries forcing black people into a separate category than white people, some of that is still around.

    Well, I mean, clearly you can, but it's hypocritical and shitty.

  63. bekabot3:35 PM

    "Now apologize for that chick Bigger Thomas killed in Native Son."

    It's like it is with fat chicks...the righties are kindly at heart. They wouldn't be so uncouth as to call Obama's attention, without cause, to the fact that he's black. But if he insists on being black out in public in places where no-one can ignore it (such as television) then what are they to do? They want only the best for everybody and they're essentially fair-minded. If they don't devote undue energy to calling attention to the fact that they President is black (meaning: if they don't devote absolutely every second of every minute of every hour of every day to calling attention to the fact that the President is black) then how dare the President pontificate about an unfortunate fact which they for their own part are willing to ignore? It's true that they'll backbite about it once his back is turned. But then he should not better than to go around being all black like that. He wouldn't take their advice, you see, about how to dress and style his hair so as to look less black. (When you walk around with a haircut which is called a "Caesar" you deserve everything you get. Why, that's just asking for trouble.)

    I once had the privilege of hearing a right-wing radio host expound (I tried to call in but wasn't successful) on the insolence of a light-skinned black actress who had a white mother. According to this right-wing radio talk-show host, the actress's insolence consisted of her willingness to admit that she was black. The actress in question (possibly because her mother is white) was and is light-skinned, and the talk show host's opinion was that if she'd cared about what was decorous and fitting she would have tried, like a decent person, to pass. He was of the opinion that she could have passed if only she'd been willing to try. (No.) And he was of the further opinion that the only reason she was willing to be black was because of all the bennies being a black person in show business gets you. (Subject to sniff test at will.) It's easy enough to scoff at the ludicrousness of these opinions but I believe the state of mind they confess to is more common than one would like to think.

  64. Provider_UNE3:59 PM

    Have yet to read the piece or any of the comments, though I suspect this bunch has beat me to the punch, but I thought I might try the quiz without the benefit of cue cards...

    The usual suspects have their knickers in a knot because a bunch of negroids descended upon Washington DC in a naked attempt to co-opt the legacy of conservative icon, Martin Luther King. Also, too, Travon Martin murdered George Zimmerman's reputation because a black guy is suspected of killing a white guy...Infinity plus one, no backsies!

    Now to read the fucking hot mess...

  65. XeckyGilchrist4:08 PM

    Indeed, one of the hallmarks of wingnuttery is, IMO, an inability to be satisfied.

    Often, they won't even make demands, they just keep screaming that something is bad ("liberal media!") When they do make demands, anything that meets those demands is either ignored, like the condemnations you mention, or subjected to the moving-goalpost treatment.

  66. Also, too: what's up with this tic of theirs that every time there's an act of violence anywhere in the country committed by an African American, Obama, Al Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson are supposed to know about it immediately and publicly comment on it?

    'Cause they're the only African-Americans they know of that aren't musicians, actors or athletes, and Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. are dead. Of course, that doesn't stop them from telling us what Dr. King really meant at every available opportunity. It does have it's uses, though, as you can generally bet that any white person that harps on about Al Sharpton can be safely ignored in discussions on race in America.

  67. Provider_UNE5:26 PM

    Thank you!

  68. Provider_UNE5:39 PM

    That was a little too easy.

  69. Also, if your attempt to show how much you have in common with regular people includes the phrase 'a boutique in Georgetown', you might want to reconsider your outreach strategy.

    This complete incompetence at appearing to have anything in common with people who will ever have to worry about paying the rent this month is one of the reasons I loved watching Mitt Romney during the 2012 campaigns.

    Why aren't there more sitcoms about rich white dudes bumbling ineptly through life, the world around them conforming to their every will and whim, while they're convinced that it's doing that because they're so brilliant and hardworking? Alas, I suspect many people would miss the irony entirely.

  70. I've been to some gun shows with my dad. Saw plenty of bumper stickers and signs that said things like "Liberal Hunting License*." And yet, despite a stated desire to murder people**, these people have a God-given right to own guns that no government should dare infringe upon.

    *Presumably it was a license to hunt liberals, not a hunting license that is liberal, which would presumably involve hunting for the best deals on arugula and organic soy milk, amirite guys?

    **Obviously in jest to some extent, but probably better not to joke about such things. Just ask Dr. Tiller or Rep. Giffords if people never get murdered for their political stances.

  71. XeckyGilchrist5:47 PM

    Those were just surveyor's marks!

  72. Presumably they meant that the white kid in the group was a Golden Chocolate Oreo.

  73. Or perhaps they have a noble dream of a day when Australian healthcare will become entirely privatized, and they can grab a slice of that pie, through overseas subsidiary companies if necessary.

  74. Posing whilst Black ist verboten!

  75. Why aren't there more sitcoms about rich white dudes bumbling ineptly through life, ...?

    Isn't that called the News?

  76. MikeJ6:45 PM

    Seinfeld was pretty popular

  77. Waffle_Man7:02 PM

    Coates put it really well:

    "An capricious anti-intellectualism, a fanatical imbecility, a willful amnesia, an eternal sunshine upon our spotless minds, is white supremacy's gravest legacy."

  78. Origami_Isopod7:19 PM

    A lot of wingnuts seem to think that all black people share a mass consciousness or somethingAnother recent example.

  79. Spaghetti Lee7:41 PM

    'Cause they're the only African-Americans they know of that aren't musicians, actors or athletes, and Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. are dead.

    I think you may have hit it on the head. For the record, if Dr. King was alive today (he'd be 84 years old) you absolutely would see right wingers trying to make him and the civil rights movement responsible for every crime committed by a black person. God knows they don't have any respect for surviving CRM people like John Lewis.

  80. BigHank5310:06 PM

    Several white pundits are probably large enough to provide a white skin, provided you peel them carefully. On the other hand, if you wear a long-sleeved shirt, you really only need the hands and the face...

    ....I'm getting that look again, aren't I?

  81. efgoldman10:11 PM

    ...while Daddy's (and Grandaddy's) handlers bought him a Congressional seat.
    Or a baseball team, or an oil patch....

  82. montag211:12 PM

    Hmm. I'm betting that the Rmoney asshole-to-normal-person ratio is pretty damned high, too.

  83. calling all toasters11:32 PM

    Martin Niemoller gets a show on Clear Channel:

    First they wanted to play professional baseball, and I didn't speak out because I only watch golf.

    Then they wanted to ride in the front of the bus, and I didn't speak out because I drive everywhere.

    Then they wanted to be admitted to universities, and I didn't speak out because I have no use for those commie brainwashing camps..

    Finally one of them was elected President, and there was no one to keep me safe from the murderous, slavering, subhuman hordes.

  84. montag211:35 PM

    Not to get all Marxist and shit about this, but, it occurs to me, reading the comments, that none of these drooling mouthbreathers have yet figured out that they're being manipulated for the further enrichment of the very wealthy. Creating racial division is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and it's being very successfully employed by the rich fucks to distract from the wholesale theft that's going on today by the corporate class. Some of the worst of this is coming from the Tea Party, and who's funding that? The obvious institutional racism coming to the fore in NC? Who's behind that? One of the wealthiest people in the region, Art Pope.

    Now, because these are dumb fucks, even after the next crash, when their very tenuous grip on economic security is finally destroyed, they're still going to be blaming the Messicans and the blacks, instead of the power- and wealth-mad evil bastards who've been egging on these wanking mental defectives.

    But, then, if they are afflicted with tunnel vision, there's no point in trying to get them to realize there's a bigger picture. They can't see it, anyway.

  85. Jeffrey_Kramer1:52 AM

    Yeah, lots of variations available on that one. "I used to be a liberal, but after the Rodney King riots I'm outraged by health care reform."

  86. I don't think Doughbob's skin would be sanitary enough to wear.

  87. willf4:58 AM

    No, we'd all do that.

  88. mgmonklewis9:27 AM

    Jeeves & Wooster. Though even Bertie Wooster had no illusions about being brilliant and hard-working.

  89. Provider_UNE9:46 AM

    I would dig up the grave of a distant white relative, take the skin from the face and hands, and wearing a turtle-neck, sidle up to this comment and woo it and woo it good.

    Whether a light switch or breaker was involved we would be getting busy in the dark.

  90. glennisw10:10 AM

    I want to sit down in a booth at Sylvia's with this comment, and sip a motherfuckin' iced tea with it.

  91. glennisw10:17 AM

    "Unlike Trayvon Martin's parents, no mainstream American publication
    will feature Chris Lane's parents and siblings on its cover with the
    caption 'We Are Chris.'"

    yeah, well, no liberal groups would go on a carefully coordinated campaign to insinuate that Chris Lane was actually a drug-cooking, co-habitating, foreign alien. wearing "weaponized" Nikes on his feet, and totally deserved being shot pre-emptively.

  92. JennOfArk10:55 AM

    The ground-in Cheeto dust would make the wearer look like Boehner, which kind of misses the whole point of "white" skin.

  93. Howlin Wolfe11:18 AM

    I wish there were only one Some Guy. Even 5% of the population is a lot of peeps.

  94. That is an old crumb cartoon.

  95. redoubt3:45 PM

    Less time in the tanning bed, so win/win.

  96. Adrian6:51 PM

    Gatewaypundit has really gone off the rails. Latest headline: It’s An Obama World… Black Teen Rapes 93-Yr-Old White Grandmother

  97. AngryWarthogBreath9:11 PM

    I saw Tony Abbott being brought up on Lawyers Guns and Money for his thing about maternity leave, and how that's so much better than what you can get in America. It was horrifying. I wanted to run in and try to save everybody from themselves. "He's not your friend! He's not helpful! He's a very naughty boy!"

  98. AngryWarthogBreath9:12 PM


    ...Sorry, I'll... I'll let myself out.

  99. DING DING DING! We have a winner!