Tuesday, December 18, 2012

GO AHEAD, TRY IT THAT WAY. I'm always eager to learn what it is we liberals are really up to when we pretend to be interested in, say, preventing schoolroom shoot-'em-ups. Daniel Greenfield, "Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and a contributing editor at Family Security Matters," explains our philosophy in "Gun Control, Thought Control, and People Control":
The individual cannot be held accountable for shooting someone if there are guns for sale. Individuals have no role to play because they are not moral actors, only members of a mob responding to stimuli... 
You wouldn't blame a dog for overeating; you blame the owners for overfeeding him. Nor do you blame a dog for biting a neighbor. You might punish him, but the punishment is training, not a recognition of authentic responsibility on the part of the canine. And the way that you think of a dog, is the way that the left thinks of you. When you misbehave, the left looks around for your owner.
That's from John Rawls, right?
Individual behavior is a symptom of a social problem. Identify the social problem and you fix the behavior. The individual is nothing, the crowd is everything. Control the mass and you control the individual.
Or maybe it's from James Q. "Broken Windows" Wilson. It's hard to tell; Greenfield seems to think any attempt to change circumstances to influence behavior is a form of mass hypnosis. (I wonder if a woman ever had him over to her apartment, turned down the lights and put on some soft music. That must have really freaked him out.)

Of course I'm being unfair. Though most of the article consists of enraged, outlandish metaphors -- "You train monkeys to fetch bananas for you. That is how the enlightened elites of the left see the workers whose taxes they harvest," "The Nazis believed that they were the master race because they were genetically superior. Liberals believe that they are the master race..." etc. -- Greenfield does have one real-life example to buttress his argument:
That is how the left approached this election. Instead of appealing to individual interests, they went after identity groups. They targeted low information voters and used behavioral science to find ways to manipulate people. The right treated voters like human beings. The left treated them like lab monkeys. And the lab monkey approach is triumphantly toted by progressives as proof that the left is more intelligent than the right. And what better proof of intelligence can there be than treating half the country like buttons of unthinking responses that you can push to get them to do what you want.
Greenfield's argument is perfect in its way. Have anti-pollution laws made our air and water less foul? Proof of liberal contempt for the individualism of the polluter! Do blacks rise to heretofore unrealized positions of respect and even prominence in society? Liberal mind control techniques at work!

So if the kind of gun control people are calling for now (and which, by the way, is Greenfield's ostensible theme) were actually tried and shown to reduce gun violence in this country,  that would make it even more of an outrage.

This is the sort of conservatism I look forward to seeing more of: One where they gibber and spit over our successes.

UPDATE. In another post, Greenfield asks:
And yet would Thomas Jefferson, the abiding figurehead of the Democratic Party, who famously wrote, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants", really have shuddered at the idea of peasants with assault rifles, or would he have grinned at the playing field being leveled some more?
I think he would have swum to England to tell King George he'd made a terrible mistake.


  1. BG, ribbons in my hair10:24 PM

    Dear Mr. Greenfield,

    Jefferson also had slaves. Even the most brilliant, important people screw some things up, ya know?

    Oh, and you can bite me.


  2. Spaghetti Lee10:24 PM

    Thomas Jefferson, the abiding figurehead of the Democratic Party

    And here I was thinking it was Saul Alinsky. This changes everything!

  3. Derelict10:26 PM

    I have to admit that I'm loving the desperate arguments being put forth to defend the status quo on guns. I'm hoping they really stick with the "Any law won't work 100%, so there should be no law!" argument. If they're victorious with that, it should make for some very interesting debates on lots of other laws. Like, say, drug laws or abortion or birth control.

  4. XeckyGilchrist10:32 PM

    This is the sort of conservatism I look forward to seeing more of: One where they gibber and spit over our successes.

    With a bit of luck, Obamacare should be good for some of these.

  5. chuckling10:33 PM

    "I think he would have swum to England..."

    As a conservative Christian in the modern sense, I'm pretty sure that had Jefferson been given a fair trial, he would have sunk like a stone.

  6. Jefferson's stances on freedom of speech and religion were admirable, but he (and his faction) were otherwise wrong in nearly every detail. It took six more decades of backwater status before the Civil War required the fundamental changes to American politics that allowed us to become a modern nation.

  7. chuckling10:41 PM

    Jefferson also had slaves. Even the most brilliant, important people screw some, ya know? Fixed.

  8. whetstone11:04 PM

    He's got us dead to rights, pandering to Identity groups like paranoid schizophrenics. Every sociopath, every person with a borderline personality, is a unique individual who should be given the right not to massacre people with military weapons rather than suffer the indignity of being a behavioral-therapy buck or a cadillac-driving anti-psychotics queen.

  9. They targeted low information voters and used behavioral science to find ways to manipulate people.

    Not like Frank Luntz, and his famous appeals to reason.

  10. Duncan195112:23 AM

    "I think he would have swum to England to tell King George he'd made a terrible mistake."

    Good on you, Roy. If you look at his civil-liberties practice after he became President, it becomes even more likely. When he called for the Tree of Liberty to be refreshed with the blood of tyrants, I don't think he had his own blood in mind.

  11. Everybody knows the tree of liberty is supposed to be refreshed with the blood of children and teachers.

  12. PersonaAuGratin12:48 AM

    People make way too much of that quote. For all we know, "Blood of Tyrants" may have been a label name that TJ was test-marketing for an upcoming offering from Chateau Monticello Vineyards.

  13. The remarkable thing is, I believe Greenfield is saying that liberals being good at politics proves how evil liberals are.

  14. Fats Durston2:27 AM

    If you want a picture of the liberal future, imagine a man in a lab coat handing a monkey bananas--forever.

  15. Megalon2:52 AM

    Peasants with assault rifles? Like the Khmer Rouge? Or The Shining Path? Or the Mujaheddin? Because I don't know what else "peasants with assault rifles" is supposed to make me think of.

    I wonder which is Mr. Greenfield's favorite?

  16. Fats Durston3:04 AM

    I've read Townhall and Pastor Swank and a whole shitload of student essays recently, and that's the craziest, most illogical piece I've seen since I looked at Timecube. For a minute there, it feels like a 1980s literary short story with its second-person narrative gimmick, but then Greenfield really loses control of his "yous."

    Why do you (liberal you) want to spay the monkeys whose taxes and bananas you are harvesting? (I think the banana metaphor is doing a little too much work...)

    "But you have a whole lot of rounds of ammunition stockpiled in case of a Planet of the Apes scenario." Wait, you (liberal you) who's getting rid of guns is also stockpiling ammo?

    "On the other side is the remorseless state machinery of supreme compassion. ... Compassion of this sort is outrage fuel. It is hatred toward people masquerading as love." Why is it outrage fuel if the liberals' mind control is victorious?

    "And the only way to truly justify the kind of total power summoned by
    such lusts is by reducing the people you would rule over to the status
    of non-persons." It is true that liberals have done their best recently to make immigrants non-citizens and poors non-voters.

    "The right asks, 'Why did you kill?' The left asks, 'Who let him have a gun?'" Because the dead guy didn't answer.

  17. DBake5:06 AM

    "Carpenters bend wood, fletchers bend arrows, wise men fashion themselves." -- The Buddha, apparently advocating Brave New World.

  18. Tom M5:17 AM

    Draftees, circa 1967, USA edition?

  19. RHWombat5:36 AM

    I fall in abject adoration at this comments feet.

  20. bourbaki6:54 AM


    Those are Thomas Friedman level mixed metaphors.

  21. satch7:44 AM

    There's so much tiresome typing to wade through over there that it's tough to pick the dumbest point, but here's my guess: "The clash that will define the future of America is this collision between the individual and the state, between disorganized freedom and organized compassion, between a self-directed experiment in self-government and an experiment conducted by trained experts on a lab monkey population. And the defining idea of this conflict is accountability." Since our boy Daniel is so eager to tell us liberals what we REALLY think, allow me to return the favor. Danny's "disorganized freedom" wingnut utopia will be governed by the guy with the biggest gun with the highest capacity magazine, who can draw the fastest and shoot first.

  22. MikeJ7:48 AM

    Speaking of slaves, I am eagerly awaiting Roy's column on Django Unchained. Some people seem very upset at the thought of a movie about black people with guns shooting people who actually deserved to be shot.

  23. BigHank538:32 AM

    Man, you had me right in the second sentence: the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

    I guess he realized that no guest was ever going to lay his head down in the spare bedroom, and that square footage should start pulling its own weight.

  24. satch8:44 AM

    Aww... these guys are so cute when they swear their willingness to fight to the last man, bravely standing up to the soul crushing might of the remorseless liberal nanny state (nannies with F-16s!) in the name of FREEDOM!!! They really need their own Marvel comic book.

  25. Halloween_Jack8:50 AM

    So, of course, the left hand insists, yet again, that the latest shooter was a lone nut whose case should in no way keep civilians from owning an assault rifle, while the right hand goes on about how food stamps are ruining America, etc. Those people aren't individual actors, but hapless tools caught in the iron grip of Obamuslimarxism! "Shillman" is the perfect title for this guy.

  26. sharculese8:54 AM

    You're forgetting the Party of Lincoln rule: It is literally impossible for a political party's governing philosophy to change over time, for any reason, ever.

  27. The right asks, "Pontypool changes everything?" The left asks, "What the hell is all this stuff about monkeys and Nazis?"

  28. satch9:36 AM

    Django Reinhardt?

  29. tigrismus9:42 AM

    Remorseless compassion? What about all the white liberal guilt?

    P.S. Dude, do you even know anyone who knows any liberals?

  30. mortimer10:09 AM

    The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference - they deserve a place of honor with all that's good.
    George Washington

    Clearly, an RPG in the hands of a schizophrenic would have triggered George's happy face.

    (BTW, Washington never said the above. It's one of those bogus quotes that wingnuts circulate as props for their gun rights absolutism.)

  31. Ellis_Weiner10:45 AM

    Wait--"SHILLMAN"? I can't get past that. Is this Truth in Advertising Day, or what?

  32. Ellis_Weiner11:00 AM

    ...and then announce, "I am accountable. For a personal demonstration of my accountability, make an appointment with Mr. Bushmaster."

  33. redoubt11:23 AM

    In the spirit of "fairness", this African-American will "credit" Shillman with what I will call the Monkey-Dogwhistle Gambit.

  34. BigHank5312:01 PM

    Given the racial makeup of your average batch of draftees in 1967, I'm willing to bet that the slaveholder Jefferson would have shit his britches hard enough to fly to England.

  35. see also, the existence of racist Democrats in the 1950s-60s means the Democratic Party is forever the party of virulent racists (used only in circumstances where virulent racism is considered 'bad')

  36. Bob Mahnken12:42 PM

    People always drag out that "tree of liberty" quote as a way to shut off debate or express ultimate disapproval of this or that policy. No one seems to understand that what Jefferson was saying at the time was, "Shays' Rebellion? Big deal. Don't worry about it. Ratify the damn Constitution."

  37. satch2:39 PM

    The way I see it, fighting to bring the South back into the union DELAYED our evolution from backwater to modern nation by at least fifty years.

  38. montag25:06 PM

    What can I say? I started laughing at "David Horowitz Freedom Center."

  39. So what were those first graders? Patriots or tyrants?

  40. El Manquécito5:50 PM

    I'd like this comment on the board of my 501(c)3.

  41. Oh, I get it, Conservatives think everyone speaks in code like them! They don't understand that when progressives advocate for gun control laws so as to limit the number of mass murders, it really isn't a secret code for emasculating the prissy, dick-obsessed members of society, we just really, truly, deeply don't like seeing children killed by gun fetishists.

  42. Guestington P. Guerstershire7:00 PM

    "And the lab monkey approach is triumphantly toted by progressives..."

    In their tote bags, no doubt.

  43. Kadzimiel8:11 PM

    Well, Jefferson was basically plagiarizing Tertullian with that particular bit of overheated rhetoric. I blame the Late Roman African Church for the ways of the Democrats who are now Republicans.

  44. Eli Rabett9:15 PM

    Sometimes you just put the vicious dog down.

  45. pseudonymous in nc12:02 AM

    Proof that you can turn your sock drawer into a haughtily-named 501(c)(3) these days in order to suck up that wingnut welfare. Now that's some tax reform I'd like to see.

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