Wednesday, November 07, 2012

THE LADYPARTS ELECTION. I said yesterday that I didn't know who'd win, and it wasn't because I doubted the oracle of West 43rd Street. It was because, in a weird way perhaps related to my long attention to wingnuts and the strange empathy with them that has engendered, I took one of their points: That a party with a raidable coalition whose champion presided over a weak economy had to be vulnerable.

That was why conservatives were so gloomy and doomy in 2008: They knew Bush had wrecked the party, and all the hobgoblins that emerged from the wreckage -- from Mark Foley to Sarah Palin -- made the opening for Democrats so big that they could even beat them with a black guy.

That was weird, because for years boogiemen were something GOP apparatchiks tied to the other party. I assumed that in 2012, as Obama hadn't improved things much in the here and now -- yeah, I know about all the new jobs, and they're not enough; the fundamental economic weaknesses and inequalities I've been griping about since the Bush years are still there -- the GOP would have room to Willie Horton and Al Sharpton their way into the amygdalae of enough gomers to win.

But a weird thing happened: During the campaign, instead of tying Democrats to weirdos, the Republicans generated a flood of their own. Again! And here conservatives turned out to be a big, fat liability for their cause. As Republican after Republican made crackpot comments about rape, contraception, and abortion, the GOP's rightwing brain trust unfailingly followed up and said, yeah, that's what we believe, that's what we've always believed.

And because the conventional wisdom had always been that autonomous, sexually active women and the men who love them are just a fringe constituency, instead of questioning the wisdom of attacking them, the big brains questioned the wisdom of having Sandra Fluke speak at the Democratic Convention.

I always knew this issue was a winner for the Democrats, but now I'm beginning to think that it affected everything else as well. That is, Romney's crackpot economic and environmental policies might have had more traction with voters if so many of them were not convinced that he represented and was listening to a bunch of lunatics who were totally out of touch with how human beings live. In tough times, you might go for a small-government reformer who says he has a plan to turn things around if you trust him. Americans have bought bigger grifters than Romney; a lot of them haven't even figured that the nice old man who unleashed the markets in the 1980s set them up for the hard times we have now.

Who knows what a Romney campaign might have achieved if he'd decisively cut loose the Erick Erickson contingent and run like a man trying to be governor of Massachusetts? The question was moot before the first GOP caucus vote. That was their problem.


  1. synykyl6:17 PM

    Romney made some mistakes himself, but I think you are right. The main reason he lost is because of all the right wing baggage he had to carry.

  2. Nance6:17 PM

    Said much the same thing this morning. So of course I commend you as a genius.

  3. The Republicans proudly let their inner assholes loose on the world stage - only other assholes would vote for them.

  4. Leeds man6:17 PM

    And yet, it was a close run thing. I like to think that's mainly because of the economy, rather than a disturbing embrace of the Fucking Crazy Party by half the country. It will be an interesting couple of years until the next House Cleaning.

  5. John D.6:17 PM

    "Who knows what a Romney campaign might have achieved if he'd decisively cut loose the Erick Erickson contingent and run like a man trying to be governor of Massachusetts? The question was moot before the first GOP
    caucus vote. That was their problem."

    Yup, I'd say that's it in a nutshell. The Tea Party's out-and-out loons made sane people a little nervous. To put it mildly.

    There's a reason the John Bircher types were kept away from center stage back in the day. Yes, Obama is a corporate technocrat "centrist," but at least he's not batshit insane.

  6. The main reason he lost is because of all the right wing baggage he had to carry.

    And the fact that his own name was on some of the baggage tags, phony-baloney last-second move to the middle notwithstanding.

  7. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard6:17 PM

    Meanwhile, though, the True Believers will reject RINO Romney and his Northeastern Establishment GOP insiders. They will veer even harder right until the party becomes a noisy ghost haunting backwoods Southern regions. Hell, even Christie is being drummed out of the party for the sin of actually serving his constituents. I've said it before, and I'll say it again for the next four years: NORRIS/NUGENT 2016... WOLVERINES!!!

  8. It was a close run thing mainly because of the economy plus a disturbing embrace of the Fucking Crazy Party by (almost) half the country. Remember, 2008 wasn't as much of a blowout as it would have been in a saner nation, even with much of the electorate finally realizing what a disaster the Bush presidency was, and that only after two terms. The batshit theocrat floor is still worryingly high.

    But this buys us demographic breathing space. It would be nice if the Democratic Party didn't squander the opportunity this time around. This election showed us more of the fruits of not keeping the electoral machinery running last time: 2010's massive GOP sweep at the state level meant gerrymandering without mercy to lock in their gains, so that even with a presidential electoral tailwind the House count barely budged in Dems' favor. If the Republican House had suffered any real consequences whatsover for their relentless obstruction, mendacious investigations, empty posturing, and insane near-repudiation of the full faith and credit of the US, then there might have been some leverage on the legislation front. Instead, we're heading for two years of more of the same, and another off-year election where Dems are even less likely to be able to wrest control back ... unless they keep the pressure on, and the actual full implementation of Obamacare is perceived positively.

  9. KatWillow6:18 PM

    In tough times Americans usually elect Democrats. After Dems have pretty much repaired and restored the country and things are going GREAT! the repugs manage to get elected based on idiot "memes" like opposition to civil rights for everyone but white males, tax "breaks" for The suffering Rich, and"

    "I know! We'll put on a WAR! That'll save the old orphanage! I mean school! I mean Mr. Johnson's farm! Oh, wait. I mean: it'll save gigantic multi-national corporation that's being forced, FORCED I tell ya! to pay taxes! If we start two or three wars, NO ONE will have to pay taxes! USA! USA!"

  10. KatWillow6:18 PM

    Their problem is/was that Romney is a creep, and looks like a creep, who openly represents the interests of the Billionaire CEOs who crashed the economy in '07 and are working hard to impose "austerity" upon everyone who did NOT crash the economy. You poor unemployed folk have GOT to tighten your belts!

  11. GregMc6:18 PM

    Seconded. See, for example, Alabama, in which the presidential vote was almost completely along racial lines and Roy Moore got elected to be the head of the state Supreme Court. There be Fucking Crazy out there, in numbers.

  12. Tehanu6:18 PM

    I'm just relieved that -- with any luck -- we won't have to see Willard the Rat and especially Mrs. Rat and their 5 let's-you-other-guys-and-the-Muslims-fight Stepford sons any more. Except if one of them happens to get crushed when the car elevator collapses.

  13. Halloween_Jack6:18 PM

    Oh, don't I wish. Like Darkseid, JOSH ROMNEY IS.

  14. Halloween_Jack6:18 PM

    Yep. Once the mask slips, and people see what's underneath, holding it on with one hand while doing a frantic little jig for distraction won't really cut it.

  15. chuckling6:18 PM

    You have to remember that normal Americans pay little, if any, attention to politics and rarely vote. I'd guess for most it comes down to some combination of the likability factor and the effectiveness of early advertising in cementing a negative opinion about a candidate. Detailed knowledge of the issues has little to do with it, much less the happenings out in wingnuttia.

    Harper's blog has an interesting article that provides some sophisticated insight.

  16. Leeds man6:19 PM

    And as I'm reading the linked article, CBC interviews Sasha Issenberg!

  17. zencomix6:19 PM

    "There be Fucking Crazy out there, in numbers."

    See also : Steve King, R-Iowa

  18. The question was moot before the first GOP caucus vote. That was their problem.

    And OUR problem remains that both our parties work for the financial and military-industrial complex, Roy.

    Which is why the GOP managed to come back like a bad penny, even after being crushed by the Triangulator-in-Chief and company in 2006 and 2008.

  19. mortimer6:19 PM

    The thing that stunned "America is dead to me now" Redstaters can't get past is that they -- the only Real Americans -- didn't win. And as long as their idea of politics is to demonize the rest of us as traitors to Real America they will continue to be stunned again and again.

    Of course, I listened to Cokie Roberts this morning tell me that Obama's big problem right now is that he won reelection. According to Cokie, he must now cave in to the demands of all the old white men who voted against him. So maybe Romney would have been a better choice for all of us, since he wouldn't have that problem.

  20. redoubt6:19 PM

    the True Believers will reject RINO Romney and his Northeastern Establishment GOP insiders
    They've already done that once:
    "Will you still beat me
    will you still treat me
    like in '64?"

  21. According to Cokie, he must now cave in to the demands of all the old white men who voted against him.

    All of our corporatists listen to that voice, Leeds man. That's why people like Rahm Emanuel and Erskine Bowles show up in Democratic Administrations.

    Money talks, the rest of us get the shaft.


  22. Formerly_Nom_De_Plume6:19 PM

    I'm not sure it's sunk in yet just how remarkable this outcome really is. The Black Guy didn't just get reelected, he got reelected in a shitty economy and with the opposition yelling "foodstamps" at him for the past four years.

    The right is depressed for the time being, but don't let that fool you. Their hysteria will reignite within a few months, probably by inauguration day. They're not done digging their hole yet.

  23. M. Krebs6:19 PM

    A fascinating map at the NY Times shows that Obama won big in nearly every major city. The only notable exceptions I see are Houston, Dallas, and Salt Lake City. Romney won big in the suburbs and rural areas. (Just two counties netted Obama roughly 2 million votes: Cook Co. and LA Co.)

    Let's hear it for the city folk!

  24. wileywitch6:19 PM

    Some of the Disappoints are already starting to say that Republicans made mistakes and need to change their strategies. They need to change more than that. Whether or not people who voted Republican think they're racist/misogynist, it's a simple fact that voting R in this election was voting for racism and misogyny.

    A party that doesn't slap toxic noise out of the race, that doesn't apologize for four years of demanding to see the long form, that makes no real effort to counter it's own belligerence and incendiary rancor against the President of the United States for him having the audacity to be a minority and a Democrat who was elected stands for racism.

    The rape/abortion/contraception issues among Republicans has been just as hateful, spiteful, and anti-social.

    Asking, Yes, but what would Romney do for me and then pulling the lever for an R in spite of what the Republican party has become is voting for racism and misogyny. It doesn't matter whether the lever is pulled out of ignorance or Foxism or confused optimism. It doesn't matter how many "black friends" one has.

    The ugliness that has risen to the surface will continue for Obama's second term. That's not a bad thing. It's always been there, the boil just came to the surface when we elected a black POTUS. It needs to be scrubbed. Lamenting the rancor makes about as much sense as wishing we could go back to the time that the idea of having an African-American President could be humored but didn't have to be taken too seriously.

  25. JennOfArk6:20 PM

    Agreed, they need to change more than strategies - I'm just not sure that they can.

    Demographics say that without a fundamental change, they're going to lose more and more elections. But a Republican Party that tries, for example, to win the allegiance of African-Americans by any means other than telling them to "get off the Democrat plantation" is frankly unimaginable. It's been a central part of their identity for going on 3 generations now; something that has become a part of their DNA. They may eventually rid themselves of this notion that the way to get people who they clearly consider to be their inferiors to vote for them is by continually insulting them, but my guess is it will take several decades for them to do it. And thank Bog for that.

  26. synykyl6:20 PM

    I believe Mitt is genuinely conservative on most issues, but who knows for sure? The guy has no integrity whatsoever. Never mind flip-flopping, Mitt can hold multiple opposing views at the
    same freaking time.

    If the Republican party was not so dependent on the crazies, he would have espoused more moderate positions from the get-go and would have stood a better chance of being elected.

  27. synykyl6:20 PM

    Mitt's veronica in the first debate cut it for plenty of people. Thankfully not for enough ;-)

  28. reallyaimai6:20 PM

    But I guess I think that the whole argument that those lines didn't "work for them" is a bit odd. Basically they have nothing left but their base, and their base heard those things about Obama and didn't hear them about Romney, or chose to forget them about Romney as soon as they learned them. If I've learned nothing about the voting public its that there are very few people in the middle. Whether people are highly "informed" and partisan, or uninformed, they don't make their choice on what they hear, see, or are told. They make their choice on what they already believe to be true and everything they hear, see, or are told in the course of the campaign either fits that preconceived model or it is rejected as false or illusory.

    The problem Romney's campaign had is that there just weren't enough of "their" voters to make the difference anymore.

  29. Leeds man6:20 PM

    ITTDGY, in the interests of mortimer more than myself, I must point out that we are not the same person.

  30. Leeds man6:20 PM

    "pulling the lever for an R in spite"

    This about sums it up for a lot of 'em.

  31. Jay B.6:20 PM

    They've spent 32 years now living in a bubble. They don't even notice that the Democrats have one 5 out of the last 6 national elections. They resent the hell that women have the franchise, never mind mud people and beaners. And the fever pitch won't slacken and the klaxons won't end -- they'll just be served diminishing electoral returns for their anger.

    Haw-haw. I wish Goldwater was still alive so I could piss on his face.

  32. Derelict6:20 PM

    Roy doesn't carry this far enough. When the GOP decided that fostering and boosting the Tea Party was a really good idea, they did not realize that the Tea Party would come to control the primaries. That put the craziest of the party's crazy wing in complete control of the ticket. EVERY candidate from local dog catcher up to the presidential ticket had pass muster with the lunatics.

    The net result, of course, was the spectacle of Romney running against himself and his own running mate for most of the presidential campaign. But the foundation built on Tea is still there, and we'll see it continue to doom GOP chances for years or even decades to come.

    My big question: Will the billionaires who have supported Rove's lavish lifestyle for no tangible gains want his head on a pike?

  33. whetstone6:20 PM

    "Who knows what a Romney campaign might have achieved if he'd decisively cut loose the Erick Erickson contingent and run like a man trying to be governor of Massachusetts?"

    Depends on what you mean. If he'd cut them loose before or during the primaries, he would have been beaten like a rented goalie, Gingrich would have taken the nomination, and FiveThirtyEight would be one post reading PUT A FORK IN THE GOP.

    But he didn't, and the "severely conservative" governor of Massachusetts sorta kinda tried to moderate himself, and it kind of worked, insofar as one can immediately campaign as a completely different candidate in a matter of months. No one can do that smoothly, save for perhaps pure sociopaths, and even the lizard brain of the MSM can figure out when someone's *that* full of shit.

    I don't know if Romney isn't a soulless Terminator machine with no fixed beliefs that merely pours into the vessel of whatever he's running for. But I don't think he had any choice but to try to run as one.

    And Romney's bumbling attempt to try to be a moderate and a conservative or something *POOF* *VANISHES*? I think that's the *best* the GOP could have done this year.

  34. Another Kiwi6:20 PM

    Is this comment taking visits from gentlemen callers?

  35. Another Kiwi6:20 PM

    Malkin did a bile and shit slurry of a post accusing the Dems of SPITE!!! I'm not sure but it seemed to be based on the fact that they won. Which wasn't nice of them.

  36. satch6:21 PM

    " like a man trying to be governor of Massachusetts?" Umm... would that have been Bill Weld?

  37. reallyaimai6:21 PM

    Mitt is genuinely conservative on all issues--he just lies a lot. He knows what he wants but he doesn't feel any particular need to represent it to outsiders or subordinates and everyone is an outsider and a subordinate, to him. If you see the video of his interview with a pesky right wing radio talk show host you will see the real Mitt, unbuttoned, red faced, and angry at being questioned. You will also see a Mitt who believes in the work of that lunatic Skousen and firmly in all the most retrograde tenets of his religion. There is simply no evidence that Mitt is some kind of NE Republican ( a la Weld or Rockefeller)--a "reasonable kind of fellow" with whom we can all do business. He was and always will be rotten to the core.


  38. In choosing the nominee they did, they tied both those hands behind their back from the start.

    Since that dead horse o' mine hasn't been flogged for at least a good twenty minutes, I'd like to point out that the "He's not a true Christian!" one was still trotted out for the general election. All it took was repudiating Real True Christian(TM) doctrine about Mormonism at the drop of a hat, and selling out principles comes easily to the Religious Right leadership. The Billy/Franklin Graham "Vote Biblical Values" ad campaign was running in newspapers throughout October, with no sense of irony about how they themselves would have recently referred to the contrast between "Biblical values" and "Book of Mormon values." My own father assures me that the usual suspects amongst the religious bosses were all in on this as well. Given the non-zero number of fundamentalist Protestants who are royally pissed about this, I'm still hoping for some internecine knifings. Or a little bit more withdrawal from secular politics. Or, if the Ohio exit polling suggesting half of evangelical union members went for Obama is accurate, even some dawning awareness about how much people of genuine (albeit reactionary) faith are being played.

  39. petesh6:21 PM

    Hoo-boy, I lookin' forward to the next Voice columning. Will they let you borrow extra pixels?

  40. wileywitch6:21 PM

    Still on about the topless rain dance, are ya'?

  41. Halloween_Jack6:21 PM

    The mental picture can't be helped.

  42. Adrian6:21 PM

    She actually said that the election will force Obama to do some "soul searching."

  43. synykyl6:21 PM

    I'm not suggesting otherwise. All I'm saying is that if his party would have allowed it, he would have pretended to be more centrist and could have made a better showing. He was clearly willing to say anything to get elected, but he could not have won the primary or held his base if he had "gone moderate" too early.

    The Republicans have been relying on turning up the hate to motivate their base for quite a while now, but I think they have hit the limits for that strategy. I'm not sure if I'd like them to figure that out yet or not. On the one hand I think they will continue to bleed congressional seats if they don't change. On the other, the country would be a better place if they did toss out at least the craziest of the crazies. I don't think they can change and win in the short term, so they will probably not change until they have another bad election or two.

  44. BigHank536:21 PM

    It's nothing new. Nixon's Southern Strategy worked for Nixon, and probably Reagan. Now it's as useful as a cinderblock chained to their ankle. Reagan's embrace of the evangelicals got him a lot of votes. It also got the GOP an influx of hard-liners who truly believe that a compromise with the Dems is shaking hands with Satan himself. It makes for dramatic radio shows but isn't terribly useful in politics, where compromise is inevitable. The Tea Party is just another round of short-term stock pumping with no regard for long-term consequences. It got the GOP the House in 2010...and from now on it's going to be a cinderblock chained to their other ankle.

  45. Big_Bad_Bald_Bastard6:21 PM

    I hereby present for you the voting for Jesus crowd. Thank you "vote for Jesus" people!

  46. Yup, Bill Keller is indeed one of those royally-pissed fundamentalists** I had in mind. What's that, you say? Would I like another slice of pie? Why yes, I would.

    **Or wily performance artists. Who can really tell anymore? Anyway, there are genuine fundamentalist church pastors who also jumped on the "twin evils"*** approach.

    ***And yes yes, because pragmatic progressive bloggers wrote posts about accepting the lesser of two evils, we're all hypocrites for pointing out that the Religious Right did the same thing when supposedly immutable divine principles were jettisoned for short-term political gain. Whatever.

  47. Derelict6:22 PM

    From your lips to the gods' ears!

  48. reallyaimai6:22 PM

    I don't see why you shouldn't point out that the RR votes for the "lesser of two evils" even as (some say) liberals do too. The RR is committed to a manichean view of the world in which there is always a right and a wrong, always a pure and an impure, and every contest is a grand struggle between divine and satanic forces. It stands to reason that the problem, there, is to discern which of two deceptive choices is god-given and which is "wrong." Not which of the two is the lesser wrong. One is going to be all right, and one is going to be all wrong, and its zero sum. Such as system has a lot of room for "seeing the light" on something like creed or cult worship. How bad can it be when the alternative is the devil incarnate?

    Meanwhile I am fully committed to a (ahem) nuanced view of the world and human agency in which individuals and parties can do lots of wrong things and a few good things and I weigh them in the balance and choose the lesser of two evils or the greater good for the greater number of people, whichever way you want to look at it.


  49. DrTimmy6:22 PM

    Well said, But, just in case the body floats, let's tie another cinderblock to the neck before we roll the corpse into the water.

  50. Doghouse Riley6:23 PM

    Unattractive, to the point of repulsiveness, candidate. (And he was the most electable of the lot.)

    Two things: the business of changing demographics has obscured the fact that Republican lies aren't quite as convincing as tenth-generation Xerox copies as they were when Reagan's puppeteers were cranking them out. That's not a generational or ethnic thing, it's the shelf life of bullshit. And if it can't count on a solid Mountain Time Zone anymore, or a solid Prairie, without Iowa, the GOP is going to drown in the Southern Strategy. Obama could have lost Ohio and Florida and still won.

  51. AGoodQuestion6:23 PM

    In order to reignite, wouldn't it have to go out first?

  52. MikeJ6:24 PM

    Lying was not Romney's problem. Every single person who voted for him *hoped* he was lying. Of course they divided about which statements they hoped were lies and which were the truth, but nobody wanted Mitt to actually mean any of what he said.

  53. AGoodQuestion6:24 PM

    Knock on wood against the recount demands, but at least it looks like Allen West's district ran short on Fucking Crazy this year.

  54. M. Krebs6:24 PM

    The guy has no integrity whatsoever.

    And he has the charisma of a door knob. It's likely that that was what mainly done him in.

  55. M. Krebs6:24 PM

    That seems to be the consensus amongst the punditocracy. (e.g., Peter Baker at the Times.) Like Atrios wrote today, "Political journalism filters for stupid."

  56. M. Krebs6:25 PM

    You can still get the stream to go that high?

  57. M. Krebs6:25 PM

    ...before we roll the corpse zombie into the water.


  58. XeckyGilchrist6:25 PM

    How about still alive, but still buried? Then the height isn't an issue. And the six feet of dirt aren't either, if you throw enough piss at him.

  59. Ah thanks, for correction, Leeds man.

    I'd blame disqusting, but all would know it's just because I love to make the perfect the enemy of the good.

    Right, electric monkie?

  60. montag26:25 PM

    Even doorknobs have a bit of shine to them.

    Just think about all the things over the last eighteen months that the Rmoneybot thought were funny, and left everyone hearing them either scratching their heads or grumbling about Rmoney's assholery. That's like... anti-charisma, like the political equivalent of anti-matter.

    Truth is, Americans are often stupid about voting--witness the ongoing meme about Bush being the kind of guy one would like to have a beer with, as if that were a credential for office. But, hell, the Mittster was so often the guy that one wanted to whack over the head with a beer bottle, how could he have attracted even the low-information have-a-beer-with voters?

  61. BigHank536:26 PM

    Perhaps she meant that Obama would help out in the search for her soul. Maybe she thinks the famed White House switchboard operators have Old Nick's unlisted number.

  62. chuckling6:26 PM

    I think that's the *best* the GOP could have done this year.

    Nah, that would have been Palin. Even better, Palin with Michelle Bachman as her running mate. Romney wasn't even the best rich white legacy male. As an executive hairdo, he was a distant second to Trump's hairpiece.

  63. Substance McGravitas6:26 PM

    They may eventually rid themselves of this notion that the way to get
    people who they clearly consider to be their inferiors to vote for them
    is by continually insulting them, but my guess is it will take several
    decades for them to do it.

    Cynical political games gulled the rubes decades ago, and surprise, a party consisting of those rubes today. The fundies were tools, now it's tools all the way down.

  64. Jay B.6:26 PM

    He was sleeping.

  65. Substance McGravitas6:26 PM

    I don't think you can rely on the creepiness of Mitt in explaining things. Half the voters like creeps.

  66. Substance McGravitas6:26 PM

    Reagan's puppeteers

    Hmm, maybe it's puppets all the way down.

  67. Substance McGravitas6:26 PM

    The Republicans once used their bubble-boy constituency, but now the party is bubble-boys all the way down.

  68. Substance McGravitas6:26 PM


    And then he's down there.

  69. Substance McGravitas6:26 PM

    Let's have ANOTHER Moral Majority!

  70. M. Krebs6:26 PM

    I'm not sure we have a reliable estimate of the shelf-life of bullshit. Somebody really ought to do a scientific study.

  71. Substance McGravitas6:26 PM

    I don't understand why Obama doesn't just tell the Fed to print more pixels.

  72. M. Krebs6:26 PM

    Will you pray about making your stand with me this November by writing in the name of JESUS for President???

    Dammit! I wish I had thought about this before I left all those uncontested items blank.

  73. Substance McGravitas6:26 PM

    He volunteered to carry it. Obviously he doesn't give a shit about his positions; he could've been a Democrat but chose the nitwits all by himself.

  74. BigHank536:26 PM

    I find that if you hang them upside-down, it's pretty easy to get your bodily fluids of choice wherever you like them.'re all giving me that look again, aren't you?

  75. synykyl6:27 PM

    Yes he did volunteer to carry it, and I'm not the least bit sorry for him. But the Republicans are going to blame Romney for the loss, when it is their own extremism that is responsible.

  76. Leeds man6:27 PM

    Gotta be some anthropological/psychological explanation. My gut responses to Brian Mulroney and Ronald Reagan were similar to my gut response to Romney, without even knowing their politics. Oily, phony salesmen all. Yet many folk find them endearing. Many of the same folk find Bill Clinton repulsive, yet I like Clinton (without much liking his politics).

  77. Odder6:27 PM

    My gut leads me to agree with Leedsy.

  78. William Miller6:31 PM

    My gut leads me to the refrigerator. Mm-m, scones!

  79. elizabethcostello6:34 PM

    Waging wars against women (or wars against anybody, for that matter--black people, latinos, lgbtiq people, Muslims, the poor, working-class people, the elderly, the young, teachers, etc.) is a bad idea. The right-wing and GOP in general got another reminder of this yesterday. Not that they'll do more than look up for the shiny mirror of their own self-regard for a hot second, but they were forced to look at reality. For a minute.

  80. billcinsd6:46 PM

    It's probably just smoldering now. Sort of a Schroedinger's flame

  81. Another Kiwi6:51 PM

    It seems to be a common pattern around the world. The rural folks are more conservative. What they seem to have, though, is a sense of fairness which modern conservatives find hard to deal with.

  82. PulletSurprise7:34 PM

    Even as The Economist endorsed Obama, their editorial board stated, "Romney has an economic plan that works only if you don’t believe most of what he says. That is not a convincing pitch for a chief executive."

    Turns out it was, well, most everything that came out of his mouth that required that treatment.

  83. ChristineIam3:48 PM

    VOTE 2014 & Stay Vigilant

  84. Another Kiwi10:26 AM

    And BigHank is just tryin' to help!

  85. Soprano_semprelibera10:26 AM

    Lindy and Hale Boggs flipped in their crypt at that one.

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