Monday, June 04, 2012

THEY'VE GOT THE BUNS BUT WE'VE GOT THE NUMBERS! Garance Franke-Ruta says most people overestimate the gay population of our great nation, and conservatives rejoice -- it's the break they've been looking for! Because if there's one thing they believe about Americans, it's that they're bandwagoners who'll ditch any cause if they think they're outnumbered. "FAR MORE ABNORMAL THAN THEY COMPREHEND," howl the Brothers Judd; "Media Admit Propaganda Overstating Gay Population," cries Culture News. "Will suppression of the truth continue?"

John Hinderaker of Power Line says it's because the liberal media has put so many gay people on TV and, casting about for a more malevolent reason than that gay people are fabulously theatrical,  compares homosexuality to murder -- liberal-propaganda wise:
I can think of at least one analogy to the misapprehension of the frequency of homosexuality that Gallup documents. Some years ago, I saw survey data on how likely Americans believe they are to be murdered. The result was that in general, people vastly overestimate the likelihood of violent death. No doubt the reasons are similar to why they overestimate the incidence of homosexuality. As I recall, that research showed that the more television people watch, the more likely they believe they are to be murdered.
It is something to see a conservative renounce the steady diet of cop shows that has helped his team terrorize the electorate into voting law-and-order for so many years. But wait till the next "Ooga Booga, Obama's black flash mobs are after us" rally is called; they'll flip back around right quick.

At National Review, Mark Steyn reacts just as you'd expect a big old Canuck who loves show tunes would react. Crumbs, Mary, isn't there a Muslim somewhere you can bitch about?


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