Monday, May 14, 2012

NEW VOICE COLUMN UP, about Obama's gay marriage statement and the delusional rightblogger reactions. One of the main reasons I believe in the justice of marriage equality is that the guys who are against it write such incredibly shitty polemics. Clear thinking makes clear writing,  and the obverse is also true.  Get a load of this from The Right Scoop:
They are actually comparing race to sexual preference? Yes, I said preference. Unlike skin color, there is NO evidence to support the idea that babies are born gay. People want to believe it’s innate but it’s just that, a belief. And a well crafted belief to elevate the idea of being gay far above preference into something that can tear at the fabric of the institution of marriage.
I suppose it's elitist of me to say so, but when your opponents argue like this, you can be reasonably certain you've picked the right side.

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